Kyon and yuki relationship test

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kyon and yuki relationship test

If Haruhi were confronted with the final exam to be a space astronaut, she would that stands behind Nagato Yuki could rearrange the data of the exam results. .. And my trusting relationship with Koizumi, and Asahina-san. Yuki. To be precise, she is currently changing in m room. While I Trying to sneak off and give that new body a 'test run'?", but that's not the . I don't even know if Yuki really even understands what a relationship is now that I. The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan also known as The Vanishing of Nagato Yuki-chan, series follows Yuki and her companions as she develops feelings for Kyon . As Ryoko helps Kyon study, Haruhi tests her with some questions from . Engage Planet Kiss Dum (); Kamichama Karin (); Shugo Chara!.

The Sealed Realities had been forming because the great leader of the S. Brigade, Suzumiya Haruhi, was under stress herself. Not that Haruhi would be afraid of the entrance exams either. She too excelled over me at academic arts, and someone with even a day's knowledge of Haruhi would realize that she was far too confident to be afraid of a test. If Haruhi were confronted with the final exam to be a space astronaut, she would charge in ahead like the Light Brigade.

It followed with the inexorability of mathematical proof that Haruhi was worried about something else, and it was not difficult for me to understand what. In a word, changes. These are the sources of fear. All of us in the S. Brigade would have to select which entrance exams to take, which meant selecting our universities, which meant choosing our futures.

And Haruhi, who wouldn't show regret or hesitation in steering her own life, would still be worried about whether the others of the S. I am past the point where Koizumi has to patiently explain it to me yet again. I will say it clearly: Haruhi is concerned about myself. She does not want to be separated from me. If the world kept on turning at its normal pace, with 24 hours in every day, the chance for me to be accepted by the same university as Haruhi would take a quantum miracle like electron tunnelling.

Of course such rules don't apply to a poor soul like me who has been ripped from the flow of ordinary time. Itsuki Koizumi's Organization could certainly arrange for a university to take me, though I'd rather not know how.

As for Asahina Mikiru, I don't know what a time-traveling girl could do about university entrances. But Asahina-san, who was formerly a year ahead of us, last year became sick on test day and failed that year's entrance exams and became a ronin.

Just so that she could keep coming to this clubhouse after school. It never pays to underestimate the power of a cute maiden. And if Haruhi truly desired me to be in the same university as her, there can be no possible doubt that it would happen. Even if she had to recreate the whole universe. The problem being that Haruhi doesn't know about any of this. So there was a troubled look in Haruhi's eyes, even as she kept up her usual harassment of the rest of us.

Today Haruhi had chosen to make the innocent Asahina-san a participant in her own execution - that is, Haruhi had been browsing online to find new costumes for the poor girl, and she had been forcing Asahina-san to watch and "give her opinions", which consisted mostly of small, cute screams. I wished for Haruhi's sake that she were consciously sadistic rather than just oblivious; it seemed a shame for Asahina-san to be tormented so beautifully without Haruhi even enjoying it properly. Two years ago, I would have watched the whole scene without my eyes leaving for an instant, claiming to myself that what I felt inside was pity.

But even the charms of Asahina-san's suffering had become somewhat routine after two years, and it was Haruhi's face that I found myself glancing at instead, when I looked up from the Go board on which I was crushing Koizumi. Finally the costume-shopping expedition ended with a satisfied click from Haruhi and a wail of absolute despair from Asahina-san.

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I would look forward to seeing that one. Haruhi stood up from the computer and plopped herself down at the table, next to Koizumi and myself, a meter distant from where Nagato was reading yet another book. Haruhi tapped the table impatiently, giving Asahina-san a stern glance. I don't understand how Haruhi executes this sort of behavior without creating an atmosphere of sexual dominance.

Then Haruhi turned her fearsome gaze on Koizumi and myself. If there's one universal law that holds even in a world containing Haruhi, it's that, no matter how bad a situation looks at the time, you can't guess in advance how Haruhi will make it worse.

Haruhi's eyes moved to me directly. She gave me a searching look.

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Then she turned away and looked out the window, staying silent. I went back to playing Go with Koizumi. It wasn't until minutes later, after sipping some of the tea poured by the obedient Asahina-san, that Haruhi turned back to Koizumi and I.

She set down her teacup on the table and asked: If I had been drinking tea myself I would have spit it all over the Go board.

kyon and yuki relationship test

At this point in my disastrous high school education, I didn't need anyone to explain the terrifying possibilities if Haruhi got religion. Haruhi created the S. Brigade out of her desperate boredom with the tedium of a lawful universe and press-ganged us to search for espers, aliens, and time-travellers. We're pretty sure that she was the one who created the espers, aliens, and time-travellers as well. While making a ridiculously low-quality movie, Haruhi became so involved in her imagination that Asahina-san developed dangerous laser vision, trees bloomed out of season and a cat started talking.

For two years we've run ourselves ragged trying to hide Haruhi's powers from Haruhi, so that she goes on trusting her invincible common sense. Our school life is unstable enough because of Haruhi's wistful desires. If Haruhi began to believe that impossible things are possible, the laws might change all over the universe.

But if there's one terrifying factor that could destroy Haruhi's common sense even with all the evidence carefully hidden away from her, that factor would have to be religion. When you put it that way, it's such an awful threat that I couldn't even speak, I was so horrified by the thought of what might happen if God became a devout believer in Scientology.

Thankfully, even in his sleep-deprived state, Koizumi grabbed up the thread of the conversation and the burden of saving the universe. Or I should say, what do you mean by God? And yet someone who hears about evolution doesn't look at the result and say that science has discovered God. So people do have something specific in mind when they talk about God, a requirement that excludes many possibilities. But then most of the possibilities would be outside their expectations.

No one could deny that your reply was truthful. If you asked a person on the street to enumerate all the possibilities, they would die of old age before they got to "God is Suzumiya Haruhi, a third-year student at North High. I have never understood why God would create a universe that annoyed her so much, though it's the one aspect of theology that conventional religions guess correctly.

The gaze of the yellow-ribboned deity turned to rest upon my own quivering soul. Instead, I foolishly picked that time to try to show off my cleverness. Well, enough of that. I'm not in NGE, and I certainly have too much spine to pilot a giant mecha, so I should try and figure out what I was going to do.

Y'know, get to know you better since you're going to be staying here for awhile. It could be interesting to see how thoroughly you kick my ass. Or maybe go out into the city and see if there's anything to do there. Yuki went with the stuffed rabbit driving a Mini-Cooper. Suffice it to say I was thrashed in record time by her.

She kept an indifferent look on her face the entire time as she tenderized Javert's crotch with that damnable stuffed rabbit. It's rather annoying when your opponent doesn't even show the slightest bit of enjoyment as she pummels you with a joke character. She wasn't even looking at the screen most of the time, instead either staring at me or examining the controller in detail. The way she'd hold it up or shift her hands around or turn it over while still kicking my ass just made it more embarassing.

No doubt she was figuring out the minute flaws and impracticalities in its construction to alleviate her boredom of thrashing me. Eventually I decided to call in my little sister and see how long we could last until Yuki beat us.

Whoever lasted longest won. I could say that I didn't have twitch reactions as quick as I used to, so I wasn't at the top of my game, but that would just sound like I'm making excuses. I knew bringing her in here would end in tragedy! I really need to teach her not to punch me in the gut like that. Let me get my breath first.

kyon and yuki relationship test

Unfortunately my wallet was a bit thin from last time I got a penalty from Haruhi… she actually made me pay for a light supper for the entire SOS brigade. I can only hope that my little sister won't try to weasel herself into a full sized banana split again.

We made our way down to the local place. Thankfully didn't run into anybody who stared at my boobs. That had been quite annoying on the walk back from school yesterday. Although… the one or two girls who stared at them were a surprise.

kyon and yuki relationship test

I didn't think they were emphasized enough in the school uniform to merit not so subtle lesbian attention. Or it might just be my still male mind having fantasies totally unfounded in reality. I can dream, can't I? I got myself a small chocolate cone, and Yuki got a small sherbet.

My sister… well… I am immune to her puppy dog pout and I'll leave it at that. But in return… I got bombarded by the most annoying questions ever.

kyon and yuki relationship test

Are you a reverse weregirl now? Where did she even get these ideas? Having gorged ourselves on ice cream, we "decided" to go to the park, by which I mean my sister dragged us there. Lacking anything better to do, I sat down on a bench. I call her a 'little IED' for a reason. Is she difficult to live with? She's a good kid though, when she isn't assaulting me. Yuki actually engaging in small talk. This is great, I was seriously worried that she was completely like a computer and had no human side.

Glad to see that's not completely true. Probably should encourage this. I mean, besides anything that deals with your mission. Well, I guess that makes sense since you were in the Literary Club. What do you read, normally? Any authors in particular you like? I would continue, but at that time, my sister came up to us, with, you won't believe this, a squirrel. I mean, how did she manage to catch that?

And the fact she thought it would be a great idea for it to be put in my shirt. This night was going to be akward. Yuki insisted on sleeping in my room in a futon. Now normally a guy like me would be thrilled to have a cute girl in his room. I still have boobs. Second, this is Yuki, and she's only in here to help me get my little friend back.

Man… this sounds like some weird ass dating game set up. Well… even if it were, at least it's not Koizumi. I hope this doesn't become a regular occurance. We are both girls. At least not mentally. Shortly after returning home from the trip, however, Yuki is caught off-guard by an oncoming car. The next day, Kyon is asked by Ryoko to look after Yuki, finding her to be unusually untalkative.

That night, Ryoko confronts the Yuki, questioning who she really is. Hearing about her situation, Ryoko remains supportive of the current Yuki, taking her to the hospital to get checked up before informing Kyon. As the two watch over Yuki as she continues to attend school without letting anyone else catch on, Kyon and Yuki go to the library together.

Sensing that the consciousness of the old Yuki may be waking up inside her, Yuki starts to wonder what will happen to her current self once she does. In addition, she starts developing her own feelings towards Kyon, leading her to suspect her two personalities may be merging together.

Seeing more of the old Yuki's memories in her dreams, Yuki begins to worry that she'll disappear completely once the other Yuki awakens.

On the way back, Ryoko leads Yuki to realise that she has fallen in love with Kyon, leaving her even more fearful about her inevitable disappearance.

Sensing the next time she falls asleep will be her last, Yuki spends the day with Ryoko, keeping her disappearance a secret from her. Later that night, Yuki confesses to Kyon over the phone, falling asleep by the time Kyon reaches her, after which the original Yuki wakes up in her place. As Yuki returns to her normal life, Ryoko is simultaneously happy and sad upon the safe return of one friend and the departure of another.

Meanwhile, Kyon is reluctant to face Yuki after hearing her other self's confession. Later, Haruhi makes plans for everyone to celebrate Tanabataasking Kyon and Itsuki to find a bamboo branch for the occasion. As everyone writes their wishes, Haruhi confronts Kyon over why he's distancing himself from Yuki, deducing he is nervous because of the other Yuki's confession.

Secretly lamenting how he does not remember helping her write a message to space during Tanabata four years ago, Haruhi encourages Kyon to work at it despite Yuki not remembering the confession.