Katniss and peeta relationship fanfiction

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katniss and peeta relationship fanfiction

Peeta's daily journal of his somewhat creepy relationship with Katniss. Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Parody/Humor - Chapters: 43 - Words: 17, Apr 8, This isn't a story about Katniss and Peeta stumbling and fumbling their way towards a relationship; that happens by the end of this prologue. Oct 11, What if Katniss was lying when she told Peeta it was all an act? How would that change their relationship, the Games, and Panem? This is an.

Read and find out! I wouldn't recommend someone to read this story if they haven't read the book, The Hunger Games, or seen the movie. Mainly because if they are planning on reading or seeing the movie they will know who won and what happens between certain characters because most of this is fact.

I hope you enjoy. I own nothing except for my phone and the love for books. This conversation will be in bold. Yes sure, just let me get changed. A half an hour later Katniss: You have gotten better with your aim.

I know I had to do something while you were away because I wasn't willing to sit around and watch you almost get killed. Ya We were quiet for about two hours while we were hunting, then we sat down and had something to drink. Katniss, I have a question for you. Okay, what is it? Remember how before you went to the Capitol, well do you remember the question I asked? Gale, do you really think that with what went on I will actually remember everything you said before?

Not really, but okay I'll ask anyways. So the question, would you run away from the District and go with me?

Well I know like you would leave Prim and your new house but like the can manage without you. So like just think about it. I'm not so sure about that, but like…I have to go I'll see you tomorrow Gale: No Katniss don't, go. After what happened in the Hunger Games with me a Peeta I'm not sure anymore what is going on with me a Gale. He clearly doesn't know that things are never going to be the same for anyone in our families. I know we are friends and all but the sincerity in his eyes was confusing me.

I wish I could go away from this place and leave it all behind. Even though I don't need to hunt anymore because I have an endless supply of food being the victor, but I decided when I got back I needed to clear my head. So I have been hunting with Gale, sometime Peeta will tag along but he has been busy making bread with his father.

My Peeta was holding on, he was alive. I was determined then to get us both out of that arena alive at all costs. I just never thought far enough ahead to what would happen when we got home. Then our time in the cave happened. I kissed him — my first kiss. I felt something deep inside me during that kiss, a feeling both unfamiliar but exhilarating. Peeta kept our spirits up, joking and telling stories even though he was knocking on death's door.

The real turning point for me was when he told me, in great detail, the story of the first time he ever saw me, when we were five. The fact that he remembered that much detail, and described me like he was in awe, endeared me to him like never before. I didn't know what the feeling was, but I never wanted it to stop.

katniss and peeta relationship fanfiction

I remember when Cato had him in a headlock on top of the Cornucopia I felt like my world was crumbling and my heart was shattering. We were so incredibly close to going home. Cato was right — if I had tried to shoot him in the head, Peeta would go down with him. Thank god for Peeta and his quick thinking, as well as my aim. Then came the moment they revoked the rule change. Peeta instantly told me to kill him — told me I had to go home and live on, that the Capitol needed their Victor.

I threw down my bow in disgust, refusing to live in a world without him. It was unfathomable to me. That's why I pulled out those Nightlock berries. Not to defy the Capitol, not to prove a point. I pulled them out simply because I knew I would be unable and unwilling to live while Peeta laid dead at my feet. I honestly don't know what I was thinking lying to Peeta when we pulled back into District I had been thinking the whole train-ride home about everything, and had convinced myself both of us would be better off this way.

I had never wanted any of those normal relationship things, never wanted to marry or have kids. I knew Peeta was one of those people that had a vision for their lives, and that included marrying and a family. Instead of talking to him, I made the decision for him.

I've regretted it since the words spilled out of my mouth. I stood there and watched his heart shatter along with mine, saw the deep hurt in his eyes. I wanted to take it all back, but I didn't know how. I thought he could never forgive me. I've been depressed ever since that day.

I've barely left my room in my new house in Victor's Village. Prim and my mom try to get me to get up and do things, but I refuse and turn in my bed to face the wall. Gale came around the first few days, and I heard him downstairs asking my mom if I wanted to go hunting.

She gently shooed him out the door. He hasn't tried since. I sometimes see Peeta out the window, walking through the village, looking just as depressed as me. Sometimes he glances towards my house, and I cower down, praying he didn't see what I mess I'd become. What have I done to this innocent, sweet boy, who wanted to give me the world? Why did I let my insecurity and crippling fear ruin something before it even had a chance?

Every time I see him, my heart tells me to sprint out the door and into his arms. Anything to get him to look at me the way he did in that cave. I square my jaw and tilt my head up to look at him, an eyebrow raised in question. His dark eyebrows furrow in confusion as his eyes desperately search my face for any clue as to my sudden change in behavior.

And then images of those very eyes lifeless and cold swirl in my mind and my lip quivers. I hate myself at that moment, my body betrayed me and his eyes widen in realisation. And then I'm wrapped tightly in his arms, he clutches onto me like his life depends on it, my arms hold onto the fabric of his powder blue t-shirt lightly.

Peeta tells me that we'll be okay. That no matter what happens we'll get through it, he pulls back and cups my face in his hands, "Do you understand? We're going to be fine, okay? But he knows me, that's not who I am.

katniss and peeta relationship fanfiction

I nod slowly to appease him and he kisses me deeply on the lips. This kiss isn't like the other's, but I can't make out what's different about it. After he pulls away, I remove his hands from my face and start to walk slowly away from him. I'm staring into his eyes as I do so, those beautiful eyes that not so long ago were full of happiness and love were now filled with sorrow and fear.

He began to walk after me but I just shook my head at him, indicating he shouldn't follow. I mouthed that I loved him before turning and jogging away from him, ignoring his desperate pleas for me to stop. I forced the tears that were threatening to fall back and continued to run, back towards my house and further away from Peeta.

I step through the front door and kick off my boots, I trudge into the kitchen and see that Prim is already dressed in some of my mother's best clothes, even though they are a little big for her. The back of her white shirt keeps pulling out of her skirt and I pull her from her chair to stand in front of me. I crouch down to her height, looking into her deep blue eyes. I pushed a strand of blonde hair that had fallen into her eyes to the side and offered her a small smile before helping her tuck her shirt back into her skirt.

She giggles softly, "Quack. I reach my arms out and pull her small frame to me, "It's your first year Prim, you're name's only been in there once, they're not gonna pick you. I stand up to go and have a bath; I wash all the grime and dirt off me and even wash my hair. I wrap a towel around me after I step out and walk to my room to find one of my mother's beautiful dresses from years ago laid out on the bed for me.

I nod and smile at her before she leaves me to change. I sit down in front of her while she intricately twists my hair into my trademark braid, trying not to think of the reason I was all dressed up. I began to think of Peeta and the pained look in his eyes as he watched me leave but I pushed the thoughts away, I just couldn't deal with them right now.

So instead I thought of Gale, I was also worried for my best friend because at eighteen he now probably has over sixty tickets with his name on them. I haven't seen him in a few days now, I suppose he's been busy with Hazelle but I do miss my hunting partner. I give her a sad smile before taking her tiny hand in my small one and leading her out the door and into the square.

I give my sister one last hug before we are both wrenched away from each other and ushered into our respective age groups. I keep my eyes fixed on the stage in front of me never daring to look for Peeta. I see Gale though, we send each other mutual worried looks before our attention is grabbed by the always flamboyantly dressed Effie Trinket.

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She wears a ridiculous, pink, curly wig that gets pushed to one side or the other whenever she moves her head. A pink bonnet, adorned with flowers is placed precariously on her head and she wears a bright pink suit jacket and matching skirt. She looks ghastly, the people at the Capitol are quite well known for their abnormal life style and fashion. To us she looks awfully out of place and dreadful but I imagine that this is the latest fashion in the Capitol. I feel the nausea in my stomach as the Mayor Undersee starts to speak, I try my best to think of anything, anything but the reaping but I find it cannot distract me.