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Below is a complete Instant Star episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Us and Them Jun 05 - After Jude and Tommy have a close encounter with the paparazzi, Darius . 34 Problem Child is listed (or ranked) 34 on the list Full List of Instant Will this allow their current platonic relationship to change?. On Jude's sixteenth birthday, after Shay dumped her, she asked Tommy what For a while, due mostly to Jude pushing Tommy into a hot tub, their relationship is strained until Jude The newest Instant Star, Karma, causes many problems. Every Instant Star episode can be watched here. Tommy Q. takes Jude to a wild hip- hop party where Jude one-ups E Play next; Play now.

Sign in to vote. We get to know her and her family more, and the rivalry between her and her sister, and everyone else in the business or at school, etc. She struggles between doing her thing and doing something that would be a wiser career choice. Of course the big shots of the business think she's too young and want to control everything from her music to her looks.

And it seems that everything in her life is happening so quickly, like her love life, her career life, everything. She goes from being a nobody to being a somebody in a blink of an eye, and it's quite overwhelming. She goes on to discover that all the things that go along with stardom are pretty hard to handle--especially for someone still learning to just maneuver through life. She's a sweet and talented kid, and the show is about her joys and disappointments.

BTW--The songs are all really sung by the actress unlike most TV shows where they overdub as can be seen in the credits. I watch this show every Friday and anxiously await the next episodes. Teen angst, yes, but told poignantly and with talent.

The writing is great, music as heart wrenching as any teen could want, and acting superb. And now for my input on the topic of sex.

I am a fairly strict and prudish parent and I think this show is fantastic. The most "sex" in this show as of writing date is kissing. And it's not passionate as much as it is sweet and romantic. Without giving anything away, I can say that each kiss has happened for good reason and isn't just gratuitous making out scenes.

The show is about relationships of all kinds--family, friends, self, and romantic. I've seen TV commercials with far more sexuality than this TV show! I'm not saying the actors aren't sexy and gushing charisma, I'm just saying that the scripts and drama are plenty chaste. BridgeHJ4 16 August I love this how and unlike shows like: This show is not hiding behind what people want us to think teenagers are like goody two shoes who just tap kiss in the halls not saying that, that is bad but this is a much more complicated world with much more complicated issues and I think thats why Instant Star is such a great show and can relate more to today's teens.

Watch the show I guarantee you'll love it!

Tommy Quincy

If you're expecting Lizzie McGuire, teeny- bopper fluff, this is not the show for you. Think more along the lines of Degrassi.

It's grittier and has more depth and emotion to it. Today, he plays Agent Tucker on Beauty and the Beast. She randomly appears on Degrassi now as teacher Ms. Tyler Kyte as Vin Spiederman Kyte has focused more on singing more than acting.

According to his Twitter accounthe shot some episodes of an upcoming series called 24 Hour Rental. Tatiana Maslany as Zeppelin Dyer Maslany only appeared in the fourth season as Paegan's long lost daughter and Jamie's new girlfriend. Prior, she starred in the show CE. Ginger Snaps fans recognize her as Ghost in the franchise's second installment. She plays multiple characters in the hit BBC America sci-fi serial Orphan Black, which was renewed for a second season.

Her performances led to her winning a Critics Choice Award in Tatiana most recently guest starred on Parks and Recreation as Nadia. This wasn't the last Linda Schuyler project that Cassie would work on - she was cast as a regular on the cancelled The L.

Complex, alongside Kristopher Turner. Steele is also a singer with several albums under her belt. She wasn't the first Degrassi alum to show up on Star. It seems that Gaudet quit acting after playing backup to Spiederman and Jude. She is mainly singing nowadays, according to her Twitter. The Marc Hall Story.

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Kyle Riabko as Milo Keegan Milo was another contestant in the show's fictional singing contest. He had a brief fling with Jude, but his intentions were not pure. Kyle went on to work in more theatre productions as well as play Teddy's first male love interest on the reboot. According to his Twitterhe'll be featured in a Vogue article. Jane Sowerby as Victoria Harrison Jude's mother was written out of the show after the second season.

Simon Reynolds as Stuart Harrison Jude's famous track "Skin", thought to be about Tommy, was actually about her father's infidelity and betrayal.