Mika and yuu relationship test

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mika and yuu relationship test

Shinoa: That's a great uniform Mika-san but i bet it would look even better on Yuu-san's floorYuu: Did you just hit on him for me?. This is proof right here that Mikayuu is canon, along with that hug in the end. yaoi anime, but Yuu x Mika is too cuteee XD I don't like Yuri x Victor relationship. Read New Life from the story MikaYuu [Alpha X Omega] by Unknown_Perv the fact that Yuichiro is still a innocent child, how will this relationship ever work? " Tell Yoichi to buy a pregnancy test as soon as possible" I said trying to stand up.

He will just shout at his face. However, Mika knows Yuu! That's why, in those moments, he will cheer him up by showing him the upside of being together, as a family! Mika and Yuu, together with the others, plan the escape, but are discovered by Ferid Bathory. One by one, their family members are brutally killed right before their eyes. Mika tries to shoot at Ferid Bathory, only to give Yuu a chance to escape, but ends up with an arm slashed and a hole in his chest.

Rage takes over Yuu, as he takes the gun and shoots at Bathory's head. Right after, the moment when Yuu will try to take the agonizing Mika outside with him is one of the most touching part.

Mika, who sacrificed everything to save Yuu, will ask him to escape and not to let their death be in vain. Alone, with the dream of hope that he and Mika shared fallen to pieces, Yuu swears revenge towards the vampires! Yuu is destroyed by his family's death, and will devote himself to the training. Yuu's hope is to, someday, make the vampires pay for the future they took away from Mika and the others.

On the other side, there's Mika, saved by a powerful vampire — Kurl, the vampire queen of Japan. The cruel fate will strike him, as he will be turned into a vampire. From there onward, Mika's purpose is to find Yuu and reunite with him. So as the years will pass, they will only think of their own purposes, and act consequently.

Basically, they are each other's reason to keep on living, and they cling to that reason with resolution! It's interesting to see how they evolve and change, and how their tragic past changes them.

mika and yuu relationship test

When they were little, Yuu was a hot-tempered, stubborn kid who had always something to say. In those moments, the sweet Mika tried to cheer him up, or make him calm down. Yuu was usually a pessimist, and in those moments, Mika's kind and upbeat character was essential to soothe him. Years after, the tables turn.

Yuu, who initially was so negative, becomes a person who is able to make friends and even to cheer them up.

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Now a vampire, Mika, who was so cheerful and optimistic, becomes cold and cynical. The injustice he felt in the past, for being turned into a vampire, and for being separated from Yuu, have hardened him. With these changing, their meeting after a long time shows you how different they became, and yet how one needs the other to keep himself together! Their bromance is more than bromance, and yet less than romance.

It maintains the right balance that makes the girls go all soft, and yet allows the boys to like this show anyway. They just feel that they can be themselves when they're together, and when they meet again after years, Mika will cry, while Yuu will be so shocked that he will turn into a demon. Only Mika's words will save him, once again. Later, the moment when Mika, on the verge of death and unwilling to save himself, will be constricted by Yuu to drink his blood, meaning that he will turn into a real vampire with no turning back, will give you moments of real, much appreciated bromance.

Mika is afraid that Yuu will hate him, but Yuu assures him that he can never hate his Mika, because Mika, human or vampire, will always be Mika. It was a small house in a secluded neighborhood, his home when he was still a human child living with his parents before the world had fallen into ruin.

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With Yuu in his arms, Mika reached up for the key he wore around his neck and used it to unlock the front door to his old house. Unlike the other houses in the neighborhood, his home had not been neglected because he had returned frequently to maintain it over the years for it was also his secret getaway whenever Krul gave him vacation time which she didn't mind. Because she knew that as long as he was dependent on her blood, Mika would not attempt to desert the vampire army.

The queen even trusted him so far as to not question where he went so long as he returned to Sanguinem when he was expected to report back to duty again and for that, Mika was grateful for there was no way he and Yuu could hide here for even a day if Krul had any idea where to find them. Even though he knew they wouldn't be able to stay here too long before the queen or the demon army tracked them down, at least it would buy them enough time to recover.

As soon as he opened the door, Mika quickly went inside before locking it behind him, an awkward and tedious task when he was holding an unconscious young girl in his arms. If he were a normal human, he would have collapsed from exhaustion by now, not that he wasn't far off considering the injuries he sustained from the battlefield. Taking Yuu to his parents' bedroom, Mika gently set her down on the bed before heading to the bathroom to examine his injuries in the mirror.

His white uniform was torn in many places and stained with blood and although he was no longer bleeding, Mika's injuries had not healed as they should have. Reaching for the pouch hooked to his belt, he found that he had only one vial of Krul's blood left and it was enough to last him three days at most. After that… Mika shook his head fiercely. No, I can't think about that right now… he thought. His first priority was to take care of Yuu and in order to do that, he needed to regain his strength, even if only partly.

Prying open the cap of the vial, Mika downed the last of the vital fluid he possessed needed to keep him alive.

Owari No Seraph Yuu and Yoichi in training classes

Until now he had managed to ignore the pain of his injuries well due to his joy of finding and recovering Yuichiro but now he felt like they had caught up with him. Removing his boots and uniform, Mika tossed them into a corner of the bathroom and stepped into the shower, turning the water on cold instead of hot to numb the pain and wash the dried blood, dirt, and other debris off his body.

The last time he was here, Mika made sure to leave some soap as well which he now used generously for didn't want to greet Yuichiro when she woke up looking and smelling the way he did.

Yuichiro Hyakuya felt a slight headache as she slowly opened her eyes. The last thing she remembered was Kimizuki grabbing and throwing her into a coffin-like box after she had made a suicidal attempt to fight Crowley Eusford, a 13th level progenitor, alone in order to rescue her guardian from his clutches.

She thought, where am I? Sitting up and looking around, the raven-haired girl found herself on a king-sized, four poster bed in a clean and spacious bedroom with two elegant wooden night tables on each side, and a long dresser as well as make-up table with a mirror.

mika and yuu relationship test

The ivory-colored carpet was clean and there was even a fireplace with freshly cut wooden logs in it against the far wall. It looked almost like… Someone's home. As if the sight of the room wasn't a big enough surprise for Yuu, her ears also picked up the sounds of running water, like there was someone in the shower. The ravenette wasn't sure what to make of all this and was about to get off the bed to look when she heard the water being shut off and the sounds of someone stepping out of the shower.

Curious, Yuu decided to stay put for a moment to wait for her mysterious host. She didn't have to wait long before she saw the bathroom door open and a pale, blond young man step into the bedroom, his chest still dripping water and his hair wet and messy with the golden strands plastered to his forehead. When she got a good look at his face, Yuichiro gasped in surprise as she felt a blush crawling up cheeks.

Was that who she thought it was? The look on Yuu's face made Mika all too aware that he was clad in nothing but a towel around his waist which wasn't exactly the way he wanted to look when he greeted his sister upon her awakening.

But he supposed what's done was done and prepared himself to answer the questions he was sure would follow. There's no need to be embarrassed; it's not like this is the first time you've seen me without a shirt. What he said was true; they used to share rooms and bathrooms when they were children but things were different now.

Neither she nor Mika were children anymore and he had no idea the effect his half-naked state had on his adoptive sister. Unlike the scrawny little boy she remembered, Mika's shoulders were now broader, his arms, legs, and chest well-defined from years of sword practice and intense physical training while serving in the vampire army.

Trying her best to avert her eyes, Yuu changed the subject. Once Yuichiro felt his gentle touch, she knew for sure she wasn't dreaming. This is my home, my real home and I've brought you here with me…" he said gently. This is the house where I lived with my parents before…" Mika closed his eyes as if the next few words were too painful for him to speak.

But he didn't have to; Yuu understood perfectly. My own room is pretty small and has no bathroom. I was only a child when I last used it and the bed is small too; I'm sure you wouldn't find it as comfortable as this one. For now, why don't you take a shower while I get you something to eat? You look famished and exhausted. Not to mention that she was covered in dirt and debris from her fight with Crowley as well as the events leading up to it.

Her uniform was also dirty and torn in many places but thankfully, her sword was intact; Mika made sure to put it away with great care, setting it on the surface of the large dresser next to his own. When Yuu saw that Mika also noticed her stomach growling and smiled in amusement, she blushed and decided to take his advice. There's an extra towel in the bathroom and I'll have some food and new clothes ready for you when you get out.

As soon as Mika was gone, Yuu got out of bed and went into the bathroom. Looking at herself in the mirror, Yuu found that although she was not seriously hurt, a miracle considering that Crowley had knock her around quite a bit before Kimizuki arrived and took her away, she did look like a wreck with several strands of hair sticking out of her ponytail and her face smudged with dirt. After removing her hair tie, Yuu took off the rest of her uniform as well as her boots and tossed them on top of Mika's.

Considering that she had not showered in almost two days since leaving JIDA headquarters for Nagoya, Yuu could only imagine how unpleasant she must have smelled; there was no way Mika could not have noticed with his enhanced vampire senses but he was probably much too polite to say anything plus he knew she couldn't help it; it was normal for soldiers going out on the field not to bathe for days at a time as there were often no opportunities to do so.

As a soldier of the vampire army, Mika understood this very well. Ridding herself of her dirty uniform, Yuu stepped into the shower and turned on the water lukewarm, her favorite temperature. The clean water felt incredibly good against her skin and was very soothing to her aching, tired body.

Looking around, Yuu saw a large bar of brand name soup as well as brand name shampoo and conditioner, a luxury considering that she was used to the generic, standard toiletries the demon army provided their soldiers. All things considered, it would be almost criminal for her not to take advantage of them so Yuu made sure to enjoy her shower as much as she could, soaping herself lavishly as well as using generous amounts of shampoo and conditioner on her long, black hair, something she couldn't do back at headquarters considering that the demon army only gave their soldiers a limited amount of toiletries to use every week so they had conserve as much as they could, using no more than what was truly necessary to stay clean and well-groomed.

After she had finished showering, Yuichiro squeezed the water out of her hair, wrapped a towel around her body, and looked at herself in the mirror again, relieved to see that she looked a lot better now that she was clean. As she allowed her gaze to sweep across the bathroom counter, Yuu noticed what appeared to be a make-up box and some brushes sealed in a see-through case, possibly belonging to Mika's late mother.

She didn't know why, but the ravenette felt a burning desire to use them which was strange considering how lazy she was about putting on make-up back home. Yuu remembered how Shinoa and Mitsuba under Guren's orders had to drag her out of bed early every morning back at headquarters to put on her make-up so that she would look more presentable before reporting for duty because they knew she didn't care enough for her appearance to do it herself.

mika and yuu relationship test

The most Yuu would do in regards to personal grooming was shower, clean her face, and comb her hair to tie in a simple pony tail; she cared nothing for the elaborate buns, braids, or pig-tails favored by Shinoa and Mitsuba. But somehow, this was different and before she knew what she was doing, Yuichiro opened the make-up box and took out the brushes after making sure her hair was pulled out of her face and tied back. Looking inside, she found eyeshadows, mascara, eyeliners, lipsticks and cheek colors of various shades.

This was the first time Yuu applied own make-up but she had seen Shinoa and Mitsuba do it often enough to get the gist of it. She recalled them saying she looked best with ivory-colored foundation, pink lipstick, rose blush, and soft brown-pink eyeshadows which brought out her green eyes best. Yuu found that the hardest part of applying her own make-up was the eyeliner and mascara but rest was pretty easy and after she was finished, she put the make-up and brushes away before going back out into the bedroom where she found some clean clothes laid out for her on the bed.

Upon closer inspection, Yuu saw that it was a sleeveless, Victorian-style nightgown which she supposed shouldn't be a surprise since it was approaching late evening. Once she got changed, Yuu considered checking the rest of the house out and searching for Mika but thought better of it, feeling that it would be better to just stay in the room and wait for him to come back with her dinner.

She didn't have to wait long before the object of her concern knocked on the door and entered as soon as she gave her permission. When Mika went inside, he found Yuichiro sitting on the bed, dressed in the nightgown he prepared for her and combing her hair like a mermaid on the shore. He himself was dressed in more casual clothes consisting of a simple button-up shirt and slacks as well as slippers with his blond hair finally dried and combed out.

In his arms was a wooden tray with a plate of food and glass of cold water. Looking at Mika now, Yuu could not help but smile; it has been so long since she's had a chance to be with him considering how brief their last encounter in Shinjuku was and how they didn't have much time to catch up on what had been going on with each other's lives. There were so many things Yuu wanted to ask her adoptive brother but decided it best to take things slow for now, especially after she noticed the wounds on his arms and chest when he stepped into the bedroom after showering earlier.

Yuu was about to ask Mika about them but he beat her to it. It wasn't much, just a bowl of what looked like canned chicken soup along with a small loaf of bread and glass of plain water with some ice.

But to a hungry stomach, even the simplest of meals looked like a feast for kings. Curious, she asked "How is it you have access to food like that?

mika and yuu relationship test

There must not be an operating grocery store around here for miles. Taking the spoon next to the plate, Yuichiro started to eat while Mika went to the fire place and used some matches he took out of a drawer from one of the night tables to heat the logs and start a fire. Minutes after the fire was set, a soft light as well as pleasant warmth filled the room. When Yuu saw that Mika made no attempt to move from his spot, she asked "Don't you want any, Mika?

For some reason, I really like watching you eat. Yuu frowned as Mika's words made her remember that as a vampire, even an incomplete one, he could no longer consume anything but blood. Shinoa did tell her this a while back but Yuu had forgotten all about it until now. As she watched him, wondering what he was thinking, Yuu finished the rest of her dinner and set the tray on a night table. She figured that now would be as good a time as any to ask the questions she had been meaning to since she woke up and found herself in this unfamiliar room.

How did you know where to find me? And how long have I been out? He didn't want to kill Aihara but she had left him no choice; the woman was stubborn and determined to force his hand. If she had only done what he asked and played dead, she wouldn't have had to die. But there was nothing he could do about that now. Still, he couldn't bring himself to tell Yuu the truth but neither could he lie to her. So he simply said "I bribed someone from the demon army to tell me where you were and she told me because she figured out that we were friends so she trusted me.

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And you've been out since this morning. Yuu looked at Mika curiously. Queen Krul herself gave me this secret mission.

mika and yuu relationship test

She made an opportunity for me to disappear in the confusion of war to find you on the condition that once I do, I bring you back to Sanguinem and hand you over to her custody. What does Queen Krul want with me? I don't know if any of your superiors ever told you this but you are a bearer of the seraph gene and as the result of several years of experimentation, possess a power within your body that can turn the tide of this war for either the humans or vampires, depending on who gets ahold of you first.

She supposed she shouldn't have been all that surprised because back at headquarters, Kureto Hiragi mentioned that her guardian rescued her as a child because he wanted to use something inside her even though he knew far less then Mika did. Her demon contractor, Asuramaru, also mentioned that part of Yuu herself was not human.

She may have been happy to be reunited with Mika but was not thrilled to hear that the reason he rescued her was because his queen had ordered him to do so, because possession of her would serve the interests of the powerful vampire progenitors; Yuichiro Hyakuya had no desire to be used as a living weapon for either side.

Her expression hardened as she looked at Mikaela and demanded in a cold voice: You've come to fetch the seraph for your masters? The young ravenette winced at her brother's strength which could easily break her arms but she noticed he exercised enough self-control not to hurt her, at least not seriously.

Not the vampires, nor the humans, or anyone else! You are mine and mine alone and I would die before I ever hand you over to either side! He treated her like a belonging, no different than the sword he wore around his belt which became even more literal when she discovered he had saved her because he wanted to use her as a weapon.

Guren also did not hesitate to remind Yuichiro of her debt whenever he felt her loyalty to him may be wavering by someone offering her a greater opportunity. Kureto Hiragi, to be exact. But Mika was different. He wanted to possess her but it wasn't for power… It was for love. Mika's eyes were so intense, Yuu felt like they could see right into her soul and before she knew what was happening, his lips were on hers. The ravenette gasped in surprise which gave Mika the opportunity to force his tongue pass her lips and deepen the kiss.

This is not how a brother and sister is supposed to kiss… Yuu thought as she tried to push him away but she didn't try very hard.

When the need for air finally forced them apart, Yuu put some distance between them and stared at her brother. Not as a brother loves his sister but as a man loves a woman…" he answered sadly. I'm happy I got to see you again but I can't stay here; I have an obligation, a duty to my squad, to my guardian whom I own my life. Please, take me back to them; they need me…" "But I need you…just as much…" Mikaela took her by the arms again but much more gently this time.

His voice was not harsh but sad, his eyes not angry but desperate, pleading; he looked as though he were fighting back tears but trying to be strong. I disobeyed my queen, my vampire mother, by refusing to take you back to Sanguinem as soon as I found you. I took you from the demon army and brought you here despite the pain of my injuries.

I risked my life for you and still am; does that mean nothing to you? She couldn't brush off their feelings as those of siblings because it was obvious that they weren't. How could she refuse him anything after what he had just confessed? As if in answer, Mika gently placed his hand under Yuu's chin and lifted her face up to look him in the eyes.

Brushing his lips against hers, he whispered "Stay with me… if only for tonight. After that, go where you will, do what you will; I will not stop you…" Yuichiro was taken aback at his words. Just a moment ago, Mikaela said that he'd rather die than turn her over to the humans or vampires and now he was willing to let her go? With his strength, it would have been no problem for him to force her to stay with him. No, that was different.

He said he wouldn't give me to anyone but won't stop me if I went of my own accord… Yuu thought. Someone once told her that the ultimate act of love was letting go. And as painful as it would have been for Mika to see Yuu go, he wanted her to be happy and placed her happiness above his own desires. Will you do that for me? You can't be serious, there's no way I can trust the demon army since they exist to exterminate vampires!

I know they will help us so please trust them as you trust me! If they had chosen to fight against him rather than with him, Mika would have never been able to escape the battlefield with his life, let alone with Yuu. It was then that Mika noticed for the first time that she was wearing make-up and smiled himself. Mika had never spoken much about his parents when they were younger; she knew he didn't exactly have the best relationship with them.

The same was true of Yuu and her own parents. Still, she was curious. To answer your question, yes, I actually do miss them sometimes even though they haven't always been good to me.

We all cling on to what's familiar for better or worse. Upon closer inspection, Yuu saw that the picture in the frame was that of a young couple, a blond-haired Caucasian man who appeared to be of European descent and a Japanese women. My father was Russian, born and raised in Moscow, and my mother was Japanese, a native of Tokyo; they died when I was seven. My father was speeding on the highway while drunk one night and my mother couldn't stop him so she threw me out of the car right before it crashed into a truck and killed them both.

I was badly injured and would have died had someone not found me that night and taken me to the hospital. After I recovered, I was sent to the Hyakuya Orphanage. That was a year before I met you. Like you, I also bear the seraph gene and Krul once told me that those who do are destined to live tragic lives. But I believe that we can make our own destiny.

That's why I refuse to let anyone use me; I only obey my queen, my superiors, so far as they serve my own interests. And that was finding you. I did not become a vampire by choice; Krul had forced it upon me as I laid dying at the gates of Sanguinem. I knew she saved me for her own purposes but I also realized that she had done me a favor as well; if I had died by Ferid's hands that day, I would have never been able to find you again. It was that hope that kept me alive these past for years.

Were it not for you, I would have taken my own life long ago because I would rather die as a human than live for all eternity as a vampire. To think that he endured his vampire existence because of her was incredible but in a way, she understood; if their places were reversed, she would have done the same. Yuu put the picture frame back on the table before embracing Mika as if she never wanted to let him go out of fear of losing him again.

It was then that she noticed him flinching slightly in her hold, as if in pain or discomfort. But Yuu wasn't easily fooled. He made no attempt to resist as she examined the wounds on his chest, particularly the one where Shinya Hiragi had stabbed him earlier that day.

The blood had clotted and he was no longer bleeding, but the injuries he sustained while trying to take on the demon army by himself had not healed completely yet which was highly suspicious to Yuu because she knew vampires, even incomplete ones, can heal their injuries within minutes, if not seconds after sustaining them, especially if they have not been infected by the hex of the cursed demon gear yet.

Something wasn't right, she could feel it. He had already drunken his last vial of Krul's blood and could tell it was losing its effectiveness when his injuries did not heal right away. It also did little to sate his thirst. I will not drink your blood; I absolutely refuse to drink human blood. What have you been drinking up until now? How did you survive? Yuu was more perceptive and astute than he gave her credit for. Knowing he would not drink without persuasion, Yuu kissed him. There will be nothing human left in me; I will become the thing you hate most in this world…" "So you'd rather die?