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It's interesting to compare it with their first album, Subtle Ways (). Finally, The Alchemist is a driving instrumental song that flirts with prog. How Private George W. Peck Put Down The Rebellion Saddle and Mocassin The Flirt The Captain of the Polestar, and Other Tales Beauty and the Beast, and . Maktub By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept The Fifth Mountain. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Subtle Ways on Discogs.

The first; she does not get invited to parties. The second; she does not go to parties. In which Ally does go to a party, and shit happens, and maybe some shit happened at another party she might have gone to, and just maybe things might turn out okay. T - English - Chapters: Let's pretend we never finished High School, let's pretend that i don't have to go to college in a week, let's pretend like we don't know that maybe this'll be the last time we see each other for a while.

Let's just be fourteen and forget everything. Perhaps some good will come of it Will now be a three shot. My Kryptonite by Amazingmesmm reviews He shoved his hands in his pockets. He bit his lower lip. Damn was he tall sexy eye candy. I promised myself no guys here though. I pivoted back around. Rated T for strong language and suggestive themes. A collection of connected moments on Austin and Ally's journey to the top. M - English - Romance - Chapters: Not even sure when that happened.

My label might even reimburse you. You're saving them a fortune on shrink bills. How to Rock - Rated: I spent too long without it. Ally just wanted a place to study, that's all.

Austin and Ally and the aftermath. So it's up to her to make him feel better and brighten up his day. Let's just say Ross isn't happy about it. Between the Shadow and the Soul by WalkOnThroughARedParade reviews 'He could work her in glass and fill the sculpture with light bulbs, and it still wouldn't shine like she does' Ten words and their definitions; ten glimpses into Stevie and Zander's relationship - Rated T for themes and minor swearing - Please Review How to Rock - Rated: Even if it's just when you're up in the air, you're great escape might just be sitting right next to you.

And no need to wonder what's been on my mind — it's you. It feels like them, but better stronger. New Girl - Rated: But not to him. She's the good girl, who plays by the rules. Together, they're the rebellion of a lifetime. Let's just say it's not going very well.

Not just any someone else, but Elliot, her old friend from camp. But it's not because he's jealous. You just have to wait for me. But really they're both just humans.

Nick's decides that being enclosed in a tiny space with no escape is the perfect time for him and Jess to talk about what's going on with them. It has nothing to do with the handsome man that smiled at her a little too long. Nick can't sleep- cue Jess being there for him in any way she can. Your character goes out for dinner on a date and becomes attracted to the waiter or waitress. Can distance between two points ever become zero?

Given the fact that space is curved, how many people fool themselves with simplistic and exotic definitions, the faith on straight-lines. But in his heart, secretly he wished the success of all relationships in the groups that were either strained or taking form, and in whatever geometric form. He laughed within, he felt foolish. I have seen the boy just once. He is in Delhi, an MBA working in some software company. Perhaps we will marry next year. I was asked to see the boy and I said it is fine….

He wished he could rearrange the words she had said, like the game teenagers play with words, making different sentences with fixed number of words. What could have been the different outcomes… see: I did want to keep you in darkness. I am not engaged. Perhaps we will not marry next year I was asked to see the boy and I said it is not fine. Does Godfield orchestrate or write the fate of people like this, rearranging words, enjoying the game, the permutations and combinations, the leela?

Does He know the implications of his simple words, the seed vibrations that ripple across, the steps he orchestrates? Sometimes just one word, one flicker in the eye, one drop or one gesture, that makes all the difference. Even if I could, I would never change or rearrange the words….

For she had spoken those words, he thought and felt good at his never-to-be-known inner gesture, even if imaginary. I hope you will invite me in your marriage. She was silent; a faint smile crossed her serene face, meaning perhaps no, to a stranger like him. This image had haunted Nagarjuna for many years. You appeared simple and innocent and I liked you. I wanted to cover my journey with you, rare thing for a flirt like me who fiercely loves his freedom.

I felt that was the best and shortest way to approach this. But I did not know you are engaged. Besides, you have every right to reject or keep your secrets or say anything.

I respect whatever decision you have taken. He was content, irrationally, for having said this She was silent. He always felt that articulating such feelings was like being too loud. One should be silent about such things, he thought. He believed that it should be the fragrance that should speak for the flowering. But perhaps in this too intimately wired world, in the cacophony of market sounds and software buzzes, people have forgot to listen the simple. Perhaps in this consumerist culture of exotic smells, simple fragrances get lost, he thought.

But he too at some level was curious about exotic smells, he too often googled in the cyberland, he thought, feeling a little guilty for acting so funny. Two parrots perched on the nearby tree. It is said that parrots are monogamous and live for nearly a century, devoted to their partners. Nagarjuna wondered who must have kept a watch to establish this fact, on whether a parrot flirts with some other parrot or not. He imagined how this he-parrot must have proposed to the she-parrot?

And where they would have frequented for dating, some favourite branch, some good cover of dense foliage, with some good view of the setting sun. He imagined their little downy feathery bedroom atop some tree, with night breeze cradling them to sleep and ….

I am a little reclusive. I have just two to the three friends. Anyway he respected her wish. Then they talked about more mundane topics- her present research topic, her earlier research.

So she was from the area of Vetalraj Bhairav, one of the eight Bhairavas that are said to protect different regions of Kashmir. Bhairava means a protector, the protective aspect of Shiva.

All Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir valley, in their own specific areas, had their own Bhairava, whom they prayed for their welfare, longlivty and safety. It is said that there are about 40 to 60 Bhairavas in different parts of valley. Tradition holds that it was King Praversen II in the 6th century AD who laid the foundation of Srinagar city and divided it into 8 zones, as per the instructions of his family deity Vetal Bhairav.

Animal sacrifices and yellow rice Tehar with meat offerings were offered by our ancestors to Bhiaravas to keep them happy and have their blessings. If there was any mishap or any thing went wrong, our forefathers used to say that their Bhairava was unhappy or angry with them. Some Bhairavas had distinct personalities and could turn out to be very moody. But now after exodus is nearing two decades, most of us seem to have forgotten our Bhiaravas and the associated rituals, many intricacies of the Shaiva lore, including the original tantric use of Datura, which had intrigued Nagarjuna for many years.

Nagarjuna wanted to tell her something about the mysterious traditions related to the use of the datura in different world cultures, especially in the Indian and Native American since ancient times. He wanted to ask her many questions about Datura, as he never found any person who knew much about this mysterious and dangerous plant. He was not sure what sort of research she had done on Datura. He wanted to tell her about his own fascination with sacred plants, especially the ones revered in the cult of Shiva.

He also wanted to tell her about his apprehensions that working with the Datura might have changed her personality.

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Datura is such a strong plant that people since times have held it sacred for consciousness changing powers, and in certain cases the change has been permanent. Is there a possibility that while working with Datura inoxia, which has a strong ordour, one could have breathed in some fragrance wafting from the plants parts of the Datura or the chemical extracts of the plant while working on the same in the lab.

Has Datura changed her in some way? He feared that whosever comes in contact with Datura is affected by its strong presence in some way. This tree is Rudra plant and can ferocious, if not approached in the right way.

In the cult of Shiva, Datura represents the male polarity, the polarity of ferocious Rudra, while Bhang Cannabis symbolizes the feminine aspect, the polarity of gentle Devi. When the two are smoked together, the inherent powers of these sacred plants are transformed in union, helping in or giving a taste of invoking Kundalini, fast asleep at the base muladhara chakra to higher levels of consciousness.

These plants were so sacred that in some cultures only the priests were allowed to use them as it was believed that it helped them to have conversation with the gods and divine future events, find the location of lost or stolen objects and know many others things. Virgins who resisted to becoming prostitutes were given Datura brews due to which they are said to have actively contributed to the loss of their virginity and later had no memory of their actions.

In recent times, famous mystic saint of Kashmir Bhagwan Gopinathji is said to have used Datura during his intense sadhanas. It is said that he would sometimes take handfuls of Datura Stramoniumopium, panak and other intoxicants during his period of intense sadhana in s. He still remembered the splitting open of the pod when ripe to release the numerous seeds. Most of the parts of the plant emit a foul odor when crushed or bruised. He loved all the facets associated with the cult of Shiva, be it Shaiva tantra, the serpent, the moon, the bull, the rudraksha, the Shaiva masters of Kashmir, the sacred plants, flowers and trees revered by the Shaivites and Himalayas, the abode of Shiva and Shakti.

Shiva is also called Aushadhishvara, the lord of herbs and consciousness changing drugs. Bel, Hemp and datura being his favourites. In the garden of Shiva, we find that he is worshipped on special days, with special flowers, including Datura flowers, the moonflower.

Was it because of the Shaiva connection that Nagarjuna was attracted towards the girl. He was not sure why he gravitated towards that girl. Perhaps there is something deeper for him from this synchronistic event that may unfold slowly.

I have to go more within, he thought. Synchronicities are events, people, places, books and even plants or stones our soul attracts into our life to help us to evolve or learn some important lesson.

It is said that if one desires something with a strong will, the whole universe orchestrates the dance of events to fulfill that desire. Feeling that he had disturbed the old man, Kafka tiptoed out of the room. While tiptoeing out of her life, Nagarjuna wanted to leave something for her. New Path, New Clouds for her.

Some feelings are like snow; the softer they fall, the longer they dwell upon. That evening somewhere a warm drop tripped down on the snow. It froze and turned snow, crystallizing into white silence. When Nagarjuna went home later that evening, he penned his impressions about the incident, with his favourite stones by his side on the table. In the refuge of his favourite poets, their poetry, that night, he felt so good. Splashing white silence on the paper.

He went upstairs on the roof and watched moon for a long time. Moon, the disc of Shiva, seemed to have assumed life of its own, moving behind the mountain of clouds, as if going to meet somebody. The distant, years-away stars, shivered in his view. Cold like the whiteness of the moon, like the datura flower, like the rain drenched bulbul with a hippy wet style, like the old monk in the high mountain retreat, like the Himkanya.

After a few days, one night, Nagarjuna had a strange dream, a dream with perhaps some cryptic message. He saw himself wandering in some far away land, as if he had lost his way. He saw he was searching his way, when some village girl tells him that there is an ancient Shiv temple just near the hill in the area. She tells him that he should visit the temple; he should not miss it, as having strayed so far. He enters the temple premises and has a feeling as if the temple had not been visited for years.

It was all in ruins. From the state of the age-worn sculptures, he gets a feeling that the temple is thousands of years old. Even in the dream, he wonders why it is called Honey Shiv Temple, as he sees no bees or beehives anywhere. As he moved around the temple ruins, in the backside of the temple, he finds a Datura plant. He goes near the plant and uproots it with the intention to take it back home, as he loved the plant loved by Shiva himself.

But the plant comes out of the soil without roots. The roots were too deep and entrenched tightly with the soil and could not make it. Perhaps they could not shake off the pull of the centuries old soil. It would have perished in just a day or two. Taking it as a signal that perhaps he had not delved deep into the Shaiva mystery, he placed the plant back in its soil, hoping it would continue with the grace of Shiva.

A gush of wind shakes off the pollen from the Datura flowers nearby and drenches his body. Fearing that he might get high on the pollen, he shakes off the pollen from his body, feeling joyous in his heart, feeling as if he was blessed by the plant spirit to penetrate its mysteries further, to penetrate the mystery of the real essence of the Datura that pervades the whole universe, the fragrance of Shiva-consciousness.

From the nearby Datura plant, he took three fragrant white flowers. He placed two on the Shiv Lignum in the temple. While the third one he kept in his hand…to understand the real aroma of Shiva that still eluded him.

And then he just walked away…with that white flower…. That morning, when Nagarjuna woke up, he had faint idea what the dream hinted.