Oprah winfrey and forest whitaker relationship quiz

The Butler Movie Review, Trailer Stars Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitaker,

oprah winfrey and forest whitaker relationship quiz

Forest Whitaker leads an all-star cast as a White House butler who served a beautifully controlled performance as the protagonist while Oprah Winfrey, as his . Nov 15, Starring: Forrest Whittaker, Oprah Winfrey, Robin Williams, James the film offers a surprisingly gutsy, nuanced depiction of US race relations. Oprah Winfrey and Forest Whitaker lead a star-studded cast in "Lee Daniel's The Butler." We meet “I loved the relationship I had with Oprah,” Whitaker effuses.

His other son is killed in Vietnam. He was succeeded by the scandal-rocked Richard Nixon.

oprah winfrey and forest whitaker relationship quiz

Charles said of the only US president forced to resign: Even in retirement, Eugene and his wife Helene were regularly back at the White House for staff parties and presidential events.

Both Bush presidents, along with Bill and Hillary Clinton, sought him out. But his personal moment of glory came when President Obama was elected. By then Eugene had retired. But he had befriended New York writer Wil Haygood, who was stunned when the former butler invited him to look in his basement.

It was packed to the rafters with presidential photos, personal letters on White House notepaper, cards, gifts and precious memorabilia, including the tie of President Kennedy that Jackie had given him.

Helene died on the eve of the historic election. But Eugene, by then frail, still insisted on going out to cast his vote for Obama. Eugene died the following year, aged 90, knowing that Wil and Charles were helping to tell his story to the world.

You can quote it. There's a great moment early in the film when young Cecil refers to himself with the n-word, and the character played by Clarence Williams III slaps him and says that Cecil should never say that word. Later, you have the character played by Cuba Gooding Jr. What kind of conversation do you want this film to start about the use of the n-word in pop culture? For instance, I know Oprah is against it I think that everybody is entitled to their opinion about the n-word, but there is a lot of validity about what Oprah has said.

And yet, in private, the word is used amongst African-Americans -- and probably, in private, with white people. We saw that with Paula Deen. But, no, with Paula: My mother loves her.

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Even afterwards, we understand that her racism and her usage of that word is so deep and so complicated. In the South, there was a love-hate relationship. White people loved black people in the South. I think there was a true, deep affection -- people will argue with me about that -- but just don't step out of your line.

Because then you're at a place that's not so good. You address that in the film with the character played by Vanessa Redgrave.

oprah winfrey and forest whitaker relationship quiz

She has a strong connection with Cecil when he's a young boy, but she's also not above treating him as a lesser being. I think that in the South, it's clear. I feel safer in the South, then I do in metropolitan cities, where racism is subversive.

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Because they will do it behind your back. You know where you stand in the South. You know your place, because they will let you know your place.

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I'd rather have someone tell me the truth about me than go behind my back. So I think that's what my mother meant when she said that about Paula Deen.

She wasn't hiding anything. Now, I don't trust what Paula Deen is saying now. I think it's all manufactured now, because she's trying to apologize for something I don't think she should be apologizing for. When it was first reported that you were directing this film, Deadline. I wish they would stop saying that. Denzel is one of my very good friends. Denzel was helping me with the script. As with all of my materials, I talk with friends to help me.

He helped me with the beginning of the film. We had talked about the possibility of him doing it, but he was never attached. I don't know where that came from.

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We talked as friends about him possibly doing it, but he was never attached. Why did you decide on Forest? He was right for the role.

oprah winfrey and forest whitaker relationship quiz

There was his level of humility; his elegance is what attracted me to him for this role. Then you also cast Oprah, who is so good that I wouldn't be surprised to see her win an Oscar next March. Make sure you print that one! I don't want to hear that, because I hear that then [I'll start to believe it]. You all trick me! Let's not talk about that. My heart will be broken.

oprah winfrey and forest whitaker relationship quiz

How do you get these transformative performances from such unexpected sources? They really trust me.

Film Review: ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’

I don't have the answers and I don't pretend to have the answers for them. We're always searching for the truth.

I don't act like I know it all because I don't know it all. I'll say, "Help me find her. Can you please help me find her?