Lola and narcisse relationship

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lola and narcisse relationship

Weeks after Catherine's exile, Narcisse is still trying to pursue a relationship with Lola. However, Lola is still angry about what Narcisse did to her to please. I'm going to cling onto some hope that the writers are not done with Narcisse and Lola yet, whatever their relationship is now. Perhaps I'm. Read Lola Narcisse from the story About The Characters by catmikaelson (cat) As of now, the relationship between Hope and Lola is damaged due to Hope.

It is later revealed that Lord Julien is dead and Remy is pretending to be him. See Lola and Remy. Colin was Lola's long term partner since before the series to the beginning. They has been separated shortly after Lola left Scotland for France to be one of Mary's ladies-in-waiting.

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However, not long after Lola's arrival at court, she's surprised by Colin whom had followed her there so they could stay together. They then asked permission from Queen Catherine if he could stay at court. Catherine asked to speak with Colin in private. Little did Lola know the price for Colin to stay at court would be to rape Mary. Colin got caught trying to do so and was killed for it, thus ending their relationship.

See Lola and Colin. Lola and Francis had a one night stand when Francis and Mary separated. This resulted in Lola's pregnancy to which she went into labour during the season one finally. She regretted sleeping with her best friend's husband. Also ashamed and not wanting her child to be a bastard, she hid the pregnancy from Francis.

Until she went into labor which she then felt it was necessary for him to know. Once Francis learnt of the news he left court, regardless of there being a plague to find his child. Fredrick is Lola's older brother. Since he's her only sibling still alive, Lola despite being the youngest of the two, is very protective of her wayward brother. Fredrick travels around Europe gambling getting himself in debts and a few troubles. Lola goes around following helping him out of these situations.

Lola usually struggles of her friendship with Mary because of what she feels for her as a friend and what she feels for her as a queen and sometimes that friendship and that duty are in conflict with each other.

As of now, the relationship between Mary and Lola is damaged due to Mary finding out that Lola betrayed her by sleeping with Francis and is pregnant with his child. Mary feels threaten that Lola will ruin her marriage with her husband. Though Mary helped Lola find a husband so that "he" will be the father. Honestly Mary no longer trusts Lola and can't forgive her. See Mary and Lola.

lola and narcisse relationship

Lola and Aylee first met in childhood when they were both chosen to be part of Mary's ladies-in-waiting. Their friendships was comforting in nature. After the siege of court during Left Behindthey comforted each other. Kudos to Craig Parker.

lola and narcisse relationship

Again I have to rave about his acting. So people who complained that Lola was too trusting of Narcisse last week can cool their jets. Where does it go from here? So is this end? After being pulled towards each other for 4 episodes straight?

Why their last scene gave me a bit of hope you ask? Because of the way it played out. And yes he did look pretty upset, which again reinforces that he does care for her more strongly than he usually does for others. Which you would think for a man like Narcisse, going against him would probably result in you being found at the bottom of a ditch somewhere.

But he makes no threats against her. And this is key. Resorting to blackmail for the good of France.

lola and narcisse relationship

Was it also for the good of France to threaten my baby, my Queen, and my friends? Now everything is out in the open between them and I think that level of honesty is what makes a relationship survive. So here we have two people forced to be pitted against each other because of circumstance.

But I would like to think since they had a chance to confront each other out in the open, they both now understand why they did what they did to each other.

Wedding of Lady Lola and Lord Narcisse

Especially for Narcisse, however hurt he is right now. It would be hypocritical of him to actually seek revenge on Lola for her retaliation because she is protecting her child, since he did the same thing and retaliated against Mary and Francis when they executed his son. The scene ends with one final note: And one day you will wish you had someone like me to protect you from it. I feel like its foreshadowing events to come for them. As for his flirtation with Claude. At most it will be nothing more than comfort sex.

Claude was practically throwing herself at him so he took the opportunity and went for it. But honestly I doubt that Narcisse would even want to get involved with Claude at all. There have been a lot of Lola and Francis bonding moments.