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Naruto: 25 Things That Don't Make Sense About Sasuke and Sakura's Relationship

If I remember rightly there's a bit of the set up for Ino & Sai in one of the light No problems with them and not interseted in their relationship. While some relationships in Boruto have only grown sweeter with time, others were a lot more toxic. Together, Ino and Sai do a lot of good for the show. they stumble upon this world of powerful shinobi and trouble begins. Honestly, imo Ino would've looked much better on the arm of Sasuke-they make . I also hated how kishi never put significance into there relationship or how they Every couple in naruto has a problem,something that makes them faulty, like.

Ino recognizes one of the intruders as a regular patron of her families flower shop known as Tadaichi. Ino is in disbelief after the kind, old man explodes in front of her followed by a number of other intruders.

Following their efforts, they are able to stop the invasion but Ino and Aoba pass out from exhaustion after they use their techniques and are both transported to the hospital on Sai's Super Beast Imitating Drawing along with Sakura who provides them with medical aid.

They discuss the attack from a few days earlier and the heightened security measures that have since been put into place.

love that grows Shikamaru love Temari, Sai Love Ino (Fight against Gengo)

They begin discussing possible motives, but then realize they shouldn't be doing this while Ino is recovering. Epilogue Sai and Ino eventually got married. Sai took on the Yamanaka name and they run a modern version of the Yamanaka Flower shop together with their son Inojin.

They train their son who uses his fathers techniques as part of the new generation Ino-Shika-Cho. Ino and Sai waiting for Inojin to show up for training. Ino becomes irritated that Inojin didn't turn up to his training, as Sai attempts to calm her down.

Naruto the Movie Yamanaka family during the Boruto Movie credits Sai and Ino appear alongside their son in the ending credits of the movie as well as during the group shot of the the entire cast. Naruto the Movie Novel In chapter 3 when Sai is stood in front of the genin for the 'True or False' quiz, Boruto describes him as being a man that has survived many harsh things and not someone that would go easy on them because of personal emotions stating 'That man's only weak when it comes to Aunt Ino' Graduation Exams Arc Sai comforting Ino in their flower shop Whilst working together in their flower shop and discussing Inojin's frustration at not being able to perform the Super Beast Imitating DrawingSai tells Ino of his belief that their son needs to find the solution to his problem by himself for his own benefit but Ino remains worried about him, fearing their son may give up altogether.

Sai then comforts his wife by telling her that he has faith in Inojin because he is their son, causing Ino to become flustered and blush. Sai tells her that he loves art as it brings him closer to people and he believes Inojin also felt the same way as a child but has recently lost his passion for art which he feels he needs to rediscover on his own.

Ino then tells him he should express his feelings regarding art more to their son as it may help Inojin. Ino then shows amusement on how socially awkward her husband can sometimes still be. Inojin's drawing of his family Whilst Inojin prepares to throw away his old drawings, Ino and Inojin discover one of his old drawings he made of his family as a child and Ino remarks how happy Sai was when he saw it which motivates Inojin to retry performing the technique again.

After Inojin has learnt the true emotional meaning of art and is able to perform the Super Beast Imitating drawings once again, he returns to the Yamanaka flower store where Sai and Ino are working and they share a heartfelt family moment when Sai reveals he always keeps Inojin's drawing of their family he drew when he was a child in his pocket with him everywhere he goes and tells his son how he will always believe he can overcome any obstacle. Evidence Ino was shown attracted to Sai during their first meeting.

She becomes angry when she finds out Kakashi sent him on a mission on his own. However, only when she is with Sai and especially when he shows affection towards her she always blushes whilst becoming flustered and shy. Showing how only he can cause such an effect on her. It is revealed in the final chapter that Sai and Ino are married and have a son named Inojin Yamanaka.

Beautiful" Ino trying to free Sai from the Genjutsu he is under whilst fighting him - Shippuden episode Everyone is waiting for you. Naruto the Movie Novel Chapter 3: Naruto next generations Episode He is our son. The pairing was popular when Sai and Ino had their first interaction but the popularity started to drop due to the characters no longer seeming to interact.

However, the couple's fanbase significantly grew once again when it was revealed that Ino and Sai eventually had a child and got married and continues to rapidly grow due to the various material such as the light novels and the anime which began to showcase their relationship in depth. Many members of the fandom nickname this pairing the flower and the root. It is commonly a companion couple of ShikaTema and SasuSaku.

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Trivia After their first meeting where Ino sits nexts to Sai at a restaurant to flirt with him, they are shown again multiple times eating next to each other at restaurants such as in Naruto Shippuden: Ending 34 and Naruto the Movie: Ino is always commonly associated with the colour purple and Sai is too; his casual costume, underwear Shippuden ep.

They are then given a purple filter together with their son in Boruto: It's insane that they still adore him despite such terrible treatment. Unfortunately for her, he's away far more often than he's not. This becomes even more heartbreaking when she reveals that she hangs up pictures of him not just because of her love. It's so she doesn't forget what he looks like. While depressing, it becomes a new level of sadness when realizing that she spent years obsessing about his looks.

His appearance was a huge part of why she first became interested in him. For her not to remember that only clues fans in on how ridiculously long Sasuke stays away from home. This comes to the extreme that when running into his year-old daughter, he doesn't recognize her.

Sakura tries to spend time sharing information about her father without revealing the grueling, traumatic parts of his past to the young Sarada. Sasuke simply says nothing to her about it. Also, the few times Sasuke does train Sarada, Sakura has no clue and just gets surprised by her daughter's new abilities in action.

While 12 years apart takes a toll, Sakura and Sasuke should be nowhere near this disjointed as parents. They could at least trade pictures and give each other updates.

After all, it was something dear to him from before he lost his family. However, his use of the gesture with his own family is overstated. The head-poke has become his only go-to sign of affection. While well-meant and meaningful, it hardly makes up for his negligence and resistance towards being a present husband and parent. It's framed as such a monumental, sweet thing for him to do, but it is just a small way to say he cares.

Ino Yamanaka

A cute head-poke doesn't replace the years he chose to not be with his family. Once, when he first tries to leave and join Orochimaru. The second is during the Fourth Shinobi War, to encourage him to stay. Her confessions are always said in desperation, trying to protect him or get him to stay. Sakura pours out her heart to him. Sasuke, however, often reacts to them coolly or with malice.

The first one he reacted by calling her annoying. The second time, he calls her annoying again and then literally crushes her heart with his hand. Later, the show tries to tell fans that Sasuke does love her, but after these terrible displays, it's hard to believe.

This behavior makes sense with his personality, but hardly hers. Nontraditional methods of affections make sense for them, but there is a level of nontraditional that nears on platonic. To be believable, the couple needs a few more ways of sharing their love and feelings, even if they are unique. Otherwise, they seem instead like friends with marriage and a kid. Sasuke remains with Orochimaru, but Sakura and Naruto reunite after two years apart. The two rekindle their friendship and recreate Team 7 with Sai.

Without Sasuke, Sakura spends most of her time with Naruto. She uses him to fill the void in her life, to the point she goes on dates with him. She knows his feelings for her, and knows she doesn't reciprocate them, but does it anyway. She performs her Mind Body Switch Technique on him as she delves deep into his mind.

Ino dives deeply into Sai's heart as she feels she is the only one who can rescue him. When Ino and Sakura go to Sunagakure, Sakura asks Ino about her love life and she shyly reveals that her crush on Sai has progressed to love. Ino tells Sakura she plans to confess her love to him but is unsure which type of flower to give to Sai to express her feelings, lavender or a flowering dogwood. When Akamaru and Kiba go for a walk, Akamaru beings to notice how romance has started to develop amongst their friends.

Akamaru spots Ino and Sai on a date and describes them as being 'totally on heat. The two share heated words including Ino saying Sakura is jealous because she would be getting married long before Sakura will which Sakura believes is her getting cocky about her blossoming relationship with Sai. Sai attended Naruto and Hinata's wedding alongside Ino, where he was seen holding Ino's hand, showing they are dating.

They were described as looking blissfully happy as their friends teased them on the progress of their relationship. Following an invasion in Konoha that is successfully prevented, Sai takes Ino to the hospital as she collapsed of exhaustion during the battle.