Onew and key relationship mapping

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onew and key relationship mapping

Taemin usually asks Key or Onew to make him hot milk when he can't . Has a love-hate relationship with horror movies and horror stories. "Key" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Kim kibum, Key and Lee jinki. Minho, Oblivion,. TaeminShineeMinhoOblivionRelationship GoalsTwilight2ne1 Block BMamamoo . #SHINee #Key Shinee Onew, Minho, K Pop, G Dragon, SHINEE KEY in maps mag, Wears gentlemonster sunglasses. Find this Pin. Jun 4, I know Key has that article from way back when and they usually state . Especially Onew/Jonghyun make a joke about not being close, but.

Jonghyun What type of person do you see yourself as? I was just asking. Do you watch your own performances objectively as well? I try not to watch them calculatedly. First off because the stage is created through practice, something about it is systematic in a general sense, so I think that I have to show myself enjoying it. If I think that it is so difficult right now, then I do it with difficulty.

I mainly monitor those things. Maybe with the song and choreography, everything is too tightly fitted and dense. Naturalness is the most difficult point. In order to do something precisely your schedule must be too crowded. I think a lot about my trainee days. Rather than missing it. How have you changed since your trainee days? I did everything the way I wanted to. I think I will continue to that in the future. It seems like you have a life that just continues to flow.

Do you like it? Um, I concentrated a lot on pronunciation. Not on whether the pronunciation is good or bad but on the issue of whether the pronunciation suites the song. So I did go a little overboard but personally I liked that feel.

The way Onew addresses Key's insecurities

I sang the Korean lyrics with stresses and emphasis like in English. I wanted to give off the feel of Michael Jackson in that song. My greed is the people who liked the music from before the year SHINee does commercial music. It is commercial music. It means that we have to do music that people listen to. As we do that we offer attractions and earn revenue. We have to make people hum along to our music. There is so much music, and the issue comes down to who will imprint it first.

And with that momentum, to make people listen to it one more time, to make them look for it one more time. Looking at it as an objective person, what kind of team is SHINee? I think we are a dynamic team. A team where five kids like that are gathered together?

There are so many people who sing better than I do. What do you want to steal and from whom? For three months I exercised really diligently. I did so without skipping a single day. Not just exercise, but composition, piano, harmonics study, I keep going, if only I had time for it all, and as I think that regret piles up.

Right now at this point, what is the type of good music that SHINee could do? I think it would be good if we did ballads. For now I have to rest. I think right now is a period where I should rest. You said your dream is to be a composer? I thought of going to music school as the first turning point in my life. Is that what you view your role to be? I try to explode on stage. When energy that was bundled together overflows it explodes.

I want to become like that. I hope that is the moment when people will remember me. If you become that sort of person, people would have no choice but to watch. Something has to explode for it to be fun. Key Are you having fun? I have so much I want to do. I just wish time would pass by slowly.

Rather than being satisfied, I just like myself. But you know, I just like myself? You have to prepare perfectly for it to come across as an ad-lib. A person who is really good will look like a pro no matter what they do on stage. Everything is planned out beforehand. On stage I have to repeatedly think about it. I could let something that would end up being a plus slip away.

Michael Jackson said to not think about anything when you dance, right?

onew and key relationship mapping

In comparison to the other members, you appear to be finding enjoyment. When it comes to the songs, Jonghyun sings the most, right? Somehow that comes off sounding a bit cold. I think that if we are too family-like that could become a problem. Because I would begin to think of the relationship rather than the person himself.

How long will that loyalty last? I would like for the members to not be swayed by words spoken by others who get caught in the middle or to become too relaxed in their own private thoughts. Thus far, and also in the future. None of us seem like fools, so I think we will behave wisely. At that point no matter what we came out with nuna fans would have followed.

How about the songs? I really like our songs. Nowadays, they have the title song and then they have some remix, track 2 is a different remix, track 3 is another remix, track 4 is an instrumental… Really, I disliked that so much.

It feel so offensive, you know? It would be one thing if it was at least cheap. Our album has thirteen new songs. I saw you take out the photo album and look through it as soon as you arrived at the studio. What about fashion excites you? Though it may sound a bit off for me to explain it this way, with clothes what you see is all there is to it.

The fact that news has spread that I like clothes is also due to the fact that people can see the clothes with their own eyes.

ONEW 온유 'Blue' MV

Honestly, I also like the fine arts and dancing. Why do you think your fans like you? You like the present time the best, right? Are you going to pursue this for an entire lifetime? If people dislike me then I would have to stop, what else can I do? Around when will this be? I think that I can come across as a rude and insolent kid if you cut out certain pieces in things I occasionally say.

So I want to tell people that I hope no misunderstandings arise from whatever I do. I hope that people recognize that in my train of thought I have my reasons, and that is why I come to certain conclusions. Because what you want to do and what you have to do are different things. At first I wondered, how should I express this? Can I do this? But as the five of us worked through it, it was possible. If you had debuted with a different song, would SHINee have been different from the group you are today?

Rather, because we have that sort of image I think that different charms are able to be highlighted. Do you have any greed to take on more parts? Everything we have done was the right thing, I feel. Although there are times when I think that it would be nice if people acknowledged that, at the same time they may also be very trivial parts that could easily be skipped over. Did you find it to be doable?

At first I was very bad at it. You must do things that suits a twenty year old as well, right? I watch TV and play games and do everything like everyone else… Ah, during this recent break I enjoyed college life a bit.

As I did that I really thought, you know people have their own lifestyles. I think that my lifestyle is very different from that of other twenty year old friends.

Some mornings I wake up early and take in my schedule. I do that for a few days then one day I sleep in really late. Photoshoot schedule, radio schedule, music program schedule, variety schedule, each day differs like that. Ah, so this is why you experience it. I am a student who is earning money, but even if I try to buy my friends a meal they always insist on paying Dutch, on eating cheaply no matter what, finding a food and beverage shop to eat at, and when we did that I thought ah, this type of day to day life is really fun.

I find those gazes to be fascinating too. Ah, I rode on the 10,won subway once too. The one where you squeeze in. Oh, and the thing that was the most fun after debuting was watching people selling things illegally in the subway. I took both the midterms and finals. The feeling that I went back to being a middle school student after a long time? Sitting in the private library with my friends going, this book, ah, like this, ah… really.

What about your grades? I also have one A. Was your football coach father more opposed to you pursuing sports or you becoming a singer? He was very opposed to my becoming a singer as well but he was more opposed to my becoming a football player. Because he knows the difficulties well. Will give out these sweets whenever he sees noonas. Is the only SHINee member who's studying in high school. Prefers beanies over caps. He thinks caps is Minho's style.

Taemin has his own star now. Vietnamese Shawols bought a star for him Taemin is now the most stylish member, not key Taemin likes to exerise at the gym now, thanks to Minho and Jonghyun Taemin likes it when his dog does aegyo for him When Taemin was asked to compare himself to an animal, he chose a dolphin Taemin has poor eye sight At first Taemin would play sports with Minho, but then he never got to beat him so he just gave up Ever since he was little, Taemin used to always watch celebrities in cosmetic CFs.

Taemin saved a cat from getting ran over by a car Taemin wuold like to do a cellphone commercial Taemin usually asks Key or Onew to make him hot milk when he can't sleep Out of all the members Taemin says that Onew makes him laugh the most Taemin frequently talks about his worries and concerns with Onew When Taemin first saw Key, he had wavy hair. After debuting, Key straightened it and grown it out.

After that, Taemin thought that his hyung has become so good-looking Taemin only takes about 5 minutes to get dressed in the morning Taemin looks a personality rather than apperance They would make him sing the first verse of all of them If Taemin had a girlfriend, he would most like to give her a ring hidden inside a bouquet of flowers Taemin likes to look at his eyeballs in the mirror and hypnotise himself Taemin's favorite school subject is Gym Jonghyun: Members actually call him "Bling.

Regardless of anything, no matter how many times he had performed on stage, whenever he hears his own song he will still get exceptionally excited, will lipsynch along, dance along, fidget around in his seat, even when he chokes on water he will still remain engrossed. Makes total and absolute preparation for everything, will even stay up overnight without sleep to prepare.

If his progress does not meet his own expectations, he will feel restless and a little short tempered. Likes girls who seek novelty at times, is willing to accept the age gap of up to 6 years…What about 7 years? If he was a girl, he would go out with Key.

onew and key relationship mapping

Is very proficient in the guitar, bass and piano. I am most confident about it! Wrote the song Juliette, He got his inspiration from watching the movie Romeo and Juliette. Jonghyun is not good at appealing to a girl he likes. Many people have told Jonghyun he has a puppy face Jonghyun really enjoys telling horror stories.

The most frightened one would be Key When Jonghyun was asked to compare himself to an animal, he chose a raccoon. On my leg, he pees.

To Key, Jonghyun is a close and comfortable friend. Jonghyun says Taeminis the most flexible member Jonghyun didn't go to kindergarten Jonghyun thinks that chubby is to Jonghyun thinks that ideal types are just ideal types Jonghyun doesn't like candy Jonghyun is very good at swimming doggy style Minho: Has no concept about money, no concept about taking care of his health, has no concept about maintaining handsome or not — Why waste so much energy thinking about this kind of things?

What he is most confident of: An inquisitive baby, is curious about everything. His ideal type just need to be of an average height, must definitely be kind at heart, have long hair, wears dresses frequently — Ah, will just secretly laugh when thinking about it.

Sits upright and listens attentively on screen, but plays crazily off screen, occasionally will trip over the stairs and will turn back and glare at the stairs. Minho likes it when fans tell him that he is handsome in person as well. Minho thinks the Japanese lyrics to Replay feel more poetic than the Korean lyircs Minho once played soccer with his friends until early in the morning. Minho describes himself as a flame. When he was a trainee, Minho was the maknae.

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He thought that he would be the maknae forever, but then Taemin showed up and took the title away from him He says that the song hurt his heart, even during the recording He preferred sports and playing around Minho often texted Jonghyun while he was resting because of injury. Minho models without the rest of the members in fashion runways. During that time, he misses SHINee and feels lonely without them Minho wants a girl who is pure and warm-hearted Minho describes the Juliette dance as fresh and fun Minho tidies up the bookshelves and cupboards at home Key: