Hyuna and hyunseung relationship test

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hyuna and hyunseung relationship test

Between this theory and the Hyuna one, so many pregnancy theories! .. The fans would joke it was a onesided relationship (with Hyunseung doing the I heard Ryu wanted to test his fighting skills in a tournament called. Jang Hyun-seung (Hangul: 장현승; born September 3, )[1] most often rhythmic-gymnast Shin Soo-ji announced they were dating for four months, but broke passed a high school qualification exam, the College Scholastic Ability Test. 4Minute's Hyuna spilled on her relationship with B2ST's Jang Hyun Seung. During the show, a fan asked Hyuna, “I've been curious about this.

He brings some singing chops to the table, which is something Hyuna is not very known for, while she provides the charisma, which is something that Hyunseung desperately lacks. That performance balance, and the novelty factor of a mature coed act was fun at the time of their debut, and I liked it.

I actually really like Trouble Maker. It also helps that their debut song did so well, giving them a little more leeway on what they could do with their latest. First of all, like Laverne said, Troublemaker has no palpable chemistry.

If your whole existence revolves around having sexual chemistry, lacking it poses a serious problem. Troublemaker having zero chemistry may actually be a good thing from the audience-performer interactive standpoint. Would this be a great thing?

Trouble Maker would subsequently launch itself into uncomfortable ground. Hyunseung and Hyun dating? Dating involving sexual relationships? Trouble Maker fundamentally exists as a projection, the creation of an empty shell to put yourself into.

I agree with Shweta that Trouble Maker, from a marketing standpoint, is brilliant. It seems that everything about them is meant to get people talking. They go ahead and title their next album Chemistry! Seungie, her Seungie, lying on his desk, his knuckles turned white because of the strength was using to suppress the pain was torturing him. Without word exchanging, they both knew exactly where they should head to.

The sound of muttering soon was left behind their back. A tine streak of anger was flickered in her heart but as quickly as it came, that feeling was extinguished by the worry was now dominating her all. We need to call the ambulance quickly! Not a muscle, not even to open his eyes. His limbs remained stiff. No matter what he tried, something very heavy was pinning them tightly to the ground. Panic began to lurk in his mind while his throat was burning with every flow of air brushing through.

HyunSeung moaned softly when consciousness first came back. Dizzy vision bit by bit was dispelled, granted for him a view of white wall, white curtain and the annoyed beeping sound of some machine. He felt like floating between the waking world and the realm of dreams, anchored to neither.

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HyunAh, with red and buffed eyes, bursted into tears when his eyes managed to blink a few times drowsily. Though he wanted more than anything to pull her into his arms and comforted her but all he could do was lying there, watching tears ran down her face as she made no effort to wipe them away. When her visage appeared fully in his view, HyunSeung felt her hand tenderly casted aside some strayed locks on his forehead. Her pale, was not so much better than his sister, completely covered by white paper shade.

I can do homework here, HyunSeung can help me. Her voice was rich and full of determination. In such situation like this, her worry would definitely tug at the edge of her mind all day and night if she must stay afar from HyunSeung. With that, you had to walk off to the right and wait for him to finish his dancing solo.

You could only watch him in his handsome attempts to impress no one else but you, as was your assumption. While you both sang, you both swapped sides, and all you could do was stare at him as he walked in front of you.

This lead to you both meeting up with each other and groping each other, to an extent. You both then made eye contact, and he kept looking toward his right, your left.

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Even with not facing him anymore, you still felt his eyes glaring into you. You had to trace your finger down his jawline before walking away, trying to do it as sexy as you could manage. You walked back as he had yet another dance solo. During that solo, you heard him heavily breathing, like the song had, and it was making you happy that it was almost over.

You both hesitated as you looked into each other, and the song had ended, but you were both still stuck in the tension. And I never wanted to kiss my dance partner as much as I do right now.

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You continued to stand there and continued to kiss, but you had to beg a question. But, his response caught you off guard as he took you and threw you done on the sofa. This never felt more right. So much better than her.

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You were feeling him trying to rip your workout clothes off as quickly as he could, and it made you think that maybe he was waiting on this too. Was he feeling the same you were feeling, implying you did just as good of a job then he did to you?

Not like that mattered, as the sweat you both produced meant you had to peel the clothes off of each other. Your shorts were no problem, but his sweatpants were still baggy, so it took too much longer to get them off. But, it was all stripped away as you could feel his exposed skin rub up against yours. You could even feel his erection rub up against around your thighs, but you wanted it somewhere else.

His hands went for them, tweaking your nipples with light power. It was enough to arouse you even more and craving him to be inside of you. He removed his hands from you, but his head followed soon.

hyuna and hyunseung relationship test

You felt his tongue play with your perked nipples, if only he could make you feel like this more. You wanted him to keep going at it, but you also wanted to have him plough you, but he seemed to only be able to do one thing at a time.

hyuna and hyunseung relationship test

After he had alternated between both more then enough times, he raised himself from you. That was your position to take.

hyuna and hyunseung relationship test

He took his pent up energy and got you in your sweet spot by the first thrust, making the pain of the nipples disappear. But, a new pain was about to arise. It was a pain that you could handle, as it was worth it. The power of him made you go backward some, laying up against the armrest.

You scooted back more so it could hold you easily in place as you could feel his motions more. He decided to use his hands as he groped your breasts. He moved through his fingers, making those nerves just as stimulated. It was an overall great sensation he was creating, meeting on all ends.

A circulation of pleasure. He squeezed them in varying powers, but he never lost his force in thrusting into you any less. He was hard you could just feel the entity of him within you, making it all the more worth it. He was getting off track, but he kept hitting where it would affect you most as you groaned more and more.

So, you had to be thankful for it. Just as thankful as he was for fucking you so well.