Jane and rafael relationship

jane and rafael relationship

Ok, my JTV peeps. I would like to discuss why Jane is always so reluctant to start a relationship with Rafael. Besides the Mateo factor(which for. I know no two relationships can be the same, but Jane's relationship with Michael was hot, sweet, passionate, fun, dramatic and romantic at the. Why Jane The Virgin's Finale Twist Means Jane And Rafael Might Not Rafael that he doesn't have to talk to her, but people in relationships.

Jane the Virgin has always entertained the idea that Jane and Rafael were a fated, fairy-tale romance, something that falls in line with Jane's own romantic notion of love and draws heavily from the show's telenovela roots.

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But the reason the show works as well as it does is because it takes the time to get to these big moments. One of Jane's greatest strengths is its ability to depict complex emotional relationships, whether between mother and daughter, girlfriend and boyfriend, or husband and wife.

Jane and Rafael have had more than their fair share of ups and downs over the years, and Jane's hesitation throughout the hour continues this trend. He eventually came to accept he needed to give up the possibility of a relationship with Jane, which had lived in the back of his mind for a long time.

jane and rafael - all these years

But by the end of the hour, though, after he signed a lease on a studio apartment within Mateo's school district so their son didn't have to lie about where he lived, something had changed.

At the very least, Jane felt a familiar desire for Rafael, opening a door to the possibility of more. Brooke Shields Joins Cast as [Spoiler's] Nemesis But Jane taking a moment to reassess her feelings within the boundaries of their current relationship is in line with where her character is now.

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After all, she is still recovering from her breakup and her book receiving mediocre reviews. Embarking on yet another serious relationship, especially with someone with whom she shares a long history, is a big step to make and something that should not be rushed into simply because it checks the destiny box.

That's not to say it can't or shouldn't be done, of course, just that it's a risk, especially when Jane's heart isn't the only one on the line. The stakes are potentially much higher for Jane and Rafael now than if either of them were attempting to date other people because of what it potentially means for them as a family.

jane and rafael relationship

Mateo has a vested interest, even at his young age, in his parents' relationship working out. He's no longer the small child he once was, which means he's aware of his surroundings and his parents' actions. Jane and Rafael can't make choices without explanations the way they once could, which may actually work in their favor, because it keeps their story, however fated it may or may not be, grounded.

jane and rafael relationship

Despite the loaded situation they currently find themselves in, there is one very important thing working in Jane and Rafael's favor: Jane and Rafael's first attempt at a relationship largely fell apart in Season 1 because they entered into it without knowing one another and because part of her heart still belong to Michael, obviously.

Rafael stays a few weeks with the Villanuevas just after Mateo's birth. Jane tries to make a decision between her suitors [11] and chooses to be with Michael, but Michael's aggressive reaction to a witness statement about his letting Nadine go hurts Mateo, and Jane chooses her baby's life and family Rafael over her love life [28].

jane and rafael relationship

Rafael is mad at Jane for defending Michael's unwarranted physical attack on Rafael, but they slowly make up and spend some time getting to know each other better as friends and co-parents [29]. After 5 months, Rafael asks Jane out, but their date is short-lived when Jane discovers that Rafael turned Michael in and lied to Jane about it [30]. After fighting a great deal about this, they go to counselling to try and find a solution, where Jane suddenly realises that Rafael's fears were founded and she may have a blind spot where Michael is concerned [10].

jane and rafael relationship

Rafael is still in love with Jane [31]while Jane tries casual dating for a while, and when he finally tells her how he feels, Jane tells him that her feelings changed and that's why they're not together [32].

Rafael is devastated and starts casual liaisons with different women, even unsuccessfully attempting twice [33] to get back with Petra [32] out of hurt over losing Jane. Though Rafael is heartbroken over the rejection and Jane marrying Michael, they focus on what is best for Mateo and do their best to work on their co-parenting relationship.

Rafael considers telling Jane how much he loves her and not to marry Michael, but he doesn't, once he sees how happy she is, which is all he wants for her.

Friends After seeing Jane marry another man, Rafael is finally able to move on from Jane, which changes their relationship: Especially once Michael is occasionally put in the middle of their disagreements, and sometimes sides with Rafael. As usual, Jane and Rafael's relationship is ever-evolving and Jane learns a lot from this change in their dynamic, while Rafael gets to be work at being the great father he wishes to be for Mateo and the twins.

Once Rafael learns, through the police's Sin Rostro investigation, that he is not actually a Solano, but was adopted from Italy, Rafael reveals to Michael and Jane that he saved his father's art collection, which turns out to be stolen.

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To set an example for Mateo, Anna and Ellie, Rafael decides to turn himself in to the police and serve a prison sentence, although he had no idea the art was stolen. Jane understands that he wants to do the right thing and supports his decision. When Jane gets the call that Michael has unexpectedly, tragically died, Rafael is there and catches a devastated Jane in his arms, comforting her.

jane and rafael relationship

This makes it harder for Jane that Rafael has to go to prison, but it also brings Jane and Petra closer.