Mikoto and anna relationship trust

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mikoto and anna relationship trust

Suoh Mikoto Kushina Anna Photo by Hana_chan | Photobucket Best character relationship in any show. they did amazing at that with their HOMRA. 9 Works in Suoh Mikoto & Totsuka Tatara This is just a collection of all Mikototsu minifics I will be composing from prompts I Kushina Anna · Fushimi Saruhiko & Yata Misaki · Suoh Mikoto & Yata Misaki HOMRA · Yata Megumi · Yata Minoru · Past Relationship(s) · Relationship(s) Broken trust is a new found strength. K Project - Mikoto Suoh, Anna Kushina and Izumo Kusanagi K by shoucolate on DeviantArt this pretty much sums up the relationship between HOMRA and.

As Anna fought them off with a soft grunt, she realized that Mikoto had deliberately taken off the bathroom light and let in from his bedroom because he was forcing her to take a bath and did not want her naked form revealed to him.

Anna Kushina

He was angry, but he still respected her to ensure that her body was hidden from him. However, that did not mean that he was going to be gentle with her. Mikoto reached a long, muscled arm across the ledge of the tub to grasp what looked like a bottle of bubble bath. He squeezed it into the tub and immediately, bubbles formed.

Anna caught the spicy scent of it. She was accustomed to more mild, sweet scents like roses and strawberries. Not musk and spice. Ah, there was the flare of temper she had known would come up soon.

She zipped her mouth tightly shut. What did she expect from him anyway? Yeah, she actually had thought he might understand why she did all those stupid things. Maybe he might have explained something to her. Instead he was forcing her to take a bath. Mikoto grabbed her thick pile of hair into both hands and shoved it over one of her shoulders. She felt his long fingers gathering any extra strands from her back. His hands were certainly very warm. She was quite sure he could do decent massages if he tried.

But he wouldn't attempt such things for he might break someone's back with his power. It was the first time he had shoved her into the shower and forced her to take a bath. In fact no one had ever done such a thing to her. She wasn't even quite sure if her supposedly 'stinking of alcohol' was the reason for it.

Unless he was punishing her in some way. Was he punishing her? He had threatened to do so earlier, but planting a few slaps on her backside was different from forcing her to soak in here. And why his bathroom anyway? Maybe he wanted to keep a better eye on her. Anna was startled when he picked up a washcloth and began to gently rub it in her back. Yeah, definitely his mood was black right now. It would probably be best to avoid too many questions.

She remembered that incident when he gotten so drunk that Tatara and Izumo had to shove him into the bath and force him to sober up. Anna had come in to find them and Mikoto had allowed her to wash his naked back. But it was different now. Anna had the vexing thought that maybe he still saw her as a little girl and her generous bosom and rounded backside were still flat in his eyes. Mikoto decided to answer her earlier question. This didn't feel like punishment!

Having the hands of her most beloved one give her a backwash could in no way be a way of discipling her! Especially when they were Mikoto's hands. He had such large, warm, manly hands that soothed into her back as they rubbed across her skin, making her body almost shiver in delight at the places he touched. This was dangerous and she was aware of that for her body was becoming hotter once more, just as it had earlier on. Every touch of his, every stroke of his hands made her skin come alive.

They must hurt right now. The warm water will soothe them," he explained.

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Did her legs pain her in anyway? Now she did find it strange that she was not in pain. After all, it was quite true about what he had just said: Having Satoshi and his friends start aiding them had come as a big relief for her.

In response to her words, Mikoto removed his hand that was devoid of the washcloth and placed it on her thigh. She let out a soft gasp at the unexpected contact and had trembled slightly as his hand shifted to the middle of her thigh, shocking.

Then it moved more to her innerthigh area, making her go very still. If he moved his hand upward, he would be touching a very sensitive part of her However, his hand went to the opposite direction and grasp hold of her a bit tightly, just above her knee.

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She let out a soft whimper of pain, only now realizing that it did actually hurt there. Mikoto gave her a light nuzzle above her ear. Mikoto tossed the washcloth into the bathtub. I saw when you used the side of your knee on one of the men. There's no way that wouldn't hurt like a bitch. Mikoto was opening a cupboard somewhere as if searching for something. She heard some rifling, a soft curse and then the door of the cupboard slammed shut, making Anna almost wince.

He was talking to her in a decent manner, and treating her wounds but Mikoto was still angry. From a psychological point of view, you were in pain but you just didn't realize it and you probably wouldn't have realized it until you started to relax.

I would give you some painkillers but there's too much alcohol in your system, idiot," he bit out before leaving them room. Anna felt very sad at his words. They were spoken with harshness, and Anna knew that had she been anyone else, Mikoto would have already lost his temper with her. What she was experiencing right now was hardly the real brunt of what Mikoto was like when he was enraged. The only thing that stopped him from beating her within an inch of her life was that she was who she was: Anna, the clan's princess and the girl who had a strong emotional attachment to him.

In other words, Mikoto was being nice to her despite his ire. She supposed he might talk to her more when he cooled off a bit. If anything, he was actually being a lot kinder than he was capable off to her. She should be thankful for that much. Anna picked up the washcloth and began to slowly rub it on her body. It had been a trying a night. Actually, the last few days had been difficult. The way her clansmen ignored her, to the fact that they came to the maid cafe only because they had been in the area, and not necessarily to see her, to her foolishness of going after Takeshi, then Mikoto finding her, her feelings for him in that small, the tension coming home, culminating with her drinking and confessing some of the burden on her heart to her clan, to this That was strangely sweet of him.

Anna supposed that he was using his concern for her as a means of controlling himself. If he didn't, he might really find some way to torture her for all her trouble.

mikoto and anna relationship trust

But even after all of this, she had expected him to give her some kind of understanding. To say something about her confessions. She figured that maybe when he could trust that his temper had abated, he would talk to her. She could understand and accept that. But she was still in fearful anticipation of what he might say to her. As well as Izumo. Anna froze when the light was turned on again. She blinked rapidly at the unexpected brightness.

Mikoto walked up to the back of her once more and she found herself holding her breath. What was he going to do? Suddenly something was suddenly thrown on top of her head, momentarily covering her eyes and blinding her from the world. She quickly dragged it off and looked it at it.

It seemed like a small, red terry cloth. Anna looked at Mikoto from over her shoulder. He was standing about a foot away with his muscled arms folded. The towel was small, but it did cover most of her full, round breasts, her flat white stomach and the very tops of her pale thighs. It was not long enough to go around her so it more or less lay on top of her and stuck to her after being soaked with the water.

She had blushed as she pressed the terry cloth to her. There was no way she could feel normal about being naked in a room alone with Mikoto, to have his domineering presence fill it while her body was still reeling from the sensitivity of his touches.

Casual his contact had been, but it had been enough to make that familiar feel of desire coil in her lower stomach. Once she shifted to the left of the tub and stretched out her long, slender legs, Mikoto drew nearer once more. He stooped again beside the tub, close to where one of her knees was propped. Almost in a doctor-like manner, he seemed to be inspecting it. Those golden eyes of his trailed up her thigh slightly and made a soft grunt.

He lifted his hand and poked her where his eyes were looking. Mikoto didn't for he opened his hand and gently touched her there. It will probably go down in a few hours' time but it will leave a nasty bruise," he was saying.

His eyes travelled again down her leg. Seeing as it was devoid of any more wounds as far as he knew, he needed to look at her other leg.

That was going to be a difficult task because the other leg faced the side of the tub that was against the wall. He could always tell her to stand. But then it would be so easy for him to peek upward and see that naked flesh of hers that was probably soft, hot and No, no, he chided himself and focused on his anger and overlying concern for her.

Those were the feelings he currently had that prevented him from slowly peeling away that wretched towel from her body that held her tightly enough to reveal her beautiful curves to him. He could almost picture himself softly caressing that sensitive, sexy body of hers, making her breath come faster, making her whimper and moan in excitement and anticipation. He would love to tease her and play her like an instrument.

There were so many things he wanted to do that sweet body! She wasn't even at the age of consent and they were not married. And he was not going to tie Anna to him at the age of sixteen, especially because a selfish part of him wanted to do so for it was the only way he could bind her to him and have her in almost any way he wanted.

Mikoto's thoughts were becoming a little too dangerous now and he quickly rethought about all the stupid things Anna had done in the last twelve hours or so. As for Anna, she could have sworn that she saw Mikoto's eyes release a certain kind of heat, a light red glow. A heat that travelled up her legs and hit her straight at the centre of her thighs while the rest of her body shook slightly.

She tried her best to keep a neutral face on as she held the terry cloth to her almost protectively. She felt as though the removal of that protective cloth would reveal all her desires to him: She instinctively pressed her hands to it more tightly and lowered her head, hoping to hide the crimson blush of desire on her cheeks.

She stiffened when she she heard and felt a small splash in the water. Mikoto had dropped one foot in, causing the water's height to increase. Anna instinctively straightened up a bit to keep abreast of it.

Mikoto glanced at her and noted this. He added in his other foot more carefully and slowly knelt on one knee. He grasped the ankle of her foot that he had not quite inspected yet, and lifted it out of the foamy, soapy bubbles for him to have a better look at. After another clinical inspection of the foot itself, he moved his eyes upward, lifting her foot further until just above her knee was fully removed from the water.

The slender limb could have belonged to a model for despite her thinness, her calf was perfectly curved and there was meat at her thighs.

Many women who weighed as much as Anna did tended to have thighs that were skinnier than their knees. Anna's were not like that. In fact, they were quite attractive. But then again, everything about her was rather attractive.

Mikoto decided to lure himself away from those thoughts by looking at the bruise on her inner calf. Anna nodded and made a soft noise of assertion. He twisted her leg just a tiny bit to get a better look at the outer side of her leg. Particularly around the outer side of her knee there was a bruise.

She must also use her knees a lot in battle. As a woman of small stature, she was not able to pack enough punch against opponents who weighed more than her. Where she did have force and strength was particular in joint areas such as her knees.

If she couldn't smack her enemies around like her other clansmen could, then the most she was able to do was use her strength areas to hit at her enemies weak points. There were still backlashes to her and that was how, as he had mentioned to her earlier, she wound up with these bruises. Anna did not agree, nor did she disagree for she was well aware that she did not have as much muscle as most fighters to hit with enough force.

But she did have intelligence and Mikoto could at least give her credit for that. She was smart enough to decipher where she could lash out at her enemies. But apparently it wouldn't have tonight had Yata and the others not intervened and unwittingly given her an opening to take down the men. Mikoto carefully placed her foot back into the water. He let out a soft breath before turning his eyes to her. It was something she had known.

She could not even use the excuse that it was her aikido which she trained in school that helped her; most of the moves she used were Japanese kickboxing, taught to her by Mikoto himself. Anna shook her head. She actually didn't care to fight. She used it like training in order to improve herself for a real fight.

She also did this to add to her income so that she could maintain a certain standard of living for herself in Seneca. A rather independent way of life. Anna blinked at an abrupt movement by Mikoto. She saw him pull the hem of his white t-shirt upward.

What was he doing? Anna inhaled sharply as he swiftly stripped himself of the article of clothing and tossed it into the pile with her wet ones. Anna's eyes widened at the sight of him. When she was little, Mikoto's chest had been a warm, comfortable place. Cuddling against it made her feel safe. Now that she was older, she found herself in awe of how there did not seem to be a shred of fat on that chiseled torso of his. His skin was perfected tanned just like the rest of his body.

There was also this healthy tone to it. He was muscled, but not overly so. He had the build of a fighter who specialized in hand to hand combat, meaning that his body's mass was perfectly in proportion for every part of him was required to train properly for battles.

Anna realized that the sogginess of his t-shirt might have started to irritate him. As he was never to tolerate annoying things, he simply removed it. The young girl watched as he turned around and picked something else from the ledge of the tub. Really, he did not have anything related to 'fat' on him. All she could see was skin, muscle and bone. Wouldn't it be nice to slowly run her fingers along the long lines of his flat stomach, especially around his hips?

She found the idea of touching his skin to test its smoothness and texture very Mikoto had a fascinating body. And it was not like she had never seen a guy's body before not including the full frontal view of Yata when she was seven because living in a clan of many handsome young man did warrant her an interrupted view of their masculine chests and thighs, especially when they went to the beach.

But Mikoto's was far by the most attractive one to her. In fact, she had never given any kind of real thought to the others, for her in her eyes, Mikoto's body was the only one she wished to look upon. She quickly averted her eyes from him a he held a small jar in his hand. It will help ease the pain," he replied and opened the jar.

He shook some about in the bath, particular where he legs were, then he covered the jar and set it aside. He now reached for her and caught her wrist in his. Her knuckles were slightly red from the punching she did in the fight.

He turned her hand and saw red marks at her wrists that clearly indicated that she had chafed them. Anna paused and then nodded slowly. He drew back and stood up. As he did so, water poured down from his arm, part of his torso and legs from the submersion of those parts of his body.

It was like watching a warrior rise up from the depths of some watery abyss he had been sent to. The way the water was able to drip down his gorgeous body made her almost envious of the nonchalant ease they could touch him so closely while she had to recline in a small corner of the tub because she was afraid of that he would despise her for her embarrassing feelings for him.

The want of having him touch her in the most non-platonic way as possible. Mikoto stepped out of the bath. He walked over to where she was sitting in the tub and reached down. He brushed her hands aside and grasped one edge of the small towel. He stripped it quickly from her body and turned away, careful not to eye those perfect breasts that were bobbing above the layer of soapy water.

He tossed the terry cloth with the rest of soaked clothes. Then, he reached for the shower curtain and pulled it around her, hiding her from his view. There used to actually be an entire glass screen blocking off the area where the shower and bath was.

Unfortunately, Mikoto accidentally broke it when he shut the door too hard Therefore, he had to make do with the shower curtain unless he decided to go out and get the materials and replace the glass door himself.

But Mikoto was not really a man who cared about such things. He was perfectly fine with the shower curtain anyway. Besides, it was his own personal bathroom. The only other person who ever came in there was Anna. And this was probably the first time she had ever really used it albeit against her will.

Anna heard Mikoto unbuckling his belt, followed by the sound of him shucking off his jeans. They were wet as well so he probably wanted them removed as soon as possible. Then, she heard him gather their dripping clothing and walk out the room. Anna let out a soft sigh as soon as he disappeared. She was sleepy, she was weary and her body ached. She did stupid things for emotional reasons but she could not say that she truly regretted her actions. The only thing she disliked was the way her clan had found out about her activities.

She didn't know what they were thinking now, or if they even had a proper conception of how they had hurt her. They didn't even know everything-they just knew one aspect of what was causing her misery. Anna picked up the washcloth once more and began to clean her body with it. She was washed of sweat and dirt right now, and yet she smelled off Mikoto. He was soaked into her hair and directly into her skin.

Well, not exactly him but a scent that often lingered on him. Mikoto was never one to bother with commercialized products, but he did accept whatever made him clean. Maybe he did have a preference for this particular brand for he often had the scent of it linger on him. This was because for as long as she had known him, he had the scent of this product on him. It was not famous but it served its purpose. In terms of quality, it was actually a lot better than most foreign, over-commercialized junk that were sold at high prices.

This was a pure Japanese product that did a better job than most imported goods but because it was cheaper than the foreign goods, many people assumed that the quality was lower when it was actually higher.

mikoto and anna relationship trust

Anna thought that was really sad. At least Mikoto supported the local Japanese companies by purchasing their products because they worked well and not because of their price. Anna heard the curtain shift again and she saw Mikoto once more. He had a thick white towel around his hips. Aside from his chest, Mikoto's naked legs were also rather well muscled.

They looked hard, and she knew they were. While most of his body except his head had hair, his legs did. There was a light growth of red hair along his legs. Some people disliked body hair. But on Mikoto, Anna found it just made him look more masculine.

She turned her head away and blushed at her thoughts. Mikoto stooped beside the tub once more and reached into the water, right between her thighs.

Anna froze, wondering what the heck he was doing. She could actually feel his hand pressing against one inner thigh! However, she got her answer when she heard a soft 'plunk' and he lifted out a black plug on a thin silver chain. It was what had been covering the hole in the tub to prevent the water from draining out.

Anna nodded and turned on the shower, allowing a warm spray to wash the soap from her body. A fluffy, dry, white towel was thrown over to her when she turned off the shower. She caught it and wrapped it around her body. Then, she cautiously peeked from behind the the curtain. She saw Mikoto leaning against the sink with his arms folded waiting ever so patiently for her.

As if sensing her gaze his eyes shot to hers. Startled, she drew back. Probably because she was the prey right now and Mikoto was the moody lion. Mikoto very angry and it seemed that he was just biding his time right now.

If anything, he was even more infuriated than he had been when they were still in Seneca. Carefully, she drew back the curtain and was about to step out. However, she seemed to be moving to slowly for Mikoto for he reached his strong hands through the curtains and caught her by the waist.

She gasped as he pulled her out of the tub and set her on her feet. To her mortification, her towel started to come apart with his rough movements. Before she catch hold of it, Mikoto did. She looked up at him, watching as he retucked the loosening lapel over the other, hiding her body from him.

There was some fancy white writing on it in Latin that Anna did not understand, but it was obviously belonged to Mikoto for he liked these casual styles. In response, Mikoto slowly slid an arm around her waist and drew her into his arms. Neither were aware of how intimate they looked right now.

Anna, as she was small woman, reached Mikoto a little under his chest. She was slim and pretty, with a mass of thick white hair. She was like a beautifully crafted doll who little girls would love to dress up in all sorts of different clothing, and she had the curves that made many men long to caress. Mikoto was tall with fiery red hair and a well honed body. He was holding this slender woman in his arms.

She seemed to fit perfectly against him and the way he looked at her, despite the menace in his golden eyes would make an outsider realize that he wanted her. Mikoto was aware of his want for her, but he was fighting it and using his anger to push down those feelings. He did not want that combination of lust and rage to overtake him as it had earlier for he had practically lost his senses when he had done so. If Izumo had not called at that time, Anna's virgin blood would have stained her own bedsheets because he would loved her until he carved himself into her heart, mind and body.

That was how much Mikoto wanted her. And just as much as he wanted her, it was much as he was going to continue to fight himself. Mikoto caught her chin between his thumb and forefinger with his free hand. With a rather threatening look, he told her in a low, rough tone, "If you don't put it on, I will put it on for you.

Would you like that? If he was her lover, sure. He was Mikoto and he was in a very bad mood right now.

mikoto and anna relationship trust

There was no way that him stripping her off her towel and forcing her into his clothing was going to be a good experience. She quickly shook her head.

Put it on and stay in my room. You're not leaving there. Anna nodded quickly and hurried out the door, closing it behind her. As soon as she was safely away from him, Mikoto let out a sigh of relief. For a moment he thought that she might have said 'yes' to him about putting on the t-shirt for her.

The sight of her naked body would have indeed made him lose his mind. Mikoto's shirt was soft, and it smelled like him. Sure every part of her smelled like his bubble bath, but the shirt had Mikoto's own natural scent on it.

The one she was more accustomed to. The shirt was long and reached her mid-thigh. It was loose around her entire body, but it was soft and comfy.

Mikoto was known for wearing clothing that was more comfortable than stylish. Despite this, the way he carried about himself in casual wear was the what made him look stylish. What the bug relief for her was that her legs did not hurt as much before. They ached a little but the warm water and epsom salt helped her. As Anna sat on his sofa, she pushed some of her thick hair over one shoulder and was pressing the towel into it, trying to get it to dry off properly.

She also needed to comb it out. She looked around and saw Mikoto's brush on his desk.

mikoto and anna relationship trust

He wouldn't care if she used it. She didn't know why Mikoto trapped her here. Maybe he was going to kill her as she was his prey right now. But of course that wasn't true. As she walked over to his desk and picked up his hairbrush, she saw strands of bright red hair in it. She could see almost everyone for her eyes could decipher their color so easily.

And a drop of water slid down her cheek and fell onto her hand on the area between her forefinger and thumb. Why was she crying? Because she was so emotionally over-wrought, so confused right now, exhausted and fed-up. It felt like everything that had been on her heart all these months had piled up and tonight was her tipping point. She felt like she couldn't handle this confusion anymore, and this tension between her and her clansmen was just making her uncomfortable.

She was quite sure that they didn't think she had any reason at all to feel left out by them when they went out on assignments without her because they thought in their hearts that they were doing what was best for her under the flimsy guise that she needed 'rest'.

Since when was she a bloody invalid?! She is told to apologize when they head back and is given a fish cracker to eat from. Shortly after, Basashi attempted to fly using its wings but fails. Anna noticed afterwards that its pride had been damaged due to the fact it lacked any potential with its abilities. While the Clansmen were all arguing, Anna said that they neglected Basashi's human rights and told Kamamoto that she won't hand him over to people who don't take good care of things.

The tension built between both Clans startled Basashi and he fled from them, with Anna still riding on its back. Though scared, she realized that it was going somewhere it wanted to go. As he held out his hand to get her into the car, she shook her head and told them "this child has a place to go to" and apologizes as Basashi jumps down to the highway. Basashi keeps running until it spots Mikoto ahead and hastily stops. Anna notices the king and says his name, though she wore a worried look on her face.

She tells Mikoto where Basashi wants to go and he grabs its reins and walks Basashi. Anna notices Munakata and Mikoto said to ignore him or "the sly one will attack". It wanted to see the girl who took take of him all this time in that state. She adds that it believes it is no longer needed here, because it is a strain.

After hearing what Basashi had to say, Mikoto roughly lifts Anna up and asks if she is satisfied. When Awashima appears and tells the group she will have to deal with Basashi, Anna tries to stop her, although there was no need.

Back at the bar, Totsuka video tapes Anna's miserable look which he claimed was cute. Angrily, she probably punched Totsuka and grabbed his camera, pointing it as his face.

The man then started to apologize, saying he wasn't used to being filmed. Anna smiled happily at the clip and says "I've found Tatara", while Kusanagi pats her on the head. Anna listening to Totsuka sing. Sometime during the month of September, Anna was drinking from a small glass provided by Kusanagi.

She blew a bubble in her drink after he made a joke about Totsuka. Anna denied that she was laughing. Once she finished her drink, she went up to Totsuka and asked if he was going to sing his song. Flattered that Anna would ask, Totsuka began to play a song with the whole Clan as his audience.

When Mikoto asks what was wrong, Anna answered it was not a good time to go downstairs right now, and seemed rather happy as she passed the King. On December 7th around night, Anna goes to Mikoto's room and quietly wishes him a good night and he notes how she is in a good mood. Smiling cheerfully, Anna answered that she wondered, and said tomorrow was rare, because she would get to be with everybody and goes to sleep in her room, leaving Mikoto smiling.

That same night, one of Anna's marbles suddenly shatters and she sits up in shock, noticing what happened and quietly said Totsuka's name with worry. Anna goes to see Mikoto and he grimly tells her that Totsuka had died while his Aura began to flame up as his face remained without expression. She ran towards Mikoto and hugged him, wearing a sad expression and calling out Mikoto's name.

He sits quietly while the clock ticks A year and a half later, Anna joined her Clansmen as they watch old footage recorded by Totsuka. Once they were all done watching the videos, most of the male members left to carry out a mission. Anna is left alone with Mikoto and Kusanagi, though she distanced herself from either by staying next to Totsuka's camera.

She eventually found a tape titled Basashi Commotion and showed it to Kusanagi. Anna accompanies her group, HOMRAon their "interrogation" of one of the city's gang leaders, who happens to reside in a hotel suite. She is paired up with Mikoto, holding on to his coat as they walk towards the hotel.

She looks through one of her marbles at one point, presumably to see all of the colors instead of only red. They arrive at the hotel suite not long after the others finish the preparations; afterwards, Anna begins to do her mind-reading on the gang leader, using her red marble as a sort of "link".

However, she is unable to find any sort of valued information from the man, disappointing the others; with that, they leave. The group head to the building's lobby, where they are confronted by Scepter 4quickly initiating in battle with them.

mikoto and anna relationship trust

Anna is the only one who does not participate. This is the same for their next pursuit of a male teenagerwho closely resembles the man who murdered Totsuka. Atop one of their vans, Anna uses a map and four of her marbles to locate Yashiro Isanaallowing Kusanagi to send a call out to the others in their group to go look in the specified area.

She is quiet when Yata and Kamamoto start fighting, as well as when Kusanagi explains to them why Mikoto turned himself in. Anna does comment that Kusanagi was lying when he said that he trusted Yata. She pinpoints him at Ashinaka High School. Several days later, while playing with her marbles, one of them suddenly floats in the air and emits a fiery glow from the inside. As she stares at it, Anna whispers Mikoto's name.

She joins her Clansmen when they head over to the Scepter 4 headquarters to check up on Mikoto. It is there that they discover that he has recently broken out of his prison cell.

Upon seeing Mikoto, Anna runs over to him and quickly grasps onto his hand. She then walks together with him as the Clan itself makes way to their new destination: While she is walking, Anna pulls out a marble and it begins floating in the sky, though it shatters after emitting another glow. The shards end up cutting her hand causing blood to drip.

Her blood forms a sphere-like object and Anna suddenly sees Mikoto in a desolate, ruined city. Surprised, she asks whether he still intends to go but does not receive an answer. A silenced Anna continues onward as her blood ball splatters on the ground behind her. Anna, along with the rest of her Clan, eventually arrives at Ashinaka High School where they succeed in taking it over through force.

She tells an unsure Eric that he is indeed on the campus. However, she is still worried that she cannot find him even so. Night soon falls and it also begins to snow. Anna notices that Mikoto's Aura is being covered up by the snow falling over him and decides to remove it.