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Yankees Season In Review:

Mantle, testifying immediately after Casey Stengel's testimony before the Senate's Kefauver Anti-trust Subcommittee . "The greatest thing I ever saw was Roger Maris breaking Babe Ruth's record." "I don't want to take anything away from Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle. . Mickey on his relationship with Billy Martin. MICKEY MANTLE AND ROGER MARIS ARE STROLLing again Mantle's public image was further tarnished by his erratic relations with. The pressure to break Babe Ruth's home run record could be overwhelming, but it never fractured the friendship of Roger Maris and Mickey.

Ruth hit 60 home runs that year, and byhis record had stood for 34 years. Kiner also hit 54 in Still, in most years, the home run leaders were in the 40s. What follows here is a review of that season, with photos, press accounts, and later, a timeline, as well as a postscript on events that followed the season, including a Hollywood film and the numerous books that came out on the pair and their home run race. But first, some background on Maris and Mantle. Roger Maris with the Cleveland Indians.

Roger Maris Roger Maris grew up in Fargo. D and was an outstanding athlete at Shanley High School, an all-state halfback in football, who led the state in scoring his senior year and helped Shanley win the North Dakota championship as a junior.

He also set a record for returning 4 consecutive kickoffs in one game. In addition to football, Maris was also a standout in basketball and track. Shanley, like other high schools in the state, did not play spring baseball because of the long North Dakota winters. However, Maris did play summer baseball as a boy, and also at the American Legion level, where he excelled. But Roger Maris was first sought out for his football prowess, recruited by a number of colleges, including the legendary Bud Wilkinson of the University of Oklahoma, where Maris agreed to go.

After four seasons in the minors Maris made his major league debut at in with the Indians, batting. A year later he was traded to Kansas City, and from there, to the Yankees.

In New York, however, he would soon prove his worth. Mantle had come to the Yankees in as a 19 year-old sensation from Oklahoma — a player with a rare combination of speed and switch-hitting power the game had not seen in years. Like Maris, Mantle had played running back as a high school football player, but baseball was his passion, instilled by his father who had worked with him as a young boy, insisting he become a switch hitter.

He could also move with lightening speed running the bases and in the outfield, especially in his early years. In his early spring training appearances with the Yankees inhe had received effusive praise from famous Yankees such as former catcher and Hall of Famer, Bill Dickey, then a Yankee coach. Dickey, not prone to exaggeration, would say of the young Mantle: InMantle posted a.

At that time, in fact, he was only the twelfth player in baseball history to have won it.

1961 Yankees Review: Mickey Mantle And Roger Maris, How The Battle Made Them Close

Byhowever, the new kid in town — Roger Maris — was also demonstrating his talents. In fact, in his very first game as Yankee, Maris hit a single, double, and two home runs. Maris hit 39 home runs inalong with RBIs and a. Mantle took the home run title that year with 40, along with 94 RBIs and a. Although the Yankees had won the pennant inand were favored to beat the Pittsburgh Pirates in the World Series, the Pirates prevailed, wining one of the most dramatic Game 7 battles in baseball history.

By NovemberSport magazine featured Maris in a cover story touting him as rejuvenating the Yankees. Still, compared to Mantle, Maris was the newcomer and slow to become a fan favorite. Heading into the baseball season that year, Mantle said: I ought to have my best year.

For the coming season, he said: Click for separate story. In the World Series against Pittsburgh, Mantle hit a torrid. That Mantle drive soared over the right field fence and went completely out of the park, disappearing into the distance. It was a good omen for the home run derby to come between he and Maris in the regular season. On the mound was ace Whitey Ford, and a superb reliever in Luis Arroyo. So coming into the season, the Yankees were favored to win the American League pennant.

Roger Maris watching one of his home runs take flight. Mantle got off to a strong start in April, hitting seven round trippers. Maris was slow at the start. The Yankees were already 11 games into the season before Maris hit his first home run. Mantle had a productive April, but Maris picked up the pace in May, hitting Nor were Mantle and Maris the only American Leaguers hitting home runs that season.

These power hitters were also in the home run hunt through much of the summer, until both Maris and Mantle pulled away from the pack in later months. In June, Maris hit 15 and Mantle Still, they would each sometimes have four- and -five-game droughts without hitting a single home run, followed by a hot streak by one or the other, sometimes with multiple home runs in the same game.

In Yankee Stadium on June 11th, Mantle hit an impressive upper deck home run against the Los Angeles Angels in the first inning of a second game doubleheader, giving Mantle the home run lead at 18 — but only momentarily. Two innings later, in the same game, Maris hit his 19th home run, followed by another in the seventh inning, raising his total to During a game road tour that month, Maris would hit seven more.

Mickey Mantle, coiled up and waiting to strike. By the end of June it was Maris 27, Mantle Who had the better game? Who, if he repeats that game times, would have had a better season? Schumaker got a run and an RBI because of what his teammates did around him. Pujols played better — he had four doubles!

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Runs created is an attempt to measure these performances. Their actual totals were andoff by 4 and less than 3 percent respectively. Schumaker, having his 1-for-4 every night would produce about 40 runs for the year. Pujols, who once created runs in a season, created this year, ninth in the league. Would you not say that runs created does a better job of assessing how good Pujols and Schumaker were in that game than runs and RBIs?

Because of circumstances beyond the control of either player, Schumaker turned out to have a greater effect on the outcome of that one game. But Pujols was the better player that night, by far. That effect works over a whole season or career.

Those runs scored and RBI totals are not a great measure of the quality of a player. You have to be a good player to get a lot of runs and RBIs, because you have to play a lot and you have to get on base and drive guys in.

But how many runs and RBIs you pile up is largely dependent on what your teammates do. A guy in a great lineup can get RBIs, and a guy in a lousy lineup can be a much better player and only get Who played under more pressure than Maris?

How about Hank Greenberg? Or maybe Mickey Mantle, who was chasing Ruth the same year Maris was, and for much of the year looked more likely to break the record.

Mickey Mantle's Baseball Quotes

My point here is: An objective approach would be to ask: What did he accomplish on the field? Maris was exactly as good as he was. I won't be around long enough to collect one. I'm living proof of how not to live. I said, 'Sure, every time. So long as it was a home run was all that mattered.

I figured the pitcher already felt bad enough without me showing him up rounding the bases. Separates the men from the boys. It can't be cheapened. That is, a fellow has it or hasn't. It isn't a fluke or great accomplishment, like a perfect game. When Mantle connects, it's a tape-measure job. Nobody who ever lived has more power than Mantle. He's in no condition to hit. A home run for Mickey Mantle! How do you like that? This is the first one hit here and the last one.

I'm not gonna give it up. I bet you a case of beer you won't do it. It was hit so far it was like it wasn't real. It was a super-human feat. If not for the roof, it would have hit the subway across the street.

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It happened so fast I wasn't sure I actually saw what I thought I had seen. I've never seen anything like it. My twin brothers will take it out on the lot, like any cent rocket. I got him out a few times, too. It just makes him mad. He's tough enough in a good humor. I'm going to hit his first pitch for a home run. Aw, you gotta give that McLain some credit, I wanna tell ya. He's grinning a mile wide. Mantle has now gone ahead of Jimmy Foxx with home runs.

And now McLain is - Pepitone says, 'Lay one in for me! There are leaders and there are followers. And I'm a follower. If he can play, I got to play, too. He liked to play a joke more than anyone I ever knew. If I bend over it'll be a curve.