Pisces and taurus long distance relationship

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pisces and taurus long distance relationship

For as long as Pisces don't change their mind and swim off, their relationship a spontaneous maneuver to distance themselves from their Taurus partner. I am a Taurus woman with a Pisces boyfriend that I know is into me. How do I let him . I am a Taurean, long distance dating a Pisces for a year now. Great sex. That being said, long distance relationships are not always doomed and according to a study, Most compatible LDR partner: Taurus. Being in.

If this happens, Taurus will know that the trust is lost, however their relationship seemed just a couple of minutes ago. Basically, when Pisces partner gets bored, they start to think of excuses and lies, before they even realize that their relationship is over. It is up to Taurus to understand the flakiness of their partner. When they do, they can either accept the situation and fight for love, or end the relationship and move on.

Both of these signs are not very talkative and Pisces even lead Mercury to its fall. This is why they really need to form a strong emotional bond and listen to each other through very little words. Unfortunately, they can get lost in the world of Pisces and really lose that grip they have on reality. At first, this will be like a drug, an addiction, something they have been waiting for their entire life. The most important thing for Taurus in a relationship with Pisces is to stand their ground and hold on to their common sense, practicality and their usual need to live in reality.

With Pisces exalting Venus, the ruler of Taurus, this is not only love but adoration. If this feeling goes on, they could stay in a beautiful relationship for a very long time. As soon as Pisces partner feels this beautiful emotion dying down, they will make a spontaneous maneuver to distance themselves from their Taurus partner. That simple feel of inadequacy will be enough for both of them to let distance take its course. Even though Taurus has a tendency to get emotionally bound to their partner, their potential separation from Pisces will be as coming back to reality more than a devastating event.

Their values differ a lot, but the one they share is incomparable to others — love. No other sign of the zodiac can truly understand the way these two value love, especially when they are in love with each other.

pisces and taurus long distance relationship

This can lead to a lack of understanding when it comes to the way they want to spend their time together. I am still in love with him, always will be.

But I have to say our union was rocky and ultimately a bad thing for both of us. I am a Taurean female dating a Piscean male for about 5 months now.

God, this man is soooo amazing and he makes me feel like a young schoolgirl all over again! They enjoy it when they piss you off, shows them you are fiery! This guy is already talking marriage and kids with me, but I am very cautious, as is my Taurean nature! He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I always thank God for placing him in my life! They are very jealous, so don't talk about or flirt with another guy!

They want you to be loyal, loving, nurturing, honest, genuine, and most importantly yourself! They love a good challenge, and someone who can be there for them always and will give them unconditional love Always use flattery with them and give them constant reassurance. Give them their space when they need it and don't be clingy!

They are somewhat flakey, but don't get mad, just be understanding and patient, even when it is difficult for you to be so! Make sure you're always affectionate and playful with them, make them laugh and joke around with them! Do romantic things for them, such as write them a loving letter or poem, send them a romantic text or give them a call just to simply say he is on your mind, and that you love him dearly because he makes your life wonderful I love my Pisces man to death!

Always, remember little things that they like, they also love that! Pisces men are truly God's gift to women everywhere, they are also blessed with great intuition I love my Pisces man to death, I hope we grow old together, just like we both want I know- surrendering to my Piscean man was hard also, he is away for work a bit more than I'd like and is also quite a bit older than me but his experience and calm totally comforts me when we're together I'm a Taurus woman and I was on and off with a Pisces man for about 4 years.

I am now not talking to him at all it was a horrible breakup because it would never end. If I wanted to break it off he wouldn't let me because he knew I was the best thing that's ever happened to him. They are great for the first year and will shower you with gifts and take you places but after that they get very secretive and sneaky and they are very flirty.

They look for love somewhere else when things aren't going great. He ended up getting a new girlfriend who he talked shit on and she knew but didn't care.

Anyways it's been months since I've talked to him but he will still call me randomly even though he's still with her and tell me he misses me. Pisces will go behind your back because they never know what they want until it's too late and they never learn. I basically had to tell him that I hated him and that he has no heart and be a total jerk for him to stop talking to me and eve and after all that he still wants me?

My advice is to have a fun time with a Pisces but don't go into a relationship because they don't know how to be faithful and don't know what they want the only thing that's great is the sex. I am a Piscean male and have been with my beautiful taurean wife to be for nearly 5 years. Meet at work we became the best of friends. Hugs before we got together. Even slept in the same bed as friends That didn't last long We have traveled the world together and have been together since day one.

We both are loyal to each other and respect one another. She is dedicated to her work more than I am as I see work as more of a way to make money Then when I get home I enter my dream world. It's funny to read all these comments to find so many similar connections that we all have it's amazing. I love my little stubborn bull with all my heart!!! I swim around her all day long while she stands tall, tail brushing with the wind Although it may look as if we are hiding something it clearly is not as we are simply zoning Into a completely different wave of emotion.

We are natural healers and am able to heal just about anything. We are always lending a shoulder to cry on without taking into consideration what level our own batteries are at.

How To Make A Long-Distance Relationship Work, By Zodiac Sign

We will always drop what we are doing to go start something else and then quickly start something else just after that and so on This relationship is built to last. Although we do not like confrontation it is sometimes needed in the relationship to fix a situation as it is very hard for us to put what we are feeling into words as there are no words to express how we feel Although eventually if the conversation is not exploded than we will tell you what you Wang to know.

Just remember to kiss every 5 mins and chuck in some baby talk And no flirting with anyone else!!!! My union with a taurean girl started really nicely until her borderline symptoms started up which were made worse by her merry-go-round of meds: I wish she'd get clean and therapy but am long gone and ain't holding my breathe.

She just gets a new "one" and tally ho! All I can say is wow. I am a Taurus woman, I have have never seen Pisces as the one that just light my fire. I just think of it as a moth to a flame. I married a Pisces man, he was just too dam indecesive. He cheated a few times but I knew he loved me, he is just the curious type, I felt sorry for the women. Get all the great sex for just a moment.

Pisces are fish, they really do only have one home although some of them like to swim other places, they always come home. I dated another Pisces after our divorce and no not because of the cheating but because of him not being able to have a freaking stable thought in his head, he tried, I know he did he just couldnt do it.

Now the one I dated, he was charming, funny, intuitive, and sexy with a capital S. But again lofty, and I wasnt going for that again. I wasnt dating for committment, more for fun and he wanted me to get serious. I just wasnt up to it. So now wh en I see the little fishies swimming up to me I just smile, and swat them away with my tail.

Go on little fishy Im a Pisces guy, and Taurus girls. I am sorry to all of you, but it looks like the fish men are messed up and we have ALL done something that is listed above. In a way Im apologizing to all you girls, for what I also did.

Basically, dated a Taurus girl, proposed to her, love, sex passion, family, friends were all great. I would flip out as she was quiet, she would not talk about any problems and face any minor or serious questions. This is what drove me crazy, I needed answers and she would shy away from them - nothing too serious but it was consistent, small questions, big questions no direct response ever.

We had a year deadline, or I would loose my quite descent well paid job in North America. After 6 months there I started asking her questions, what's the plan, are we staying are we coming back. I had to go back, and long distance did not work out. I was hoping to get from her more feedback, more emotional guarantee and some kind of a firm solid dedication after all we were engaged. I would go to bed thinking when she would come back, wake up with the same thoughts Anyway, I couldnt take it, one day flipped out, said very mean things to her and called everything off.

I had to get angry or I could not do what I did. I did it irrationally, and two months later through my friend I figured out what she was thinking, and how I was on one train and she was on a parallel train but did not show it.

Had she been more focused and told me what was going through her head, I would understand, wait longer, reassure her etc. Once I realized the problems, I talked to her, she loves me I love her, but at this point it has gone to far. It goes in the wrong places. Also, they usually have big packages and I don't mean the type that needs a postage! You have to get them when they are close to or over They will most likely be ready to settle down later on in life.

I'm talking to one now. We've been inseparable ever since. They dream more than they accomplish We need stability and it's hard to get them with a man that's always in the clouds. But maybe that's why we're in their lives? The last 5 years I've been in a long distance relationship with a Pisces man. We have fought and reconnect months later, they are very sensitive and mysterious in away but he gets me. And he makes me feel so special inside they do dream a lot and need a certain push in the right direction.

One thing ive notice is that they do have baggage from there pass relationships, they cant forget. As a Taurus woman I need a man to focus on me now, not comparing me with previous relationships. As a friend we connect so well we talk hours and hours and give each other great advice. I adore me so much! I want to know what I'm doing wrong in His eyes.

I know that we would make a perfect Marriage, because I'm not afraid to compromise. Why didn't you leave. Were you strong minded? I'm a mature Intelligent Young Woman.

Who Believes in Marriage, at any age after 18, if you have your mind right. And If you Believe really believe that your Piscean is the One. I sure In Hell Think So. I'm Religious Born that way! I am a Taurus women who just got married to a Pisces man.

From the moment I met him he was everything thing I wanted and dreamed of. He was and still is very loving, sensitive and a go getter. If you can handle the differences and understand each other without trying to change one another, it will last a long time. So Taurus woman have patient and don't try to change him.

Pisces man try to understand a Taurus woman. I love my Pisces husband and without his support and loving I wouldn't been as happy. Do not try and trap your fish as we are all escape artists. Trying to trap him in a corner will only make his mind work out a way to escape and you don't want that now do you. Your fish lives on a completely different planet than you do. When you ask him a question, he may not respond straight away since there is so much emotion attached to his answer.

pisces and taurus long distance relationship

His answer will sometimes depend on his mood and what has happened on that particular day. If you want my advice, make sure that you are there with support and love. Don't talk about religion to your fish.

We are the most spiritual sign in the zodiac and its something that religion cannot come close to. The last thing that he wants to hear is about the right and wrong thing to do. Me and my Wife were together for years before we made the move for marriage. Us fish do need a push in the right direction but if you push to much he will swim away.

Pisces woman and Taurus man ...long distance relationship ....will it last?

Remember, im only commenting on my relationship and trying to understand what how I can relate it to what your issue is. And at the same time it only seems that your issue is that you cannot get your fish to marry you.

In the long run Pisces man seeking love with a Taurus Lady. When we first met I sensed a really strong attraction between us, both sexually and spiritually. She couldn't keep Her eyes off of me and the same is true for me my eyes were glued to Her.

We see each other twice a week at a religious center and She seems to be avoiding me in little ways. I Love him So much Weve been dating for 10 months. He broke up with me, says he s not ready to be in a relationship. During the end of our relationship I was sad. I Loved our relationship, but I had problems in my life, He didn't give me the support I needed, I'm very supportive of his needs, every one.

I think I pushed him away on accident, I thought that if I keep telling him what I wish he did But I wont take all the blame. He does stuff, dumb stuff, wrond not right. Because He's so Impractical. I know if he comes back in my life things will be better, stronger, because I've chaged.

pisces and taurus long distance relationship

Not so depended on him, but on me. We have So much in common, everything. He likes to admire me, I lost myself in our relationship. Im Smarter and know what to do now in our relationship. Someone please respond to This. Never give up on something as important as this. Weve been broken for 1 month I am a Taurus woman, and over the past 8 months I have came in contact with not one or two but SIX Pisces men. All of them say that they are in love with me and that they want to be with me.

They even get really emotional just talking about it. Also another guy came along but he is a Scorpio the first time he looked at me I melted into the floor, I was sprung and he fell hard for me to!

I don't know what to do: I love Pisces men and boy that Scorpio is something else. In the long run I am gonna have to choose someone but I am so scared what the end results will be!

I love my pisices man buthe lied cheated called names disrepected and munipulated me it was unhealthy I love him but im on a much higher level of success in mi life than he is. He is very sweet and sensitive and cares about me a lot. The only problem is we are in a long distance relationship so I'm afraid that he might loose interest in me because of a new girl. I have only had real relationships with Pisces men and the same thing happens every time.

They break up with me, keep in contact with me, get with someone else and when that doesn't work out they try and come back to me. I always turn them down cause I know the same thing is gonna happen. Now that I am with this guy, we've gotten so deep that I get really really worried that he might "fall in love" with someone else and leave me.

Also lately he hasn't been talking to me as much, he will get online or call and say hi I love you and get off the phone.

Am I over reacting or should I just let things flow. I am I Taurus woman with a Pisces man. The first day we saw each other and talked, we fell in love, deep. He says the sweetest things and is just very calm and sweet.

We have been talking for a while and just recently got together. I haven't seen his emotional side even though he admitted he was emotional but what I have seen is his sexual and romantic side and boy when I say romantic I mean the most romantic any man can get.

I have dated a lot of Pisces men and all of them are this way, and I have fallen deep in with them each time, but with the guy I am with now it's like I know he is the one in fact he was the one who said it when we met. Anyways my question is my Pisces is very sexual and asks me to do things that sometimes I am not okay with, but I wanna give him everything he wants and may need sexually but some times I have to tell him know and he gets a little irritated.

Should I do it to keep him happy or keep my foot down? I'm a Taurus women and I have been dealing with my Pisces male intimately since Sept Im making a few adjustments so that we both continue to experience "harmony". We are comfortable together and I have to make adjustments and allow him to feel free.

Also the do not like confrontations. I'm a Pisces man who has been dating a Taurus woman for nearly a month now. I just divorced a Libra woman to whom I was married for 3 years. I wasn't looking for this relationship it just sort of happened, and wow it has been amazing. I'm Pisces to the core and I've always had a way of charming people but have a lot of problems making it "stick". She geniunely excepts me for who I am. She doesn't mind my daydreaming at all, a lot of my past relationships have failed because my partners couldn't handle this quality.

I treat her like a princess and she treats me like a prince. We have fallen for one another on a deeper level than I knew was possible, and the sex is amazing. They aren't kidding when they say Taurus women have the most stamina. She can't get enough of me and we often spend half the night and the next morning going at each other. We both agree that we're the best either of us has ever been with.

I have a bad Piscean habit of fleeing when a rel ationship gets serious, but not this time I'm in love. I swore I would never marry again after my divorce but she's got me thinking I may oneday reconsider this.

I am a Taurus and have been around many a good Pisces in my life. It doesn't surprise me that I will not be marrying one. I only have good things to say about pisces. There is always work in any relationship but for this Taurus girl - Pisces is the best match by far compared to other astrology signs. Then a Handsome Looking Pisces came along in my life. And His so AmazingMy god I can't believe it. A love so Beautiful I've never thought about.

pisces and taurus long distance relationship

We been dating each other for past 6 years, and it's growing more. The chemistry between a Taurus and Pisces are the best! He loves you and wants to be with only you, if you start to denying him then he will swim to the next mermaid he finds I am a Pisces man and am just talking from experience Try and enjoy what he does, maybe you will if you forget what it is and just relax I say yay, do to the fact that it is true Pisces have this mysteriousness that lures you into their realm of waters.

I dated a Pisces man and felt an instant connection. Being with him was the most nurturing thing. I felt so secure I felt like a little lamb in his arms. Sadly though things started to go downhill. For some reason he started addmiting that he didn't like to talk on the phone because he didn't know what to say.

He also didn't want to hang out with me and my close friends because he didn't like to be around people he didn't know. I completely understood the fact that you didn't like to talk on the phone because you didn't know what to say, bbbuuuttt it made me mad because he didn't want to sit with "strangers", even though nobody is born knowing everyone We also rarely saw each other because of certain reason, so we would averagely see each other once a week.

So over all my point is THERE was reasons that stopped us from seeing eachother, so obviously the smart thing to do was to talk on the phone since seeing each other wasnt an option. He just never seemed to understand that. This is why I said aww too. One thing to note too, he was younger than me so I actually think that the age difference was one of the problems as well.

Taureans ARE the most down-to-earth people so we tend to act WAY more mature than our age, that is why I say that age must have also been one of the factors that led to our break up. Nevertheless, for some reason I ended up feeling bad and wanted him back, I cried for him for 3 days straight.

I tried to make him reason, because I knew deep down inside it wasnt my fault. But I was actually willing to put the blame all on myself just to make things better and for us to be together again. I just don't know what to do. Im tuarus lady living with a Pisces man. He knew exactly what he wanted,we met and in 2 months we moved in together and I have never been happier. I have been married for 20 years He is a total dream They don't like ladies to nag Communication is key,n dnt push them to hard I have been talking to a Taurus girl for last two months and our interaction makes me feel very comfortable.

I know for sure that she is not dating anyone at this point of her life. Few weeks later I asked her again and we decided to figure things out over the phone. She did not answer my phone call and the message I left either. I found that she was sick after getting flu and did not show up at school. Few days later we talked again for a few minutes and she asked me to let her call once she was ready.

The reason-too many issues to solve and she also needs some space. I decided to be cooperative and agreed to her suggestion. She just answered that she will think about it but cannot promice anything.

I have heard that Taurus ladies typically need time and are slow to make their mind. I have been quite persistent giving indications that I am interested but not sure how much more I should continue on this direction.

Is it possible that she really needs more space and I need to let her alone for sometime? Please,Taurus ladies give me some insight over the situation. But this one hit me like a yellow bus.

We've always been friends but ive had a secretly crush on him for 4 years. After a wonderful 2 month relationship I ended because I thought he cheated when he really didnt. One thing ladies you must kno that A Pisces will rarely let you kno what's botherin him until he's ready.

Whenever we have a rough patchwe're never done! Im very straight forward but he never tells me he wants to be done which is had to deal with but everyday is something different. One things for sure our relationship is never borin.

I have faith in my Pisces because he gives me what I need. I love my Pisces man, although I haven't told him yet.

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He is actually 18 years older than me. Actually more than I have ever connected with another man. He holds his emotions back a little because he's been through alot. BUT when he does open up a little bit it is sooo worth it. The lovemaking is sensational and I plan on marrying him one day.

We get along soo well, mentally, socially, phyically and emotionally. He knows how to handle me- and thats what us Taurus Women need! I am a Taurus woman involved with a Pisces man. I don't even know where to start. These men are the most secretive men I have ever seen. You always think they are up to no good. We were dating for about 5 months when he and I quote" stepped away from the relationship" for awhile. He could not handle my Taurus ways.

I am stubborn and I don't take crap. I think it was just an excuse because not long after we broke up. I am 40 and he is I have been screwed over so many times and I thought he would be different.

I guess technically we were not together when he had this one night stand but he sure seen me everyday and still had sex with me! On the flipside of all this he is the greatest man I have ever known. I am a Taurus Woman who has found herself accidentally with a Pisces male. The background is that my step father was an tyrannical over ruler of a Pisces.

His punishments were creative and cruel. He also stuck like glue, my mother's life has been ruined by the codependency of this relationship which has now been going on for eleven years. Still I got out of a five year relationship with an abusive Capricorn male about two months ago and started dating again.

I started to get really into one guy in particular. He was polite, quiet, normal and an understated romantic. Treated me like a lady. Honest to god the man tricked me into our first date with all the finesse of a general at war. If he had asked directly it would have been no. When we had sex it wasn't like sex with another Taurus great, but it was intimate and good. He listened to direction without getting insulted.

I was flabbergasted to find out he was a Pisces. He just so understated and NOT manipulative. He has a good job a college education and no ego. I'm quite smitten really and waiting for the other shoe to drop. He is very quiet, but I had just assumed that was introspection. Honestly I don't know what to do about it. I like him a great deal but I have a hare trigger wariness for Pisces and after that last relationship. If he does any of this off on stuff that others are suggesting, my instinct would be to cut him off.

I am loyal, but that strikes me as a lack of loyalty, in terms of being unable to decide. I do adore him though. I could see raising kids with this one if he can be true. I met him at work, and loved his relaxed, laid back attitude and respect for me.

He left to go on a world trip, but I text him shortly before he left saying that I wouldn't of minded a kiss before he goes. He couldn't keep his hands off me. He really knew exactly what buttons to push and is definately the best I've ever had. I know there is a huge sexual attraction there, and he was so kind to me, but he's leaving for Australia tommorrow.

He's never spoke to me about it. I think I'm falling in love: I'm a Taurus woman and been on this crazy rollercoaster ride with my Pisces man. I honestly believe that he's in deep with me but I don't understand why he's having a hard time tellin me how he feels.

How do I know if he's in love with me? I am a Pisces man and everything mentioned is true especially the romantic charmer stuff. I have been told by many lovers that the sex was best they ever had and also that we a hard to read. We are loyal but can find it difficult to not respon when being chatted up by a pretty face.

pisces and taurus long distance relationship