Monica and chandler relationship goals messages

A Love Letter to Monica and Chandler, Lovers Who Were F.R.I.E.N.D.S First |

monica and chandler relationship goals messages

Quite a few plot twists involved Rachel and Joey's relationship, 29 Saved: Monica And Chandler Got Closer In London . Monica put down her name on the waiting list and Chandler overheard the message that there was an opening. . but Phoebe had had a list of goals she wanted to accomplish by the. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors .. 24 Ways Monica And Chandler Ruined All Other Relationships For You. From best friends to dating to marriage, these two lovebirds certainly have a relationship that's "goal-worthy.".

So here are few points on why, even 13 years after F. S last aired, Monica and Chandler still manage to give us relationship goals! These individuals were far from being perfect. They loved each other for who they really are. Soul mates are for the lazy They did not believe in soul-mates.

Their relationship was never easy, but it was worth all of it. S, Chandler was always the most financially stable — he had a high paying job and a great carrier graph — but somehow loathed it. So one fine day, when he took the decision to quit it and do something he actually loved; Monica did not even bat an eye.

Live and let live. Chandler had dismissed Monica because she was fat, and she was responsible for his missing toe. But it took just minutes for them to get past that information and move on. This is one of the main reasons why they stuck forever. If the other keeps holding a grudge every time that happens, it weakens the relationship from its core. Monica and Chandler excelled at that.

monica and chandler relationship goals messages

I am sure you do, but will still put it out here, just so we revel in the warmth of these words again. Also, this article is a low key attempt at making you guys crave for F. S so much, that one of you finally decides to join us in starting a change. Fans watched their friendship deepen when she moved in with him.

Then, they went on a platonic date and he realized he was beginning to have feelings for her. He struggled with what to do and fans saw how the others reacted to the revelation.

He even summoned up the courage to tell her how he felt, even though it didn't go anywhere at the time, it showed great growth in his character.

15 Plot Twists That Hurt Friends (And 15 That Saved It)

However, before their own wedding, she revealed she had really been looking for Joey that night. Sure, it was great for laughs, like what it would've been like if they dated, but it was unnecessary.

monica and chandler relationship goals messages

Friends didn't even bother showing Monica and Chandler talking after the revelation. Instead, Chandler spoke with Joey and his and Monica's conversation took place off-screen. They had resolved the issue by the time they had rejoined their friends. What should have been about Monica and Chandler's relationship became about Chandler and Joey's friendship on-screen. However, his existence kept Carol and Susan in Ross' and the others' lives, and that was the right call.

At times, they were more entertaining and better characters than Ross. If not for Ben, the gang would've maybe mentioned Carol and Susan every once in a while, as Ross' first divorce. The series was able to explore the three of them trying to figure out how to raise Ben together. It was messy at times, but the show was better for it.

16 Reasons Why Chandler and Monica Are Relationship Goals

However, the series had the two of them meet seemingly for the first time more than once. The more revealed about their past like spending the same holiday with the Gellersthe more obvious the plot holes became. It was never mentioned again, nor did Rachel ever address it. The only point seemed to be to set up the reveal of the truth about Ross and Rachel's first kiss. Their friendship and scenes together showed they could be a good match.

But first, they had to take that step. Once Joey and Charlie broke up, they had their chance. Joey saw Charlie and Ross kissing and had nothing holding him back from making a move on Rachel, and while their relationship wasn't handled in the best way, that first moment was. Rachel and Joey's feelings for each other had to be explored and going to her hotel room in Barbados was the beginning of that.

So, he went with that and proposed despite only knowing each other for six weeks. That moment was the beginning of the end for Ross and Emily — and of Emily as a good character. It led to Rachel intending to stop their wedding and Ross saying Rachel's name instead of Emily's. It would've been best for everyone involved if Ross had never proposed. Her twin sister, Ursula, didn't think it was such a big deal when she told her, but Phoebe had had a list of goals she wanted to accomplish by the age of Later in the episode, Joey followed her out of the coffee shop and kissed her.

Because of that, she was able to cross off two things: It was a sweet moment that highlighted Phoebe and Joey's friendship. Plus, it was the perfect way to have them kiss and mean something, but not lead to more. Rachel's Crush On Joey Joey realized he had feelings for Rachel in season 8, but she didn't feel the same at the time.

monica and chandler relationship goals messages

Then, the following season, she realized she liked him, just in time to see him and Charlie begin to date. She was obviously jealous and she wasn't the best person when she was. For example, she let Charlie think Phoebe liked Joey when the other woman mistook Rachel's voice for Phoebe's. She got catty, which wasn't a good look on her, especially since it wasn't Charlie's fault she took too long to say something. He even tried to convince them their new house wasn't as great as it was, but they then revealed the one part of the house he hadn't seen yet: Yes, he had his own room in their house.

Chandler and Joey's friendship was one of the best parts of the series. This was a perfect way to show that friendship wouldn't change, even if their lives did.

Friends - Chandler & Monica (Part 1/9) [1080p]

David Moved To Minsk For the longest time, it seemed like David was the only likely choice for Phoebe's romantic endgame. Then, he had to move to Minsk for work.

But every time he returned to New York, there was obviously something between him and Phoebe.

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Then, when David returned permanently, she started dating him again. The problem, though, was that she was still in love with Mike. David's time in Minsk did make for some amusing moments, especially between him and Mike.