Honey singh likes and dislikes in a relationship

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honey singh likes and dislikes in a relationship

Oct 19, Yo Yo Honey Singh Photos, News, Relationships and Bio. Singer Mika Singh insists that he does not get insecure by any other artist as he has his own fans. For a rapper as cool as Honey Singh, it's difficult to believe that he is a devoted husband to her. He has always kept his marriage to Shalini.

Now to why some people, like me, hate Yo yo Honey Singh?

Of Bollywood friendships, dislike buttons and Honey Singh

It is the same as when we talk to our friends and something just rhymes while we are cracking lame jokes. The only difference is, we laugh at ourselves after doing that and Honey Singh turns it into a super maha blockbuster hit by just adding a nice tune to it which is probably stolen By that, I also mean to say his lyrics are funny as hell.

Bta dun tere daddy ko? Thirdly, he surely believes he will win grammy with this shit. Need I say more? He is not even a proper rapper! THAT would be the day when you realize it is human extinction. We all know how he got famous in the first place. Oh you dirty dirty thing honey. It is so apparent from your current songs.

As they say, everything cannot be hidden. There is so much better music to listen to! Even in the same genre! He is so lame. I actually have a comedy video to show exactly how his interviews are and how lame he is! It is in Punjabi.

Yo Yo Honey Singh latest victim of celebrity death hoax

Children of today seemed to have evolved way too quickly. They grow up on Japanese anime, junk food and high-end video games.

Yo Yo Honey Singh & Wife Shalini with Family

They are well-versed with smartphones and have girlfriends at the age of having imaginary friends. Yet you see kids on social media -- first of all, what are they doing there?

honey singh likes and dislikes in a relationship

Our generation used to think that too but with a bigger dose of innocence on our part. Kids were better off as kids. Or for that matter, any given year.

honey singh likes and dislikes in a relationship

Marital potpourri For ages, Indian society has been a silent bearer of casteism, especially when it comes to weddings. Of course, love is blind but love marriages are still a minor blip on the national canvas. If a law were to be passed stating that no marriages would be recognised between parties belonging to the same caste, there might be some interesting developments.

Yo Yo Honey Singh latest victim of celebrity death hoax - Movies News

Some overwhelming, while others, soothing. For one, people will start looking out of their narrow well of marriage proposals. Arranged marriage shall never be the same again. Child marriages will get a rude shock and child brides will see a decline in the long run. It might be the one of the best things to have happened to the institution of marriage in our country -- particularly in the rural areas.

Does sound like a good year to pursue this wacky idea? Even deeply conservative families are discussing -- a breakthrough in its own little way -- what the adverse ruling means to those from the gay community.

honey singh likes and dislikes in a relationship

This was the serious side of the coin. Thanks to the law of the land, two men holding hands have a lot to worry about now.

honey singh likes and dislikes in a relationship

File Photo The other side is a bit quirky. Among other things, this re-ban on unnatural sex pertains to heterosexual couples too.

Which means, well, you get the dirty picture.

honey singh likes and dislikes in a relationship

There are other repercussions as well. There may not be an iota of sexual tension between the two but according to the law of the land, they are wrong.

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Mothers with two sons shall spend sleepless nights lest their boys get arrested for holding hands while crossing the road from school.

The tendency of people to like a status message or a picture or an online video contributes enormously to the FB phenomenon.