Lil kesh and olamide relationship marketing


lil kesh and olamide relationship marketing

6 days ago Popular Nigerian singers, Olamide and Lil Kesh, are currently receiving a major backlash for their new song perceived to promote ritual killings. Lil Kesh and Adekunle Gold were relatively unknown until they met the We have a good relationship as we are brothers, so it is not just about. Keshinro Ololade (born March 14, ), popularly known by his stage name Lil Kesh, is a they are singles not an album, I know the kind of market am directing my songs to, am from the streets, I know what During the Headies Award event, Lil Kesh's then record label owner Olamide pulled a Kanye West when he .

What was i trying to achieve? I was trying to make star. God bless Baddo, he loved me so much. I got some Cds from him, i signed them myself in his name drove down to Ibadan and was handing it out to all radio stations, telling them Ola sent me, where as, i sent myself. I laid the foundation. Another thing is that you need to be impulsive, take decisions and live with the consequences.

Your head tell you go to Club Royale now, just go damn the consequences if you know the dj or not, walk up to him. Always think outside the box. In thinking outside the box, take your promo out of Lagos. People in lagos are too busy to notice a growing song.

Most of the songs you eventually hear in lagos have been doing well in other places a good example is Wetin we gain by Victor Ad, lagos people got it last and made it theirs, always look to achieve that. Take your song to Ibadan, the money you will spend to promote on 2 radio stations in Lagos will get the entire Ibadan playing your song.

While you read this, say a big thank you to Notjustok.

lil kesh and olamide relationship marketing

There was a time to get your song on that site, Ovie would say submit and pray, if men were God. Notjustok is a good site to have your song, but trust me your audience is not there. God bless the days when Dellyma was with Naijaloaded,com, he always knew how to strategically place your song on the site, he knew the peak periods. Invest in Naijaloaded and Tooxclusive, this is where Street djs download music and best believe if your song is good, most of them will play. Do not be fooled, we all doctor numbers, Youtube, Soundcloud.

Olamide Speaks On Relationship With Lil Kesh, Adekunle Gold

The way we do it is the difference. Yes they are real views but they do not amount to your fan base, indeed you need the numbers. Think i am lyinh check www. That is where most of your music distributors go, there are others though but this is very effective, cheap, real views and accept Nigerian cards. Let me give you another story about why at a point in my life i used to wear only knickers, socks and slippers.

I remember my friend Tayo in Cotonou at the time who i spoke to about pushing Lil kesh hard in Cotonou. We forced the students to listen to only him hereby creating a demand. Yes there was a demand but there was no finance. I asked them how much they had, they 50k. I told them to push harder and after many days all they had was 80k.

I knew 80k was no going to fly with Olamide as we had a 40;40;20 sharing formula at the time. I got 20 while they got 40 a piece, fantastic sharing formula, i of those reasons i will forever respect Olamide. Told the boys to send their 80k, i personally added my 20k since i knew it was coming back to me. Want to know why i did this? What is an artiste without a performance.

I needed to also make myself look good too. I called the team to say we had a show, a whooping k. I got back my 20k, we had a show, went to Cotonou and back. He became a star.

lil kesh and olamide relationship marketing

Always make your artiste look good. Now about why i used to wear only Knickers.

Chapter 3

I was managing a budding artiste at the time but my account balance was red. I could not finance the life of an ideal artiste manager, there had to be another option. I had rent to pay, my siblings, everyday life, i knew i could not finance the Versace and Louis Vuitton, the best route to go was to play the humility card.

At this time my percentage had been slashed to 10 percent because Young jonn needed to be paid. It did not matter to me, all i wanted was to make my own star. I kept managing hoping for that day when we start charging millions and my 10 percent will mean much, i lied.

I had to result to Knickers, socks and slippers, that was what i could afford. It became a trade mark, at first i did not like it but i never wore it on my face.

It was easy for me because i barely had any friends in the industry, this is another lesson to learn. You have no friends in the industry, NONE. For a man who had gone through all these to nurture a bariga boy from Sodiq to Lil Kesh, i deserved better, but what do i care.

Here is the reason why i got sacked the first time. I cannot be very specific about the time, but it was when Shoki and Dorobucci were blowing at the same time. I was told that what that translated to was that Reekado Banks was going to win Next Rated at the Headies. I had worked so hard than to make that happen. Now we had Shoki, Gbese, Efejoku. I tried my best but i was just one person. Alas Dorobucci won the award and just as told, Reekado banks was on stage to get it.

Abfresh who was to later manage Lil Kesh just got back from Uk at the time and was staying at my place. I was so sad, i went on twitter and rant. I did rant and mention Don Jazzy well. I am sure we all remember how that went. I thought my night was bad enough, not until Olamide came on stage to rant and i started wailing.

My parents could not console me. I was wailing because all i did was rant on twitter and i became jobless for several months, Olamide goes on stage to disorganize a well organized award and he is tagged a hero even by himself. This pot of beans life. As an artiste manager, learn to fight for yourself alone.

lil kesh and olamide relationship marketing

Just when the millions was coming, YBNL let me go. It broke me, coupled with the fact that i was going through a lot in my relationship with Mobola at the time. As an artiste manager, always look out for you and you alone. About the Djs, I will mention one Dj you do not need when your career is budding or trying to germinate.

If you work with him, you would hate yourself. He is usually like that. Anything less than k and you will be wasting your time and money. You can do k and above, you are in good hands.

One Uptown Dj that will always stand out for me is Dj Neptune.

Olamide, Lil Kesh Come Under Fire for Promoting ‘Blood Money’ In New Single

Look for him, become his friend, make him like you and you good. When you need to plug your song on the mainland, here are your point of call. Club Royale is your number one spot. Man mark DJ Xmix, he will show you round the others. These people just want to be appreciated, and they will surprise you with airplay. Another Dj you need is Dj Khoded, sadly all of a sudden he became all about the koney and he started rejecting 50k too, what social media can do.

DO not forget Pecas in Ikeja, go there as much as possible. Give the girls your cds do whatever you can. IF you still have more funds to spare, contact DJ Kaywise, he wont do anything without money, but when you pay and he gets your song, you will get instagram posts of him dancing and scratching your music. Another Dj you do not need is DJ Kentucky.

Do not be carried away by the name. All these Djs i mentioned, if you need to get anything done with them and you thinking about how to approach them, mention my name, say i sent you but only if you have their cash because the name Wale Applause is synonymous to money to them.

I always come bearing fruits. Let me conclude this first part by telling you a bit about Alaba. Before i go there, Always have it at the back of your mind that not every song you push will blow, always know when to move on to the next song. It goes beyond debate that no single superstar in music happened on the world stage without the blood, sweat and tears of other music professionals and investors.

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My worry is that this gruesome anomaly is fast becoming the status quo. Why should anyone applaud a system where a record producer, talent manager or record label is easily discarded and rendered insignificant? Sadly, they are victims and losers when success happens. Where are the labels from and early s? The answers are seeded in the womb of time, and only she can tell.

Olamide, at his mecurial awesomeness and peak inis not the smartest businessman on the music scene. He would have acted differently if he acknowledged that no Nigerian rapper has breasted a decade at the apex of the Nigerian music track.

Most of the music enjoyed today is dated, and this owes largely to the generational shift in the consumption of pop culture. So what happens when this transition period resurfaces?

I Abaga were at the top of the food chain as rappers; when they had music labels to their names. But where are these labels? Had Olamide consulted them, I doubt he would have conceded to giving any of his signees a two-year record deal.

But judging from these recurrent trends, however, it becomes clear that artiste—label relations in Nigeria needs new orientation. I have observed too many misconceptions bandied in the media, and when news of ill-fated relationship diffuses to the public, it is erroneously applauded and enthroned as the new benchmark.

Without equivocation and after careful appraisal of the facts in the public space, I humbly hold the view that: No lawyer with an understanding of the music business, or a practicing entertainment attorney will advice, draft, negotiate and execute a two year contract. Two years is hardly enough to break an artiste. And any serious label needs a minimum of three full length albums from a talent it helps build to prominence.

The absence of this contract has given the talent more leverage to make impracticable and irresponsible demands which has strong-armed the label into submission. I suspect that the decision to retain YBNL as management is a leftover of the negotiation. The music business is no joke. A record label or entrepreneur is not a charitable organization.

They are in business for profit and the business must be self-sustainable. Serious investors will remain skeptical as a result of unpalatable news such as this. If a record label is spending as much as N30 million to build an artiste or label, how feasible is making profit, if a two year — one album arrangement is what they subscribed to?

The business of developing talents should not be a thankless one. Investors, talent managers, record producers and record companies reserve the right to be happy and prosperous, many years after sweat, tears, blood, money and time has been drained into the career of the talent.

No investor, record producer, label and talent manager should invest a dime or break a sweat trying to develop a talent if they are not properly guided or secure as to the consequences of success.

I have witnessed two occasions of colossal wastes, wherein, after millions of naira and hundreds of man-hours were committed to the development of a talent, the talent eventually ditched the record company before they could execute the record contract. When disputes arise, parties should be conciliatory in the manner they seek to address these disagreements.

The arbitration clause in contracts should be activated for the benefit of the parties. B Behind the great music or artiste is a whole range of resources which helps him bring his creative vision to fruition.