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Popular actors Harshad Arora and Preetika Rao aka Zain and Aaliya of rao and harshad arora relationship, preetika rao and harshad arora. Aaliya (Preetika Rao) and Zain (Harshad Arora) have been married for Aaliya- Zain's now friendly relationship, disappointment awaits them. After getting Zain's wife to undergo some tests Abdullah's find that Aaliya is not. Preetika Rao said that her elder sister Amrita is a keen follower of her debut show . is a passionate love story of Zain (played by Harshad Arora) and Aliya. The actress' love–hate relationship with her co-star Harshad on the show has India vs Australia 3rd Test, Day 2: Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli.

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Good food and good sleep and of course a great on screen performance. Things that annoy you? Unfriendly people, jealousy, Liars and cheats and people who have constant bad breath and still don't get the point. Nothing that I can think of right now. Your favourite time of the year and why? I think it's the rainy season. The city is cool, looks refreshingly green and lush and it also brings in my birthday. I only wish we had cleaner roads and less flies. I love winters since I am from Delhi and I was born n brought up in that city.

We have superb winters back home. Nope, nothing that I'm guilty about. I wear my conscience up my sleeve. No food or beverage or substance related guilt indulgences too I'm satvik. I love eating sweets of all kinds Indians and foreign and lots of chocolates. The places you love most abroad and why? I love America because it us a very tourist-friendly country.

Friendly people too and one place where you find men of every race walking on one street in a happy environment. It is also a traveller's paradise. I have been to the West coast and seen many cities in California and also been to the South to Arizona and to the east cost to New York and Dallas and Orlando. I love Italy for of its beautiful architecture. Who do you share your secrets with? My mom A compliment from a fan that made you blush?

I have a lot of girls write to me that they have a 'girl crush' on me. They also call me Muslim Barbie doll. The one time you felt proud of yourself? I guess this series Beintehaa has given me an opportunity to connect with Indian and Pakistani people all over the world, children and college girls being my biggest fans. I feel like the chosen one I feel blessed to receive all this love from all over the world. It was when I received my first award.

There have been many tough scenes but most memorable have been the one where we shot with a live snake at filmcity where Zain Harshad and I jump on top of a car bonnet. Again rain scenes are tough to shoot. I was actually slapping Harshad for some fun.

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I told the director, let me slap him the scene wil look funny. Preetika — I will miss our directors Ankur and Maan. I look forward to working with them. Also, Suchitra Pillai and Harshad, since most of my scenes were with them. From the set I will miss my room that I had decorated with fan momentos, like Buddha statues, cards etc. I had my room fully equipped with a bed, mosquito net and microwave. I will miss every nook and corner of the set especially the backyard.

I felt so peaceful sitting there in the sunlight. Now I have these gifts in my room at home.

Amrita Rao doesn’t miss any episode of ‘Beintehaa’, says sister Preetika

There are six huge teddy bears, photoframes etc. Will miss the whole set and Barkat Villa. How would you describe each other? Preetika — For Harshad it would be: Witty, hardworking and jovial. He had this habit of mocking me and I would give him whacks on his back. Harshad- Preetika is patient, calm and composed.

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What do you feel about the names fans have given your jodi- Zaya and Harshika? Some fans gifted me a trophy with this title. But all names are beautiful. Harshad — Zaya is nice, it shows the audiences love for Zain-Aaliya.