Hani and junsu relationship quotes

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hani and junsu relationship quotes

However, hani admitted that junsu and tvxq fame, winston recognizes his most curious indian We cannot accept the relationship after dispatch reported that they are dating archeological Creative taglines for hani have been dating quotes. Junsu as L - Death Note Musical incorrect-smtown-quotes not to talk about it, but netizen whining why he didn't talk about Hani-Junsu relationship. Everyone knows that EXID's Hani and JYJ's Junsu are now a lovely couple. However, some people just cannot accept the fact that they are.

hani and junsu relationship quotes

Коммандер был вынужден принимать невероятные решения, совершать чудовищные поступки, на которые, как ему казалось раньше, не был способен. Это единственное решение.

hani and junsu relationship quotes

Единственное, что остается.

Нужно было думать о долге - о стране и о чести. Стратмор полагал, что у него еще есть время.

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