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Currently the 5 from dbsk are going through tough times. Were we not touched by their relationships and hardwork as well as their talents? leader with guidance and advice he takes care with domestic needs, cooking and. People keep on telling me that the “couple-talk counselling” done by uri yunjae president yoochun-ah is one of the biggest proofs of Yunjae's “romantic” relationship. But for me more than Yoochun's . 80 notesLoading 80 notes. dbsk-jyj-love. JYJ reveals their thoughts on TVXQ and progress since leaving SM Entertainment Jaejoong, Yoochun In an interview with Yonhap News, JYJ was asked what TVXQ had meant to them. I even have a counselor. All three statements claimed JYJ's relationship with SM broke down because of the cosmetics business.

No more YunJae posters, gifts or autographs. No more acknowledging the relationship they shared before the suit. That's a tall order. These two are extremely hard to forget. When is comes to YunJae before the split, my confidence with them was strong and unwavering. YunJae was real and YunJae was fact.

TVXQ’s Changmin Admits To Seeking Therapy

Sorry, but they clearly do. Then explain to me why do they keep touching each other. How many friends do you know stroke the inside of each others' thigh?

Or provide each other with possessive little shoulder massages? I don't have that same confidence now. It's not that I still don't believe in the emotions between them; I just don't know if acknowledging them is doing more harm than good. But then there are other days when I am the police Jaejoong is crying. Will you all just shut up and leave him alone! Some days, and it's usually those days when JYJ appear to be thriving, there seems to be no harm in playing the YunJae game again.

Jaejoong giggles at the sound of Yunho's name and the other two smile along, and I think to myself, I will always love this, this YunJae. Until they both stop reacting so strongly to the other's name, image, presence, etc. I'll read the fics, I'll coo over images, I'll smirk at the rumors. Because, as of late, that's the only thing that keeps my TVXQ heart from breaking.

That and this gif. But, just as often, there are moments when that seems incredibly selfish. These days, being a YunJae fan means to subsist mostly on faith and devotion to the boys and their past bond. And every now and then, like all fans, I have my doubts about the state of that bond. Sometimes, when Jaejoong looks especially weary and I remember just how much they've struggled, I think that maybe it would be better for everyone to just move on. I know that it must be painful for him to hear Yunho's name getting called out by fangirls after being separated from him for so long.

And maybe, it would help us all to heal if we just gave YunJae a rest, at least for a time. But the thing is, even with all this mental back and forth, I never completely give up the love. For me, relinquishing my fondness for YunJae would mean giving up my faith in OT5.

I still believe that there exists a strong bond between Jae and Yunho. Harsh orders and media blackouts won't bring JYJ back to S. And if the lure of millions or billions of won and complete creative control didn't convince HoMin to leave at the beginning of the law suit, it ain't going to now.

However, as corny as this sounds, we as a people tend to do crazy things in the name of love, friendship, brotherhood and nostalgia. And you know what? I don't think mending a rift such as the one that sprung up in this group—this family—is all that crazy. I mean, they've never failed each other before. I keep shipping YunJae for one very simple reason: They are my hope. I am way too invested in these two. Remember the way these two used to look out for one another?

Remember the hugs and the touches? Remember the warm words and soft teasing? You can feel free to go ahead and argue what type of love it is platonic, romantic, brotherly or whateverbut it's still love.

Love holds no grudges. Love is quick to help and slow to judge. And that's exactly what this fandom needs if it ever hopes to get through this in one piece.

Did that sentence make any sense? I'm sick of all these fandom factions already. There's quite a bit of contempt floating around the fandom for YunJae that is both disheartening and frustrating.

I have no idea why and this is only an observation, but OT5 fans seem to be more tolerant. Well, let me just take this time to say, "Hi, new guys! Welcome to the fandom. I certainly know that I have no right to tell you what to like or accept. I understand that you may not really get YunJae. That's perfectly reasonable; but please, if you are a new fan, do not tell me I'm 'pathetic' or 'delusional' for continuing to support the boys. YunJae has impacted the fandom in ways you may never really understand.

So forgive me and my squishy shipping heart if I keep favoring these two. Here's a picture of young Yunho and Jaejoong scratching a puppy to lighten the mood. Now, I support YunJae. Does that mean I support some of the more "controversial" happenings surrounding YunJae?

Above all, I support the privacy, health and happiness of the boys. You can be a YunJae fan and still value all of those things. A YunJae fan who obsessively stalks the boys, tries to fit them into some strange fantasy or causes any of them to feel uncomfortable is not doing so because they are a YunJae fan. They're doing it because they don't respect those three basic rights.

I tend to be a pretty mellow fan. I listen to the music, read some fan fictions and write a few essays. I'm too broke to go see either of the new groups live, and even if I weren't, I'm WAY too self-conscious to follow them around town or shout things at them.

Have you seen Jaejoong's face? He makes me feel like mud. And not just regular mud. I view fandoms as having two separate spheres: I fully support fans being able to continue supporting YunJae in the fan sphere in any way they desire. This is especially true for us international fans. Is a LiveJournal post that squees over the fact that Jaejoong and Yunho both wore a diamond stud earring in their left ear on the same Tuesday in July silly? Is it evidence that the boys are secretly engaged?

But is it harmful? Those type of posts may annoy some folks, but they're not likely to affect the boys' personal lives. Guys and gals, have your fun. Fan works are one of the many reasons I've gotten sucked into k-pop as deeply as I have.

Well, it appears the fandom caught the interest of one Mr. Now when it comes to the artists' sphere, the artist is in charge. As such, I just have one piece of advice: Use common sense and follow the boys' lead. If they seem to be having an off day, give them a break and just let them know they are supported. Things are still rough for both HoMin and JYJ; each group is still looking for their footing in a fickle entertainment world.

Jae can't be worried about Yunho if his own career is threatening to crumble down around him, and Yunho doesn't need the Ghost of TVXQ Past floating around his head every time he takes the stage. However, if there seems to be a sense that YunJae would be accepted, feel free to enjoy it. Taking all of that in mind, I don't agree with the actions of some YunJae fans who shouted Yunho's name at Jae during an appearance on the "Tonight" show in Thailand.

Fan chants at a concert are one thing; shouting Yunho's name during a taping of a show on which he is a guest is another. Jae played the situation off as well as could be expected and didn't bring it up in following interviews or shows.

But there was some muttering in the fandom about it. There were even rumors that Indonesian officials cancelled the Indonesian leg of the JYJ tour due to protests against the "pro-gay" image Jaejoong portrayed. The rumors were false the Indonesian stops were cancelled due to disagreements between the concert planners and JYJ's management agencybut it was enough to cause some fans to begin turn against YunJae.

I can't tell people to not ship YunJae and I can't tell them to not not ship YunJae; all I ask is that whatever you do, respect the boys. Respect their privacy, respect their wishes and respect their emotions. And please, don't mention the smut out in public. We don't need to let the boys in on how perverted we all are. Our boys have been split up and, therefore, there aren't any glances, handholds or hugs to fangirl over. We don't even get to see them in the same room anymore.

This means that the evidence supporting YunJae is less concrete than before.

[Fic] Talk Show Confessions [1/1] - were

But on the other hand: Every time I feel like giving up the faith, this man does something or says something or laughs at something with so much love that I just gush. As we learned in the first post, Jaejoong isn't that good at behaving himself. Or at hiding his affection for Yunho. Please don't ask him to do both at the same time. Seriously, it's one or the other. Let's take those traits and add some new circumstances.

I didn't go on and on about the split just to bore you. First, because of JYJ's ban from music shows, the majority of their performances have been live. Not just live, but intimate with smaller audiences than TVXQ's huge concerts. Their shows frequently promote interaction between the guys and their audience members i. Second, as I mentioned before, JYJ have taken a great deal of control over the music product they put out. And let's just say Jaejoong doesn't hold much back.

Finally, Jae has access to Twitter. And Twitter's always getting people into trouble. I think Jaejoong has mastered the art of being a Visible Invisible. He can say what he wants, do what he wants within reasonwrite as many brokenhearted song lyrics as he wants, but as long as he stops short of saying "I love this man," he'll always be protected by the assumption that he's percent straight.

Postcard from Heaven Interview Watch this video. Watch this video and please tell me just what is so funny? Oh my lord, you beautiful boy. Are you banging your head on the table, Kim Jaejoong? Are you seriously being that obvious? Is this what happens when Changmin isn't around to keep you in line? Now, maybe this isn't an example of YunJae.

Maybe Jae just has the giggles. Or maybe he's always secretly found Yunho's name hilarious but never laughed at him because he didn't want to hurt his feelings. Maybe he has some dirt on Yunho and is laughing to keep from revealing the fact that Yunho has a crippling fear of Maybe the person who asked the question was really ugly. Or maybe Jaejoong can't help but smile at the thought of Jung Yunho.

He's not the only one. I love this video. It's one of the happier moments Jaejoong's had following the initial lawsuit. This is the scene that started the rather iffy habit of fans yelling out Yunho's name whenever Jae performed live. Say what you want about all those other instances, you can't deny the smile on his face here.

The Text Messages In a series of magazine interviews, Jaejoong revealed that JYJ had tried calling the other two but were unable to reach them. Yunho replied in a later interview that neither he nor Changmin ever received the calls and that it could have been due to the fact that they didn't know JYJ's new numbers and had their calls blocked. And in response to that announcement, our ever loving Jae took to his Twitter and reached out to the other two. Changmin — Youngest of the crew, also the most logical and calmest.

Being a big brother at home he was suddenly made into the youngest out of the group. He started off shy and felt awkward being in a band where there were older members who knew more than him. That sense of vulnerability also shows his trust in his hyungs and how much he values them.

Forced into this world so early on he learnt to grow up faster and learn about the harsher side life. As years pass he becomes more confident in showcasing his real personality and confident in what he does, like a baby chick learning to fly. He appears blunt and slightly evil to his hyungs, but that is his way of showing his love for them, it is not to act as the young dongseung needing his hyungs protection, but more of growing into a man where his hyungs could also rely on him when they need to just as he can with them.

Junsu — Junsu, I believe he is more complex that what I started off thinking he was. He is a simple minded guy, but I said he was complex because he is deeper than what people may think. Of course, he is one of the jokers in the group, known for his jokes and actions he is someone I definitely think lights up the room when he speaks.

But at the same time, being the cheerful one he is not oblivious to things, to me he seems mature in the way he thinks, he works hard like the others and he knows when he has to be strong for the other members when they need him. His simpleness comes through with his principles and trust in others.

Yoochun — Known to be the sensitive one out of the lot. Yoochun… hm… I think that he is also someone like the rest of the band who openly shows his real personality.

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You can see in the shows and BTSs where you see him disregarding his pretty image by expressing his playful side, his gentleman attitudes in talk shows and his serious mode when concentrating.