Kenshin and kaoru relationship advice

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kenshin and kaoru relationship advice

I found this on the Wikipedia page for Rurouni Kenshin: Reflection To share his pain, Kaoru convinces Kenshin to infect her with the disease. Kenshin and Kaoru encounter a young pickpocket and soon discover that the boy , who has a strong samurai bloodline, now works for the Japanese mafia. Both Kenshin and Kaoru tend to hide what they really are, or perhaps in Kenshin's case trying to find a balance in life contrasting his past experiences. Because.

Meanwhile, she also carries a fondness for nice clothes and colors. She does get teased a lot by Kaoru, Sanosuke, and even Megumi, but she can dish it right back at them. Over time, she grows closer to him and fills a void in Kenshin's life he had since his wife died. She also acts as a motherly figure in ways to her little "sisters" looking after them as well. A strong and independent spirit, Kaoru is a character that is far more than just a prop for Kenshin's story. She has a character, motivations, and abilities to make her stand on her own.

She can match the swordsman step for step and can handle her problems as she sees fit. She is wise beyond her years, but at the same time shows some of her youth in her personality.

Yahiko Myojin A young orphaned boy who ends up becoming a pickpocket for a local yakuza clan. He is witnessed by Kenshin picking the pocket of an older man, just to give the wallet back to that he could buy something for his grandson.

Yahiko is the strong-willed son of a samurai who perished during the war. He was raised by his mother, who then fell ill and died, leaving him an orphan.

Supposedly his mother's medical bills were paid by the yakuza, having Yahiko working to steal money to pay back the debt. This turns out to be a lie. Kenshin and Kaoru both take pity on him after meeting him and upon hearing his story, Kaoru goes to try and free him from the yakuza, only to get caught herself.

Kenshin comes in to save the day, bringing him back to the Kamiya dojo to start training so that he can become strong. Yahiko is very independently minded.

He fully believes he can handle things all by himself without help. He hates being thought of as a kid. He can be courageous even to a fault as a result of his pride in what his father was. Being a young boy, however, he has more pride than actual ability, but a belief in himself, as well as training from Kaoru, drives him to be the strong man he wishes to become. As the story advances you see Yahiko grow and become more capable as a fighter.

Yahiko, with his strong will, can also be a brat. He has a hard time taking orders from anyone and can be a handful to control. He doesn't think too highly of the Kamiya style as it is to use swords to protect people while he'd rather learn how to beat people up and defeat them like Kenshin does.

However, Kenshin refuses to pass along his technique, much to Yahiko's frustration. Eventually, he learns to embrace the style more and becomes skilled in his own right in protecting people with his wooden swords. However, this spirit of independence makes him think quickly, even if he doesn't act with a lot of forethought he will throw himself into a situation if he thinks someone is being wronged.

He can be helpful in this way, but many times ends up being a victim. Yahiko makes for quite a foil for Kenshin.

Kamiya Kaoru

The brash pride and emotions in diving into a situation plays a good opposite for Kenshin's calm demeanor even in battle. While Yahiko lacks trained skill and often swings for the fences in any kind of attack, Kenshin will strike as little as possible. It is obvious Kenshin is everything Yahiko wants to be, but Kenshin will always remember what he is trying to escape and wants Yahiko to become strong not only in a better way but on his own, following his father's example.

Yahiko also has someone very special in his life as he soon falls for the waitress at the Akebeko restaurant, Tsubume Sanjo. He helps free her from her struggles and the two become closer as the story is told, especially in the manga. Yahiko also finds a similar spirit in Misao, as the two often work together and see things through similar eyes.

Yahiko represents the struggles of youth in the series and as the events take place, he grows just a little more, all the while staying the stubborn bullheaded warrior that he is. Although crude and sarcastic, he wants to help people as much as Kenshin does, even if he has yet to gain the former warrior's skill.

Sanosuke Sagara The fighter for hire known as Zanza. He is an extremely skilled and strong fighter who wanders the lands being hired to fight other people's battles for them. Sanosuke lives off the thrill of the fight.

Himura Kenshin

He charges those who hire him based on how much "fun" he has during his battles. He has immense power, able to floor opponents with just a flick of his finger. However much of a "gangster" he makes himself out to be, he does have a strong moral code as well and doesn't like those who abuse people weaker than they are.

Sanosuke enters Kenshin's life when he is hired to take out the Battousai by Gohei Harumi. Zanza is enticed by the challenge, especially since he is very anti-imperialist. Kenshin defeats him with some ease, even with Sanosuke's strength.

After that, he joins Kenshin on many of his battles and stays at the dojo. Sano starts off in the series carrying his large blade, his zanbato, like it was a regular blade. However in meeting Kenshin, the blade is destroyed and from then on he mostly uses his hands to fight and is very effective with them.

Sanosuke is very anti-imperialist as he spent his younger days under Captain Sagara of the Sekihotai, a militia-style army of farmers. They worked for the imperialist government until the government double-crossed the group to cover their own failures and executed them, right in front of Sanosuke's eyes. He looks up to the memory of Captain Sagara, taking on his last name in tribute to him. He doesn't have the patience and skill in observation that Kenshin has, often charging full-speed into a fight and giving it all he has, much like Yahiko.

We find out later he has taken after his father, who is always up for a fight. He also is very cheap with his money as he has amassed a huge tab at the Akebeko restaurant and is always up for a free meal.

True Romance: Kenshin Himura and Kaoru Kamiya - The Worlds of Nathan Marchand

He doesn't take to new technology either as he thinks steam trains are rolling death traps and that cameras steal your soul. Sanosuke makes a good companion for Kenshin during his adventures. In contrast to Kenshin's cool, observant fighting style, Sanosuke's headstrong charge into a fight makes him a good partner.

A friendly and plain-spoken young man, Sano can be very much the hero that Kenshin is to those around him. He took on a fatherly role to Kaoru after the death of her father left her alone at the Kamiya dojo.

Gensai is a friendly elderly man who always seems to have a smile on his face. He not only helps Kaoru, but also serves the people of the local area, taking care of everything from battle wounds to child delivery.

He is very skilled as a man of medicine and is willing to help people however he can. Although not the fighter that Kenshin and many of the others are, he still is able to dish out advice and save people in his own way. He eventually gains an assistant in the talented Megumi Takini, who is a master of medicine and chemical compounds. He sometimes has his hands full with her as she will fall into her own thoughts and lose concentration in what she is doing when she is helping patients.

Along with the good doctor are his two small granddaughters, The older Ayume and the younger Suzume. Both small children are the light of Dr. Gensai's eye and are treated like Kaoru's little sisters.

Ayume is a very observant young girl who seems to instantly notice if someone is sad or upset and tries to make them feel better. Suzune is always tagging along with her big sister and will often repeat with she says. Both girls get along very well with Kenshin and the others that board the Kamiya Dojo, calling the wanderer "uncle Kenny" and often seen playing with him or helping him with chores. Although both girls look up to their "big sister" Kaoru, being so young, it is not clear if they have a real interest in becoming martial artists like her.

All three are a welcome sight at the dojo and they bring a peace and tranquility into the lives of those living there. Trying to keep them out of any struggles they have, the family gives Kenshin and his friends time to enjoy more pleasant things and take a break from what can be a very stressful adventure. Saito Hajime A bitter rival of Kenshin's dating back over a decade to the war. Although he is now part of the police, he also works as an assassin for hire.

During the war, Saito was the captain of the third unit of the Shinsengumi, a collection of masterless samurai opposing the imperialists. Considered a master swordsman, Saito leads his squad during many death-filled missions. It was during the later part of the war that his squad met with the Battousai after a raid on a hotel. The manslayer slew almost all the members with little trouble before facing Saito.

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The battle never had a decisive ending and both men went their separate ways. Saito comes back into Kenshin's life when he stops by the Kamiya Dojo posing as a medicine salesman. Sanosuke quickly deduces that he is not who he says and in the ensuing fight, defeats Sano quickly, breaking off a sword in stabbing him.

It turns out he was hired by the corrupt Shibumi who wants to eliminate the former Battousai. Saito poses as a member of the sword-bearing police under an assumed name. While Kenshin is off fighting another of Sibumi's men, Saito enters the dojo under the guise of being a protector from the police. He surprises Kenshin when he returns, leading to a battle between the two.

After nearly killing each other, the fight is stopped by Okubo Toshimishi, who had sent Saito only to test Kenshin's abilities so that he may recruit him for the government. Saito leaves and returns to Shibumi, killing him. Saito is powerful not only with a sword, but he also augments his sword ability with hand to hand combat as well. He makes for a real challenge to anyone that crosses him, and most times they don't survive.

Saito is the absolute opposite of Kenshin, even if they are on the same side. He doesn't mind taking lives of those that deserve it, in fact, he often enjoys it. They butt heads, but still fight for a similar goal, even if they take divergent paths to get there.

Saito tends to be very blunt in his ways and has little of the caring heart that Kenshin has, but at the same time he makes for a strong ally in their adventures. Megumi Takani A medic and chemist who is a master of medicines and mixing chemicals. She first ran into Kenshin and Sanosuke as she was trying to escape the clutches of The Obiwaban group that was keeping her enslaved as an opium maker.

Megumi comes from a long line of medical doctors. During the war her father disappeared and her mother and the rest of the family were wiped out, leaving Megumi the only survivor.

She ended up in the clutches of Kanryu, who for 5 years made her produce opium that would over time kill people, counter to all of Megumi's training.

She ends up under Kenshin's protection after she fled Kanryu and his organization when she is forced to make a new form of opium that is very deadly. She gains her freedom when the Obiwaban group that been protecting Kanryu turn on him and the merchant of death is defeated.

Once free of her enslavement she uses her skills to become a medic again under Dr. Gensai, to make up for all she had done making opium. She becomes an ally to Kenshin and his friends, helping treat their injuries and sicknesses.

Megumi is a very flirtatious woman. She has eyes for Kenshin and will make comments about snagging him for her own, much to Kaoru's jealousy.

She doesn't mind taking jabs at Kaoru, much like Sano and Yahiko, but eventually comes to terms that Kenshin loves Kaoru and tells Kaoru to take care of him. A source of some frustration to Kaoru, a friend to the others, Megumi is a good friend to those around her and is a driven medic who will do all she can to make up for the deaths she caused as a slave. While she may let her imagination get away with her when thinking of the wandering swordsman, she turns very focused and serious when she needs to help save a life or ease someone's pain.

Shinomori Aoshi The leader of the Obiwaban group. Initially, he leads the group to act as bodyguards and enforcers for Kanryu. However when faced with a chance to fight the Battousai, his priorities change. Aoshi is very quick and has incredible striking power. However his motivations are not money or an urge to kill, but recognition.

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During the war, his group never got the chance to face the main battles against the imperialists, as they were based in Edo where the main battles were in Kyoto.

Aoshi wished to have his group be recognized as the best fighters of the war, and having to battle the Battousai is the perfect way for that to happen for him and his followers. After the war, he and his men were used as enforcers and bodyguards, but the desire for the Obiwaban name to be considered the greatest in the world never left him. When the opportunity to face the famed Battousai arrives while working for Kanryu, he leads his men to take the battle to Kenshin, largely ignoring Kanryu after that and leaving the industrialist on his own.

The evil businessman takes his revenge with the use of a Gatling gun that takes out the remaining members of the group, sacrificing their lives to make sure that Kenshin and their leader survive. After this incident, Aoshi falls into depression and vows to defeat Kenshin so he may lay the title of "World's Strongest" on their graves. Aoshi joins with Shishio's men for a brief time and finally gets the fight he is looking for, only to be defeated by Kenshin.

However, Kenshin is able to talk sense into Aoshi and the genius fighter joins his side in his battles once he figures that Shishio was just using him. Aoshi is not one to show lots of emotion. His cold demeanor belies that he is always scaling the scene around him in case trouble arrives. However suppressed he keeps his expression, he was very passionate about his team members and wanted to give them glory, not just himself.

With their death, Aoshi sunk into deep depression and hoped to be able to give his loyal men the glory he thought they deserved. He is gifted beyond most others in the field of battle.

He is gifted in both stealth and attack. His weapon of choice is a kodachi, a blade shorter than a sword but longer than a dagger. He later employs two of these blades to enhance his fighting abilities. His cold analytical look at battle makes him a very strong fighter and someone that is tough to handle. Aoshi may not be friendly to many, and isn't as expressive as Kenshin or the others, but he is a deeply motivated man, even if his motivations change as the story is told.

He is fiercely loyal to those who fight alongside him and isn't interested in glory for himself. Although he spends part of the story as a strong enemy, he becomes just as strong an ally for Kenshin and his friends.

Misao Makimachi A female ninja Kenshin first meets in the mountains on his way to Kyoto. Much like Yahiko, she is young and brash but is still very skilled. Kenshin first runs into Misao on his way to Kyoto and Shishio.

He ends up finding her as she suckers in a bunch of bandits, defeats them, and steals the money they just stole themselves. She tries to take Kenshin's blade from him, even though it's a "worthless" reverse blade sword. Kenshin and Misao then go and return the money to the original source, where she reveals that she too is trying to get to Kyoto. She eventually mentions that she is trying to find Aoshi and the remaining members of the Obiwaban Group, and seeing that Kenshin knows something about them, she ends up following him trying to get more info out of him.

Misao was raised by Aoshi and was a member of the group, but was eventually sent to live with an elderly man in Kyoto so that she could live her life as a normal girl. She rejects the idea and wanders around, looking for her Aoshi once again. Misao is a trained ninja, employing many sneaky tricks and secret weapons at her disposal, such as kunai and smoke bombs.

Although young, she can take care of herself against normal adversaries, but up against those of Kenshin's level she would not have much of a chance. Unlike the emotionless man she desires so much, the year-old is very loud and brash. She is constantly yelling and isn't afraid to tell anyone off. Much like Yahiko, she doesn't like being called a kid or being underestimated, as well as running into situations that are way over her head and skill level.

She and Yahiko end up working together quite a bit and make a good if naive and chaotic team. Misao may be an energetic chatterbox and a cause for some frustration to the others of Kenshin's friends, but she is still a good part of the team. Much like Yahiko, she represents youthful enthusiasm while most of the other represent the coolness that comes with age. She is not to be underestimated and is a handful to all that cross her.

The most skilled swordsman of the series, Hiko is the 13th descendant to the Hiten-Mitsurugi style of sword fighting. He first met Kenshin when Kenshin was a boy. Kenshin and his group were attacked by bandits in the woods and Hiko was able to save him, but none of the others. Hiko was surprised to find that Kenshin had buried the dead, who turned out to be slavers and that his parents had died of cholera. Hiko is impressed at the inner strength of the boy and took him in as an apprentice, giving him the name Kenshin, since the master felt the boy's given name of Shinta was not a strong enough a name for a boy like him.

However, the two split once the war began. Hiko believed that his style shouldn't be attached to any group, since it would assure them victory no matter what their stance was.

Kenshin, on the other hand, felt it was his duty to go into the war and try to save as many people as possible, causing Kenshin to leave his master when he was still a teenager. Years later Hiko found the freshly dug grave of someone Tomoe with Kenshin's scarf on it and figured that his student learned the lesson that Hiko had tried to teach him. Eventually when going to fight Shishio, Kenshin returns to his master to finish his training proper, with Hiko refusing.

It took the help of Kenshin's friends literally kicking the door down and yelling at him to make him change his mind, saying that it would be easier to train Kenshin that go after Shishio himself. Hiko is a very powerful person. He can easily avoid his student and pretty much everyone else with his speed, and is able to block attacks from anyone. He wears a massively weighted cloak that hides his true power under pounds of pressure, so he is constantly training himself.

Without the weights on his back, he has the ability to kill anyone. Hiko is conceited, anti-social, and sarcastic.

kenshin and kaoru relationship advice

He will mention that he is better than everyone else and a genius in anything he does. He retreated to the mountains and became a potter so that he could still make a living without having to deal with people.

Ultimately he decides to train Kenshin in the final techniques of the Hiten-Mitsurugi style because he doesn't have time to train a new student and doesn't want to face Shishio himself. During the final training, he always calls Kenshin his foolish student and makes embarrassing remarks about him. When Kenshin goes off to fight, he is left to watch over Kaoru the others, making him grumble and complain. Hiko makes a tough teacher, but his style is no cakewalk to begin with.

Unlike many of the swordsman that Kenshin meets, Hiko has no desire to show off or defeat people to prove himself. He knows how good he is. He'd rather be left alone and only have to fight anyone unless he absolutely has too, much like his disciple.

He does not hate Kenshin for what he did but isn't one to ignore the decisions of his student either. Tomoe Yukishiro Kenshin's deceased wife and the one who turns him into the wanderer that he has become. Tomoe's story is a sad one. She is the daughter of a former samurai and tasked with being the mother figure to her younger brother, Enishi after their mother died giving birth to him.

She is to be wed to her childhood friend Akira, only for him to be slain by the Battousai, but not before leaving a deep scar down his cheek. She vows revenge and sets out to find the killer of her love, and joined that Yaminobu as their spy in an effort to take down the feared swordsman.

She eventually meets him and gets close to him, trying to discover his weakness that she could pass along back to her leader, Tatsumi. However, after she discovers his softer side and finds he is not just a cold-hearted killer, she begins to fall in love with him for real. They eventually marry, with her being 18 years old and he only 15, and she abandons her mission and her plans to have him slaughtered.

But it was not long before the Yaminobu makes their move in a snow-swept forest. Kenshin barely survives the attack of each of the group's members, having been stabbed and blown up twice, rendered nearly deaf and close to being blinded before he faces Tatsumi himself. As they went for the final deathblows to kill each other, Tomoe steps in the way to prevent Tatsumi from killing him, but sacrificing herself to do it. Before she dies, she creates the second half of the scar on Kenshin's face and leaving Kenshin vowing to never take another life again.

She seemed to always be sad, only showing emotions towards her younger brother. Eventually, she was able to regain some positive emotions with the love of Kenshin. Although she set out to kill Kenshin, she doesn't seem to have any kind of training, even from her former samurai father. Ultimately she is the one that wounds Kenshin the most in his young life. He bares the scars, literally, of losing her and it takes many years for him to truly recover from her death, albeit it accidentally, from his own hands.

Tae Sekihara The manager of the Akebeko sukiyaki restaurant that Kenshin and his friends frequent during their time in Tokyo.

Rurouni Kenshin: Kaoru first meeting (Anime vs Live Action) PT-BR

Tae became a friend to Kaoru and her friends as they are frequent customers at her restaurant. She is a kind and usually seen smiling as she runs her own business, much like her twin sister Sae who owns a restaurant in Kyoto.

Tae seems to know the goings on around the area and will often help Kenshin and his friends with anything they need to know around Tokyo. She tends to hold Sanosuke's staggering debt to the restaurant over his head, but she is often more concerned with the budding relationship between Kenshin and the lonely Kaoru.

Since she is single herself, Kaoru will sometimes bring up that point when the restaurateur gets too involved in bringing them together. She truly worries about Kenshin and the others when they set out for dangerous ventures and missions and is willing to help Kaoru.

Enishi finds out about this later in the series and has the Akebeko blown up, but no one was inside at the time. Tae rebuilds the restaurant, making it more into a maid cafe than the hot pot place it was before.

kenshin and kaoru relationship advice

While not a major player in the series or in the lives of Kenshin or Kaoru, she is a friendly face and someone whom they can turn to during the events of the series. Kaoru obviously feels comfortable enough with her to share some of their activities without her spilling information to people who may threaten either of them.

She cares about her friends and whenever they stop by for a bubbling pot of sukiyaki, she will be happy to bring them in, even with Sanosuke's ever growing debt to the business manager. Tsubame is a shy year-old girl who serves as a waitress for the Akebeko restaurant in Tokyo that Kaoru, Kenshin, and their friends frequent during the duration of the series.

Her family served as servants to a much wealthier family, and when the Meiji era began this type of indentured servitude was ended, Tsubume's "master" still uses the girl to get the mold of the keys to the Akebeko so that he can come in and steal all its money. Yahiko, who had been secretly doing odd jobs for the Akebeko, steps in to defend the girl and after getting beaten down, he gets some advice and a small bit of help from Kenshin and the others, and defeats them, all the while with Tsubume watching.

As a waitress for the popular restaurant, she gets to know Kaoru, Kenshin, and the others very closely, being able to help them as she can. She, like her boss Tae, wants to see Kenshin and Kaoru together, but doesn't seem quite as pushy to see them together as the older Tae is.

She cares deeply for Yahiko, calling him Yahiko-chan, must to his frustration. She tries to help him whenever possible and is there to support him, especially during some of his more dangerous adventures. She is by his side in the later storylines as Yahiko goes off for battle and try to bring a severely depressed Kenshin back from his living hell.

She is there to nurse an injured Yahiko and is by his side as much as she can. Tsubume is a kindhearted sweetheart for the young Yahiko and someone that looks up to him the way that Kaoru looks to Kenshin. Although not a strong-willed or fighting trained girl, she still is able to motivate Yahiko as he goes into dangerous battles and to be there with a relieved smile when he returns to the restaurant.

He is known as Uramura in the manga but is named Muraki in the anime. Chief Uramura leads a battalion of Police officers in the Tokyo area when the series begins. Initially, he views Kenshin as a wanted dangerous criminal, least of which of his offences is carrying a sword in public.

He goes after Kenshin and then Kaoru for housing such a wanted man. He changes his mind after the fake Battousai incident and finds that Kenshin was one of the main reasons the imperialists won. In knowing who Kenshin really is, and the ability he has, The chief will come to him with issues the police can not be able to handle on their own.

He asks for Kenshin and Sano's help when Jinei is going around killing high-ranking officials, and also heads Kenshin's words when Raijuta and his men have a battle with the police that Kenshin stops, so there is no more bloodshed. In the later chapters of the manga, he becomes a target of Enishi, who wants to go after things that are close to Kenshin.

His house and family are attacked, but thanks to Kenshin, they escape to safety. The Chief, in turn, leads the police force away from Sanosuke who had stormed the mansion of the corrupt official who was helping bully his family and beating him senseless. Uramura is a competent officer and leads his men fairly, but he realizes that he needs help sometimes with extremely tough cases, especially against overpowering enemies.

He isn't a frequent visitor to the Kamiya dojo, but will turn there when he has no other options within the police force. Geezer A long haired old man that Kenshin meets in the later chapters of the manga. After he thinks that Kaoru was killed and that he failed to protect her, Kenshin has become very depressed, failing to accomplish what he had promised for the second time in his life.

He ends up in a fallen village in Rakuninmura. Near where Kenshin is, Yahiko and Misao arrive looking for him. They run into trouble with a large group of locals, but a long-bearded old man wards off the villagers with a large bag of cigarettes, before leading the young twosome to where Kenshin is located.

They tell him he needs to get up and get revenge for Kaoru's death and that he was not solving anything sitting there. Kenshin sends them off.

While Kenshin sits silently in the wasted area, the Geezer just sits down next to him for a while before meeting up with Yahiko and Misao again. After the mention of practicing Yahiko's art, The geezer tells them that he was once a samurai, but he was weak since he lost both his daughter and his son. He eventually gets Kenshin to react by opening a bottle of pungent perfume, said to calm nerves.

It is actually the same perfume that his daughter, Tomoe, wore when she was alive.

kenshin and kaoru relationship advice

Eventually, after Sanjo begs him to help Yahiko, the Geezer tells Kenshin that his truth is not in revenge. That truth is not something you can throw away.

After the speech, Kenshin gets up and leaves. Although the locals think of him as a crazy old man who wanders around, in truth he is Enishi and Tomoe's father. He knows full well who Kenshin is and reveals it to the locals after Kenshin leaves.

He then decides it was time to visit his daughter's grave and leaves. Since he knows who Kenshin is, he doesn't hold any hostile will towards him for the death of his daughter. He may act foolishly, but he is wise and seems to blame himself for what happened to both of his children. He is calm and patient, although he acts a little crazy around others, he is serious in his thoughts towards Kenshin and his friends.

Seemingly making up for his failure to protect his children, he ends up meeting his son who doesn't realize who the old man is and giving him much the same advice he gave Kenshin before the battle. Yutaro is a spoiled and rich child who lives in a large estate that employs a big staff, including Dr.

Kenshin and his friends arrive to see that Yutaro is determined to become a strong warrior and swordsman. In the anime series, he wishes to do this because his father was a great samurai and he wants to be like his late father.

The manga version of the story has it that Yutaro's father has ended his samurai ways and now makes money selling swords and blades to wealthy European tourists. To help him become the warrior he sets out to be, Yutaro enlists the help of wandering swordsman Raijuta Isurugi. Raijuta however is not nearly the gallant warrior the boy makes him out to be, as he is a conman looking to start a bloody revolution against the Meiji government.

Despite the fact that Raijuta never teaches the boy any lessons, the impressionable Yutaro still believes him to be his master and a gallant hero. This belief ends up getting the boy hurt very badly with a crushed wrist and forearm. Yutaro, being sheltered and pampered, is both naive and idealistic. He throws himself to Raijuta's feet based on lies and idolism of the warrior, even as things are not going the way it should be. Despite thinking Raijuta is making him into a greater and powerful warrior, Yahiko easily defeats him with an "inferior" wooden shinai, pointing out that Raijuta hadn't taught Yutaro one lesson since he had arrived and was just using his large mansion and money to get what he wanted.

He blindly follows Raijuta, even when his "master" made no attempt to save his life after he fell off a cliff into a river. It is only when Raijuta uses one of his powerful attacks and makes Yutaro unable to use his right arm does the boy finally see what is going on.

But Yutaro shows us he really does have the resolve of becoming a warrior. As he leaves Japan to get medical treatment for his arm, he and Yahiko have words, and Yutaro vows that he will come back to Japan and train at the Kamiya dojo to be able to defeat Yahiko some day, even if he has to do it with only his left hand being able to hold a sword. So while Yutaro is easily fooled and naive, he shows a great determination and resolve to better himself and be the warrior he wants so desperately to be.

Tsukioka Tsunan He is a popular woodblock print artist that grew up with Sano. When Tae asks Sano to go into town to but some portraits by a famous artist, Sano is surprised to find a portrait done of Capt.

Sagara of the Sekihotai for sale. The portrait also features two young boys with the Captain, one of them being a younger Sano. The fighter begs the seller to tell him where the artist lives, and despite being told that Tsukioka Tsunan is a recluse, Sano goes to find him anyway. His suspicions of who this artist really is is quickly confirmed as he is met with his childhood friend Katsu, who was the same age as Sano when they were kids following along with the Sekihotai and Capt.

They were the only survivors of the government's massacre of the group over a decade before. In the anime version of events, Tsukioka asks Sano to join him in an attack on the government in revenge for killing his friends. Tsukioka had been secretly making bombs for years and wants Sano to help in the planned assault.

Sanosuke turns him down feeling that wasn't Sagara's way. Meanwhile, a group of bandits claiming to be the new Sekihotai run amuck in the town using supposed revolution as a cover to loot and steal from people. Sano looks to investigate, fearing his friend was the cause of the trouble. When Sano confronts the group using his dead friend's name, Tsukioka joins Sano in taking down the false army. The whole scam was set up by Tatewaki Shindo, the man who ordered the death of the original clan to cover up Meiji government failures.

After defeating the bandits, Tsukioka gives up his revolution ideas. In the manga version of events, Sano is reluctant to go along with his old friend's idea, but eventually decides to join him. Before the night of the planned assault, Sano puts together a party with Tsukioka, Kenshin, and all their friends. After hours of drinking sake, only Tsukioka and Sano are left awake. They set off to start the assault on the government building, only to be met by Kenshin.

Kenshin defuses Tsukioka's bombs and while distracting the artist, Sano punches him on the face and knocks him out. When he wakes up the next morning in his apartment, Kenshin has taken all the explosives and buried them. Sano then explains that while Captain Sagara had done some nasty things, he was looking for a time when all men were equal and that time was realized. Tsukioka then gives up being an artist and decides to publish an illustrated newsletter pointing out the faults of the government instead.

He makes one last print of Captain Sagara for Sano as a gift. In both versions of the story, Tsukioka took his knowledge of explosives and gunpowder he gained from his time as a member of the Sekihotai and became an expert bomb maker. He wears metal rings on his fingers that he can quickly rub together to produce a spark during battle.

He is able to make different bombs that have different potency and wait time before they explode, making him even more dangerous. Tsukioka is like many in the Kenshin series, having held a grudge against the government in the years after the war, much like Sanosuke did. Sano was able to change his mind, at least to a non violent nature in his disdain for the government that killed all his friends. Eiji Mishima A small boy whose family is killed thanks to Shishio's henchmen.

While traveling on their way to Kyoto, Kenshin and Misao find a man bleeding severely and quickly dyeing. In his arms is a much younger boy, his little brother.

With his last breathes the man tells Kenshin to look after him and protect him from what was going on in their village. When Kenshin, Misao, and Eiji take a look at the village, they find Eiji's parents had been tortured and killed, their bodies left hanging out for people to see. Kenshin is not pleased to see what happened and makes his way into the village, being confronted by a group of Shishio's men who say that it was a rule to execute any outsiders.

The gang attack Kenshin and Misao, only to be fended off when Saito arrives to the village as well. When the fight is over, Kenshin and his friends go to take the bodies down and give them a respectful burial, but a group of the villagers tell them not to or else the man in charge of the village, Shishio's lackey Senkaku, would punish them.

Kenshin takes the bodies down and tells them he would put an end to it. After burying the bodies, Saito reveals that Eiji's older brother was actually a spy for the police and was probably hunted down when Senkaku's men found out. Eiji's brother was trying to get Eiji away from Shishio's men and protect him from any kind of reprisals against his family for what he did.

Kenshin and Saito go to confront Shishio while Eiji plans on extracting his own revenge. Misao follows him and tries to convince him to do otherwise, but the boy doesn't listen to her. They sneak into the mansion of Shishio just in time to see Kenshin destroy Senkaku.

Finding the man who killed his family disabled but not dead, Eiji goes to kill him before Saito stops him, saying that Senkaku will end up being tortured and executed for what he has done. When Kenshin talks him out of staining his brother's sword with blood, Saito ends up deciding that his wife Tokio would look after the boy, much to the surprise of Kenshin and Misao. Eiji is a young boy who can't be blamed for the rage that fills him.

His brother died protecting him and he witness the dead bodies of his parents hung out for the entire village to see. This makes him very head strong and vengeful. Being on the brink of staining his brother's sword with blood, it takes a lot of convincing from others to make sure he didn't end up having a death on his hands at such a young age.

Eventually, much like others Kenshin comes across, he sees a new way of thinking, to the betterment of his life. Sozo was the captain of the first squad of the Sekihotai, a militia of farmers and civilians that fought for the imperialists during the war.

They helped protect people from the pro-shogunate forces and also helped spread the word of the changes that the imperialists were planning for after the war, the biggest being the cutting of overblown taxes. This turned out to lead to their demise as the new Imperialist government found that they had overspent themselves and weren't able to cut the taxes.

To cover their tracks, the government turned on the Sekihotai. Kenshin is pushed to his physical, mental, and emotional limits. Kenshin is overcome with despair, during which he sees Tomoe in his dreams. She is smiling because she says Kenshin has learned to smile. She tells him to save her brother, who is still stuck in the past, and rescue Kaoru, who wants and needs his smile most.

Kenshin awakes and goes to confront not only Enishi but the demons from his past. He defeats the young man and spares his life. Finally, Kenshin and Kaoru get married and have a son named Kenji. This is a romance full of longsuffering, patience, acceptance, and forgiveness. Kaoru loves Kenshin despite his violent and dark past. Kenshin learns to open up and love again.

Kaoru gives Kenshin the wanderer a home. They complement each other perfectly. This also shows that a romance can be subtle. Often love stories are sappy and overdone, but this one is so understated that the reader has to connect the dots.

Both Kenshin and Kaoru made sacrifices for what they thought was the good of the other. It was never easy for them until the end. I could go on for hours about their story. This was one of the first romances I truly loved. As fantastical as the series was, their love felt real and authentic. It was refreshing to see a happy ending for a change.

Did you find this information helpful? If you did, consider donating. March 3, at 8: I think the subtle manifestation of their love is what makes the viewers so engrossed.

It makes us crave for more. Before, I wished that Nobuhiro Watsuki was more definitive of the romance but then I realized it would be different.