Miroku and sango relationship counseling

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miroku and sango relationship counseling

on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Drawings, Kagome higurashi and Miroku. Inuyasha-Kagome and Inuyasha . InuYasha couples - MirSan and InuKag. miroku and sango funny | miroku and sango love | Tumblr. Inuyasha and Kagome are one of the cutest couples, mainly because their love and affection. Posts about therapy written by Sango. Posted in Regrets, Love, Relationships, Hurt, Self-HelpTagged relationship advice, Regrets, sadness, depression.

Anatomy of the Soul: The soul is divided in two: Kon it's the heart will and Haku is the power that moves the body: Moryomaru is just a bunch of dead youkai body parts animated by Haku. When Akago is inside of him, he provides the Kon. Kikyo's Kon is the part she stole from Kagome's soul but she needs to constantly steal Haku to be able to move. Near the end, Byakuya asks Naraku what wish he will make on the Shikon jewel after he has killed Inuyasha and the rest; he admits he isn't sure.

And Your Little Dog, Too: Naraku, who is behind almost everything bad that happens to, well, everyone. Kagura's Dance of the Dead. Kikyo settles into the role after her resurrection, once the worst of her initial rage has subsided. Sesshomaru starts off as a villain, but subsequent Character Development shifts him from there to Anti-Villain and from there arguably to Anti-Hero ; exactly where he falls tends to vary depending on your perspective.

A case can also be made for Kagura possibly reaching Anti-Hero status by the end of her character arc when she begins acting directly against Naraku - again depending on your mileage.

Saint Hakushin; Kagura and Sesshoumaru both evolve into this role as well, and some also count Bankotsu and Jakotsu, although their actions overall make them more arguable cases, especially Bankotsu.

miroku and sango relationship counseling

Sesshoumaru tried to replace his severed arm with other youkai arms, but they all turned out to be useless and after a while he just stopped trying. Kagome, and not only on Inuyasha. Sango, mostly on Miroku.

miroku and sango relationship counseling

The first three movies have a different character designer from the anime, resulting in this. This is averted for the fourth movie, however. The Shikon no Tama and its search only brings death and destruction. A lot of this in this show. Yura of the Hair is actually a spirit born from a comb used to comb the hair of dead people. Destroying the comb destroys Yura. The cursed Noh Mask.

Later, Sesshomaru commissions the making of the deadly sword Tokijin, crafted from the teeth of Naraku's detachment Goshinki.

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It possesses its own maker, but when Sesshomaru takes it for himself, he shrugs off the sword's attempt to possess him through sheer willpower. Kanna has her Mirror, which can steal the very soul of those she shows it to or, in some cases, absorb the power and devastating effect of a weapon and allow her to direct it back at the sender.

The Naginata of Kenkon, aka the Naginata of Heaven and Earth, was fashioned from the corpses of demons by the same demonic smith who made Tokijin. Dakki, the youki-absorbing sword that transformed its human smith into a pseudo-youkai in order to try and absorb Tessaiga's youki and then transferred the full force of Inu Yasha's attack to said smith's body in a desperate attempt to save itself.

The Movies also introduce a few more, like Kaguya's mirror and the terrible Sou'unga: The Sword of Hell. Sou'unga can not only create the devastation of the dragon vortex, but it can possess its owner and force them to commit murder wherever and whenever possible. The best example however, would be the Shikon no Tama, the real Big Bad of the story. Kikyo's body is made of her ashes and clay. One of the many methods that the show uses to recap events. Inuyasha's Super-Powered Evil Side killed several bandits in a brutal way.

Kanna's mirror, and later Naraku's barrier develops this as well. Part of her was sad but another part of her was angered. She wanted to find him and choke him with his own tail. She really appreciated that he had shown up and did what he did at that time. She would deal with Koga later.

I do that to him all the time. She looked so genuine when she said that, it gave him a feeling of actually being appreciated. But it also made him uncomfortable. Kikyo never looked at him with that much sincerity. Now, we have a little time left. Let's get started with the session. Taisho mentioned that you have a bit of an attitude and anger problem at work making frequent outbursts at meetings They seem to forget that I'm in charge so I have to put them in their place.

He thought about how his employees treated him because he was a half demon. They felt that they did not have to respect him. They believed he only got the position of COO because of his father so he lashed out to put them back in their place.

He did not want to discuss it though. Kagome observed the change in his demeanor. He folded his arms and seemed less confident. There might be more to his behavior than what he shows on the surface, she thought but decided not to probe him further today. They were almost out of time; she had another client to see. Unfortunately we don't have much time left.

For these last few minutes can you complete this anger management assessment? She was surprised he completed it so quickly. She read the paper and frowned. Inuyasha wrote on it "I do not have an anger problem.

This initial session did not go anything like it should have.

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It was actually the most unprofessional interaction with a client she had ever had. She had to fix the dynamics of their relationship. The client-therapist relationship had boundaries and they already crossed one because he had seen her in a damn bikini making out with someone he knew! Therapists and clients were not supposed to acknowledge each other out in the public in order to keep confidentiality.

I will see you next week, Friday evening. Here's my card if you need to contact me. She could not wait to leave. She already had enough excitement for today and she still had other clients to see. So I guess we can't do the session. You're not going to get rid of me after just one session, she thought.

She was up for the challenge; although this morning was draining she would return for the next session ready. I'm not going to a quack's office! I am not a quack!

He was trying to annoy her but he actually realized she wasn't that bad. He hadn't laughed so hard in a long time. If she was this easy to tease, he was going to enjoy these sessions.

Keep it professional Kagome, she said to herself. Have a good day. He followed her chuckling all the way. No client had ever gotten under her skin like that nor did she ever have to deal with a psycho girlfriend that offered poop coffee! She thought about cancelling all her other appointments today but decided against it. She would not allow one client to ruin her entire day.

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Later in the evening Kagome was tired. Her entire day of sessions was taxing. It seemed every one of her clients had serious emotional problems today. She could not wait to meet Rin for dinner; the first thing she would order would be a bottle of wine.

The girls were meeting up at a sushi spot downtown Miami. It was nice to get together after a long day of sessions and just talk. When Kagome arrived Rin was already sitting at a table waiting for her. I'm so happy to be done with today. The waitress came by with a bottle of pink moscato and two wine glasses.

Rin had already ordered their favorite wine. They placed their orders for their sushi and sat back to have a drink. I'm guessing from that answer it did not go well. Kagome told Rin everything that happened during the session. Rin could not contain her laughter.

And it turned out that he was the guy from the beach.

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The one good thing about the session was that I was able to thank him. Kagome to a sip of her wine. He looks like a handsome predator. And the way he looked at me was like I was the prey. I have got to see a picture of him! If he looks anything like Inuyasha than I guess he is cute.

Did she just admit that jerk was cute! So you think Inuyasha is cute? Both girls looked to where they heard the voice. A tall young man with black hair pulled into a small ponytail stood over their table. His dark eyes were cheerful and a grin graced his face.

He sat in the booth next to Rin. Rin scooted away from him towards Kagome. She slapped him as hard as she always did.

Inuyasha Couples Part 2: Sango and Miroku

This hand is cursed. Sango's abuse was much worse than a simple slap. He decided to change the subject. I heard Kagome over here talking pretty badly about someone.

miroku and sango relationship counseling

He was nosy as ever. I know someone with puppy dog ears. He's actually a good friend of mine. Kagome and Rin were not ones to break confidentiality so they wouldn't say their clients' names to Miroku but Kagome was curious.

And don't tell anyone he's my client. We met during our undergraduate years. So you think he's cute huh? I have to go before my love begins to wonder where I am. Just then her phone buzzed. She received a text from an unknown number. Next session, do not wear any perfume. Your natural scent was pleasant. Rin read the text message two more times trying to make sense of it.

She text back who is this? She had given him her card to contact her for emergencies only. Kagome wasn't sure what to make of that. Kagome watched Rin but decided not to comment any further. This Sesshomaru is definitely affecting her friend. Author's Note Sorry I took so long; I wanted to post this chapter sooner! Anyways, Kopi Luwak is a real coffee and quite expensive.

I can't believe people actually drink that lol.