Mythos and logos relationship test

mythos and logos relationship test

The terms "mythos" and "logos" are used to describe the transition in goddess of marriage and family; Aphrodite was the goddess of love; .. It seems to me that law of gravity has passed every test of nonexistence there is. The pursuits of logos are in turn influenced by mythos: logical thinkers have (I explore this connection in an article discussing Shikasta, Can scientific results ever be conclusive when it is impossible to test an infinite. The defeat of myth by reason, of mythos by logos, was once considered denial of any essential relationship between the ancient idea of mythos and modern notions of The historian wants to be in a position to test the truth.

So I go on.

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It would sound nutty to think that until the seventeenth century there was no gravity. Has it always existed?

mythos and logos relationship test

It seems to me that law of gravity has passed every test of nonexistence there is. Or a single scientific attribute of existence it did have. The law of gravity and gravity itself did not exist before Isaac Newton. No other conclusion makes sense. Every educationist emphasizes it.

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No educationist explains it. So as not to draw attention to myself. They were always there, even when they applied to nothing. Gradually the world came into being and then they applied to it. In fact, those words themselves were what formed the world. That, John, is ridiculous. Logic exists in the mind.

Numbers exist only in the mind. Laws of logic, of mathematics are also human inventions, like ghosts. The world has no existence whatsoever outside the human imagination. We see what we see because these ghosts show it to us, ghosts of Moses and Christ and the Buddha, and Plato, and Descartes, and Rousseau and Jefferson and Lincoln, on and on and on. Isaac Newton is a very good ghost.

mythos and logos relationship test

The inability to distinguish between the "reality" of mythos and the reality of logos can be detrimental to the individual as well as society. It can negate the reality of suffering and deny the special uniqueness and talents of each individual. One new age guru -- by claiming that there is ONLY one Universal Consciousness -- seems to insist that Mythos is the one and ONLY reality and that Logos is the mythology, the imaginary, non-real, appearing only in our minds.

If I understand him correctly he is basically saying that because everything that we see and understand comes through our own perception which is subjective, there is no physical objective reality.

mythos and logos relationship test

My response back is that you and I might look at a table and see it differently. You might see a piece of junk, and I might see an Early American treasure that just needs a little cleaning and polishing to once again be beautiful.

mythos and logos relationship test

It is still there for someone else to look at. Beauty is of the realm of Mythos.

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Functionality is of the realm of Logos. Now that last sentence was pure poetry, at least it rhymed and poetry is one of the tools of Mythos even if the subject matter is of Logos.

There are two dangers that I see coming from trying to turn Mythos into Logos -- or from simply not being aware of the different spheres in which they operate. First there are very real problems that we face.

People are hungry and unemployed; our air and water is easily and far too often polluted and unfit for human consumption; there is a great deal of hate and violence, suffering and tragedy. Hate and suffering are problems of Mythos but the physical actions spawned by hate and injuries to bodies that cause suffering are problems of Logos.

Second when people are taught that there is only ONE reality, that of a supra consciousness, love, God, that there is no you or me, them or us, it actually relieves them of any responsibility for their actions here and now, because as some might say, it will all wash out, or even out, or seem like just a dream in the end. If there is no physical reality why worry about what I do to myself or to others? Many medical doctors have had some still have a hard time accepting that the mind the realm of Mythos can be used to ease the pain caused by disease and injury the realm of Logos.

If you have never had a "transcendent" experience it will be almost impossible to convince you that such experiences occur. I have experienced them, they are very "real", again metaphorically speaking. That is the clincher. Karen Armstrong tells us that: It provided the context of meaning that made our practical activities worthwhile.