Pl travers and walt disney relationship with his mom

pl travers and walt disney relationship with his mom

The movie tells the story of author P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) and other at a pub, ripping open Camillus's relationship with his mother (who, The movie is structured to make us root for Walt Disney; after all, we know. British author P. L. Travers (–), although the author of many writings for She later took the surname Travers from the first name of her father, Travers Goff, The relationship was platonic, however, and Travers never married, although she American film executive Walt Disney realized within a few years of the. Pamela Lyndon Travers, the Australian-born creator and author of the books on which the film was based, hated the film, declaring it 'ghastly'.

pl travers and walt disney relationship with his mom

Much of the movie takes place in the rehearsal hall at Disney Studios, and historical documentation for the screenplay was abundant: Travers as she always insisted on being called demanded that all meetings with the creative team be taped; the Disney Archives also provided Mr. Hanks with a treasure trove of primary material to study as he created his concept of the Disney persona.

pl travers and walt disney relationship with his mom

But the core of Saving Mr. Banks, and one that relies less strictly on the historical record, is the backstory of how art, ownership, and commerce somehow combine to produce box office success.

Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

And of course Walt Disney expected that, because he was Walt Disney, the project would happen in a spit-spot snap. Travers, to sell him screen rights. Finally in he managed to lure the intransigent author to Hollywood. She fully intended to sabotage the film, though, because she was aghast at the idea of her Mary Poppins being sentimentalized by the "Disney treatment. Banks unfolds in scenes that alternate between Mrs. Travers in storyboard meetings and flashbacks of her hard-scrabble childhood in Australia.

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Born as Helen Goff, she adored her banker father Travers Goff, a charmer who filled her life with love and story-telling even as he fell into an alcoholic abyss. After her despondent mother attempts suicide, her aunt arrives to take charge of the fractured household.

The aunt becomes a physical model for Mary Poppins, replete with a giant carpetbag filled with amazing stuff and an umbrella with a parrot-head handle. Her purpose is to make everything better, and she does except for one impossible hurdle. She cannot save the father.

pl travers and walt disney relationship with his mom

Emma Thompson captures the flinty Mrs. YeatsOliver St.

P. L. Travers Biography

John Gogartyand other Irish poets who fostered her interest in and knowledge of world mythology. She had studied the Gurdjieff system under Jane Heap and in Marchwith the help of Jessie Orage widow of Alfred Richard Orageshe met the mystic George Gurdjieffwho would have a great effect on her, as well as on several other literary figures. Travers's literary output other than Mary Poppins and its sequels included other novels, poetry collections and works of non-fiction.

Seven sequels followed, the last in Poppins" originated from childhood stories that she contrived for her sisters, and that she was still in possession of a book from that age with this name inscribed within.

Primarily based on the original novel of the same name, it also lifted elements from the sequel Mary Poppins Comes Back. The novels were loved by Disney's daughters when they were children, and Disney had spent 20 years trying to purchase the film rights to Mary Poppins, which included visits to Travers at her home in London.

The first thing that has to go is the animation sequence. However, original songs and other aspects from the film were allowed to be incorporated into the production.

pl travers and walt disney relationship with his mom

It's glamorous and it's a good film on its own level, but I don't think it is very like my books. Banks is a dramatised retelling of both the working process during the planning of Mary Poppins and also that of Travers's early life, drawing parallels with Mary Poppins and that of the author's childhood.

The movie stars Emma Thompson as P. Travers and Tom Hanks as Walt Disney.