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See results from the Grey's Anatomy Relationship Betrayals Quiz on Sporcle, the best trivia site on the Izzie Stevens, Alex Karev Jason Myers, Jo Wilson. Alex Karev was a ladies man, where he was constantly making snarky remarks and sexual innuendos. He and Jo had eyes for each other, but. Grey's Anatomy has been responsible for more couples than we can count. Justin Chambers as Jo Wilson and Alex Karev in Grey's Anatomy.

First, she and George get married but after he has an affair with Izzie that relationship is terminated for good.

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Then Callie starts to question her sexuality in which she starts seeing other women — one of those women being Erica, who kissed her in the elevator in front of Sloan to prove a point. And when pregnancies came into the picture, it made their relationship even more complicated. Question 11 Why did Derek Shepherd and his first wife Addison split? He claims to have moved from New York just recently, and a few episodes in his little secrets start pouring out.

And his wife has moved to town determined to repair their broken marriage. She and Alex got off on the wrong foot when he arrogantly made comments about a brain-dead infant in front of her, which she took a major offense to.

She reamed him out, demanding he leave her wing of the hospital for his insensitivity. Six months Twelve months Over two years Owen Hunt was first introduced on the show as an army trauma surgeon. He suffered greatly after his entire platoon was killed, to which he returned back home and began working at Seattle Grace hospital.

Cristina aborted their child and Owen could never forgive her for it. Question 14 What did Jackson and April name their son who passed shortly after birth? For starters, Jackson nearly witnessed April get married to another man, until the very last moment he objects.

One argument in particular was about how they would raise children, and while he thought it was merely hypothetical, April revealed she was indeed pregnant. Question 15 Which surgeon was constantly getting in between Jo and Jason?

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Sloan Stephanie Meredith Jason Myers worked as a gynecologist at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and Jo started as in intern at the hospital shortly after the devastating plane crash. Their relationship appeared to have been moving rather quickly though, for she brought up moving in with Jason to this fellow colleague, who was less than impressed. Question 16 Where did Arizona and Carina first meet?

In prison At a bar In a grocery store Arizona has had a number of different relationships on the show, her most notable being with Callie with whom she married and is raising a child with.

Unlike Callie, Arizona was very much open with her sexuality, and helped Callie deal with the fact that her father thought of her as a disgrace. Eventually, the two got a divorce. Time passed, and in season 14 Arizona met Carina. Despite the horrible reputation he had in the beginning of the series, he never tried to make himself appear differently than what he was.

Question 18 How many children does Meredith have with Derek? They had to work at it — Meredith had to watch as his wife came back into his life and he also had to watch her date and be with other people.


But, their love was so strong it was unable to keep them apart. They stuck by each other through all of the allegations of her receiving special treatment and other drama they endured.

Alaska Texas New York Penny Blake made her first appearance on the show after Derek Shepherd was in a car accident; she was one of the doctors who aided him. After the exchange of phone numbers, Meredith was constantly dodging him until he came to the hospital to see her.

She agreed to go on a date with him, and after they slept together she felt guilty and freaked out. Question 21 Why did George end things with Olivia? His marriage with Callie ended thanks to him, after he had an affair with another woman. He also had an on-again off-again relationship with Izzie, but it never seemed to last. Additionally, he had a short fling with Olivia, but like usual, that came to an end as well. At the time, Richard was married to his wife Adele; despite his adultery, he remained married to her.

However, further into the show as their marriage became strained, Adele gave Richard an ultimatum between her and his career. Eventually she makes the decision for him.

Time passes and eventually he and Catherine get married. Of course, Alex doesn't know this yet, but they've also got other problems to deal with. And that's not the only intriguing thread dangling over next season. The finale revolved around the idea of finding a second chance at love, and all the dark and twisty emotions that come with that process.

Amelia and Owen each wondered if they were just settling for the other as they prepared to get married; Meredith and Alex lamented that they'll never find anyone as good as Derek and Izzie, respectively; and April and Jackson grappled with the fact that they might lose yet another baby. Let's recap what went down: Here are all the new shows coming your way Alex and Jo After Jo Camilla Luddington rejects his marriage proposal but suggests they have a baby together, Alex Justin Chambers decides he's done with drama.

Good luck staying on this show, then! All he wants is a wife and a house and a family, in that order.

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Jo, convinced she's lost Alex for good, decides to get shmammered at the bar to cope with her feelings. DeLuca Giacomo Gianniotti shows up and, as he's helping her stumble out of the bar, Jo confesses that she's already married. Back at the loft, Jo drunkenly explains to DeLuca that her husband was abusive, so she left and changed her name so that he could never find her.

The problem with that is, she can't try and divorce him now, because then he'll know where she's living. As she's saying all this, she's pulling off her jeans and top and getting ready to collapse into bed. We all know where this is going, right?

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As DeLuca's trying to help her into bed, he falls on top of her - and of course, Alex comes home at that precise moment, just in time to see DeLuca on top of his half-naked girlfriend in their bed. DeLuca tries in vain to spit out an explanation, but Alex proceeds to beat the s out of him. In addition to any physical damage to DeLuca those punches were wince-worthy, even as a viewerit's uncertain at best whether Alex and Jo's relationship can survive the fact that he doesn't even know her real name.

But, after some initial hesitation in which she came thisclose to being a Runaway Bride, Amelia's feeling pretty positive about her and Owen's future as she starts making her way down the aisle, thanks to a pep talk from Meredith Ellen Pompeo over Slurpees.

But, while she's there, she starts having contractions that get worse and worse until her water breaks. Ben gives her a pelvic exam - awkward! April's rushed to the hospital, and after she's stabilized, she and Jackson lovingly dote on their new daughter.