Polonius and ophelia relationship quotes

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polonius and ophelia relationship quotes

Mistrusted Love: Polonius Speaks to Ophelia. From The Riddles of Hamlet by Simon Augustine Blackmore. Boston, Stratford & Co. Unfortunately for Ophelia. In Shakespeare's Hamlet a quote that relates the relationship between my father and I is when Polonius says to Ophelia "Affection! pooh! you speak like a green. Without considering what Ophelia wanted, Polonius decided it would be best for Ophelia to not see Hamlet. This sets the tone that Polonius will.

Hamlet had grabbed her wrist and held her there for a few moments and then sighed. This Ophelia is a victim of a distrustful lover and an authoritative father. She is an obedient daughter, who is controlled by her father Polonius, an advisor to King Claudius Ophelia's Shift to Madness words - 5 pages later, and then went mad, which caused her to never gain her own identity.

Ophelia And Polonius Essay

To stay in control, the men in Hamlet taught Ophelia to fear her every day, natural thoughts causing her not to think for herself. Dane writes, "Both brother and father smother Ophelia in an incestuous strangle-hold, each the self-appointed tutor of her Alienation in Hamlet words - 3 pages sends his daughter, Ophelia, out to also gain information. Hamlet begins going mad and people claim that the cause is from the death of his father.

Truly, though, Hamlet knows of the murder. But Claudius and Polonius are not the only ones, Gertrude, the queen, blames Ophelia for Hamlet's madness. Polonius's lack of trust in Laertes forces him to send Reynoldo to follow Laertes to France and spy on him. Shakespeare presents alienation of Hamlet Hamlet Paper words - 7 pages all war between both countries.

polonius and ophelia relationship quotes

Then, Laertes is given a blessing to leave to France. Hamlet is unhappy about the purpose of the ceremony; it is focus in the wedding not about the death of his father. Horatio and Marcellus greet Hamlet and tell him about the ghost.

polonius and ophelia relationship quotes

Hamlet asks the men to take him to the site of the appearance of the ghost. She is an obedient daughter, who is controlled by her father Polonius, an advisor to King Claudius The Analysis of the Character Ophelia on Hamlet words - 7 pages Elizabethan times, Ophelia is restricted as a woman.

She is obedient to the commands of the men in her life although she often attempts to do the right thing.

polonius and ophelia relationship quotes

Polonius, Laertes, and Hamlet all have a grasp on Ophelia and who she is. She does not have the freedom to change her fate as Hamlet does.

polonius and ophelia relationship quotes

Ophelia tells Polonius how Hamlet has been a gentleman. Polonius goes on to say how passion will drive boys to tell girls anything to have sex with them. Around this central action revolve the stories concerning the minor characters of Polonius and Ophelia.

Polonius and Claudius use Ophelia's weakness to facilitate their testing of Hamlet. Hamlet, on the other hand, manipulates Ophelia to conceal his true intentions from Polonius and the court. He approves the judgment of Laertes, and goes even further, by condemning her for being too free and bounteous of her time with the Prince, and for not understanding what behooves his daughter and her honor. His severe arraignment, while chargeable to solicitude, most commendable in a father, was due more to the low estimate which he entertained of Hamlet's honor and his motives.

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Like Laertes he could not imagine that the Prince was truly and genuinely in love with Ophelia; because, not being intimately acquainted with him, he knew neither his nobility of character nor his refined moral nature, and, therefore, measured him according to his own low standard. Learning of the cause of Hamlet's frequent visits, Polonius in excitement catechises his daughter.

His impassioned words "extort from her in short sentences, uttered with a bashful reluctance, the confession of Hamlet's love for her, but not a word of her own love for him. The whole scene is managed with inexpressible delicacy; it is one of those instances common in Shakespeare in which we are allowed to perceive what is passing in the mind of a person without any consciousness on their part.

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Only Ophelia herself is unaware that while she is admitting the extent of Hamlet's courtship, she is also betraying how deep an impression it has made, and how entire is the love with which it is returned. Jameson] Her father's earnestness had impelled her to speak in self-defense; but her attempt to correct his false notions concerning the nature of Hamlet's love, instead of allaying, only irritated more the old chancellor, who, always infallible in his judgments, could neither brook contradiction, nor tolerate any hesitating acceptance of his oracles.

Poor Ophelia, bewildered by his onslaught, knows neither what to say nor think. He will teach her: Appealing to his own experience, he assures her that love is prodigal of vows, which scarce survive their making.