Lauren and bo relationship counseling

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lauren and bo relationship counseling

Bo is feeling fantastic since the dawning, with a whole new life opening up before her asking them to pose as a counselor at a camp for juvenile delinquents and a She gathers the necessary hairs, one such from Lauren, and while she's there surprises Bo with the knowledge that she's not happy in their relationship. Individual therapy, Couple therapy, and Family Therapy, Counseling, Parenting, Marriage counseling, Addiction, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Cognitive. Bo (Anna Silk) and Lauren's (Zoie Palmer) relationship is literally in high Bo into the case by asking her to go undercover as a therapist to get.

Soon enough, Dyson is put under hypnosis and has a moment of clarity not a good sign!

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Trick believes the real culprit is actually an Indonesian shapeshifter that can only be killed with lead so Dyson goes back to Dr. Palmer now their prime suspect at the clinic. Palmer, Dyson starts to spin out of control. At the same time, Bo gets some facts from Lauren, who discovers that all of the other victims had a scratch on their necks just like the one Dyson has on his neck.

Then Bo learns from Tamsin that Dyson never came back to the precinct, so the ladies head to the clinic. While Bo tries to talk Dyson down off the ledge, Tamsin is in search of the cat, which she finds fairly quickly. The cat transforms into its real giant-sized self, but Tamsin is prepared for the creature, taking it down with a gnarly-looking blade she had secretly strapped to her chest.

lauren and bo relationship counseling

In the end, Bo is able to talk Dyson down off the roof and they talk about her relationship with Lauren once back at the Dal. She pulls back the bandage she has had on her arm over the course of the episode, revealing that the rash is eating away at her skin. Then suddenly it seems as if some kind of specter comes out of the rash on her arm and drags her away.

lauren and bo relationship counseling

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You may also like Be forewarned, though, there is a problematic, and potentially triggering, negative trans trope in this episode.

Bo gets injured and Dyson encourages Bo to feed off of him, which she does readily. Later, when Dyson is injured, Bo gives him a chi-kiss to heal his wounds. Thankfully, Bo owns up to Lauren about her dalliances. While out on a training mission, Bo ends up in a duel with a cowboy Dark Fae.

lauren and bo relationship counseling

Fae live impossibly long lives. At the same time, Tamsin battles with herself over whether she will finish her own mission, which is to capture Bo for a client called the Wanderer.


Tamsin reveals to Lauren that she and Bo kissed, and Lauren is devastated. Bo stops the assailant, almost choking him to death, but the damage is done and Lauren breaks up with Bo. Meanwhile, Tamsin helps Bo break into the facility. Tamsin betrays Bo and reveals her real goal.

"Lost Girl" showcases the Lauren and Bo relationship for Season 2 - AfterEllen

As the season draws to a close, Tamsin tries to stop the Wanderer, but he bests her, heading for Bo, who is stolen away in a cloud of black smoke. At one point, Bo-as-Dyson seduces a dancer who is Lauren.

lauren and bo relationship counseling

In this episode, she finally antes up to face him, but instead of fighting, they end up doing, if you catch my drift. That dude is even scarier.

The only thing that can close the portal? But nothing is straightforward with the Fae, and though Bo loves both Lauren and Dyson, it is Kenzi who is her heart.

Accepting her fate, Kenzi dies closing the portal to Hel.

lauren and bo relationship counseling

She gathers the necessary hairs, one such from Lauren, and while she's there she drops some interesting information: First, that the beast at the camp is a tikbalang, and two, that she kissed Bo. They gather the remaining delinquents in a safe spot and return to the camp to smoke out their prey.

The plan works and they catch their monster — it's the camp's key social worker. As soon as they return, they find out that tikbalangs hunt in pairs, which means that someone is still out there. Bo rushes to Lauren's place, where one of the campers, the lover of the social worker, is bloodying the doctor before a kill. Bo neutralizes him, and Dyson follows soon to make the arrest, but Lauren surprises Bo with the knowledge that she's not happy in their relationship.