Milla maxwell and jude mathis relationship

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milla maxwell and jude mathis relationship

Reason 6: His relationship with his friends, especially Jude and Elize. Even though he's Tags: Anime, Milla Maxwell, Tales of Xillia, Jude Mathis, Leia Roland. Jude is also a very dedicated person; despite his young age, he follows Milla in the hopes that he may be of some use to her. Milla Maxwell Edit Alvin and Jude develop a brother like relationship, with Alvin teasing Jude and frequently. Tales of Xillia is a Japanese role-playing game released for the PlayStation 3 on September 7, In Tales of Xillia, Jude Mathis meets and accompanies Milla Maxwell who intends to destroy a His uncle, Gilland, forced his mother, Leticia ( レティシャ, Retisha) into a sexual relationship resulting in Alvin's distrust in others.

Tales of Xillia Status image in Tales of Xillia.

milla maxwell and jude mathis relationship

Jude's hometown is Lerondewhere his parents own a clinic. When he was small, he wandered to a dangerous place and was injured. Due to this incident, his friends changed their impression toward him.

Jude Mathis

According to his mother, he has always been a soft-hearted person ever since he was a child, which was why he was bullied all the time. Jude learned martial arts while still young. His childhood friend, Leia Rolandooften asked for a duel, which resulted in Jude's defeat each time. Jude's parents rarely pay attention to him due to their professions as medical doctors. This treatment causes Jude to believe that his parents live only to work, which he strongly dislikes. Feeling neglected, Jude decides to leave Leronde and head to Fennmontand study there.

In Fennmont, after a large number of patients are admitted to his hospital following a failed Spirit Arte at a military base, he decides to investigate the cause and meets Milla Maxwell, a mysterious girl who is investigating the recent deaths of a number of spirits. Entering a research building from underground, they discover human experimentation and the Lance of Kresnika weapon of mass destruction that Milla refers to as a spyrix.

Deeming it as the cause for the mass spirit annihilation as well as other threats, Milla attempts to destroy it by summoning the Four Great Spirits when they are interrupted by a mysterious girl in red clothing.

Milla Maxwell

After engaging in a fight and defeating the girl, she activates the lance, causing massive mana absorption, consuming the Four Great Spirits leaving Milla powerless. Before the floor collapses under the power of the lance, Milla manages to steal the key required for activation, stopping the machine. Jude saves her from drowning as they fall through the floor into a water reservoir. Leaving the sewers, they are soon apprehended by knights of Rashugal and placed under arrest for treason; however, Alvina wandering mercenary, appears and saves them as they board a boat and begin their journey to regain Milla's powers and stop the Lance of Kresnik.

Their trip leads them to Hamilwhere they encounter Elize Lutusand Jude decides to help after learning of her hardships. Over the course of the story Jude overcomes many hardships but perseveres. In the end he and the party defeats both Gaius and Muzet. In the epilogue he still has aspirations to become a doctor and and to complete spyrite technology.

Tales of Xillia 2 Status image in Tales of Xillia 2. In Tales of Xillia 2Jude explains that his father was actually part of Exodus, a terrorist group in Elympios. However, he met Jude's mother, a resident of Rieze Maxiaand decided to run away from the group. He also becomes quite famous in Rieze Maxia and Elympios as the youngest Origin head researcher, for better or worse, as he is also hated by certain parts of the society.

Jude is reunited with his past friends and allies himself with the previous game's antagonists, all aiding Ludger Will Kresnik to combat the infectious fractured dimension to preserve their own dimension. However, Jude becomes conflicted, yearning to reunite with Milla, only to discover that she was thrown into a void abyss by Chronos. When she is forced to sacrifice herself to allow Ludger to save Elle from Rideaux Zek Rugievitthe prime dimension Milla Maxwell returns.

Despite the fact that Milla has returned, Jude laments the fact that he could not save the other Milla. He wears a white jacket with a navy blue overcoat, lined with light blue accents.

In Tales of Xillia 2, he wears a black top, an orange unbuttoned vest with black markings, and red-brown jeans. He also wears a lab coat since he is now a scientist.

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In a skithe mentions that he changed his hairstyle and attire to fit Elympios's environment. Jude's mother describes him as "too quick to help others", a trait that his friends teased and even bullied him for when he was younger.

After the lab's closure, she is taken in by Jiao and chooses to leave his care to be with the party. After the events of Tales of Xillia, Elize is able to live a normal life under her caretaker and friend, Driselle Sharil.

Teepo was created to be Elize's partner as a result. Since her debut, Elize ranked on the Tales character popularity polls.

Illbert[ edit ] Rowen J.

milla maxwell and jude mathis relationship

Iruberuto was a legendary tactician for the Rashugal military and friends with Nachtigal before his kingship. Rowen retires and becomes the butler to the Sharil family and joins the party in Tales of Xillia to stop Nachtigal's corrupt reign.

Designed by Mutsumi Inomata, Rowen's role was conceived to be a mentor to the party. Since his debut, Rowen ranked on the Tales character popularity polls. After the events of Tales of Xillia Leia quits as a nurse in order to find a career she is passionate in; she becomes a journalist during the events of Tales of Xillia 2.

Designed by Mutsumi Inomata, her cheerful personality was chosen to balance the party's serious atmosphere. Before his reign as king, Auj Oule was divided and controlled by tribes whose leadership were succeeded by bloodline. After Gaius' tribe was destroyed due to an incompetent leader, Gaius decided to unite Auj Oule by conquest and promote a new system of government where competent leaders would rule.

Gaius' intention to destroy all spyrixes conflicted with the party's intention to transition spyrixes to spyrite. After the events of Tales of Xillia, Gaius concedes to the party's wishes and unites Rieze Maxia as a single country. During Tales of Xillia 2, Gaius poses as a civilian by using his birth name to investigate public opinion in Elympios; he joins the party to help save the world.

He is designed by Mutsumi Inomata and was given a realist personality to contend with Jude's naive and idealistic personality. Since his debut, Gaius ranked on the Tales character popularity polls.

In Tales of Xillia, she follows the party during their mission to defeat Exodus and turns against them in order to keep the existence of Rieze Maxia's barrier a secret. She allies herself with Gaius after Maxwell ceases giving her orders. She, along with Gaius, is defeated by the party at the end of Tales of Xillia.

While a silent protagonist of the game, he speaks in the related radio dramas. He lives with his older half-brother, Julius, and their pet cat, Rollo. He meets Elle Mel Marta during a train hijack by Exodus. After the train crashes and Spirius Corporation treats his injuries, he becomes burdened with a huge debt.

Spirius then hires Ludger for his Chromatus power, a power passed down by bloodline, in order to destroy parallel dimensions. In his ending, he becomes President of Spirius Corp and meets Elle's mother.

milla maxwell and jude mathis relationship

He is designed by Daigo Okumura. Her father, Victorsends her off to the prime dimension to meet Ludger and to search for the Land of Canaan. Elle is a Key of Kresnik which allows her to travel and take objects from the parallel dimension to the prime dimension. In her ending, she is shown as an adult living her life and continuing to remember Ludger as she still carries his pocketwatch. Gilland manipulated Nachtigal, the king of Rashugal, into building the Lance of Kresnik.

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After the death of Gilland, Exodus falls apart without a leader. Exodus returns in Tales of Xillia 2 where they cause several terrorist acts in order to prevent peace negotiations between Rieze Maxia and Elympios. As a result, her parents were killed and Jiao fled, leaving Elize behind. Because of this, Jiao feels indebted to Elize. Jiao is killed during the Elympios invasion to let the party escape.

He is the divergence catalyst of his dimension and is killed by the party. Realizing Gaius' potential as a peaceful king, Wingul joined Gaius' revolution. He died from overexerting his powers while trying to prevent the party from interfering with Gaius' plans. In a parallel dimension in Tales of Xillia 2, Gaius' sister, Karla, committed suicide causing Gaius to run away and Wingul to become king. He becomes a divergence catalyst host and is killed by the party as a result.

Wingul's native language is a modified form of the fictional language in Tales of Eternia.