Onision and lainey age difference in relationship

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onision and lainey age difference in relationship

He is a comparison video between his former girlfriend (also underage .. driving across state-lines to be with her with the age of consent is less than His current wife Lainey is 22, they also started dating when she was hello i'm lainey | dream daddy to @onision | instagram: laineybot | snapchat: . Age is such a trivial thing when it comes to two adults dating. Relationships Timeline. From Life of Onion Visual timeline (as of Feb ) by date and age. Work in progress. Greg creates his Onision YouTube channel. Taylor/Lainey sends the first of many fan-girl tweets to Greg.

September 1, Greg's first payment of alimony to Skye is due. September 3, Greg announces their relationship to his audience in the video "I Found Her". They were soon back together.

"It's a double scoop of anarchy" — Laineybot Age Gap

September 14, Greg announces he and Adrienne broke up again in the video "Single Again". They began dating again soon after. September 19, Greg and Adrienne Break Up for the last time. September 21, Greg tries to win Adrienne by leaving a string of voicemails. September 26, Shiloh and Greg announce they are back together and engaged.

September 27, Shiloh and Greg make corresponding videos about unclean vaginas. Shiloh's was complaining about women that don't clean down there and Greg's was an analogy of his exes as houses.

He says Adrienne's house was "dirty". She asks people to stop spreading it. It is speculated his crazy public dating life along with Greg causing drama among fellow YouTubers were the two biggest contribution to the channel's drastic drop in rank. October 18, Greg announces on his Facebook he regrets divorcing Skye and it was the biggest mistake of his life.

October 27, Greg and Shiloh announce they are expecting. Skye announces her and Greg's divorce is finalized. October 29, Taylor tweets about her love for Greg for the first time, despite never talking to him yet.

November 17, Greg promotes Skye's new channel on his Speaks channel. December 6, Greg uploads "Shiloh and Greg: Non-Fiction" to prove their drama is real.

onision and lainey age difference in relationship

December 8, Greg and Shiloh announce they had miscarried. December 15, Greg announces Shiloh has sepsis. December 17, Greg apologizes for telling everyone Shiloh had sepsis.

December 28 Shiloh announces her and Greg's 1 year anniversary on Facebook. The video causes a lot of backlash on Greg's part. January 19, Adrienne publicly releases Greg's voicemails in response to his video.

How old is onision's wife Lainey?

Greg begins complaining about his alimony agreement with Skye. February 1, Greg and Shiloh officially break-up for the last time. February 2, After witnessing his break up, Adrienne emails Greg in an attempt to give support and end the drama once and for all. February 4, Greg uploads "It's Over", his break-up song for Shiloh. Onision was number 3. She replied, " Onision: D thank you for replying!

That made my day: It is very common for Greg to respond with short tweets to fans. She tweeted at him 3 more times until she began to start telling him she loved him over Twitter.

I love you Greg! On December 14,Greg announced one of his break-ups with Shiloh through Twitter. He apologized for not listening to everyone that told him not to get back together with her.

Taylor replied, " Onision you shouldn't be apologizing. It shouldn't be a bad thing that you have such a big heart. I'm always here for you if you need someone. I wanna Skype sometime! D" She tweeted at him a total of 5 times that day. On the 3rd, Greg replied a second time to her. His tweet was almost identical to his first one. She tweeted at Onision 27 times in January. On January 9th she was worried about not tweeting him, "I haven't tweeted Onision in like two days: She tweeted him twice the day before.

By this time they were not talking yet. This "Taylor" Twitter account was eventually deleted and was replaced by LaineyBot. Early Communication At some point during Taylor's fan-girl tweeting, Greg followed her and they began casually talking over text.

Greg's DM to Taylor above and the tweets that inspired him to message her below. In JanuaryTaylor released screen shots of her and Greg's early interactions along with conversations she had with a friend about Onision.

The earliest screen shot was dated February 7, It was a conversation she had with a friend about tweeting Onision. Taylor excitedly tells her friend Onision tweeted 9 seconds ago. She asks her fried how long she should wait.

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Her friend tells her "Well don't send another-" it's cut off. Source It is believed this conversation shows that Taylor would watch Onision's Twitter feed and wait for him to tweet so that when she tweets him, he would be more likely to see it. On February 1,Greg and Shiloh break-up for the last time.

The next screen shot is Greg's first direct message to Taylor on February 12, He asks "You really think you're my soulmate? This was most likely a reply to a short Twitter conversation they had that same day.

We can see Greg flirting with her, telling her he would hug her the whole time when she got to Washington to keep her warm because she had never been exposed to cold weather before. Source This shows they were planning on meeting up early on. The last 3 screen shots were conversations with her friend.

The earliest was dated February 13, In it Taylor says she "needs Gregory". Taylor and her friend joke about kidnapping him and the friend's boyfriend to spend time with them in romantic Paris. Source The next day is when the next screen shot takes place. In it, Taylor questions if Greg loves her and wishes he would just tell her.

Source The last was dated February 23, Taylor says Greg told her he wants to avoid her because he doesn't want to risk falling for her. She is confused by his mixed messages.

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The next day she tells her friend to call her and that she has a lot to tell her. Source Greg and Taylor began dating on February 27, Source Taylor was 17 and Greg was 26 at this time. Greg now says Taylor had originally lied about her age, claiming to be 18 when they began talking. Source When asked about the ring, he seemed proud to say that he had been keeping his life private. Source Around that time, Taylor began showing off an engagement ring in her Twitter selfies.

InGreg revealed he proposed to Taylor before ever meeting her in person by telling her, "you know I'm going to marry you, right? He gave her the ring when they met in person for the first time. Source Greg filming in New Mexico. The rooms were identical. Also, Taylor began dropping hints like wearing articles his clothing and paralleling their tweets about what they were doing when they were together.

When this was pointed out in videos and on blogs in late May, Taylor deleted the images in question and made her Twitter account private. She would flip flop between private and public until their relationship was revealed. Viewers also began to notice Greg had begun filming in a new location that was not his Washington home. Soon, it was found out that Greg was renting a home in New Mexico. Some speculated they were keeping their relationship a secret due to the immense amount of criticism he received in the past for dating a teenager.

Taylor continued to post vague references to Greg and posted images where she and Greg's reflection can be seen. Greg seemed to be making similarly careless mistakes as well. One example is when he posted a full page screen shot of YouTube, but Taylor's Twitter can be seen in his bookmark toolbar.

Source There were two more major sightings of Taylor and Greg before his reveal of her to his fans. She soon deleted it and began to be more careful such as using reflections. The second sighting was on September 16, Taylor can be seen in the background of Cyr 's video "Going Away It seems that Cyr came to New Mexico to make videos with Greg and they played mini golf together with Taylor.

Source Publicly Dating On October 22,6 days after Taylor turned 18, Greg announced his new girlfriend with an Instagram image of them kissing.

onision and lainey age difference in relationship

A month later, Taylor appeared in her first Onision video. She created a Laineybot TwitterInstagram and Tumblr. Taylor says Greg gave her the nickname Lainey. Source It is most likely a nickname for her middle name, Elaine. Taylor sent mixed messages about if she preferred being called Lainey or Taylor. At first, she said she didn't mind being called either and couldn't decide which she should go by. Byshe would get upset when people called her Taylor on her Tumblr.

She said she never liked the name Taylor because it is unisex. Source It was later revealed at this time, her close friends and family would still call her Taylor on her Twitter and personal Facebook, including new additions to her family like Greg's mother.

Some think she pushed being called Lainey online to keep her online persona separate from her real life.