Maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship problems

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maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship problems

Pratap Singh I (9 May – 19 January ) popularly known as Maharana Pratap, was the Issue, Amar Singh I . – Jodha Akbar, broadcast on Zee TV, where he was played by Anurag Sharma; – Bharat Ka Veer. Posts about jodha bai written by ANGEL. Prince Salim first marriage was to Man Bai of Amer aka Jaipur. . Nur Jahan had no issue with Emperor Jehangir but had one daughter Ladli Begum from her . The story goes that once a big Mughal commander was saved during Maharana Pratap's jungle raid by Ali Quli hence. Did Akbar really marry Jodha, a Hindu princess? The ruler of Mewar was the great Maharana Pratap and he ordered that . was not an issue because a girl is hindu or muslim before marriage but after marrying a Muslim she is a Muslim.

While Maharana Pratap more towards the cruelty side and Jodha Akbar more towards his soft side. Since, both the serial is running around the TV during the same slot, the audiences are in dilemma which show is giving them the actual thing. But, in either case the authenticty of Indian Historical drama is in question mark in the eyes of its audiences. A comparison of facts Age difference between the two — Pratap Two years older Relationship- Arch Adversaries Akbar became king in at age 14 Pratap became king in aged 28 Akbar at the age of 13 was Busy with North India and not Pratap When Akbar was of 13 as currently shown in the serial, he along with Bairam Khan was busy capturing the North.

His priority was Hemu, the general of the Sur ruler and not Pratap, the potential Maharana of the Mewar region. No wonder, he defeated Hemu in the Battle of Panipat and then set his foot towards Punjab to get rid of Sikandar Shah. I repeat, at that particular age, his priority was generals and officers related to Delhi Sultanate and not a prince of Mewar. In fact, Maharana Pratap and Akbar never came face to face. Akbar was no fool to waste his time over Phool Kanwar and her love interest Maharana Pratap, he was busy planning how to capture the fort of Chittorgarh from Uday Singh.

Bringing him under the imperial hold meant bringing the entire Sisodia Kings under the Mughal rule. This was the major reason why Akbar eyed Uday Singh.

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These two reasons were the major causes of the rift between Akbar and Mewar. Phool Kanwar is just to entertain the Indian Television viewers!

Akbar wanted Rajput as his Alliance and not Enemies Akbar was a smart monarch. He always wanted to get hold of the Rajputs as he was not only well versed with their strength, intelligence, honesty but also their bravery.

No matter, how cruel the serial shows Akbar is towards the Rajputs, the truth is, he respected them and wanted them as an alliance and not enemy. He is so obsessed with her that no sooner he hears of her marriage with Pratap, he is ready to kill Pratap.

He had the greed of power and not women. One should not forget Akbar married the Hindu princess Jodha, not out of lust but as a political alliance. He was a strategist, visionary and a pure statesman. Showing him in bad light for things which he never attempted only for gaining TRPs, is injustice towards the great monarch who as per the records, is way better than some of the prominent Hindu monarchs. I am surprised that people historians have not objected to the distortion of facts of one of the Famous Moghul rulers of India whose reign was proclaimed by Historians as the Golden era of India.

When Akbar heard of this, he sent his three sons in three different directions after recovering from his ill health.

Maharana Pratap and Akbar relatives | History and Chronicles

After tillSalim hardly came back to his family and mostly stayed away on wars. Rather, Akbar ensured he stayed out of agra and Lahore the seat of powers. Akbar also may be in order to contain Salim appointed his elder son Prince Khusrau at age of seven to a high imperial rank of mansabha. He also gave Prince daniyal, his youngest son the rights to put the emperors flags and red tents in campaigns. Akbar even decalred publicly he loved his grandsons more than sons this was direct dig at Prince Salim.

This angered and shocked Salim to no extent but he had no options but to bear these insults silently. Salim when he was in his early 30s once collapsed after heavy drinking in his palace and the Hakim- doctor told him that if he did not stop drinking he did not have many months to live as his liver had damaged considerably.

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At that time Salim was drinking 40 glasses of wine day and reduced it to 20 glasses a day after the warning. It was only a surprise that Salim did not succumb to heavy drinking like his other two brothers Murad and Daniyal. Like they say the plants under a huge banyan tree never grow and die young under its shades, Akbars sons did not get a chance to grow under his huge stature.

They even felt he was neglecting them or not taking their advice on empire and even family matters hence wasted their life drinking away. Akbar did not make things by sending them away from family and also pitting against them against each other. That led them to defy Akbars orders and advice and drinking heavily to forget the neglect from their father. Salim was not only pitted against his brothers but Akbar even pitted him against his own elder son Khusrau by taking him into his house hold and giving him high ranking of 10, mansabdar at age 7 years.

This led to more fissures between father and son. Adding to that Khurram also was taken into Akbars household and Ruqaiah Begum became his foster mother. He was mostly away as governor of Ajmer or wars with Persia or Rajputhana. This led to a great conflict in his family, his wives got lonely and his kids came under influence of relatives and Nobels instigated them against their father for their own benefits.

Why did all these people dislike Salim and support Khusrau? The reasons are many, few thought Salim is a drunkard and cannot handle empire properly. Some had personal hatred for Salim as he would not get easily influenced by their thoughts unlike a Akbar or Khusrau. Some felt he would be orthodox and not liberal like Akbar which proved wrong in later stages.

Salim was just using religion as tool to gain approval for his succession, once he became emperor and consolidated power he started acting like an atheist. He refused to allow any religious influence in politics and never hesitated to put in prison or kill any threat to his throne that included Sikhs or Muslim religious.

When the battle of succession was ensuing Salim ensured everyone thought he favoured them, the muslim clergy thought he will reintroduce orthodox Islam in court and empire, the Christian portugese priests thought he will convert to Christianity etc.

In Prince Salim returned to imperial courts. Salim refused, said Akbar is aged and hence he must stay in Agra court. Akbar was angered by this refusal and started giving more powers to Khusrau.

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The world was talking that Khusrau will succeed his grandfather and not Salim. There is an interesting story of how Jodha Bai was married to Prince Salim.

maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship problems

Akbar had personal issues to settle with Jodhpur royals as they refused to help Humayun when he was running to save his family from forces of Sher Shah Suri. Rao Maldeo died in and his younger brother Chandra Sen seized throne in absence of Udai Singh after farticide. By he was promoted to the title of Raja and was crowned King of Jodhpur on 4th Augus and all the lands returned to his family by Emperor Akbar. Akbar became good friends with him when Udai Singh was an hostage and later joined imperial services in after his fathers death.


Prince Salim conveyed his desire to marry Jodha Bai to his mothers and grandmother after returning from the wedding. The marriage was not an easy affair. Akbar had to send mughal imperial forces and attack Siwana where Kalyan Das died fighting the mughal army.

Marrying a Rajputh Princess to a mughal was considered an humiliation and degradation to Rajputhana. Thus the marriage took place with lot of strife and objections.

Once when Jehangir was on a hunt in forest when a tiger jumped at Jehangir who could not shoot it on time and Jodha Bai fired and killed the animal in an instant. Nur Jahan was also with Jehangir during that hunt. Jehangir was highly impressed with her hunting skills and rewarded her for saving his life.

Emperor Jehangir had a love for wine and opium from adult life only. That love for wine and opium destroyed his physical health to such an extent that by the time he was in late 20s he once collapsed in his palace. The physician warned him that if he continued drinking glasses of wine a day he will not live many more months.

From that day Prince Salim reduced his consumption of wine. But his health was failing by the time he was in late 30s he had heart attack, asthama and also other health issues.

maharana pratap and jodha bai relationship problems

This helped Nur Jahan to get a grip on administration and she removed all old ministers and commanders and put her loyal men especially family members to those positions. She also very cunningly ensured that Jehangir was taken away from family members he liked or loved that included his wives like Jodha Bai, childhood friends Mahabhat Khan etc.

Jodha definetly was no push over but Nur Jahan succedded in ensuring Jehangir hand over all power to her.