Howl and sophie relationship goals

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howl and sophie relationship goals

Sophie Hatter (ソフィー・ハッター, Sofī Hattā) is the main character of the book Howl's In Howl's Moving Castle, Sophie is the eldest of three daughters of Hat . But as she finds some purpose cleaning the castle, she becomes slightly younger. Sophie at the beginning of the book:Oh, I really don't want to anger Howl, he's such a mysterious terrifying wizard and all! Sophie by the end of the book:HOW L . Sophie's relationship to her 'destiny' is a really interesting one. Her goals and beliefs are a lot more clearly defined, especially after she gets cursed. It's pretty easy to argue that for much of Howl's Moving Castle Sophie's.

She does find a sense of satisfaction in making her hats, but she works in a hat shop — she has to make the hats or the shop would close down. Her goals and beliefs are a lot more clearly defined, especially after she gets cursed.

She spends much of the book trying to break the spell, and goes to some lengths in order to do so.

howl and sophie relationship goals

Do her personality or skills change as the plot demands? For the most part, Sophie is a pretty consistent character. Her self-confidence grows as the story progresses, although it is jump-started by the cursed the Witch of the Waste puts on her.

This ability grows over the course of the book, sometimes without Sophie even being aware of it. A shy young woman who finds her self-confidence and takes control of her life when she is cursed to live as an old woman.

She becomes very isolated very quickly, and gets so embarrassed in some situations that she literally runs away. Sophie has several weaknesses that hold her back over the course of the story. These are all weaknesses that actively hold her back and make things difficult for her, so she passes this round. At the beginning of the novel Sophie is a shy, lonely young woman who feels an almost oppressive duty to her family.

But once she gets transformed into a ninety-year-old, her personality completely changes. The interfering old lady is a stock character in popular culture — as seen here in this slightly NSFW Monty Python clip: What stops this from being purely stereotypical is that Sophie allows this transformation to give her a new kind of power. This leaves me with a really interesting — albeit tricky — situation to try and make sense of.

On the one hand, in many ways Sophie is a very traditional woman: She still manages to have an active role in the story despite some considerable handicaps, and she proves herself to be just as capable as the rest of the characters when it comes to defeating evil and removing her own curse.

In Sophie, Howl finds a reason to be brave, something to protect, and Howl gives Sophie a home, telling her something she had never heard before: But despite the brief time we got to see them together, it was clear that what started as an arranged marriage was forged into one of the strongest relationships of the series, culminating in seventeen years and five children together. From their first scene, it was clear that these two people loved each other deeply and completely, and what makes this relationship so special is the emphasis on taking time to get to know your partner.

When their son, Robb, challenges his own arranged marriage, Catelyn reminds him that: Their slapstick, on-and-off relationship is so perfect.

Strong Female Characters: Sophie Hatter

Firstly, their relationship is such great fun. Other examples that spring to mind include a picnic ending in a goose chase and and their slapstick efforts to be spontaneous.

At the same time, though, their relationship just feels so honest. They match together perfectly and make each other happy: These girls are significant in their insignificance, their relationship sweet and special and just one part of a wider, magical universe. Truly, they are relationshipgoals.

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Yet this is exactly how the story of Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt begins. Juggling career ambitions and a relationship, they regularly had to choose between the two.

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Yet every time their priority was the same: Ben and Leslie are ultimate couple goals. Peak goal moments include: Yet all this peak coupleness comes to an epic climax in the most delightful wedding featuring arguably the most romantic line ever said on television: In the pilot, Kane tried to float Abby and arrests her multiple times, then has her shock-lashed.

Ordinarily, the very idea of a woman falling in love with the man who tried to have her executed, arrested and publicly whipped would be attacked for its negative messages. However, given their relationship is built on mutual admiration and affection, The gets away with it by exploring love on a post-apocalyptic world with tenderness and respect.

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The challenges conventional ideals of love and has always been open to exploring love in all its forms but by far the most satisfying relationship is Kabby as it encourages us to look beyond the apocalypse and what may or may not be possible to live in the moment. Man… Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago give me all the feelz. Feelz with a z.

howl and sophie relationship goals

This wonderful pair with their romantic stylez are the perfect example in my opinion of a TV couple done well.