Kabuto and hatsue relationship test

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kabuto and hatsue relationship test

It's the relationships they maintain. or assigned by a GM (these are called the 5 damage between both test. he was uninjured. they become fiercer. and his Remember that mechanica added to suit- KABUTO armour doesn't cost any the by having the character actually play some Hatsue to shift her course and. Naruto shot out of the cafeteria in pursuit of Hatsue. . He looked past Kabuto's shoulder, reluctant to trust the man, but he seemed to be the .. "Is Uzumaki's presence hindering the development of your relationship?" summoned by Orochimaru to further test his dead human-turning-demon theories, like. Desrcibe Ishmael's interaction with Hatsue, Kabuo's wife. Who is Art Moran? . Describe three things about Kabuo and Hatsue's relationship. Why does.

I think the namazu does too…he just doesn't want to say anything because he's been captured. Didn't she have a conversation with a different explanation a while ago? It's an inheritance thing that skipped a lot of generations to get to you. All the bad energy from the seam was like a catalyst for you to make the transition. It should have hit you quicker, but I think our Equilibrium bond suppressed it.

She had been so terrified. The bond didn't do anything. There were so many mutants surfacing after that, so they blamed you both. The technician spent around two hours removing the entire system to take it with him for extensive repairs and they were finally left alone with the promise to be moved as soon as sunrise.

They were guaranteed seventeen hours of privacy, which left them staring at one another awkwardly. Naruto tried keeping his eyes off her by staring at the schedules brought to them. Some of these are ridiculous. Why do we only get a five minute shower?

She still didn't understand the short shower and it remained a reason the demurses hated her. They liked to stay on schedule. He's really good with schedules. This is shitty service.

That had been the day she started to abide by the schedules. Of course, she had a number of mishaps throughout the years, and each more embarrassing that the last. The blond woman leaned in, smiling from ear to ear. I mean, you haven't been with him in like forever.

At the same time, she thought it was rich coming from Ino when the last thing she remembered her doing was having a doomsday meeting with Sakura in a restaurant at the sight of her and the fact that she needed to stay away from Naruto. It only helped to make her anxiety worse. She definitely could see how stupid that sentence sounded put together and regretted uttering it all the way back to her room. Hatsue was nervously scratching her stomach raw as she sat in the middle of the comfortable mattress reminding herself to breathe every few seconds.

Naruto lounge across the mattress in front of her, elbow propped up to hold his head up, and yawning. Stop scratching," he berated. Hatsue excitedly slipped under the blankets. She felt the mattress shift and her body moving with it until Naruto's shadow fell across hers and her heart panicked.

He dropped down beside her, arm wound around her over the thick blankets. He buried his nose into her hair and she felt a chill as he dispelled a breath that danced down her nape. Even though, for a moment, it felt like Equilibrium, it wasn't. When he kissed the back of her head, she winced in pain.

Increasing discomfort assaulted her as she came to in the middle of the night. Naruto was wrapped around her like a boa constrictor on a branch and he managed to strip her of all the blankets that had kept her from feeling the aches of their broken bond.

He was mumbling under his breath against her ear, nonsense mostly, but what she did understand came with a name. It was hers…and he showered it with compliments. She pried his arm off her and carefully rolled him off her body, taking in several deep breaths before she felt better.

She glanced at him, sleeping soundly, and she pulled his arm away from his body to rest her head on his chest. He grumbled in complaint, but didn't stir. She dragged the blankets over both of them and wrapped an arm around him. She acclimated to the pain in time to catch another wave of sleep. Sometime later, she woke again to half of Naruto's weight on her.

She came to terms with the fact that she wouldn't be sleeping well that night and resigned herself to it. Ino approached her the following morning with a teasing grin and an arsenal of potent comments meant to embarrass her for the rest of her life.

Back to your corner. Once it subsided, she accompanied Hatsue to a seat on the other side of the large room. After a small breakfast, everyone was escorted into a different room—Block G—with higher ceilings and doubly reinforced walls with technology fueled by dragon blood magic.

Hinata was quick to join them, leaving the men to be suspicious in their own corner as they all waited for the dread she felt coming. Do you know how ridiculous that schedule is? Five minute showers, can you believe it? It's like a crack in the surface. Ino was a Sage specialized in Equilibrium bonds. Tsunade would have an absolute field day. I would have actually listened to you," Hatsue admitted.

He tried to smother me throughout the night. You act as if I enjoy dying. It's unpleasant all the time and it's never not messy. The last time I died, I had a stick of iron running through my chest. I literally bled out completely before dying. And then, I was stuffed into a freezer where I proceeded to stay dead. You're not immortal yet! Everyone else knows," Naruto informed her. I figured out a way to get us out, Sasuke begun. At her incredulous expression and mental scoff, he grimaced before proceeding to elaborate.

Oh, that's a relief. So, what's this genius plan? Naruto told you about the issue with the Otherworld seam, right? Hatsue looked at Naruto as the surrounding group started up a conversation to camouflage their secret exchange.

He may have mentioned it, she replied casually. Whether we raise the issue or not won't matter with the amount of data Ino's family collected about the activity going on at the seam. Whole families of ancient demons have lost their protection to the seam. We lost the protection placed on us and ended up here. Hundreds of mutants emerged from it as hundreds of pureblooded demons have been captured because of it. I honestly don't see what the problem is or how this fits into your genius plan to escape, Hatsue remarked.

Stay quiet and listen. Sasuke didn't need to strangle her. He was doing it just fine with all that negativity he kept putting out. The reason the seam is a problem is because it was opened and every year since you came into your demon inheritance, it has continued opening until it began affecting life for all the demon families that had escaped it, Sasuke surmised.

Have you any idea why demons left Otherworld? Hatsue's conversation with Itachi came to mind. He mentioned learning that Otherworld was uninhabitable. It's a dead world. Hatsue decided not to explore her feelings about that morsel of information. Sasuke and Naruto nodded. How does this fit into your master plan? If we bring attention to the fact that in a matter of months the seam will open completely and kill us all, the facility might think us capable of putting an end to this.

kabuto and hatsue relationship test

You know, suicide mission was not in the job description, so I'm going to respectfully decline. Ino, Hinata, and Kiba's family were all fighting to stop it from happening. The fact that they aren't back and the world is still ending means something happened to them,' Naruto started. There will be restraints, but it won't be something we can't get rid of down the road. But this involves actually going in there and saving the world and the last time I checked, I was a coward.

So this heroism stuff is really putting me out. Hatsue rubbed her arms in exaggeration. But let's say we do go on this magical excursion to stop Otherworld from dragging Humanworld to extinction and it doesn't work out. What if the world ends anyways? You are the only medium kitsune-class demons can use to form a communication network. I'm going to start charging monthly fees if you want to use me as a telephone service. Sasuke folded his arms over his chest as Hatsue stared up at him determined to decline the mission as a whole.

If she was going to die and they were going to be free, she would do it with her family. I will pay you a hundred grand. Naruto faced him, incredulous.

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Hatsue clasped her together, happily joining in the conversation. Why would you give her that kind of money? Hatsue is the linchpin in our survival. The doors swished open. Orochimaru and Kabuto came in flanked by the usual oni mutants. She didn't like the way Orochimaru surveyed the crop of demons in front of him before gesturing to a female oni demon carrying a metal case.

Naruto, connect me to Ino. Not a second later, did his confirmation echo back in her head. Ino, make yourself scarce. You don't want whatever is in that syringe. When the doors slid shut, she was pulled aside from the group by Kabuto as an oni mutant led everyone else through a door off the side of Block G that would lead to the protected room where they would be able to see what ensued below.

Hatsue opened her mouth to demand answers, when her arms were seized. She tried to pull her arms from the vise-like hold of the female oni and looked to Kabuto in outrage as he calmly procured a bottle of strange liquid.

He glimpsed at the four holding her. Her actions brought her pain from every bone the mutants broke in the hope of subjugating her, the pain doubled with the flow of their amusement. Even then, she refused to open her mouth to drink until in a fit of impatience, Kabuto ordered for her jaw to be dislocated and she finally fell, aching all over and humiliated.

The cold liquid slid down her throat, leaving behind a blaze of ice in its wake that took immediate hold of her. She stared up at the threatening faces above her hazily; the concoction dulled her senses before spreading across her muscles to freeze them.

She couldn't see past a certain distance or feel anything other than the sleek ground moving underneath her back as her body was dragged as far from Block G as possible. Hatsue clung to consciousness, hoping to stay awake long enough to come to some form of understanding.

She followed it to find Sakura looking upon the mutants and Kabuto in disgust. She didn't know how anything worked around in the facility. She probably thought she knew exactly what kind of environment she was entering, perhaps believing she would be able to stomach the horrible treatment the demons were going to endure. Hatsue felt a twinge of regret mixed in the maelstrom of emotions in Sakura. Their new geneticist never thought through how difficult it would be to watch her classmates be treated like monsters, broken for the pursuit of knowledge.

Hatsue noticed another figure standing beside the pink-haired geneticist. Staring blankly at her, he stood, Sasuke's brother, another scientist employed by the facility. She spoke to him yesterday. Except, that exchange felt as if it had happened forever ago and she knew the drug finally entered her bloodstream because fighting off the sleep was turning into an impossible battle. Sakura said something in rebuttal, but the words came to her ears as a horde of gibberish.

Too much inscrutable yammering. Hatsue never thought she would see the day when Haruno Sakura was standing up for her. Not after she overheard that conversation she had had with Ino that inevitably led to her return into the facility. She thought she was the dragon to this woman's princess in the tower. That is all," Kabuto replied. She wanted to speak out against the experiment occurring in Block G. A test of strength? Had they not seen enough when she stole away all of Naruto's excess energy?

It had been poison. That was what Sasuke would be expecting if he wasn't careful about his life-snatching ability. She found herself restless and worried and thought it impossible to sleep. A loud cracking sound reached her ears, like a whip hitting its target and snapping back, followed by a surge of energy.

And suddenly, Hatsue was running. She was racing down a staircase. Her contracting muscles were throbbing with every step. She carried her body's weight as if it were foreign. She felt strange, but she pushed that thought from her mind in her haste. Hatsue almost ran straight for Kabuto, who froze in shock. Glancing over his shoulder, she spotted the four mutants that had finished holding her body down earlier and between them she saw her broken body being dragged up the staircase.

She stared back at everyone that looked up to her as if she were a vengeful ghost brandishing her scythe to kill them all. She didn't understand exactly what was happening, but she kept the information to herself. He set the example for the others who unceremoniously dropped her body so it slid like a hunk of dead meat down two stairs. She took his answer with a grain of salt.

Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. Your body looks solid. You can be stopped if you plan on interfering. As studies with your lot have progressed well, the facility wants to make studying him a priority. She grabbed onto the railing to realize she was the only one able to sense the different levels of power twisting into one another. Either one or both Naruto and Sasuke were midway through transformation because there was no other explanation for the sheer intensity that filled the halls.

She ran past him and the others, carefully stepping over her own body, and ran towards the epicenter of the power. Using it to guide her successfully to Block G until another budding force erupted in the distance; the energy's might shoved her to the wall.

The surface behind her cracked, but the impact felt cushioned and without ache. She recovered quickly and continued following the pulse of Naruto and Sasuke's overbearing spiritual energies. She sprinted past humans ignorant to the swell of natural power oozing through the walls and battering her borrowed body with every intensifying surge. She found herself hounded by mutants that had been alerted to her presence.

She managed to get through them when she remembered a trick Sasuke had taught her years ago, saying it would come in handy if they ever needed to disguise themselves from other demons, which she argued would have been useful when they were trying not to be captured in the first place.

Nevertheless, she used the skill to assume the identity of a frantic new intern to slip past security unnoticed. Hatsue slid to a sudden stop at the end of the hall that turned directly into Block G.

The entire corridor was swarming with mutants. The reinforced doors behind them were dented and the walls above and around them were decorated with long, thin lines that split the hard exterior, spreading across the surface like the roots of trees. Tiny specs of rubble bounced off the ground, rolling across the floor.

She formulated a plan to step out into the hallway under the pretext of delivering a message from Tsunade to Orochimaru, but her brain was growing hazy and her vision split in two.

She slumped against the wall. She needed more power to stay conscious in this body. Sakura breathed her name in shock. This is going to sound crazy, but listen. If you want to live to see tomorrow, you will march in there and shout at them to stop. I will figure out the rest as we go, now move!

A cloud of impatience swept over Hatsue as Sakura attempted to talk her way into steering clear of all suspicions before she took the opportunity to intervene. She caught the mutant speaking to Sakura off-guard, snaking an arm around his neck and twisting until she heard a loud crack. Sakura slapped both hands over her mouth, horrified. She ducked under the heavy sweep of one's arm and slipped out of the arm's reach of those trying to capture her.

She surprised herself then, despite her sluggish movements. Oni mutants were not known for their agility, which made it easier for her to avoid most of their blows and return them packed with more power than they could have anticipated. However, Hatsue exhausted herself to the point she rammed straight into the door, but didn't manage to put a dent in it.

She sensed many approaching. Hatsue sank into a seat against the metal reinforced door. Sakura crouched down at her side taking hold of her wrist to measure her slowing pulse. Her conversation with Tsunade came to mind as her heavy lids begun to drop over weary eyes.

If she were in any form of critical danger, her mate would sense it. The stage of the Equilibrium bond didn't matter so long as it wasn't broken.

So, she planned to take a risk on an assumption. Exhaustion wasn't considered critical danger. Hatsue bit the cap off and spit it out. She held the point over her chest, right in the center of her heart.

kabuto and hatsue relationship test

Hatsue moved it away. I'm trying to get some attention here, so you make sure to tell Naruto to stop," she repeated. Stop keeping me in suspense, Uzumaki, I don't have the heart for this! I'll see you then. I'm sorry about hitting you earlier. I don't understand much, but I know that if you could have, you would've tried to free Hatsue. Now, I hope that you'll find her and keep her safe. Make sure she comes visit often.

She gave her a hug and smiled. They grow red berries and they can offer you protection. She started to scribble something in the back of it, something that looked like an address. If you tell them I sent you, they'll give you something to protect everyone. So, just get rowan trees planted as soon as you can. Rowan trees offered protection against demons, but one of its more practical uses included absorbing malignant energy like the one seeping through the seal between words.

Mirai thanked Ino once more and bade them farewell before shutting the door behind her. Ino joined him again and together, they walked back towards the truck. I can repair it if we get a chance. I have a feeling that with it she can do much more than we know, but there is absolutely nothing left on the dragon race.

We don't have scriptures, we don't have tablets, all we have are stories, and in all of those stories, they've always been the villains.

kabuto and hatsue relationship test

And there has been nothing on the gyoku. I mean, I never heard of it until you mentioned it. Are you curious about Sasuke? I mean, who can tell with Sasuke. Everything he should have been feeling for Hatsue—the protectiveness, the start of the Equilibrium bond process, he's redirected it to you.

He really likes tomatoes. Knowing this is like holding the key to the universe. Hatsue likes shiny things. You're the Equilibrium Sage. I don't think you need any help at all. I don't know what to expect. I remember being knocked out.

Sasuke was the one that caught me by surprise. We were done in by each other's mates. Then we can hit the supermarket. I think we'll get more done if we split up. No way," she said. You can just meet me there. A part of Hinata's family separated to create a small chain of hidden stores that catered to all demon and Sage needs.

Naruto used to frequent the place with Jiraiya when he was younger and started paying his own visits while further developing his Sage powers with his last master. The owner of that particular shop was Hinata's older cousin, Neji, who was a powerful kitsune demon, and for a great portion of their youth, they didn't get along. He drove to Yue's apartment building. He double checked the area before proceeding inside the modest three-story building and went up to the second floor to her home.

Yue opened the door without him knocking and ushered him inside her lavishly decorated home after casting a look down both ends of the hallway. She locked up behind him and started to shove him further inside into the small living room where the TV was on a news channel showing live images of the island facility's remains.

Debris floating on the dark waters with smoke billowing in a spiral up to the sky. The sound was lowered to a quiet hum of updates on the situation. He caught one of her thoughts. She worried about a person appearing at her doorway, someone she didn't want to see. She threatened to skin me alive if I lost it. She handed it to him on the way to take a seat. He pocketed it, hoping it would be enough. They haven't released information on the demons inside.

So, I don't have much time to explain things, but here's the short version. Hatsue was taken from the facility before it was destroyed. She should be safe, but there's no knowing for how long. That stupid doctor of hers wouldn't let me. Startled, Yue squeaked at the sight of the man and stood, using Naruto as a shield. I can fix my bond with Hatsue any time I want," he replied. He had completely forgotten that he had agreed to do anything if Kabuto could fix his Equilibrium bond with Hatsue when they were still stuck in the facility.

He wasn't thinking straight at the time, else his instinct would have automatically warned him about saying yes to the mizuchi. The mizuchi pulled something from inside, it glinted in the light, silver and then pink.

Hanging pinched between his thumb and forefinger, spinning restlessly like a toy top on a table surface, was Hatsue's gyoku, the rose diamond. I'm sure it's important. I can survive there, but I don't have a way inside," said Kabuto. Images of mutants dragging Hatsue's body up a staircase were transported into his head with Kabuto leading the way. If she was taken, she was taken after I left her. I couldn't trace her inside the facility.

He didn't need any of that. There were bigger things to worry about and he prioritized Hatsue over them all. He turned to Yue. You can save her if you help me break the seal. If she were to die—" "I'll find a way! Part VI Hatsue stood in the graveyard facing the invisible Seam to Otherworld, heart beating in trepidation. She held a bouquet of yellow flowers in her arms. She bought them after walking past a shop.

She needed an excuse to visit without any raising eyebrows, except she was starting to suspect someone was keeping an eye on her.

She sensed the presence of another, but it was an individual she couldn't see with her eyes, not like the other mutants sent after her. She cast another look around her, surveying the area. She could not see them, but she felt their hostility like a persistent ache. She returned her eyes forward to the entrance and thought about what Kabuto told her.

Since she moved in with her grandmother after transferring schools, she always found her way to the graveyard where she spent hours walking up and down its vast green grounds. She found peace sitting in the shade of the oak trees and silence among the dead.

She stopped dropping by after her friendship with Naruto developed into him walking her home and staying over to study. Naruto provided her the comfort this place once did. Without him, she came back seeking solace. She understood her actions a little better with an explanation. She stopped wobbling before Hatsue walked up to steady her and help her uncork her heels.

I did it often. She would need to watch what she said. When she glanced down, she read the name Uzumaki on the tombstone, but with Yue rushing her, she hoped it looked as much an accident as it was. However, suspicion washed over her and her heart clenched.

She took Yue's arm and folded it over hers. Who put you in a pea coat? A couple of men passing by gawked at her and she smiled. Hatsue glared at them and they both turned away startled, whispering beneath their breath. She caught one of their comments in which she was referred to as the "scary one.

They need all the protection they can get once the cold starts rolling in. You are giving me nothing to work with. She left her friend's side to slip into the driver's seat, quick to realize that whoever had been watching her earlier was no longer there, the hostility vanishing with them. She lost the tension in her shoulders and sighed deeply. You get all tense and start being extra frowny.

Your jokes and cynicism also start to suffer, the quantity starts increasing but the quality drops exponentially. The less you know the better. If you did, I support it. Well, did you have a fight? It was getting annoyingly distracting and Hatsue couldn't concentrate enough to shut it away. I know you're hiding something. When my stupid doctor was inside the bar. The bar was packed. I swear I was seeing things.

I think there was a point I got drunk on everyone else's drunkenness. My guard wasn't that strong. We were talking and one thing led to another—" Yue gasped. I can feel your shock. She couldn't drive while arguing with her friend and simultaneously absorbing all of Yue's emotions. Yue stared at her awkwardly, asking without really speaking why they suddenly stopped.

We have at least an hour before the movie starts. And then you have to answer my questions. I can't talk to him for long. I can't control myself near him. I just want to…I want to—" "Hatsue! You look like you'd like to sink your teeth into the poor guy. I mean, how many people actually get the privileged of being with their soul mate? Why don't you have some faith that it could work out for you both? That maybe if you took a chance to be together, everything would work out in the end?

Hatsue wanted to be as hopeful as Yue suggested. Her friend made it sound so easy—taking a leap of faith sounded incredible, but it came with consequences. She was being realistic. Take a chance and go get him! The gray skin and red scales were gone. She leaned over and embraced Yue, thanking her for the suggestion. I mean, Uzumaki really grew up nicely, I mean, from what you showed me in high school, he really, really, really grew up nice and sturdy.

Hatsue glowered at her, and upon realizing, Yue apologized. I can't control my power with him! We should get going. You should be with him. Uchiha Sasuke went to him in the hopes of gaining an object of Hatsue's attachment to locate her, but Naruto blanked as soon as he asked for it.

Naruto snapped out of his reverie and shoved a hand into his pants' pocket to retrieve something that shone brilliantly against the opaque lighting of an old lamp. Dangling from his closed fist was a rose diamond on a silver chain.

He gave it to me," Naruto replied nonchalantly. Wherever Hatsue was concerned, Kabuto's involvement always filled him with doubt. The man always seemed too interested in her actions, performance, wellbeing—everything concerning Hatsue was his top priority and Sasuke believed it was odd. He didn't like the idea of Kabuto holding onto the Kikushita heirloom. He just gave it to me. Said I might find it useful. Yakushi Kabuto was as resourceful as he was shady and the divide between his loyalty for the Lotus Facility and to them, as higher tier dragon demons, was blurred by his own hidden agenda.

Sasuke left to sit after glaring at Naruto. He caught sight of Ino walking down the staircase and hurrying into the kitchen. Did you ever learn to make elixirs? Why don't you go out there and help Sasuke-kun? He pictured her as he last saw her being ushered out of Block G where he had been scheduled to fight against Naruto for one of Orochimaru's experiments.

Naruto trudged out of the kitchen and stopped at the foot of the staircase. He abandoned his seat, pocketing Hatsue's necklace, fighting against his instinct to do everything in his power to find her. Naruto and Kiba were wasting time in front of the kitchen door. He stopped behind them. Ino stared at him wide-eyed. You're going to help?

Sasuke glanced at Naruto as the blond grinned back at him while shoving Kiba into the other room. He didn't trust that smile and he didn't like Ino's sudden change in behavior. It was almost like she knew something. A glass jar smashed behind him and panicked, Ino apologized to him and grabbed a broom nearby to sweep up her mess. He eyed her suspiciously and noticed her ears turned a bright red. He had a theory and it involved a certain yellow-haired blabbermouth saying something he shouldn't have.

Sasuke stared at her. Can you find me a bowl? I'm going to need a large container and water, lots of water. I'm making a tea.

He reached for a rag from the sink. She caught it and wrapped the damp cloth around her finger. He walked to her and she once again, stared at him awkwardly. He pressed his thumb against the end of the bleeding cut, and using his own life energy, he started to move his finger over the surface. Once he pulled his hand away from hers, she marveled at her healed finger and looked up at him. Powers of the mind, eyes, and heart are the basic principles of Sage abilities. My ancestors are the Originators.

They created Otherworld and paved way for the rest of the demons and Sages. Your base abilities came from us. We could use a good detox. I suppose a bond is a bond whether or not it was artificially created. Naruto was never this calm without Hatsue around. I almost expected him to rush after her out of habit. With Naruto blabbing, Ino was acting different. Did she expect him to drive himself crazy for Hatsue like Naruto would?

Nobody else can have her. I don't even know if she's safe! Then Ino wouldn't have to be so worried that you don't want her anymore! Hatsue's told me you just say you can't to be nosy! I want some privacy in my thoughts! Your own mate felt threatened by Hatsue," Naruto said. I want to know if something changes.

With Naruto gone, Sasuke refocused his attention to aiding Ino in making her elixirs, providing him with enough of a distraction to put his mind at ease. Ino boiled water with the mixture of herbs to brew a pungent smelling tea. Naruto refused to drink it after taking a sip and opted to focus on the droning news anchor on the antique television screen.

Kiba complained while drinking it, likening its stench to its taste. Ino took care of feeding the tea to the unconscious demons upstairs, returning several minutes after to report that the two finished it and went back to sleep. Once finished, Kiba wandered back to Hinata's side and had yet to return.

Sasuke drank his tea quickly. It burned his tongue until it was numb and left a bad aftertaste. The effects of it were fast in the sense that it took root inside him and prepared to eliminate ten years of experimental poison lingering inside him. It would take him longer to be well, but the Ino estimated that she and the others would feel normal in the morning, which he believed would be an advantage to them in the future.

Outside, the sky begun to darken bringing the long day closer to an end and Sasuke returned his focus to Hatsue's gyoku as the room quieted. He concentrated his demon energy into the jewel, accessing its compendium of memories to find a sliver of Hatsue's life essence. Ino sank into a seat next to Naruto and sighed in exhaustion.

His grip tightened on the gem. Images of the gyoku's past flashed in his mind until the light allowing him to see was extinguished. The moment happened too fast. I was wondering how he got it! Ughh, that damn slime ball, I'm going to drown him! Naruto was rarely serious, which led Sasuke to believe that Kabuto went to him with some form of proposition, one he was battling against now. The staircase begun to creak as Kiba made his way back to join them. Hatsue isn't supposed to be with us.

He had initially assumed she had been out of that portion of his seeing until he had tried sensing her earlier to her evident absence. She would've been gone either way. His head hung when his eyes clouded, the gyoku triggered his ability to see the future and through it, he saw Hatsue sitting on the floor of an ancient, hollow room filled with cobwebs, without any life left in her during the silent period between her death and resurrection.

She still wore her facility issued clothes, but they were bloody and muddy and torn in some places. He snapped back into reality as fast as the image had overcome him.

The others stared in wait of an update. Something else was going on. Sasuke was sure of it now. He could easily borrow from Hatsue's gyoku and better mediate his own abilities while they search for her. He would possess a strength the facility had not yet seen. He just wants to keep Hinata safe; like we want to find Hatsue and make sure she isn't in danger. We don't know who we're up against and what they want other than the fact that it has to do with Hatsue.

He unconsciously tapped into several images of the future. The one that stood out among the others was watching Naruto putting the rose diamond around Hatsue's neck and the shadow of a person standing behind her, surrounded by tombstones, watching carefully. She looked frightened as the gyoku started to glow.

He heard Naruto's voice distantly. He saw tombstones over green grass and decorated in flowers—obviously, it was a graveyard, but he wasn't certain he had seen it before. The more he scanned the surroundings, the less familiar they seemed. She seemed to have taken a serious wound to her head, a puddle of blood sat underneath her dark hair. If she wasn't unconscious, she was surely dead. Not the death they were familiar with in which she would resurrect.

Hatsue was dead-dead, the type she wouldn't wake up from. Again, he felt another shock of energy from the gyoku and he snapped out of his trance. He blinked until everything steadily returned to focus. Naruto and Ino were sitting side by side staring at him expectantly. Ino looked at both of them. How far into the future is that? If he had any idea that Hatsue would come face to face with death, he would snap and there would be no one around to control him. Am I missing something?

I can't stay here! Sasuke grabbed him by the arm one last time and used the opportunity to slip the gyoku into Naruto's sweater pocket. If his vision was correct, Naruto would be putting it back on Hatsue, whether that meant well or not would be up to it to come true.

Naruto shoved past him. Ino running towards him intent on persuading him to stay, but Sasuke grabbed her by the arm and gently pulled her back to his side. Ino opened her mouth to protest. He sensed the protection around the house shudder a moment before a calm took hold of it. He looked all around him, dust drizzling from the ceiling.