Prezzo and goldie relationship tips

Even In Death, Goldie Stirs Controversy

prezzo and goldie relationship tips

Goldie, born Susan Filani, died on Thursday night at Reddington Hospital, Prezzo with whom she had an on-again off-again relationship. When Goldie was first nominated for possible eviction a week earlier, many relationship with a married housemate from Kenya, Prezzo. Big Brother Africa destroyed Goldie's marriage and happiness', the source said angrily. I'm saying Goldie died of drug overdose and Prezzo introduced her to it ! [RELATIONSHIP TIPS] 3 Things Men Can't Resist in a.

The death of her mum at 10 in was a major turning point, as the singer is on record having said her mother was the only friend she had during childhood. She then grew up with her father, who she said tried to avert her from the creative arts, often attempting to stop her from drawing and singing, stuff she was so fond of.

prezzo and goldie relationship tips

After high school in Nigeria at the turn of the millennium, she moved to the UK for further studies, graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in It was in the UK that she fully began recording, going professional upon her return to Nigeria in She hit the limelight in Nigeria around and won several awards locally, but only became renowned across Africa after her involvement in Big Brother StarGame last year.

Apparently, she had also landed some recording deals in the US on her trip to catch the Grammys, but she did not live to see the deals materialise.

Yes! I betrayed Goldie - Prezzo - Vanguard News Nigeria

By press time, burial arrangements had not yet been concluded. It was a classical story of a good girl being attracted to a bad boy, and an evil one at that like Prezzo'. Prezzo was Goldie's temptation and she really shook Goldie's marriage, but like most white men, Mr.

prezzo and goldie relationship tips

Harvey was so matured about it. He was trying to save his marriage and Goldie because he truly loved her so much,' our source continues. Our source's opinion may not be far from the truth if the trending opinions credited to the husband of late Goldie, Andrew Harvey is anything to go by.

Andrew first posted on facebook: You have caused enough hurt and pain. You had the option of 50 cameras, I had only two eyes and two ears and I believed in what I saw What did you miss most, while you were in the BBA house?

BBA7 Goldie And Prezzo Arugue

Also, communication with my family and my beloved ones. Do you want to come back as Susan that people have seen, or your brand name -Goldie? I have two faces to myself. What you see at home is the entertainer, and what you saw at home in the BBA is Susan.

Every artiste has two faces. You can imagine what is like at home in her quiet time. You never get to see that side of her life because she would not be in the BBA house.

Prezzo Losing The Battle To Goldie’s Husband

Imagine late Michael Jackson dancing on stage and doing all those stuff. In his quiet timehe was a soft-spoken human being. All artistes that I know are people who are opposite of what they are while on stage.

I tend my unreserved apology to Nigerians.

Even in death, goldie stirs controversy

Personally I went there to be my myself When you realised that the man you gave Prezzo your heart was the one that stabbed you at the back, did you feel disappointed, betrayed or disillusioned?

BBA is a strong platform to fame, and unfortunately, due to the nature of my work, I have never get glued to my television set to watch the reality show. What will happen to your relationship with Prezzo, especially now that you have been evicted?

No one knows tomorrow, when I was entering BBA house I never knew that I was not going to stay till the end of the show.

prezzo and goldie relationship tips

Nobody knows why you fall in love with someone. You see something in someone you feel you can connect with.