Mike and aom relationship quizzes

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mike and aom relationship quizzes

AoM Improving Lives - 78th Annual Meeting . Understanding drivers of coaching relationship quality: the relationship between RCS and .. Mike Niederpruem, PhD '17 .. "Using the "Daily 5-minute Quiz" to Increase Student Preparation. The N.U.T.s become the framework for how you conduct your relationships, whether you?re committed to AOM - 34 Books About Being a Man . Mike Lyons. Mike Baines. University of Reading Ryan's multiple comparison tests were applied at a 5% level of significance. Due to significant Conclusion: The preventative effect of PCVs on AOM was not established in this study. There was .. Relationships between biological parameters of Japanese growth of height · Article.

All-purpose, virtually meaningless expression, used as an exclamation i. Can also refer to a green or inexperienced sailor, officer or enlisted person, e. Nickname given to a Chief during their first year as a Chief.

Only used Chief to Chief. Any sailor who has very little time in, or a lot less time than the speaker. Black paint used to paint the water line on ships. A bowel movement, particularly a very long one. New sailors on ship are sometimes assigned to find this mythical tool in the office of one of the ship's Bosuns Boatswain. The sailor is then typically punched very hard in the shoulder by the Bosun in question.

To open valves in the mud drum to allow boiler pressure to force accumulated sludge out of the boiler. To take a shit. When several aircraft are practicing touch and go landings at the same airfield. Derogatory term for more than one sailor that has performed their work in an unsatisfactory manner. A condition when, under stress, one cannot recall or perform something that would normally be easy or second nature.

Lowest organizational level in most naval commands. Below department and division. Derisive term that is the opposite of Bravo Zulu. Given for something done poorly. Also used when a sailor gets a BZ from the command, shipmates will call it a Bravo Bozo award.

Originally, "BZ" was a signal meaning "Well Done. Can be outdated classic rock that was never really popular in the first place, or cool music, depending on the ship's commanding officer.

mike and aom relationship quizzes

Usually played at a level that would normally get you a ticket in town and is so distorted as to make it impossible to identify the song. A husky large female. Derives from Bremerton, Washington, where there is a base at and around which such females are common. The name is a concatenation of Bremerton Buffalo described as weight a 'bremer-ton'.

mike and aom relationship quizzes

How much a Bremerloe weighs. The sailor who escorts a prisoner to the brig. Technical term describing malfunctioning or inoperable equipment. Married sailor who brings his lunch from home in a paper bag.

Sailor trying a "little too hard" to make rate by sucking up to superiors. Can also refer to those who wear khakis Chiefs, Officers since it is assumed that most have "brown-nosed" to obtain their present position. Term used to describe aviation community officers and senior enlisted members, due to the dark brown footwear worn with khaki uniforms and aviation winter working green uniforms.

Occurs when some Hull Tech blasts the sewer lines, causing raw sewage to be disbursed onto the decks of lower level berthing areas.

Called that for the fact the turds could look like a rumpled brown fish. Shallow water close to land; littoral water in which smaller ships can operate. Brown Water Navy Sailor: Any Sailor who operates a small boat in inshore areas.

Appendix:Glossary of U.S. Navy slang - Wiktionary

Brown Water Puddle Pirate: Affectionate name given to the US Coast Guard by their brethren blue water sailors. Bubble or The Bubble: The edge of passing or failing at something, or " the fence ": The original ship's angle gages were liquid filled glass tubes with an air bubble that indicated the trim angle. If the angle becomes too large, he will be ordered "mind your bubble. When the Dive can no longer control the angle on the ship by the means at his disposal, he is said to have "lost the bubble.

So called because it is raised only a few inches above the flight deck and has angled windows. A newbie or young sailor just out of boot camp or school. A sailor in the Submarine service.

Someone who fucks over their shipmates, and who is not to be trusted with any information or watch swap. A junior enlisted who polishes the deck with a buffer, a duty normally assigned to shore duty personnel or those attending "A" School. Typically Orange or Red. Before the turn of the century, bug juice was also used to clean decks when cleaning agents were not available. It is still used for removing corrosion from brass fittings.

Allegedly also because the powder used to make the juice attracted bugs. Orange with a splash of Red. When she did get underway she was typically towed back in, whereupon she was referred to as "USS Broke". Derogatory term used to describe the U. Whitney LCCas it rarely goes to sea. Home ported at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, she left port only on rare occasions so her crew could collect sea pay ; when she did, she had to be towed back in.

Building 39 s-era Norfolk slang: So called because, during that time period, she rarely left port. A fictional substance veteran sailors often task new sailors with getting, as a joke. The seniormost Ensign onboard a surface ship, a submarine, or in an aviation squadron other than in the Training Command.

This Ensign is charge of various wardroom duties, often including mentoring the juniormost Ensign see "George" and setting up the wardroom's movie night while at sea.

Bull Nuke Submarine Service: The name is a corruption of "Bully Big Stick", the Roosevelt's shipboard news program. The middle of nowhere ; an out-of-the-way duty station. A sexually active female sailor. To smoke a cigarette. Burn a flick verb: To watch a film while underway. Burn holes in the sky verb: To fly monotonous patrol flights over a given area.

An organized evolution to dispose of the material stored in burn bags. Reduced in rank as a result of Captain's Mast. Proceed at max possible speed. An expression used when a subordinate strongly disagrees with an order given by a superior who may be under heavy situational pressure and the subordinate takes actions which are correct but counter to the order.

The expression references the disciplinary action which could result in the fresh air of safety that would not be reached if the original order were carried out.

Aboard a ship, it is a can with a hole in the lid, usually hung from the bulkhead near watch stations.

A term used to describe a harrowing or scary experience. A Sailor who is obviously brown-nosing in hope of receiving favorable evaluations. C[ edit ] Cadillac: A mop bucket, usually with wheels and a wringer. Title used when addressing the carrier air wing commander. It is a holdover from the days when air wings were called air groups and stood for Commander Air Group. Collateral duty position, typically filled by the most junior and inept sailor in a division, responsible for ensuring a division's test equipment is delivered to the cal lab on time.

In general, the CO makes policy, the XO enforces it, hence the name. Report to higher authority something which is inoperative, OOC out of commissionand the impact on readiness. Often jocularly applied to broken minor items not requiring any report, or to personnel who are on the binnacle list. Also applied to those who have been killed. Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited: CF pronounced Charlie Foxtrot: Similar to the code for "bulkhead remover. An officer Canoe U: Depending on the rank of the commanding officer involved, the name of the procedure may change to Admiral's Mast, OIC's Mast, etc.

Baked, candied apples served to midshipmen at the Naval Academy on special occasions. Twelve are served per table. If one person at the table is willing to eat all 12 apples and succeeds, that person is given the honor of "carry on" lack of harassment by upper classmen for the remainder of the semester.

An officer's reply to a junior person's call to "attention on deck", meaning all present rise and come to attention as a sign of respect. Also see "cannon ball. Nomenclature for a Seagull to boot sailors. Usually used as part of a goose-chase. Anxiousness, felt when approaching port, to get leave.

It is sometimes cured by a "Channel Fever Shot," a slap or kick to the backside. Excellent, in proper working order. Things can also be repaired and gotten into proper working order and then referred to as "checks five-oh.

A person who "does for himself or herself, but not others. Similar to a real check valve which only allows fluid to go one way. Also known as Kim-Wipes, though they bare no resemblance to the far more delicate Kimberly-Clark product.

These are heavy duty paper towels purchased in bulk, and are used in every cleaning situation imaginable. Pronounced much like Chang and used as the officer's name. Chicken Switches Submarine Service: Switches in the overhead above the Dive Officer's station that release lb air into the main ballast tank, initiating the Emergency Main Ballast Tank blow EMBT blow causing the tanks to fill with air and the submarine to rise to the surface in a real hurry.

Sometimes, engineering drills may cause the sub to go near test depth the depth the submarine has been tested to ; this may be caused by a delay in recovering the reactor, or many other reasons. If the Dive Officer or whoever has the Con blows the tanks, they were "chicken" — afraid of sinking.

Title given to enlisted personnel who have achieved the rank of E-7 and who have completed their transitional training and indoc. The document a sailor fills out to make various types of special request i. Taken from the Supply Corps' porkchop-shaped insignia. An airwing member who spend all their time in line for chow, holding up others who actually have things to do.

The mandatory physical training to which sailors are assigned if they are overweight. A Japanese alcoholic beverage made by mixing sake and the equivalent of Kool-Aid. Can be bought in most Japanese convenience stores or at a ChuHai stand in the Honch.

One of two standing-room only drinking establishments in the Honch. Named for the affordable alcoholic beverage it sells to junior sailors and contractors, ChuHai. Commander-in-Chief of the House. Used to refer to a sailor's spouse. Liberty that expires at midnight. Close In Weapon System. Home, or where you go to when you leave the Navy. A civilian haircut worn by males who live around military towns to distinguish themselves from military personnel.

Usually just an inch or two longer than what military allows, but enough to let the females know who's who. Line of men in front of sick bay which often forms shortly after pulling out of a foreign port where women provide sexual services to sailors at cost. The Clap Line consists primarily of men who are waiting to get treated for venereal disease. An hour-long field day evolution in which everyone drops what they're doing and cleans their spaces.

See "XO's Happy Hour. The situation which arises when a group performs some task in a severely disorganized manner, usually with poor results. Also, any person or thing that is in a state of general disarray: Chief of Naval Operations. The Navy's senior admiral and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The head of a ship, submarine, aviation squadron or shore command; usually no lower in rank than a Commander, often a Captain, the Commanding Officer is in charge of most of the everyday things that happen on board the ship, in the squadron or aboard the shore installation, from corporal punishment Captain's Mast to common everyday maintenance, and upkeep of the ship, squadron or shore command.

The senior chief aboard: The Chief of the Boat. The hierarchy of officers a sailor takes orders from, the order in which supervisors are in charge. The C-2 Greyhound, which ferries people and supplies to and from a carrier on a regular basis.

A personal storage area located underneath a sailor's rack. Cold Shot, Cold Cat: A catapult launch from a carrier in which insufficient speed is attained to generate lift.

mike and aom relationship quizzes

Often fatal for the aircrew if they do not eject in time. The recruit company in boot camp that maintains the highest score through the entire eight week evolution; they are given three days special liberty unmonitored. Color Company is also given the honor of being the first company to Pass in Review if there is not a Hall of Fame Company that graduates Boot Camp at the same time. The officer in charge of the Communications Division.

Usually the most junior officer aboard ship. Historically, the designation given to a one-star admiral presently called Rear Admiral Lower Half. Presently, "Commodore" is the unofficial title of a Captain O-6 in charge of a squadron of ships or submarines, a wing or group of the same type of aircraft, or a group of SEAL Teams.

A sailor who stores a lot of junk food in their rack. A male sailor's wife. Coner pronounced "Cone-er" Submarine Service: A submarine crewman who is not part of the engineering department see "Nuke"especially a Torpedoman, because such crewmen are stationed in the forward cone of the Sub and are pretty much prohibited from wandering into the rear engineering spaces.

A term used to indicate that an object or ship viewed on radar, or visually from the deck or bridge of one's own ship is getting closer but maintaining the same relative bearing. Without a change of course, this will ultimately end in a collision. CBDR is also used as a warning to shipmates heading into trouble or danger not necessarily physical collision they might not see or be aware of.

Sore-throat lozenges handed out at sick bay in lieu of any substantive treatment. Sometimes accompanied by two aspirin. A refrigerated fixture in the galley that dispenses something like milk. Often refers to all chiefs, E-7 through E Submarine Service The world's most useless and uncomfortable rack sheet. Once thought to be solely for the elite khaki club, it is in fact a very cleverly disguised spy tool for a chief or officer to see if sailors have been sleeping by checking for "Rack Burn".

Weight gain apparent in senior enlisted men and women who have taken desk jobs. The dress blue uniforms worn by sailors below the rank of E A designated smoking area aboard ship that is not a weatherdeck space.

So called because it quickly fills with a haze of smoke. Also called "Crack Shack. A mess deck worker,E-3 or below, assigned to mess deck duties. Generally each division must supply a sailor on a rotating basis. May also refer to a new transferee assigned to the mess decks while qualifying for a regular watch.

The term has always been discouraged, despite its frequent use. A toilet, see also shitter and pisser. Permanently assigned flight deck firefighting personnel. Also, a game played by aviation personnel involving several long tables and a great deal of beer, wherein the aviators attempt to replicate with their bodies the arrested landings their aircraft make.

Crazy Ivan Submarine Service: It involves quickly turning degrees while underway, so as to see if any enemy American submarines are following.

The eagle which adorns the Petty Officer rank insignia. Newly appointed petty officers that are drunk with rank, think they are in charge, and can order subordinates around. A device placed on a valve wheel to aid in opening or closing the valve due to it being extremely hot or hard to turn. Corrosion products found in reactor coolant. An acronym for "Chalk River Unidentified Deposits. A ship deployment from her home port, usually lasting between 5 and 8 months. A sock, sacrificed early in a deployment, which one uses to clean up after one masturbates.

It is usually kept under the mattress and can stand up on its own by the end of cruise. Also called an "Underway Sock" or "Happy Sock. Officer responsible for maintenance of a ship's combat system gun, missile, radar, command control and communications systems. A kiss-ass or a military base whore. The art of trading something that doesn't belong to you, to someone, for something that doesn't belong to them, not necessarily for personal gain, but to circumvent regular supply channels, or to obtain something not available through supply channels.

A tear drop shaped piece of metal placed in the bottom loop of sail rigging to keep the rope from chaff wear during tie-down of open sails.

A very small unit of measurement, used when eyeballing something. A "Royal Cunt Hair" is the finest unit of measure. The sound of shit when it hits the fan.

CVN 7 on 2: A play on words that hints at the escapades her crew may have been involved in. Chief Warrant Officer W1—W5: By definition, a technical specialist. D[ edit ] Dago: San Diego or Diego Garcia. Proper way to read an exclamation point quietly. A "fun" game in which one or more sailors place a washer or nut around a rod or similar metal device and then hold it to a steam vent. The washer or nut spins wildly due to the high pressure of the steam.

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Once it reaches a high enough speed, the rod is turned so that the steam blows the object completely off the rod and likely at another sailor, who then has to dodge the "danger nut. Dear John or Jane Letter: A letter or nowadays, e-mail that a sailor receives in which his or her significant other breaks up with or leaves him or her whilst the latter is deployed.

Derogatory term for the lowest worker. That level of leadership greatly appreciated by commanding officers and the ward room: Enlisted personnel who know what needs to be done, how to do it well and right, and who are able to lead the people working for them to get the job done.

This is the expected norm in the United States Navy. Non-designated enlisted person serving on the deck force. Term for throwing something overboard; refers to the "deep six", the lowest fathom six feet before the ocean floor.

Has been mostly replaced by Float Checking see below. To permanently dispose of something as if it never existed. A stupid mistake or poor performance, the opposite of "Bravo Zulu. Highest organizational level in most naval commands. These are broken up into divisions. Term used for overweight dependents of sailors. Deuce and a half: Peter clamps, Meat hooks, Dick beaters.

Putting "half-assed" effort into a task. Refers to improperly securing the "dogs" on a watertight hatch when passing through. Such a lax procedure could spell doom for a sinking ship if hatches were not absolutely watertight.

Also said as "poking the poodle" or "screwin' the pooch. A hospital corps member. Small white cloth bag with a drawstring. Issued in boot camp, used to store loose items, shoe polish stuff, etc. Walking around with no particular purpose.

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Term used mostly by disgruntled Nukes to refer to an "A. Utterance of the term is usually accompanied by the McDonald's tune followed by "I'm diggin' it" instead of "I'm lovin' it. Dilbert often paid dearly for his ignorance, lack of attention to detail, or carelessness.

Device used in water survival training "swims" to teach aviators how to get out of the cockpit of a fixed-wing aircraft that has crashed or ditched at sea.

Much easier than the dreaded "helo dunker. Comes from dropping a dime in a pay phone to make a call. To throw someone 'under the bus', or to out someone as being the one who did something wrong or made a bad call. Usually done to avoid getting in trouble at the expense of someone else.

You know that is unauthorized. Social functions, usually for officers and chiefs, where dinner dress is worn and certain "rules of the mess" are followed. Vice," these events can become quite rowdy and raucous. The difference between the two is that significant others may attend dining-outs. Dining-ins are for the service-members only. Dinner plate for Marines: The front buttoned flap on enlisted dress blues.

Delinquent in Qualifications, or some other admin requirement, "on the dinq list for tetanus shot A term often used by an annoying lifer who has no life outside the navy to insult a sailor for having a few wrinkles in his uniform, having missed a spot while shaving, having a small spot on his uniform, having hair barely touching his ears, etc.

Dirt sailor not pejorative: A person who primarily works ashore in a camouflage uniform e. Not used to describe a SeaBee. Forward wardroom immediately below the flight deck for pilots wearing sweaty flight gear and working ship's officers. As opposed to formal ship's wardroom. Disbursing officer on ship. To intentionally crash land an aircraft as "gently" as possible — usually into the water. This is generally done when fuel is almost all used up with no hope of making it to a safe landing area, or when a slowly developing but potentially fatal emergency is going on.

Middle organizational level in most naval commands, below department and above branch. Usually headed by a junior officer JO.

Common divisions are powerplants, airframes, 1st Lieutenant, etc Divisions are sometimes divided into branches or work centers. Any mesh bag, but so named because usually used to contain soiled laundry. A container usually zipper-closed for toilet articles such as soap, razor, shaving cream, deodorant, etc; especially for expeditionary sailors. The canvas white hat sailors wear with their dress uniforms. Dead in the Water. No longer moving through the water, which means rudder control is lost as well.

Often the result of a serious engineering casualty. Can also be used to describe the status of a person whose plan has gone awry. Nickname and term of respect given to Hospital Corpsman by their shipmates and Marines.

The unfortunates who would have to leap ashore to tie up when no "line handlers" are available. A soft-serve ice cream machine named because the chocolate flavor resembles the excrement of man's best friend.

Also called an "auto dog. Dog and Pony show: A special show put on for inspecting senior officers. Apocryphally, a show in which women have sex with dogs and ponies: Sailors may claim to have witnessed such shows in Tijuana or the Philippines. The evening watch is customarily split into two two-hour "dog" watches, so that the watch sections rotate rather than being stuck with the same schedule every day.

Also permit everyone to get evening chow at a reasonable hour although First Dog watchstanders usually find the better chow is all gone. Closing fittings or doors for light discipline at night. Submarine Qualification Device, called dolphins because of the dolphin fish used in the design. It may be fixed, as in those mounted on the bow of a ship below the waterline, or mobile like those "dipped" by anti-submarine helocopters.

A hot dog or sausage. A spout connected to a 5 Gallon fuel can. A floating device used to store oily waste pumped out of the bilges in port. To drop out of a voluntary program such as aviation or submarines. To wash, usually using fresh water. A short-timer, someone who is less than days from retirement, EAOS, or being discharged to civilian life.

Aircraft flown by the squadron or air wing commander, typically has "00" zero zero painted on the nose and also printed on routing slips for correspondence. Not working, out of commission, broken, "broke-dick. When applied to an aviator, it means not allowed to fly. This can be for a variety of reasons: Medical, personal, disciplinary, etc. In flight training, a down is a failed flight. Step in the NJP process in which the accused attempts to prove his innocence by being screamed at for 2 hours.

Monitoring the movement of the ship while at anchor. Lacking the ability to stay focused while attempting to perform a given task. Petty Officer to Sailor: You are acting drifty today! A game in which a screwdriver is inserted head first into drill where bit should go and battery is removed.

The trigger is taped down and once someone holds the end of the screwdriver, the battery is slapped in and the player must attempt to hold on to the screwdriver for as long as possible.

Best used with higher voltage drills. Sailor who at all times lacks the ability to stay focused. The act of filling out a request chit. Drop your cocks and grab your socks: A saying that the petty officer of the watch yells in the sleeping quarters when it's time for everyone to get up. Often done in boot camp. Alternatively, "stop your grinnin' and grab your linen. Refers to the resemblance of the numbers in a digital display resembling a line of ducks. At times, ducks will be marked by the ship control team Diving officer of the watch, Helmsman, Planesman, and Chief of the Watchsonar shack Sonar Supervisor, Broadband, Narrowband, Classand fire control team Fire Control Technician of the Watch.

Quack Quack Quack Quack. Related to the Middle East. Chicken a la king or chicken cacciatore. Expiration of Active Obligated Service. An especially rigorous investigation or inspection in which the inspecting officer seems unduly motivated to find everything wrong he possibly can, even if it ridiculous--"The XO held an Easter Egg Hunt at Messing and Berthing today.

Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist. Green duct tape acquired from Electric Boat in Groton, CT; can be used to fix almost anything, temporarily. Extreme, nuclear grade version of EB Green. Enlisted Information Dominance Warfare Specialist.

mike and aom relationship quizzes

One who crossed the Equator at the Greenwich Meridian. When a sub rapidly blows all of the ballast out of the ballast tanks, resulting in a rapid ascent and an impressive display as the sub breaks the surface. Electronic Materiel Officer, line officer or electronics CWO or LDO responsible for maintenance of the unit's radar, radio, and command and control equipment. Extra Man Onboard Enlisted Puke: Derogatory term used sparingly and very privately among junior officers to describe a particularly worthless and disliked enlisted subordinate.

The opposite of a highly respected and particularly valuable "Good Man. Schmuckatelli is a Good Man. Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist. The last and still on-going patrol of a submarine lost at sea. The subs and the sailors are on eternal patrol.

Notorg is Groton spelled backwards. Ability to see but not interact with something pleasurable, especially members of the opposite sex; For example, male sailors may joke that they have eyeball liberty ogling a boat full of women while exiting port, or in view a port itself where no actual liberty is allowed. F[ edit ] FAG: A crewman serving in the forward part of the submarine, a non-Nuke. Each crewman was allocated a limited number of these messages during each 3-month patrol and they were severely censored to protect the submariner from news that could negatively effect the emotional condition of the recipient.

A similar system was used for surface ships. Fan Room see "X-Ray fitting": Canvas mattress cover In cold conditions sailors sleep inside them for extra warmth. Dry suit worn by aviators when flying over cold water. So called because of the rubber seals at the neck and wrists which keep water out in the event of water entry.

These seals also keep all flatulence inside the suit, where it remains hot and mixes with ball sweat, pitstink, and various other foulness. This foul air is released by removing the suit, or more amusingly by pulling one of the wrist seals open while squatting and pointing at an unsuspecting individual, thus forcing all the stench in his direction.

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