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The Good Wife: We Need to Talk About Kalinda

TV Guide worked up an interview with the on-screen Kalinda where she American Gods · American Horror Story · Better Call Saul · Beyond . whom she's had a very intimate relationship with," Panjabi says. "They'll be left to judge. " In addition to peeling back the layers to Kalinda, Panjabi says Nick stir. And finally — after 10 long, painful episodes in — Nick Saverese getting the hell out of that mysterious photo of Kalinda and Eli that Nick presented to Kalinda what seems like so long ago. Good God, this jerkface really has to ruin everything. . Celebs You Didn't Know Were In Same-Sex Relationships. JUST DESSERTS | Over ice cream, Nick and Kalinda rehash some of their complicated past. back into the love portion of their totally twisted love-hate relationship. .. My God, Michael overhyped that scene WAY too much.

Kalinda allowing Nick to see her at Lana's apartment and later telling him that Lana [ Jill Flint ] is an FBI agent interactions, which at this point seem more like the show's desperate attempt to be edgy just for the sake of it.

"The Good Wife" recap: "It's time to end this." () - AfterEllen

Kalinda is so mysterious and undefined that Miss Boots of Justice can be used to do whatever they want to do with her, character depth be damned. The true culprit, though, is the characterization of Nick, or lack thereof.

This is someone who's supposedly so dangerous and menacing that Kalinda had to change her whole identity, but Nick just comes across as a wannabe thug. Does cracking eggs and downing a glass of mineral water in someone's face scare anyone? Are we supposed to be scared of him or worried about Kalinda?

Because we're not, and Kalinda certainly isn't scared of him, judging by how often she gets the last word and the fact that she has not shown any intention of severing ties with him. The Good Wife's Archie Panjabi: Kalinda's husband is a force to be reckoned with And why is she still putting up with him?

There is no apparent emotional connection between them. Does Nick have some intel on her that he can use as blackmail? Was she complicit in some crime of his? Gosh golly, your linguistics are fun! I just love being helpful, you know? Just call me Murph. Good God, this jerkface really has to ruin everything.

This drug thing is obviously news to Alicia, and she takes a moment in the hall, supposedly on her way to converse for a sec with Cary about this development. Yet before she even reaches their office, she pauses, seemingly having enough time for her brain to process that this shit is the last straw.

She turns around and marches back into the conference room, announcing with a certain amount of joy that Lockhart Gardner has decided to drop his ass as a client. Alicia rears back her shoulders, shakes her hair out of her face, and raises her eyebrows at Horrible Husband. So let me ask you this — and I suggest you take a moment before answering — are you threatening me?

I get all tingly inside!


And then and then and then! This short black-and-red plaid skirt. With her jacket, and a scarf, and holding that beloved orange notebook. I would like to kiss every member of the Good Wife wardrobe team for this outfit.

Alicia asks Kalinda if she, Alicia, is in danger. Kalinda says no, but seems kind of confused. It seems the drug trafficking is news to Kalinda, too, or at least, an idea that has now been confirmed. Alicia asks again if she should be afraid. Kalinda says with more finality this time, no.

'The Good Wife': Backlash Over Kalinda And Nick Storyline Prompts Early Ending

And as Alicia leaves the room, Kalinda bites her lip and looks to the heavens with an expression that you know means: We thought we might have seen this look earlier in the season, but it was a look that always held doubt, conflict. Whether because of the information about the drugs, or because of the fact that Kalinda realizes that Alicia truly was threatened, when Kalinda twirls on her heel and marches out of the office, you know that shit is finally going to go down.

She often surprises me, let alone the creators and the audience. Why were you ready to move on? I really have had such an amazing time on the show. It was the right time. I feel the show has definitely kept me at that equilibrium.

Going off for a new role will maintain that equilibrium. Would you like to star in your own show or would you be fine with another meaty supporting role like Kalinda? I think it really all depends on the project. This character has always belonged to the fans.

She was only expected to be a very small part in the pilot episode, but she did incredibly well at the pilot testing, and so they decided to write more for that character. And then people became obsessed. I feel like in season 1 and season 2, everything she said and did was analyzed by the fans and critics.

What did you think of that husband? Was Cary truly the one for her? And I think, for her, Cary was always — or is, whatever tense you want to apply — somebody that she was very dedicated to as a friend.