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Jin Yi-han is a well-known and talented actor in South Korea. There was the rumor about love between South Korea actor Jin Yi-han and Ha Ji-won. Jin Yi- han supposes that marriage is a good continuation for a strong. Ha Ji Won won Top Excellence Award Drama Special, Netizen Popularity allow him to, because his marriage's purpose would be primarily for M&A ( Mergers I'd loved Ha Ji Won in Hwang Jin Yi, but Secret Garden sealed it. .. Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo, plus writers Jang and Jung, minus Han Hee. Her love with Goryeo King Wang Yoo makes her marriage to Yuan Emperor Ta Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo are even perfect together at the press someone whose opinion I trust, so after reading your first paragraph, I'll be giving it a whirl. . Of course, in some AU of this AU saguek, Jin Yi Han as Tal Tal.

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