Optimus prime and megatron relationship help

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optimus prime and megatron relationship help

Although it was only hinted at, I enjoyed the fraternal relationship given to Optimus Prime and Megatron in the TFilms (which had never been. Optimus Prime, known in Japan as Convoy (コンボイ, Konboi), is a robot superhero character . Searching for someone to help them, the time-displaced Aerialbots took Orion and In the fearsome, ensuing, epic battle with Megatron, Optimus Prime defeated, the Autobots entered into an even closer relationship with Earth. Optimus Prime vs Megatron: A look at their relationship . the Predacons, soon discovering Shockwave's treachery with Soundwave's help.

Spying on the Autobots, he then discovered the key's hidden power to transform organics into technomatter, and later reported to Megatron when he saw the Autobots create the Aerialbots. In the beginning of "Starscream's Brigade", Megatron is talking about how great Shockwave is, and Starscream is annoyed with it. When it results in a clash, Starscream was exiled from the Decepticons and to the island of Guadalcanal.

On the island, he then decides to build an army using the old World War II vehicles on the island and traveled to Cybertron by Spacebridge. Evading Shockwave, he broke into a Decepticon detention center and stole personality components of five renegade Decepticons. Although Shockwave is unaware that Starscream raided the detention center, he does notice the missing components and reports to Megatron, who at first thought that Optimus Prime was the thief. Shockwave attempted to fend them off, but was turned against his sentinel drones when Bruticus the combined form of the Combaticons seized him stunned in gun mode and opened fire on them with him, before launching him off into space, where he crashed into Starscream.

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Little did Shockwave know, Starscream stole the personality components of five renegade Decepticons and the Combaticons were created from them. He and Starscream returned to the planet, but were captured and imprisoned by the Combaticons. They both were discharged when Optimus Prime and Megatron's forces teamed up and arrived to stop Bruticus' rampage. Over the next two decades, Megatron turned his attention away from Earth, and succeeded in fully conquering Cybertron.

Inthe Decepticons launched an attack on Autobot City. Shockwave was seen at the battle and also Starscream's coronation later. These appear to be animation errors, as he was always at his post to guard Cybertron. When the planet came under attack by UnicronShockwave attempted to mobilize the Decepticons against the threat.

The script for The Transformers: The Movie explicitly details Shockwave's death as Unicron crushes his command tower with him in it, rips it off the planet, and tears it to shreds, and although this was not shown in the finished film, Shockwave was not seen again following the movie although several incorrectly colored versions of Shockwave—presumably intended to be generic Decepticons—were seen in some third-season episodes of the TV series, most notably Five Faces of Darkness Parts By his next appearance, in the first episode of the ongoing series, "Transport to Oblivion", his left hand has been replaced with a gun barrel, matching his toy appearance although notably the toy's box art itself incorrectly presented the gun barrel as being on his right arm.

He later becomes the leader of the Decepticons and the last Transformer. He is killed by humans three times before he becomes Shockblast comics. Dreamwave Productions[ edit ] Shockwave was a major character in the Dreamwave Productions ' 21st century re-imagining of G1.

optimus prime and megatron relationship help

As a major player in the Decepticon army in Cybertron's past, he led the main attack on the Autobots' stronghold shortly after the appointment of Optimus Primeand personally destroyed two Omega Sentinels with one blast in space gun mode.

There was also tension between him and Starscream about who would lead the Decepticons after Megatron's supposed death, which eventually led to the creation of multiple splinter factions within both the Autobots and Decepticons. While Starscream created his own faction, the " Predacons ", Shockwave led the Decepticons through the "Dark Ages" of Cybertron, during which his logic allowed him to put aside differences with Jetfire and the Autobots in order to defeat the greater evil of The Fallen.

As the Dark Ages came to an end, Shockwave was ready to sign a peace treaty with Ratbat 's Ultracons and the Autobots, but the return of Megatron derailed the plan, though the Quintesson -created clones he brought back to the planet with him greatly intrigued Shockwave.

Shockwave was left behind on Cybertron while Megatron's forces pursued Optimus Prime and were subsequently lost on Earth for four million years, and became Decepticon leader on the planet. He began experimenting with cloning, and through studies of Astrotrain and Blitzwingbegan to conceive the idea of a Transformer with multiple alternate modes.

Eventually, however, Shockwave and all the other Transformers on Cybertron succumbed to stasis lock as the planet's energy ran out, and it entered a hibernation phase known as the "Great Shutdown. However, when Shockwave was attacked by a swarm of SharkticonsScourge intervened, and after saving him, was shot by Shockwave, who then proceeded to study him, learning much of the function and purpose of Transformers and Cybertron from the secrets within Scourge.

Shockwave steadily worked to restore Cybertron, reactivating its population and solving their energy needs, ending the war and unifying the planet. He also continued his experiments into multiple transformations, yielding the unstable Duoconsand then successfully mastering the process with Triple Changers.

Capturing Alpha TrionShockwave sought to unlock the full secrets of Vector Sigmahaving already learned of the mysterious significance of Earth to the Transformer race. In preparation for the invasion of the planet, Shockwave subliminally influenced the population of Cybertron to become more violent, and prevented the return of Optimus Prime and Megatron aboard the Ark II by having a human agent blow it up.

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InShockwave made his move, heading to Earth with his Triple Changer troops and capturing Megatron and Optimus's forces, planning to try the two leaders as war criminals. Megatron was jettisoned into space by Starscream, while Prime's escape from his clutches led him to fall in with a rebel group, and then to confront Shockwave himself, only to be defeated by the Decepticon, who ripped the Matrix from him. Using the Matrix to activate Vector Sigma, Shockwave downloaded the compressed contents of the mega-computer into his network, but before he had an opportunity to view the data, he was pulled into a battle with Ultra Magnus.

In the course of the fight, the fuel line to his cannon was severed, and the resulting explosion destroyed his citadel and knocked him into a chasm. While the rest of Cybertron believed Shockwave to be deceased, he had actually survived the explosion and gone underground in the wastelands of Cybertron with Astrotrain, Blitzwing, and the Conehead seekers DirgeRamjetand Thrust.

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He continued his experimentation, resulting in Sixshot. Soon after, however, Megatron returned to Cybertron and bested Shockwave, taking him to Earth where he did the same to Starscream.

But now, the three players were assembled, each knowing certain dark secrets of Cybertron's past. Unfortunately, Dreamwave's bankruptcy and subsequently closure at the start of means that currently, this story remains unresolved. Later in the series a low-on-fuel Shockwave is defeated by the Micromaster Skystalker and decapitated.

Whether this mini-series is in continuity with the main Generation One series is unclear.

Shockwave (Transformers)

Devil's Due Publishing[ edit ] Shockwave was also in the second G. Joe vs the Transformers series from Devil's Due Publishing. In this Shockwave had taken control of the Decepticon army after Megatron 's disappearance and conquered Cybertron, forcing the Autobots underground. However, this all changed when Cobra Commander hacked into Teletraan III with the aim of creating a wormhole to Cybertron where he could steal more Transformer technology.

Joe attempted to interfere and they, along with Cobra and Cobra Commander's personal transport Starscream were all transported to Cybertron. Shockwave arrived with his troops including CyclonusScourgeand the Conehead seekers and attempted to eliminate them. However a squad of Autobots led by Ultra Magnus stop them, keeping the Decepticons out by erecting a shield generator.

While the Joes and Cobra forces attempted to locate several time-displaced Transformers including Optimus PrimeShockwave's forces battered at the shield and eventually overwhelmed it, capturing most of the humans and Teletran 3 and wounding Ratchet in the process.

The humans were able to sneak in and undo the blocks on the time-displacement equipment, allowing the last Transformers to return - the Dinobotsreconfigured into their now-familiar dinosaur modes. They wiped out most of Shockwave's forces and severely damaged Shockwave. As Starscream tried to weasel his way out of being killed by Shockwave for his part in the fiasco, both were instead eliminated when Cobra Commander activated his "parting gift" to the traitorous Starscream - 45 pounds of plastic explosives.

Despite the character being notoriously difficult to kill, it seems Shockwave did indeed perish in the explosion. In the third crossover a group of Autobots and G. Joes returning to Cybertron via the Spacebridge are attacked by Cannabilizers - old and damaged Transformers after spare parts. One of these clearly has Shockwave's gun arm. Fun Publications[ edit ] The Transformers Classics comics published in the Official Transformers Collectors Club magazine is set in the Marvel Comics continuity, but in a timeline where the events of Generation 2 did not occur.

Shockwave's severed but still living head appears among Megatron's troops. Shockwave was among Megatron's troops when Megatron defeated Deathsaurus in combat for leadership of the Decepticons and when Megatron attacked Iacon with his new weapon, Devastator.

Hearts of Steelan alternate reality set during America's Industrial Revolutionfeatures Shockwave reconfigured as a Confederate-style Ironclad. He is the first Transformer to reveal himself to the humans, transforming from boat mode at the end of issue 1.

Although he only briefly appeared after this in issue 2, showing Tobias Muldoon the Decepticon base, he was presumably destroyed when Bumblebee and John Henry managed to send the entire Decepticon rail convoy into a chasm. In this single-issue story, Shockwave sees the coming state of Cybertron which, as The Transformers: Stormbringer would show, would turn out to be accurate.

Launching energon missiles into space, one crashes on Earth with Shockwave looking on this as an experiment in progress. However, he was interrupted by the Dinobotsseeking revenge for a past defeat involving Shockwave stealing their energon cache.

optimus prime and megatron relationship help

They adopted the forms of extinct dinosaurs to combat the high energon levels of the planet. Despite the ferocity of the Dynobots' assault he was still able to defeat them all. However, Grimlockanticipating possible defeat, programmed their ship to fire upon their location if they did not return, burying them all in lava, until a human archeology team discovered them many years later.

Escalation it was revealed the bodies of both Shockwave and the Dynobots had been uncovered by the mysterious defense organization Skywatch. Shockwave's actions here serve as a prequel to other story lines: It is hinted in the Spotlight that Shockwave at one point cut himself off from his emotions.

Shockwave is subsequently reactivated by Skywatch to locate and nullify Laserbeak, Ravage, and the Dinobots whom Skywatch have lost control of. Soundwaves help is obtained to break a code that Skywatch have planned to detonate a bomb in Shockwaves head if he does not do Skywatch's bidding.

Upon locating the Dinobots Shockwave firstly engages and defeats Scorponok in battle, and then turns his attentions to Grimlock. However Soundwave correctly encrypts Skywatch's codes enabling Shockwave to disengage the Bomb, at this point Shockwave disengages the battle with Grimlock and walks away, only for Grimlock to detonate a bomb burying them both in rubble.

Shockwave is subsequently captured and imprisoned by Ultra Magnus. In the recent mini series Last Stand of the Wreckers it was revealed that when the sadisic renegade Decepticon known as Overlord took control of the Autobot pirson "The Last Resort" he freed Shockwave and gave him a hand picked crew of Decepticons in return for Shockwave disabling the safe guards he had implanted in him under Megatron's orders, just as he had done to Overlord's fellow Phase Six Decepticons Sixshot and Black Shadow.

Following his escape Shockwave joined up with the Decepticons currently faltering under Starscream's weak and ineffective leadership. He claims to be working on repairing the Space Bridge though Megatron, still on life support following his battle with Optimus Prime, suspects that he is not being completely truthful.

Alternators[ edit ] Shockwave staged a comeback in 's Transformers: Alternators toy line, which featured classic characters re-interpreted with modern vehicular alternate modes.

Although the American toys offered no supporting fiction, the storyline included with the Japanese version of the line, Binaltech, detailed the story of Shockwave's rebirth in this unusual new form. With Ravage's aid, his mind was installed into a stolen Autobot "Binaltech" body, equipped with a prototype "Transmuter" device, which, when interfaced with Shockwave's personality component, allowed the chassis to "transmute" itself into Shockwave's recognizable physical form, including his cyclopean visage and gun-arm.

He wields a Turbo Rifle which can also serve as a power booster for his gun-arm, and can project up to five holographic duplicates of himself anywhere on the planet an ability mentioned in the series bible for the original animated series, but never put to use until episode 4.

All of them were voiced by Jeff Bennett. Toys[ edit ] Generation 1 Shockwave The Shockwave toy transforms from a robot into a ray gun that can be wielded in a "role play" fashion, featuring electronic laser noises and lights. The toy itself was one of the first Transformers figures not derived from the Japanese Diaclone or Microman toy lines, instead coming from a company named ToyCo, which had produced the toy under the name "Astro Magnum". It is believed this was the only toy that ToyCo made.

Unlike Shockwave, Astro Magnum was gray with a red eye, and a standard trigger design changed to a flat trigger for Shockwave, perhaps due to the "phallic" position it adopted in robot mode.

Energon, but most of my knowledge and impressions are from the original Marvel Transformers comics, the 80s cartoon show and movie, the rebooted IDW comics and the War For Cybertron game.

Optimus Prime started out as Orion Pax.

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What Orion Pax did varies, but I believe the current canon is that he used to be a police officer. Not the biggest or meanest person on the force, but determined, honest and quite capable. Where they tend to converge is that Optimus was pulled into the war and leadership unwillingly. He never asked for such power or responsibility, but he stepped up when he was needed. Villains rarely did in the old 80s cartoons. This has later been amended to Megatron starting out as a mine worker who got into activism because he was fed up with the corrupt class system that was firmly entrenched on Cybertron.

He is put in a situation where he snaps, and discovers he has quite the propensity for violence. He gets together with other malcontents and psychopaths and ignites a civil war. Megatron craves power, though he sees it as a means to an end, and always has an end goal.

He will use any means necessary to get there, no matter who or what he has to kill or destroy, and he never has any regret for any of it. A lot of people mistake him for a dumb brute, but he is in actually quite clever and cunning. Current canon seems to be that these two met even before either of them became a leader. Reading about it was quite interesting, though not much to write about. These two have always been a pretty even match. In sheer physical strength, Optimus would usually win out since the Matrix has elevated his physical form significantly, and he tends to be the better tactician and better shot, but Megatron would still win because he was willing to fight dirty and cheat like a bugger to get his way.

No ploy or tactic would be considered too low for Megatron, and he was often able to catch Optimus off-guard for that very reason. They have traded many near-fatal blows, with quite the story behind most of them. Now Megatron is the stronger one by far something also evidenced in the Michael Bay movies, but the less said about those the betterand Optimus is the one needing to resort of tricks and clever ploys to win out.

The first one we start in the issue that introduced both the Protectobots and the Combaticons. Megatron takes the Combaticons to capture a piece of technology that generates vast amounts of power, which was the main scheme of most Decepticon plots in this era. Thanks to a listening device Optimus and the Protectobots are ready and waiting when they arrive. The situation changes when Bruticus captures a human who stayed late at the plant and to save his life he offers a way for them to battle without destroying the plant by using a videogame omg topical!