Harry potter and hermione relationship

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harry potter and hermione relationship

Throughout his life, Harry has had many relationships with a variety of people. During this outbreak, Ron thought that Harry and Hermione were in love, which. Ron and Hermione are basically the power couple of the Harry Potter world. But there's a lot that many fans didn't catch about their relationship. What would Harry Potter's and Hermione Granger's lives been like, had the two her better advice, Harry clearly valued his relationship with Hermione, cleaving.

Being Ron's mother, she likely saw that Ron liked Hermione before even he did. Thus when it's implied that Hermione is seeing not just one, but two other boys who aren't Ron, she really loses it. Rowling herself, nobody would know Hermione better than the actress who portrayed her since she was 11 years old; Emma Watson. By her calculations, it appears that Ron and Hermione wouldn't stand much of a chance. In an interview conducted by Watson to J. Not only did J. Rowling express that Harry and Hermione were probably more compatible, but Emma Watson agreed with her.

At the least, Watson acknowledges that there's doubt whether Ron would be able to make Hermione happy in the long term and vice versa. The book is exactly what it sounds; a magical dating help book. This wasn't explored in the movie, but in the book he compliments Hermione excessively at some point which leads Harry to believe that there's a chapter on compliments. Oh yeah, that book was so illuminating to tell you compliments are good, eh, Ronny?


When Hermione married Ron and became a part of the family, she gained not only a husband but 11 other brothers and sisters in law! Conversely though, Hermione was an only child so there was no brother or sister in law for Ron.

What If Hermione Chose Harry?

But there almost was. Just what Ron needed; another Christmas present to buy.

harry potter and hermione relationship

Rowling often answers fan questions and back in she did a live chat with the BBC's website. One of the more interesting revelations from it was that she originally planned for Hermione to have a younger sister. However, by the time of the fifth book she thought it was too late by that point to bring her into the fold.

Harry Potter: 20 Ridiculous Things You Didn’t Know About Hermione And Ron’s Relationship

But one half of the Romione relationship almost didn't. Hermione and Harry have to end up together in this case right? In an interview between J. Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe, Radcliffe admitted to her that he was convinced one of the three was going to get the axe at some point. This led Rowling to confess that about midway through the series, she was considering disposing of Ron. Just because she mad in her personal life at the time. They're given the power to dock points from their own house but can't give them, they can give students detention but can't get them out of it.

Thankfully though, not every prefect in Hogwarts was a stuck up little punk.


This subplot was omitted from the movie version. While Hermione makes complete sense as a prefect, Ron being selected is a little more curious. Well, according to Dumbledore, Harry would have gotten it but he felt that Harry had enough on his plate already. I hope you enjoy that shade thrown your way, Ron.

harry potter and hermione relationship

Hermione spent an entire summer with Ron! Okay, well not just with Mr. While Ron had been exposed to magic from the day he was born, both Harry and Hermione did not learn about it until they turned eleven and received their Hogwarts acceptance letters. It resulted in a very large fight which caused Ron to leave the group. During his dramatic exit, he anticipated that Hermione would accompany him, yet she chose to stay with Harry and carry out the mission. Thankfully the group would end up being reunited, however the fact still remains that her initial instinct was to remain with Harry, not Ron.

Harry Potter: 16 Things Only True Potterheads Know About Ron And Hermione’s Relationship

Despite all of the things that they have done as a group, there is one experience that only Harry and Hermione share together — they are the only members of the group who have time-traveled. While she had used the device on her own many times, she eventually used it with Harry as well. While Harry and Hermione have never been romantically involved, that has not stopped many others from assuming that they two of them are together. Due to the intensity of their friendship and all of the hardships they have been through together along with Ron, Hermione is very affectionate with her best friends while they are together.

In addition, Harry and Hermione are always together — even if Ron is not around — which makes it very easy to mistake the two of them for an item. Perhaps the world was just trying to tell them something and they never took the hint.

Over the years, both Harry and Hermione became a part of the Weasley family — and Hermione would eventually marry in to it — as Arthur and Molly Weasley would treat them like children of their own.

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It must have been very different for them to grow up without siblings. Unfortunately, Malfoy never really got his comeuppance for all the things he did, with the exception of two notable times that he was left bleeding by two members of the group.

harry potter and hermione relationship