Melancholic and sanguine relationship

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melancholic and sanguine relationship

The Choleric-Sanguine combination is driven by two temperament needs. .. The Melancholy-Choleric may have some difficulty in relationships because they . The oldest test known is “The Four Temperaments” (Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic or Talker, Doer, Thinker and Watcher). Depends. Usually, complete opposites are very attractive to each other. If you can overcome differences, find common grounds, have common.

A Perfect Melancholy’s Guide to Living with a Popular Sanguine

He falls in love infrequently and is a born leader. The Doer is dynamic and active, an organizer, an optimist who thrives on challenges, enjoys controlling and excels in emergencies. The Doer is demanding at work, dominates others and tends to express that he knows everything. Melancholy — Thinker The Thinker is analytical and seeks perfection.

He is an introvert who is persistent in solving problems and who tends to be inflexible in the way he handles others. He is critical, emotionally deep and makes friends cautiously. He falls in love cautiously, is analytical and deep and thoughtful. The Thinker is conscientious, pessimistic, and compassionate; he avoids attention and sacrifices his will for others.

The Thinker is a perfectionist with extremely high standards, critical, suspicious and unforgiving.

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Phlegmatic — Watcher The Watcher is amiable and seeks pleasantness. He is an introvert who handles problems permissively, avoids confrontation, and tends to conform to other people. He is hesitant, emotionally sympathetic and makes friends easily. He falls in love eagerly, is patient, calm and steady. The Watcher is a good listener, a pessimist, compassionate and caring but keeps his emotions hidden. The Watcher is lenient with discipline, lacks motivation, judges others and is resistant to change.

I do believe we have the ability to change many aspects of our behavior and temperament.

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The greater understanding you have of your own personality and that of other people, the greater success you can have in relationships. For example, when dealing with a Talker personality who seeks praiseit is best to praise them for everything that they accomplish and understand that it is natural for them to make fun out of things that might be embarrassing to others.

Talker, Doer, Thinker or Watcher? The extrovert personality is energized by being around lots of people, while the introvert avoids lots of people and is energized by quiet time.

Are you a sanguine?

Of course, we all need some quiet time. For example, a person who scores extremely high on the Watcher scale would not have a good relationship with a person who scores extremely high on the Talker scale.

melancholic and sanguine relationship

Why are so many people drawn to their exact opposite? The Sanguine Sanguine personalities are enthusiastic and love people.

Four temperaments

Their creative and energetic nature can manifest itself with flamboyance, lots of projects, and a busy lifestyle filled with lots and lots of friends. Life is one big, fun adventure for the sanguine. The Melancholy Melancholy people are the opposite of the sanguine personality. They are quiet and are refreshed by quiet surroundings.

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They are not opposed to people, but interacting with others drains their energy. Unlike the sanguine who never meets a stranger and makes a new best friend every day, melancholy personalities need to take time to get to know people.

The melancholy is drawn to a sanguine because this personality is lively and fun.

melancholic and sanguine relationship

Both of these personalities tend to be creative and this often makes for a natural connection. Maybe they both play a musical instrument or sing? They may even connect over appearance.

melancholic and sanguine relationship

Both these personalities tend to care about their appearances. Sanguines love to shop and often have a flamboyant sytle. This commonality often creates a connection where both parties enjoying shopping, a visit to the salon, or mulling over the perfect outfit to wear for a fun outing.