Jareth and sarah relationship analysis

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jareth and sarah relationship analysis

In this sense, Sarah's journey through the labyrinth is her own He is an inherently rebellious figure; his character defies romantic and moral. Labyrinth is a film that centers around two main characters: Antagonist Jareth, The Goblin King of the Labyrinth; and Sarah, the protagonist who ventures out to . Here's my analysis on Jareth's feelings for Sarah. lies to his minion, and possibly to himself, about his motives but Jareth is a clever character.

Reddit This feature originally ran in January We revisit it today to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Labyrinth. Labyrinth has always been one of my all-time favorite movies. I have a multitude of memories attached to the film and all its freaky characters, but none stronger than my deep, important connection to David Bowie as Jareth, the Goblin King.

I was young, maybe a little too young, when I first dreamt of Jareth. This was undeniably sexual.

jareth and sarah relationship analysis

But my interactions with Bowie as Jareth were cloaked in unquestionable attraction. I remember clearly wanting to be around him, close to him in a way I could hardly understand at the time. From the towering hair to the popped collar, the cape, those pants and that makeup, he oozed a new and special kind of appeal. From then on it was no longer Tyler from my math class or Leo in Titanic, but Bowie in all his gender-bending glory.

I hardly ever related to Sarah Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth. In my world, he did have power over me. I felt more connected to the goblins, for I too would be his unquestioning loyal subject. It was because of lust. It was hard to understand because he was so gracefully effeminate, prettier than I was at the time as a skateboarding tomboy with a low ponytail, and him with his cheekbones and lip gloss and eye shadow.

In my dream, it was all on display in hyper reality — he was a boy and a girl and a Goblin King and everything.

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Jareth appears to be aware of Sarah some time before she realizes he is more than a character from her play. At the start of the film, he is seen in his owl form watching Sarah as she recites lines from The Labyrinth. When he first interacts with her he is both seductive and intimidating, offering her a crystal that contains her dreams only to toss a snake at her when she refuses to take it.

jareth and sarah relationship analysis

As Sarah travels through his Labyrinth, Jareth's interest in her intensifies as she surprises him with her fast progress. He is shown to watch her constantly, and becomes so concerned by her progress he forces Hoggle to give her an enchanted peach that traps her in a dream-state. During their climatic confrontation, Jareth begs Sarah to give into him and take up his offer of her dreams.

When Sarah defeats him by reciting a speech from The Labyrinth, Jareth appears stunned by her victory. Jareth is last seen in the film watching Sarah in his owl form, spying on her in her bedroom as she celebrate with her friends.

The nature of Jareth's relationship with Sarah in the film is ambiguous, since it is never made clear if his speech at the end of the film is a last ditch attempt to distract her or a genuine confession.

The film's novelization includes scenes from Jareth's perspective, one of which indicates that Jareth would have liked to keep Sarah for himself but is powerless to do so due to her youth.

2:Labyrinth Jareth/Sarah After marriage

The ballroom scene in the novelization is more overtly sensual than the one in the film, and has Jareth forcefully attempt to kiss Sarah at the conclusion of their dance. As is the case in the film, it is not clear whether Jareth is consciously participating in Sarah's dream or if the whole scene is a product of Sarah's imagination.

In Return to Labyrinth, Jareth is shown to have desired Sarah ever since he first encountered her when she wished Toby to him. He was dramatically weakened by her defeat of him, and began to lose control of the Labyrinth. Out of both a need to have his powers restored to him and the desire he feels for Sarah, he has the sorceress Mizumi create Moppet for him. Moppet is an ablationformed of the optimistic, fanciful dreams Sarah discarded when she found them too painful to retain in the wake of her rejection from Julliard School.

Jareth attempts to compel Moppet to love him, providing her with a beautiful room and a wardrobe of luxurious dresses.

Analyzing Jareth's feelings for Sarah

She is largely unresponsive and after 'many years' he abandons her, re-focusing his attentions on Sarah herself and planning how to reach her.

Jareth abdicates and makes Toby the ruler of the Goblin Kingdom, leaving him free to travel to Sarah. Jareth tricks Sarah into attending a theatre performance that triggers the return of her memories of him and the Labyrinth, and afterwards convinces her to return to his realm so they can construct a new world together.

While they are both together in this state, Jareth repeatedly squashes Sarah's doubts in order to keep her with him. When their new world is virtually complete, Jareth asks Sarah to dance with him and tells her that 'you ensnared my heart and left me broken' and that he will not allow her to leave as she belongs to him. Jareth's obsession with Sarah is shown to make him disregard all other things and he shows little interest in the fate of his crumbling Labyrinth, his sole concern the preservation of the world they have formed together.

Through the Labyrinth, And What Sarah Found There

Jareth eventually agrees to help Sarah save the Labyrinth, but only if she will fulfil his wish and kiss him. Throughout Return to Labyrinth, Jareth demonstrates an over-riding need to dominate Sarah. Devastated by her rejection and defeat of him, he becomes pre-occupied with making her bend to his will. However at the end of series he accepts that Sarah needs to take her own path, and allows her to return to her own world.

Jareth is feared by him and abuses his influence to order and bully him to his convenience. While the king is at best indifferent and at worst despising towards Hoggle, the dwarf is mistrusting of his employer but coerced in serving him.