Mine and tatsumi relationship test

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mine and tatsumi relationship test

Mine- personally, i think she is the least deserving of Tatsumi. she's cool and during this Arc she will be tested because this relationship will become either. The Akame ga Kill! manga and anime series features an extensive cast of fictional characters. The visuals of the characters were designed by Tetsuya Tashiro, while their stories were created by Takahiro. The story focuses on Tatsumi, a young warrior who joins an assassin group . Tatsumi is enraged and plans to carry out Mine's goal to come out on top. They started bickering but their relationship was confused for a romantic one by the leader of the Way of Peace. Mine has also trusted Tatsumi to deal with the.

So please Takahiro-san don't kill me and if you are then please let me die from one of Akame Ga Kill's bishoujou's. Before this starts I would like to say that you guys should watch Nanatsu no Taizai.

Also does anyone feel disappointed about episode 21 because they didn't have Mine's entrance like in the manga. I just feel sad it feels so rushed for a masterpiece I mean there are other choices to do but yeah it's a bit sad. I don't care what rating, what pairing, or how many words. You made me elated and I will thank you forever.

Anyways on to the chapter and special part at the end "I know you're all prepared to save Tatsumi from the Capital but I have been given a message and we are to postpone saving Tatsumi. To think Mine who is the most selfish out of all of them well maybe not more than Lubbock just say that she will risk her life to save someone.

There was an intense silence as no one said a word due to Mine's supreme killing aura kicking in Lubbock then thought, Shit! This is going to turn ugly if I don't stop it. Lubbock then said, "Mine, I think you-" Mine then focused the entire killing aura onto Lubbock and shouted, "Shut up, Lubba!

Najenda then sighed as she looked at Lubbock and immediately blushed. Of course she wouldn't forget what happened yesterday. She then coughed to straighten herself out.

Najenda then continued, "-It appears that informants have said that Tatsumi has escaped the capital. So we won't save him since he will come back to this base" Mine who heard that immediately blushed in embarrassment and was immediately insulted by Leone and surprisingly Akame.

mine and tatsumi relationship test

Leone then said, "Ne, ne, did you feel cool when you talked back to the boss like that-" She then mimicked Mine's voice, "-Tatsumi I love you and I will save you no matter what! Akame then said, "Mine, do you remember what you said when Tatsumi was captured for the first time? Ok, I love him are you happy? Leone then said, "Well, well, you've fallen for him that hard, huh. Leone then placed her elbow on Mine's head and said, "You forgot something.

Tatsumi X who

I forgot about Lubbock. Mine then went to where Lubbock was and said, "Um, Lubbock. I'm sorry for shouting please forgive me! That small girl owned you, boy!

I bet you looked pathetic in your Miss Najenda's eyes now. You're such a loser. Lubbock just looked at Mine with a blank face and eyes that were filled with nothingness, "It's alright.

Najenda then sighed and said, "Lubbock stand up. Najenda was about to say something but couldn't speak as she was face to face with Lubbock. It took all of her willpower and known experience to not blush as brightly as Mine.

Her thoughts were filled on what happened yesterday and the day before that and it always made her wonder on why she didn't punish the pervert for what he did. Could she have possibly liked it?

Preposterous, she'll just punish him next time he does an indecent act. Najenda then coughed to talk but still blushed slightly when she saw Lubbock, "Lubbock, I want you to scout and then report to us when you see Tatsumi. I'll do it immediately!

With Tatsumi Tatsumi was walking ahead of the three Jaegers as they were near the mountain where Tatsumi and Esdeath were in before they got transported.

Tatsumi sighed heavily, Hah! How am I going to explain this to the others? Well, at least I am finally able to see Mine but- Tatsumi was suddenly overcome by this feeling of dread, - why does it feel like I made a bad choice. Esdeath was also walking and she was wondering what Tatsumi was thinking but it didn't matter. She looked behind her and saw Wave and Kurome talking but also very near each other.

mine and tatsumi relationship test

It seems that their relationship has been getting better while hers with Tatsumi was extremely strained.

Ever since she had learned that Tatsumi was with another woman and it seems that he was madly in love with her. She followed what Bols said but it didn't work, it seems that it wouldn't happen. Well, there's no time to regret but to see who this woman is and possibly fight- scratch that I mean kill this other woman so that Tatsumi can finally accept her feelings.

I tried my best to do Esdeath's yandere side Meanwhile, Wave and Kurome were just talking about what they would do when they reach Night Raid and Kurome's plan. Kurome then asked, "Wave, you think this will work. I mean I don't think she'll listen to me anyways because of what I did when I killed that pink haired girl. All we have to do now is head south and we will be on our way to the base" Esdeath then called Tatsumi, "Ne, Tatsumi do you still remember what happened here?

Esdeath then said with a smile, "Good times, right. Kurome sensed his dread and whispered to Esdeath, "Ne, taichou what good times? Kurome then had an evil smile and Wave was really concerned. Wave then asked Tatsumi, "Ne, Tatsumi why do I have a feeling that this is going to be really bad for me. She propably won't be that hard to you.

Wave then stuttered as he was afraid, "Ye- Yes Ku-Kurome- cha- chan. Wave then had a huge nose bleed and was seen with a smile on his face as if he enjoyed what Kurome just said. Kurome just giggled as she saw what happened to Wave. Tatsumi didn't know what to think, I wonder what Kurome said to Wave to make him say that because I know that Wave is not a pervert then- He then looked at Esdeath who just smiled and winked at him, -On second thought, maybe not.

Kurome just sighed as she looked disappointed at him; Wave just simply blushed due to embarrassment. Tatsumi just sighed and said, "We have to get going so let's move out. It is time to start the battle. Back in Night Raid's base Lubbock was surveying the scene while he was thinking, Baka! Why couldn't I just do it.

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Shambhala then said, "Ne, ne are you mad? Shambhala then sighed and said, "And I thought you would thank me for what I did. Why do I have to thank an asshole like you? You haven't done jack squat to me and you've done nothing but insult me.

From the one that got him punched through several walls where he apparently was in the dream and it was being reflected in real life wherein Najenda tried to help him but then she slipped.

It was almost like a dream he didn't want to believe was true like it meant he died and went to heaven and saw the angels. He just saw Najenda kiss him but not a light kiss on the lips this one was Najenda really kissing him like the one he dreams about. Then she fell back and to his shock he was just plainly blown away that she didn't hit him first but instead blush brightly red.

After that the memories changed as all his reaction after seeing all that was touching his lips like it wasn't real. Oh my motherfucking god! This isn't fucking real! Shambhala are you tricking me again. Shambhala then said, "I'm not tricking you here! Everything you see is really real and you actually did it. It's going to be priceless! Better get the camera ready and picture. He then flowed the memories of Lubbock AN: Remember Shambhala can do almost anything with time and space so who knows.

Lubbock saw when he was fighting Najenda but then he saw that when he lunged at Najenda he shouted, "Miss Najenda, look out! Just keep watching what you did.


This is the best part! When he saw that he lunged, Najenda had asked him he was ok and all Lubbock wanted to do was tell her to get out of the way but then was completely red and fought his nose bleed that would bring his death.

He found out that when he lunged at Najenda he touched her lovely breasts. He then looked at his hands and before he could respond he heard Najenda say, "Kyaah! Lubbock then woke up, wiped the blood of his face as it was still going down and then he coughed loudly to maintain himself. Shambhala then coughed slightly to get his master's attention, "Anyway we need to get you to know how to use me to travel from a different place to the next.

Shambhala then continued, "Remember this to go from one place to the next by marking it with either your hands or your feet or from where Shambhala was placed in the past but I have made it enough to know that wherever you touched before has been marked by Shambhala. Even your strengths are really strong but what about your weaknesses. I just want to know how to fight with you. I want to be more useful to help my comrades and not die because of that samurai.

I remember an owner I had once that could use it multiple times before becoming tired. So in other words for you to use me as well like the owner I just mentioned.

You have to train more on your endurance and stamina so starting tomorrow we are going to train you. The ideal body for you is to be a bit like your friend Tatsumi and to have about the same stamina.

So are you prepared-? I can't do this! I can't do this. All those thoughts just kept on circling in his head because of the impossible task that was ahead of him to complete.

Shambhala was just annoyed and sighed angrily because not only was he annoyed about Lubbock's thoughts which he could hear but also because he was sick and tired of Lubbock's changes in personality.

He then shouted, "Quit being a fucking coward. I hate people who can't rise up to the challenge when they're needed to. Shambhala then continued and said, "Look I know you follow your "Miss Najenda" all the time but look at this way you are never going to realize your dreams.

mine and tatsumi relationship test

Shambhala then said, "- because the fucking credit will always go to the brave guys and they will remember them forever and will get the girls right! He remembered about Tatsumi getting almost every girl interested in him and as well as Susanoo with Miss Najenda.

Shambhala then said in mock surprise, "Ah! I see you finally get what I'm saying. All to get his attention is to talk about his girl whether to insult her or just even mention her name or her features and then he gets interested.

Shambhala just hit his face with his hand when he just thought about how much of an idiot is Lubbock, He's really fucking pathetic. I guess I have to also change him as well. This is going to be so fucking hard. Shambhala quietly groaned and continued, "Another thing, remember what I said when we first talked and what I showed you what would happen if you won't change. Lubbock then with a monotone voice said, "Yes, I know what you said-" He then got inspired and shouted, "- and I swore that I won't let anyone die including her!

I just wish that it would stay like that. Lubbock then said, "Oh shit! Did I go to a mountain or to a wasteland? Man I have to learn how to teleport and now where I'm fucking going. A mid-height boy in his mid to late teens with messy brown hair and emerald green eyes.

He came from a little village that was located in the cold southern region of the Empire, far away from the Imperial Capital. One day, Tatsumi alongside his dear childhood friends traveled to said place in order to get a get a job and earn money to help their poor village. However, after a series of unfortunate events, the young man ended up joing the infamous group of assassins known as "Night Raid" and fighting against the cruel and corrupt Empire.

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She was wearing a frilled light pink dress that matched her hair and the big expressive eyes of hers, albeit from a darker tone.

The girl's name was Mine and she was about the same age as Tatsumi. The two of them have been dating since Mine confessed her love to Tatsumi some months ago, the two agreed to go out at first and see if their relationship worked out.

The country boy fell in love with her after a short time due to her being sweet and loving with him, the complete opposite of how she treated him after he joined Night Raid. She was rude and bossy with him at first, however she slowly begun to see the young man in different light as they went through a lot of missions together and how he became stronger both in body and mind, even after the death of several comrades, including his friend and mentor, Bulat.

Mine finally fell in love with Tatsumi since the day he saved her from a certain death against Jaegers member Seryuu Ubiquitous. For the past few days, Mine experienced symptoms like nausea and dizziness, her belly started to become more prominent as well.

mine and tatsumi relationship test

The pinkette thought that her sickness was related to eating something spoiled that Akame cooked, so Tatsumi accompanied her to the nearest doctor to a town close to Night Raid current hideout. After having analyzed the medical tests and the series of questions she made to the supposedly sick girl. The short haired doctor gave them the shocking results that caught the couple off guard.

mine and tatsumi relationship test

Tatsumi reacted with a small blush on his cheeks at the woman's compliment, while the pink haired had a tense face. That's something very rare to happen, but it's still possible to occur during the first weeks of pregnancy. You were the one who wanted to do 'this and that' that night, remember!? We did it because both of us agreed to! I guess you're right about that The young couple got back at Night Raid's headquarters by nightfall.

Both were greeted by a relieved Akame, who was wearing an apron above her usual clothes and cooking the dinner that included grilled meat, favorite dish of the girl in her late teens who had very long black hair and red crimson eyes. Meanwhile, a hungry Leone was sniffing and salivating at the delicious meal that her friend was preparing for everyone. At the living room, Lubbock was sitting at the couch while reading some erotic novel books with a perverted look on his face.

The leader of Night Raid was a tall woman with who was in her mid to late twenties. She had short white hair and an eyepatch, but what really caught the attention about the young woman was her dark green robotic arm due to the injuries caused by the fearsome woman known as Esdeath some years ago, after she deflected from the Imperial Army.

Akame, Leone and Lubbock stopped what they were doing and gathered in the living room to hear about what the young couple was going to announce. The baby will be born in approximately half a year Lubbock visibly enraged by the unexpected announcement pointed his index finger at a silent Tatsumi and began to rant against him.

You never told me that you have been engaging in that kind of 'lovey-dovey' activities with Mine! So you two have been doing 'lewd things' all this time?