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Both Mukuro and Chrome carry their trident (which helps with their illusions) everywhere. Chrome's right eye is .. I'm the one asking questions right now. The baby, you Oho, what a beautiful trusting relationship. Interesting. Rating: PG Character(s): Hibari Kyoya, Dokuro Chrome, Rokudo Mukuro, and Remember, she didn't want to end their relationship.” “B-but we. Read Tsuna's story, questions and identities from the story The mysterious sky ( khr Also for when Nagi/Chrome is speaking with Mukuro it will be like this'. by your uncles Kyouya and alaude after which they had a very close relationship.

She shrinks away and is timid, and apologizes, showing us that she wants to avoid conflict especially with them, who Mukuro is a little fond of. Chrome sometimes states the obvious, such as "You defended me" after Tsuna tells the rest of the Family that he doesn't think she's Mukuro.

She notices things - like the fabric of her uniform - and then becomes fixated on it, for example tracing a pattern with her fingers and staring at it for a while. She'll probably answer it later. She only really cares about Mukuro, but she likes cats and animals. She studies her Italian and practices her illusions a lot, so she can be useful to Mukuro and so she can someday talk to him in his mother tongue.

She tries to talk to his mafia subordinates sometimes to learn more about him, but they treat her badly so she's learned to stop.

She isn't a crybaby, or a weakling, and she will stand her ground. She's not super-stubborn, but she won't just give in. If she needs to do something, she will try her best to find a way to do it, and she won't complain about it. He thinks of most people as toys. He is very patient, and will wait and has waited years in hiding in order to get what he wants.

Both Mukuro and Chrome are highly perceptive, due to their illusion training, although Mukuro is moreso than Chrome.

Is mukuro in a relationship with chrome?

Mukuro needs his trident in order to be able to cast illusions. He summons already-dead giant dogs to attack people in chapter 66, they basically throw up blood all the time 'cause they're… moving carcasses.

In chapter 75 he summons poisonous snakes. Only people who can normally see auras or dying will flames can see the flame. He usually uses this power in hand-to-hand combat.

The aura is black, and only some people can see it. Mukuro hates this skill and hardly ever uses it. When using this skill, he also gets marks all over his body. When Mukuro controls someone, they don't remember anything about what happened when he took over. He can only possess the body of someone he has cut drawn blood from with his trident.

He uses this ability to possess Chrome. He does not possess a body when he controls it - he is in his own body, and controls it from wherever he is by thought. If the person who he's controlling resists hard enough, with outside help, the person faints and blood comes out from their nose and ears as a result of the "clash of wills" they are experiencing.

While being controlled, the person cannot sleep. When shot by the bullet, the person shot will be able to possess the body of another person. Its use requires the user to have a strong will and an affinity for the bullet itself. He uses this in the beginning of the series, possessing Bianche, Gokudera, and Hibari. With this, Mukuro can possess the bodies of multiple people at once. He can talk to people, although few people will hear him. Continued in personality sections xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Abilities - Chrome Chrome can mask her presence from others completely.

She can also twirl the trident like a baton. It's true that they don't need to move to create illusions. They both use their trident for physical attacks as well as illusions.

Inheritance Ceremony Arc

He fears being weak, I think. History Mukuro Mukuro was an orphan who was picked up by a mafia family - Ken, Chikusa, and Mukuro were part of the Estraneo family that created the Possession Bullet.

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Their Family used them as human test subjects. Other families found out about the bullet, and started killing the Estraneo members - which caused the Estraneo to conduct even more experiments, to protect themselves. They killed children like bugs. Then Mukuro killed everyone and destroyed the lab, by himself.

What kind of plot would you use if you wanted Four to deflower One? I'm just gonna say wow. Does anyone on your friends list read Seven slash? Does anyone on your friends list read Three het?

Not sure, but I wanna read it. Not even for Tsuna? Does anyone on your friends list write or draw Eleven? Squalo's fanfictions are addicting. Or else I'll do what those stupid fanfictions do. But half way only! It's been 3 weeks since the Vongola mansion has been damaged to the point where it's in bad shape.

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So, why was the Varia here? Cause the Vongola Ninth thought it would be best if the Varia and Tsuna work on their Therefore, the Varia is currently living with the Vongola Tenth. So, why couldn't Belphagor stop looking at the Vongola Tenth's butt? XD "Belphagor-san, please refrain from looking at Tsuna's butt. Belphagor turned around and was looking straight at Yamamoto, standing in the doorway grinning.

A prince can do whatever he wants.

Of Perverts, Proposals, and Pink Aprons - lay the cards down

Yamamoto and Belphagor looked up but too late, Tsuna already crashed onto both of them. Yamamoto held Belphagor tightly while Belphagor tried to hold the young Vongola. Tsuna tried to stand up but keeps falling down. Tsuna just sat down and sighed, he shyly looked up at the both of them and blushed.

Be careful next time. He found that cute. Suddenly, something blew in his ear making him blush slightly.