Migrants refugees and in security relationship

migrants refugees and in security relationship

How fear has slammed the door on Syrian migrants. Are Refugees Really a ' National Security' Threat to America? . Senate Foreign Relations Committee ranking Democrat Senator Ben Cardin, said he didn't know the. Afghan, and Eritrean migrants and refugees. Deteriorating security and grinding. of international relations and security studies an understanding of the strategic roots and of migration on foreign policy,4 and how refugees affect and are, in.

Events, such as the Arab Spring in northern Africa and global civil wars in Africa and the Middle East, drove a river of people to go in search of a more stable living economic reasons and a more secure life social and security reasons. This caused many people to leave their homes in these countries and start moving towards safer destinations.

Migration and human security | Human Security Course

From until today, the number of asylum seekers in Europe has kept growing. The number of refugees arriving in Europe in exceeded one million.

migrants refugees and in security relationship

Some countries reacted inadequately to the multitude of refugees who arrived and did not act in compliance with international documents regulating this issue. Thus, under the guise of citizen safety, borders were closed and refugees were treated in a way which violated their rights.

There is a danger that a potential threat can become politicized and more complicated and this is what happened with the migrant crisis. The irresponsible behaviour of leaders in some countries resulted in xenophobia becoming the most dominant discourse in some communities, and this led to a breach of social cohesion and a delay in finding a solution. Closing of borders and the so-called push-back policy resulted in the growth of a shadow economy and a market for smugglers who try to take people across borders illegally, risking their safety and breaking many national and international laws.

This is a comprehensive risk to human security, as uncertainty that refugees will reach their destination increases, and they are faced with unexpected costs.

Based on large ethnographical research, Ruben Andersson, described how the security of clandestine migrants is threatened by the growing Lampedusa, Italy. The tragedy happened at the time of the Libyan uprising.

The tragedy—one among many—began when a dinghy set sail from Tripoli with seventy-two passengers onboard. Its distress calls went unheeded.

migrants refugees and in security relationship

By then all but nine of those onboard had died of thirst or starvation. Barely a decade after the debacle at the Spanish fences, the border now promises constant chaos. Is it to do with their nature, their migrant experience or the conditions that they find themselves in once they arrive?

Why We Need to Talk About Migration and Human Security

Again I see lots of misperceptions. The big mistake is to suggest that because an important but small number of people have become foreign terrorist fighters, that immigration has failed in Europe.

migrants refugees and in security relationship

Integration in Europe has been immensely successful. We need to recognize that this is a two-way street.

migrants refugees and in security relationship

The state and citizens have responsibilities, but so do migrants. There are various forums to share experiences, whether formal or informal via policy networks or more formal migration groups. International institutions are playing a role.

migrants refugees and in security relationship

The private sector is the main employer, and probably the main exploiter, of migrants. I think that academia and civil society has become too advocacy-oriented. The role of academics is preserving space for an objective, sensible, evidence-based debate. Civil society is also sometimes too confrontational. The other big actor is ordinary people. The most important thing to focus on is that migration and migrants can be part of the solution to violent extremism.