Jack and kate lost relationship map

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jack and kate lost relationship map

Explore Stephanie A's board "Sawyer & Kate & Jack & Hurley. LOST Confessions - lost Fan Art character and when that happened. Stephanie . Professional cartographer creates the best map of Lost's island yet. Jack was the noble, troubled leader, and Kate was the action heroine with a secret. The Kate-Sawyer relationship reached its peak when the two of them And unlike Kate — who could be a bit all over the map, emotionally. It is part of the love quadrangle featuring Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Juliet. Jate is the fan-given name to the relationship between Jack and Kate. .. they can stop the plane crash from ever happening and everyone they'd lost would be alive.

Later, when Jin threatens to hurt Daniel if Sun does not get off the island, Charlotte immediately reacts. While gallant Jack has been her man-you-want-to-marry, Sawyer becomes shirtlessness-spur-of-the-moment- man. And together they've been, in a polar bear cage, with Jack watching from a security camera. Distance, time-travel, and the considerable charms of Juliet have kept Sawyer out of the picture for a couple seasons, but now that Juliet made Jughead go boom and apparently her with itLost's reformed rogue can renew his pursuit of the show's flighty fugitive.

Richard and Isabella Isabella was Richard's wife in She died while he was away, trying to get the doctor to come to her. The black smoke tricked Richard into thinking that Isabella was on the Black Rock with him. Isabella talked to Richard through Hurley. She wanted to know why Richard buried her necklace and said they would always be together.

Also, she said that Richard had to make sure that Man in Black never left the island. Jin and Sun They have enough love to warrant their own epic love story for the ages.

jack and kate lost relationship map

The poor son of a fisherman won the wealthy girl's heart — and bargained for her hand in marriage by doing her ruthless father's sometimes violent bidding.

They were hoping to start a new life on their doomed trip to Los Angeles, but instead found themselves in forced couples therapy on the Island, an endless dance of revelations her affair, his onetime infertility and grand gestures thanks for almost dying while trying to disarm that freighter bomb, Jin!

Here's to hoping time travel reunites these two crazy kids at last. Jack and Juliet Jack and Juliet become fond of eachother while Jack his held captive by the Others, to perform surgery on Ben. At first Jack can't trust Juliet, but with time he does. He winds up bringing Juliet back with him to the other survivors and she begins to feel at home with them.

Desmund and Penny The epitome of long-lost love. All sorts of forces including that coldblooded Charles Widmore conspired to keep Penelope and her lover, Desmond, from fulfilling their romantic destiny.

But Des-n-Penny never gave up hope — and gave us one heckuva romantic ride. Despite the tight grip of the island, they have a child and marry.

Who knows what might happen next? Hurley and Libby Since the tailenders of the plane arrived, Hurley evolved a crush on Libby. They became friends, and did laundry together, and Libby even modeled a top for him. Libby helped Hurley conquer his imaginary friend, Dave, and helped him with his problem of food.

The Jate Timeline

First, she screams Jack's name. When he doesn't answer, she uses the advice he gave her about fear and counts to five to regain her courage. But when she asks him to end the Marshal's sufferings by killing him, Jack responds negatively and tells Kate "I am not a murderer.

This is often considered the first major rift in their relationship. He declines, saying that who they were before the crash doesn't matter; that they should all be able to start over.

She asks him where he was, to which he replies: Their flirting is observed by Charlie, who memorably refers to it as "verbally copulating" and then as an "inside joke. While Kate has lost her shirt, Jack doesn't seem to mind their relative undress, only putting his own shirt back on when Locke and Charlie find them.

She notices Jack watching her and asks him if he's checking her out. Jack replies that he isn't, but that "Trust me, if I was checking you out, you'd know it. Jack laughs, then asks rhetorically if he is still in high school. Hurley points out that this is a denial. Sawyer is simultaneously teasing Kate about Jack's apparent affections for her. Kate, irritated, tells him that he "had [his] chance to know. The overlapping editing in the final moments of the episode, of mirror images of both Jack and Kate looking into their seperate fires, is overlaid with the song lyrics "But look around you.

Take a good look. Just between you and me. Are you sure this is where you want to be? She runs to the caves and works harder than any of the others to try and free him Michael at one point tells her she will likely perish at the pace she is maintaining. She runs to him and envelops him in a desperate hug, which is considered their first major romantic encounter. When she later offers to talk to Sawyer instead, explaining that she could get through to him because Sawyer "thinks [they] have a connection," Jack asks if she does.

Kate replies with a sardonic "Please. When Kate gets to the scene she tells Jack that she doesn't recognize him because she's smiling. Jack approaches and asks what she's doing, and she merely says "I'm sinking. When he comes to, Kate is on top of him, in hysterics over him potentially being dead. When he asks her what's in the case, she lies to him, saying that it's just guns. When they dig up the Marshal, Kate grabs his wallet and tries a slight of hand trick on Jack but he catches her, and is obviously disappointed.

After some coersion Kate finally admits that the plane belonged to the man she loved and "killed. Their last shared scene in this episode is Jack walking past Kate who is seated by the fire, unmoving. He stops a little while past her and looks back, and when we see his face again, Jack appears to be tormented. She calls him out on it, and he playfully asks her what she's doing.

She puts some seeds in his hand and he asks her if they are, "Gross little grayish yellow thingies?

jack and kate lost relationship map

This leads her to show him her and Sun's garden. He puts something in there and she asks if they're "Gross little grayish yellow thingies" to which he replies "Oh no, no, no.

jack and kate lost relationship map

These are slimy little bluish black thingies. Kate's pissed, but Sawyer is there to 'save the day' with the Marshal's gun. Thankfully, Jack reminds him that it was the gun he shot the Marshal with and missed.

Kate thanks Jack for the loaner and he replies "Always a pleasure. Kate says she can get it back, and Jack says that the last time she tried that she made out with him and he still didn't have what they wanted. Jack tells her to forget about the gun because he doesn't want her to owe Sawyer anything.

He looks at her fondly, saying that he didn't do it for Sawyer. After he falls asleep, she watches him for a few moments.

She is there when he wakes up. She then enquires about the raft, and Jack asks her if she poisoned Michael. Kate is hurt and asks if he thinks she's capable of doing something like that. He sadly replies that he doesn't know what she's capable of.

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Kate walks away, visibly upset. Kate smiles and says that Jack is good at keeping secrets referring to her past crimes only he knows about. Unfortunately, Jack pulls the long stick, leaving Kate and Locke to carry the explosives. Jack slowly and carefully places the pack on Kate's back, letting his hands linger on her shoulders for a few extra moments.

The backpack in fact had no explosives in it at all, as Jack switched their packs when Kate wasn't looking in order to carry the dynamite himself. Season 2 2x01 "Man of Science, Man of Faith" - Jack steps up to his role as a leader of the Losties and gives them a reassuring speech, despite having to tell them that they can't possibly all move inside the newly-opened hatch.

Later that night, when he's alone, Kate comes to find him and asks if he really believes everything is going to be OK, like he told the camp. They joke about the fact that such optimism is uncharacteristic for Jack.

She then tells him that he told everyone exactly what they needed to hear and that he does a great job at taking care of them all.

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She makes him understand that they'd probably all be lost without him and that includes her. They exchange tender looks after which she tells him that she's going into the hatch, to make sure Locke doesn't get hurt. She says it's "Live together, die alone," referring to Jack's classic speech from "White Rabbit". Both seem a little embarrassed and have a slightly flirtatious exchange as Kate retrieves her clothes.

Jack grins as he watches her leave to get dressed. Kate and Jack share a meal and flirt together. They flirt and she ends up challenging him to a round of golf, "to see which one of them is more accurate.

Eko carrying a badly wounded Sawyer. This is yet another "Jinterruption. She tells him that she's sorry for having taken off like that. When Jack expresses doubt about the sincerity of her apology, Kate snaps, shouting to him that she's sorry she's "not as perfect" as him, "not as good. Kate makes to run away, but he grabs her forearm and pulls her close to him. She begins to sob and tells him that the Island is driving her nuts.

Without warning, she then kisses Jack passionately. She finally pulls back, seemingly shocked by her actions, and runs off into the jungle. Jack is left calling after her, looking dazed and confused. Kate is pissed and reminds him that she can fire a gun and track but Jack adamantly says no, saying they need someone to push a button, and walks away with Sawyer and Locke. Kate, disappointed and upset, watches them leave. Friendly and The Others, who are holding Kate as a hostage.

jack and kate lost relationship map

When Tom takes the sack off of Kate's head, Jack is clearly shaken. Tom tells Jack that he'll pass Kate over as long as they give up their guns and promise to keep to themselves. Jack finally concedes, and Tom lets her go and leaves. Jack asks Kate if she's OK, but you can tell that he's pissed off about the whole situation. She then apologizes for going and asks Jack to just talk to her for a second.

'Lost': Sawyer, Kate, and Juliet - Best TV Couple of All Time?

Jack says that he's sorry too and walks away from her. Sawyer quips that Jack's giving her the "twenty dollar tour" and implies that the two of them aren't just going on a hike.

jack and kate lost relationship map

Kate watches, the jealousy evident on her face as Sawyer keeps talking. Jack asks her who she thinks it might be and she asks him, "How well do you know Ana Lucia? Hurley tries to say that he has a good hand but Jack tells him to fold, saying he doesn't.