Lilly rush and scotty valens relationship help

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lilly rush and scotty valens relationship help

Lillian "Lilly" Rush is a fictional character in the CBS crime drama Cold Case, portrayed by She specialized in working cold cases alongside her partner, Scotty Valens. Lilly has a contentious relationship with her sister. partner breaks up with her, pointing out her too strong devotion to help other people as a reason. Detective Scotty Valens is a fictional character in the CBS crime drama Cold Case, portrayed by Danny Pino. He was a Philadelphia homicide detective and Lilly Rush's partner. He later had an intimate relationship with Lilly's sister Christina, which severely strained his friendship with Lilly for its duration, and he may still. This Site Might Help You. RE: have lilly rush and scotty valens ever had a romantic relationship in the show cold case? and if so, what episode.

Scotty and Lilly were becoming good friends until her sister Christina arrives in town. An apparent beginning to making amends with her sister is also quickly cut short when Christina reveals that she has been dating Scotty, prompting Lilly to storm out after accusing Christina of destroying everything she touches. Despite their differences in the past, Lilly still tries to protect her sister when an NYPD detective, Mark Phillipsmakes a visit to her apartment with an arrest warrant for credit card fraud.

When Lilly calls Christina down to the office to meet her, Christina denies these allegations. Lilly doesn't believe her and tells her that she doesn't want any more 'early morning visits from the NYPD'. A case where a social worker was murdered draws Lilly's attention more than most. She finds herself feeling a connection to the victim, Joseph Shaw.

As she solves the case, she discovers that Joseph is still alive, his foster brother having been murdered and Joseph allowing the authorities and the murderers to believe it was him so as to avoid a second attempt on his life. He and Lilly form a relationship, having much in common, including their dedication to their careers and their love of cats.

lilly rush and scotty valens relationship help

Lilly and Joseph are drawn apart, however, by the arrival in town of Lilly's former flame, Ray. Joseph breaks up with Lilly after finding out that she had gone to see him in the hospital after his rough lifestyle gets him beaten up.

Sadly, it is at this point that Lilly had said a final good-bye to Ray. In a rare moment of total honesty, she blurts out to Joseph that she doesn't want to be alone. Nearly two years after the end of her short-lived relationship with Joseph, Lilly meets her match in Detective Eddie Saccardoa brash, egotistical fellow detective who works in the narcotics division.

After working together on a few cases, Lilly comes to tolerate and even grow fond of Saccardo, especially after watching him use his personal history of drug abuse to get a witness to open up although this could just be made up lie in order to seek the truth, there is no indication that Saccardo has even admitted to being a former drug user himselfa tactic Lilly often uses with witnesses in respect to her rough childhood.

The two share a common trait of drinking, even in Jones Tavern. Sadly, their relationship came to a quick end after Saccardo was summoned to go undercover, he later reappeared in Season Seven's " Jurisprudence," after secretly texting Lilly.

It's there when he gives her the gun in "Chinatown," but Lilly never uses it. They ended up going out for a night of fun and dinner, that's when Saccardo gives her a bracelet. The two then head to the beach, watching the sunrise together and share a kiss.

In the end, Lilly discovers the apartment that he's been using is empty, and finds a box with a diamond bracelet inside. Saccardo is still undercover at this point. Career Edit One of Lilly's most challenging cases was that of a serial killer who stalked his victims like wild animals. One of the victim's bodies fromJanet Lambertis found by hikers in a wildlife preserve. The investigation quickly leads Lilly and the cold case squad to the grisly discovery of 8 more decapitated bodies.

lilly rush and scotty valens relationship help

Soon, suspicion falls on George Markswho gets brought into the interview room. During interrogation, he manages to get most of the team members agitated until Lilly is finally brought in to get George to confess to these gruesome murders.

Lilly Rush

Instead, George hints about Lilly's dark secret to being the real reason why she became a cop. He has been shown to have a short temper at times, but is a very loyal partner to Lilly.

lilly rush and scotty valens relationship help

Like Lilly, he also has difficulty with personal relationships. In the second season, his girlfriend, Elisa dies.

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Her death is ruled as a suicide, as she has suffered from schizophrenia, but Scotty does not believe this, as Elisa had been afraid of heights, and would be unlikely to jump off a bridge on her own. He later had an intimate relationship with Lilly's sister Christina, which severely strained his friendship with Lilly for its duration, and he may still have a soft spot for Christina. He also had a brief affair with ADA Thomas in season five as well as another fellow officer but stopped it when her husband confronted him about their relationship.

Cold Case[ edit ] Scotty's rogue attitude has worked against him more than once. In the episode "Offender", he identified a suspect to a vigilante father that allowed the father to find and kill said suspect. In the season four finale, during a hostage situation in the police squad room, he disobeys a S. He ends up shooting the gunman, drawing the interest of Internal Affairs, who question whether or not the shooting followed protocol as well as bringing up the Burrell case.

They ordered Scotty to take a month's unpaid leave as punishment, but Lt. John Stillman overruled them, taking the leave for himself in order to ensure Scotty stayed on the force.

In season seven, Scotty learns his mother was assaulted, but she refuses to say more or even press charges.