Mukuro and chrome relationship trust

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mukuro and chrome relationship trust

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. RATED: PG PAIRINGS: Mukuro/Chrome SUMMARY: A character plastic breathing tube strapped over her face (trust me, he could feel it). Chrome Dokuro, her original name being Nagi, is the unofficial Tenth She serves as Mukuro's vessel and connection to the world outside the Vendicare Prison. she willingly opened up to, and still is the one she places her utmost trust in.

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She has violet eyes but one was covered by a black eye patch with a chrome-colored skull due to an injury that caused her to loose her right eye. She is mostly seen wearing the green Kokuyo Middle-school uniform like the rest of the Kokuyo Gang; accessorized with her eypatch, a black belt, and black boots, all embelished with a chrome-colored skull, reflecting her name, Chrome Dokuro Dokuro means "skull" in Japanese.

During her daily activities in the future, she sometimes replaced her skull eyepatch with the normal one. Other times, she has been seen wearing the Simon uniform or Namimori uniform. With whatever she wears, she was usually seen with her bag, in which she stores a weapon. In one of chapter covers, which shows her current self and Nagi, Nagi is shown to wear a sailor uniform, implying that she used to attend public school prior her accident.

When in an illusionay world, she has longer hair with bangs covering her lost right eye and was seen wearing a plain white gown. This is shown to be a similar version of Nagi before the incident minus the hair covering her right eye. The Future version of her is briefly seen at the end of the Future Arc. From her younger counterpart, Chrome had let her hair grow back longer with her bangs being short but off to the right side; she had gotten rid of her skull eye patch and the "pineapple" hair.

It's also shown she has a sense of style wearing a simple shirt, skirt, with a jacket. Contrary to this, in other official artwork, Chrome had her bangs even shorter and still retained a "pineapple" hairstyle with her longer hair look. She also had a different styled eye patch with stars on it. Personality Due to her once anti-social life as Nagi, she never opened up to anyone except Mukuro, and always gets confused and shy whenever someone is kind to her since she had never imagined that her existence could be accepted by people.

Because of her timid nature, she never talks nor fights back if someone badmouths or even hurt her, and merely accepted it calmly.

mukuro and chrome relationship trust

This made some people can't be honest with her or think of her as pitiful. She also lacked confidence and used to tend on Mukuro for help, despite her own desire to become stronger. However, as the story progress, she becomes determined to become independent to help the people who are dear to her with her own power and started to open up with the others. History Nagi, before becoming Chrome Dokuro.

From what her parents talked about in a flashback, her original name was Nagi, and she lived an isolated and antisocial life. After trying to rescue a cat, she was badly injured in a car accident, which led to the loss of her right eye and some of her internal organs. The only way to save her life would be to have someone with the same blood type transfer their organs to her.

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She did not care whether she lived or not, and her mother refused to sacrifice her own organs anyway. However, Mukuro Rokudo heard her words and allowed her to live by creating illusionary organs. In Hidden Bullet Novel: Chrome, it was revealed that after recovering the wounds that she received from her accident, she immediately ran away from hospital and went to the neighbor town, Kokuyo as ordered by Mukuro.

On her way there, she spotted Ken asleep on the nearby park. Seeing that he looked like he's going to die, she sits his head on her lap to make it comfortable for him to sleep. When he awoke, he was surprised, causing him to shout angrily at her until he feels hungry.

Realizing this, she gave him an apple, which reminded Ken of his past when Mukuro also gave him an apple when he and Chikusa are hungry and ran away after eating the apple in tears. Unknowingly to him, she followed him all the way to Kokuyo Land, making Chikusa thought at first that she's an intruder.

But when he found out that Ken knew her and eventually her connection with Mukuro, they let her stay in Kokuyo Land with them. Plot Overview Varia Arc Chrome's illusionary organs begin to disappear. She fought on level footing with Mammon during the early stages of her match, but was overwhelmed once Mammon got a bit serious.

Mammon, soon realizing that her trident was the key to her power, began targeting that, and, shortly after, was able to destroy it. This led to an unusual phenomenon where Chrome lost some of her organs, and seemingly lost the match. On verge of defeat, Chrome briefly remembered her past and cried as she communicated with Mukuro, telling him that she wanted to help him.

Responding to her call, Mukuro told her to rest and her body covered with mist, switching place with Mukuro and quickly turned the tide. Mukuro soon defeated Mammon, winning the match, but having used too much of his power, his grip on his real illusion faded, returning the body back to Chrome.

She was then taken to Namimori Hospital since Ken and Chikusa refused to take her back with them. The next morning, she met Tsuna when he intended to visit Lambo and she assured him that Mukuro will be alright before returning to Kokuyo Land. When the Gola Mosca gone rampage, she ran as she tried to evade the attack, but accidently stepped on mines buried within the battlefield. She was saved by Ken and Chikusa, but the three were then cornered between the rampaging Mosca and gattling gun until Tsuna saved them.

Gokudera and Yamamoto attempted to save her but were caught in an illusion; however, Ryohei came to the rescue and broke the illusion. When Mammon attempted to escape after all fifty Varia backup members were defeated by Lancia, she prevented him from escaping. Future Arc Chrome creates real illusions of the Kokuyo gang to fight Glo Xinia According to Kusakabe, five years before Tsuna and the others were transported to the Future, Future Chrome, Ken, and Chikusa attempted to break Mukuro out from Vendicare Prison ; however, they failed and got separated, and their status was unknown.

However, five years afterwards, half a year before Tsuna's arrival to the future, Glo Xinia encountered Chrome and was said to have defeated Mukuro while he was possessing Chrome's body to fight him but she's able to escape and then encountered Guedo Greco at airport in Italy who was possessed by Mukuro and instructed her to go to Kokuyo Land.

Ryohei later brought Chrome to the Vongola Base.

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As she lay in bed sick, her illusionary internal organs begin to fail and disappear due to Mukuro's defeat by Byakuran. However, she was able to use the Vongola Mist Ring to sustain her organs via her own Illusions with thanks to Hibari's instruction.

Chrome x Mukuro Tribute

Choice Arc Upon returning to the Future, the other members of the Famiglia were at first worried that Chrome wasn't eating. However, once she established a friendship with I-Pinshe began joining them for dinner. The year Chrome Dokuro accidentally catches Hibari under the mistletoe is the only time he actually goes through with the tradition rather than biting the poor victim to death with his beloved tonfa.

He spends the experience swearing to hunt down and slaughter Rokudo Mukuro for his uncanny choice in host. Even Hibari takes some issue with the thought of abusing a girl already missing one eye and half her internal organs. Little does he know that this kiss is one of the few things Chrome keeps secret from Mukuro, out of gratitude for Hibari's rare act of mercy. Hibari instantly dislikes the Storm Arcobaleno Fon for wearing his face.

Fon quickly proves himself worthy of this dislike by amiably insisting on treating Hibari like a disobedient if beloved child. He grows to hate Fon after the Chinese martial artist challenges him to and handily beats him in a one-on-one fight. He finally vows to track down and bite the man-turned-infant to death after looking over his family tree one rainy day and discovering he has a Chinese grandfather who vanished under suspicious circumstances. In the early years of their dysfunctional family, Hibari is annually given the award of "Most Likely to Be a Terrible Father," surpassing even Mukuro due to the Mist Guardian's steadily increasing protective streak towards his host.

After Fon's sudden death leaves him reluctantly raising a distraught I-Pin, he's not sure whether to be relieved or dismayed at how wrong it was. Both Hibari's parents are workaholics, and so his early years were chaotic, undisciplined ones—because while both parents valued structure in their own lives, their dedication to their work prevented them from lending any to their impatient, oft-neglected child.

Hibari spent his childhood immersed in violence, quickly learning to defend himself against anything from the bullying children on the playground to the muggers looking for an easy target as he returned home with the groceries his parents were too busy to buy. In time, he grew to enjoy the fighting, but the aimlessness of his life instilled in him a fear that he would eventually turn into one of the petty thugs he spent his time beating into a bloody pulp.

When he bludgeons, concusses, and pummels his way to the head of the Disciplinary Committee at Namimori Junior High, he realizes that he has finally found his true calling. Namimori is the first place to give him and his fighting real purpose, and in doing so becomes the only place he recognizes as a true home.

It is Tsuna's idea to officially put Namimori under the Vongola's protection, and the moment he does Hibari finally accepts his position as the Tenth's Cloud Guardian.

Hibari rarely makes mistakes, but two of his biggest were a overestimating his alcohol tolerance, and b first trying the stuff in the presence of another human being.

mukuro and chrome relationship trust

To this day, he has no recollection of what he did after drinking that bottle of sake, but after he's through with Dino, he's pretty sure the Cavallone boss doesn't either. The first time Hibari ever loses a fight is during his first year at Namimori. The victor, a third year by the name of Setsuna, is the previous head of the Disciplinary Committee, and shrewd enough to take Hibari under his wing after the younger boy becomes obsessed with challenging him to a rematch.

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Hibari manages to defeat Setsuna five days before his senpai's graduation, and in return is appointed the new head of the Disciplinary Committee. Ever since then, all time not dedicated to taking care of his beloved school has been spent in search of an opponent as worthy as his predecessor. Part of the reason he's so eager to crush Rokudo Mukuro is that he hates having to settle.

Mukuro Rokudo

As humiliating as Hibari found his defeat at the hands of Mukuro, the biggest blow to his ego happens several years later when he somehow loses to Tsuna of all people in a casual fight.

He spends weeks wondering how the fight could have gone so horribly wrong before reluctantly coming to the conclusion that the newly appointed Tenth may have finally become someone worth paying attention to. Having reached this conclusion, he then proceeds to do just that, and discovers that Tsuna managed to develop into a truly worthy opponent while he wasn't looking.

He further surprises himself by realizing this isn't as nearly big a shock as he expected it to be. Life in the Vongola family instantly becomes a great deal less irritating.