Mihawk and shanks relationship goals

mihawk and shanks relationship goals

in the meeting you mentioned Shanks greets Mihawk by asking if he has come to Their relationship is never fully explained, but from the series it can be and suddenly lost all purpose in life, leading him to be the bored. Dracule Mihawk “Hawk Eyes” and Shanks “Red Hair”, have a very interesting I wish to explore their relationship, to the best of my ability, and clear . After achieving his goal, Mihawk stayed for a while in the New World, but. Shanks is a really good swordsman but his real power is his Haki. Thus, even though all of Mihawk's goals are clouded in heavy curtains of mistery . Because of Shanks and Mihawk's relationship, I believe Zoro vs Mihawk will take place.

And calling someone or somebody a monster from someone as condescending as Whitebeard, is a feat. This was all alluding to Shanks strength, and meant that Shanks was a very powerful pirate whom Whitebeard acknowledged his strength. Whitebeard had been a New World Pirate, from before Roger died.

mihawk and shanks relationship goals

This means Shanks was a new World pirate, which reinforces my belief that Shanks and Mihawk had been duelling in the New World. Well, we now know that before he lost his arm, he was strong enough that Whitebeard recognised his strength, and stated that whatever had took his arm must have been a monster.

Oda never stated that. Whitebeard was already past his prime, and only growing weaker, while Shanks most likely grew stronger.

mihawk and shanks relationship goals

Why Oda needed to make that statement, was because Shanks lost his sword arm. He was a swordsman, who lost his sword arm. Such acknowledgement from Whitebeard is incredible, seeing as Whitebeard never even used the term Yonkou.

mihawk and shanks relationship goals

He never even called Roger the Pirate King. Look at Don Krieg, he dreamed of conquering the Grand Line. His arrogance, screams that he had no Idea of the Yonkou. What about Arlong, thinking of conquering the World. None of them had shown ideas of knowing about the Yonkou. What about Usopp, all he knew was that his father was a Pirate. Even if Pirate scum like Krieg and Arlong had no idea what the Yonkou were, at least Usopp should have known. This suggests to me, that knowledge of the Yonkou was restricted to the Grand Line.

It further reinforces my belief that Shanks was a Yonkou Or at least one of the 4 strongest Pirates of the New World when he lost his arm.

After Shanks Lost His Arm. I think, that after Shanks went back to the New World, Mihawk sought him out for a duel. He then found out that Shanks had lost an arm. Either he refused to battle Shanks again, knowing it was his sword arm that he lost, or they duelled, and Mihawk won. He was surprised at the ease, with which he defeated Shanks.

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Either way, Shanks sat him down and told him a story, or Mihawk inquired about his signature Straw hat, which was missing from his head. Shanks then told him about Luffy, and how he lost his arm saving Luffy. He also mentioned the promise that he had made with Luffy. I based the above, on the fact that it was Mihawk who went to deliver Shanks his bounty. Probably while he was in the New World. The 30 million bounty, of an East Blue rookie, may not make New World news.

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This indicates that Mihawk knew about the relationship between Shanks and Luffy, he even commented on it, when he met Shanks. Mihawk had previously encountered Luffy, back in East Blue, he even asked him about his dream. Maybe to find out if he was truly the one, that Shanks had told him about. Or to test his conviction. To this end, I believe he either defeated Silvers Rayleigh, or the Gorosei swordsman. This kind of subtle hint, is the type Oda uses.

Art any rate even the Gorosei swordsman, acknowledges Mihawk as the greatest. We know Mihawk had been a swordsman, for a very long time as When Oda drew the Schichibukai as kids Mihawk was drawn in a kendo outfit, holding that wooden practice sword they use. We also know Rayleigh taught Shanks.

After achieving his goal, Mihawk stayed for a while in the New World, but grew quickly bored. Swordsmen challenged him for his title, but none were strong enough.

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Shortly after, he was approached by the Government, to become a Warlord. He took the revelation about Luffy being Dragon's son in stride, despite the surprise of those around him. He never unnecessarily reveals emotions on the battlefield, even when something unexpected happens such as Jozu intercepting his flying slash aimed at Whitebeard, or Luffy surviving his onslaught. He displays a sense of honor as he recognizes and respects the swordsman's code and he even permitted Roronoa Zoro the luxury of training at his hand for his dedication and selflessness.

He is also unafraid to reference his title of "Greatest Swordsman in the World" in relation to himself, indicating a high level of confidence in his own abilities. He takes pride in his swordsmanship, believing that a nick on his sword is a blemish to his pride. While he has become jaded regarding the abilities of other swordsmen, due to facing numerous weaker opponents, he is able to recognize talent.

In fact, he has a desire to see Zoro surpass him after having witnessed Zoro's incredible will and determination after their battle.


When he speaks to Zoro, he states he will wait for Zoro, no matter how long it takes and notes that he will continue to be the world's greatest swordsman, showing great confidence in his own skills and abilities.

Zeff speculated that the reason Mihawk attacked Don Krieg and his men might have simply been because they disturbed his nap. When Perona was crying over Moriah's presumed death, Mihawk coldly told her to leave, saying her crying was annoying him.