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WWE Champion Jinder Mahal still has a chip on his shoulder A couple of weeks ago John Cena was making his entrance and the crowd was. Star wrestler from India origin, Jinder Mahal won his maiden WWE Championship title on Sunday XtraTime Quiz Contest The Great Khali had won the World Heavyweight Championship earlier in Orton blasts Jinder with a couple of big right hands, and Jinder responds with wrenching the arm. Born in Calgary in , Jinder Mahal (real name Yuvraj Singh vein to Tiger Ali Singh, attempting to bully The Great Khali for reasons.

Question 3 Which WWE superstar is this?

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal still has a chip on his shoulder

Question 4 Which WWE superstar is this? While he never won any championships during his time in WWE, he was revered for his size and ferocity in the ring. He did, however, win multiple championships with independent promotions such as Maryland Championship Wrestling, Continental Wrestling Association, and International Pro Wrestling.

He retired from wrestling in Question 5 Which WWE superstar is this? He has been out of the WWE since and currently serves as the on-screen general manager of Defiant Wrestling. Question 6 Which WWE superstar is this? Question 7 Which WWE superstar is this?

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Question 8 Which WWE superstar is this? Lex Luger Kevin Nash Razor Ramon This wrestler was the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be - and that's about all you should need to know to correctly guess his name. He also won the Royal Rumble along with Lex Luger. Question 9 Which WWE superstar is this? He was signed by the company after working for Stu Hart's Stampede Wrestling promotion in Calgary, Alberta and was previously a competitive bodybuilder.

He actually wrestled briefly for WWE during dark matches in the late s and was being considered for a full-time contract, but contracted malaria in while wrestling in South Africa and was subsequently out of the business for two years.

Question 10 Which WWE superstar is this? Known for his post-match beer-drinking ways and his longstanding feud with Vince McMahon, he was easily the most popular wrestler in the company. He became a six-time World Champion, two-time Intercontinental Champion, and three-time Royal Rumble winner before being forced to retire due to injuries in And that's the bottom line Question 11 Which WWE superstar is this?

He held the title for more than a year before engaging in a memorable feud with Hogan. Question 12 Which WWE superstar is this? Although it took a couple years for him to develop his character, he soon after became one of the most over superstars in the company and worked his way to becoming a time World Champion.

He left the company in but has returned multiple times between shooting films to feud with the likes of John Cena and The Wyatt Family. Question 13 Which WWE superstar is this? He won the title again a few months later, but lost it to The Undertaker at WrestleMania He was back in the WCW by Question 14 Which WWE superstar is this?

Slaughter The Iron Sheik Mustafa Ali Long before he was making a name for himself on Twitter with his incoherent and often partly racist and just downright inappropriate comments, this superstar was one of the top heels in the WWE during the early and late s. Slaughter, who he later aligned with as Slaughter adopted an Iraqi sympathizer gimmick and turned his back on the United States and his fans.

Question 15 Which WWE superstar is this? He held the title for nearly a year before losing it to Bret Hart at Survivor Series Question 16 Which WWE superstar is this? Although he's best remembered for his time with the Oddities, he was also part of The Truth Commission and worked under the name The Interrogator.

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Question 17 Which WWE superstar is this? After retiring from professional wrestling inhe legally changed his name to match his WWE moniker and became a motivational speaker. He left the company in and didn't return for 18 years; ironically enough, he died the day after making his return on an April edition of Raw.

Question 18 Which WWE superstar is this? He actually debuted as the mysterious masked figure Kwang inbut achieved more popularity as this figure from towhen he was released from his WWE contract. Question 19 Which WWE superstar is this? The Undertaker Viscera The Boogeyman The Deadman has had one of the most storied careers in WWE history and it still might not even be over with rumors suggesting he might return for one last match at WrestleMania Question 20 Which WWE superstar is this?

Rick Rude Dusty Rhodes Ted DiBiase If you recognized this wrestler from his picture alone, you're probably already hearing his iconic laugh in your head. He led a pair of prominent factions - Money Inc. Orton tries for the superplex again, and is able to connect this time.

Orton goes for the pin, but Jinder is able to kick out at two. Orton blasts Jinder with a couple of big right hands, and Jinder responds with wrenching the arm. Orton hits a couple of quick clotheslines and a snap powerslam on Jinder. Jinder crawls out to the apron, and Orton brings him back into the ring with the suspension DDT. Orton drops down to the mat, and Mahal bails from the ring.

Orton heads out to the floor, and the Singh brothers attempt to keep him away. Orton beats them up, and Jinder slams Orton shoulder first into the ring post a couple of times.

Mahal jumps back into the ring right into the RKO, but Orton is still too damaged to make the pin right away. The Singh brothers pull Mahal from the ring.

Orton tosses one of the Singh brothers over the announcer before planting the other with a belly to back suplex on the table. Jinder sneaks in from behind and plants Orton with a big slam for the three count.

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JBL had to repeat it on commentary that Jinder Mahal was the new champion. Mahal leaves the ring, walks in the crowd and stands up again holding up the title. Big reaction from the crowd in Chicago with many fans in complete disbelief.