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Personal and social religious obligations. A name generally given to Initiates, etc. The one, the first, feminine; achad being masculine. A Talmudic word applied to Jehovah. The Talmudic name of the Apostle Paul. The Talmud narrates the story of the four Tanaim, who entered the Garden of Delight, i. The Kabalists say that Acher is Paul.

One of the rivers of Hades in Greek mythology. Absolute non-intelligence; as Chit is—in contrast— absolute intelligence. A title of Vishnu. The precreative period, when there was no Kosmos but Chaos alone. Borrowed by the Hebrews for the name of their Adah, father of Jubal, etc. But Adah meaning the first, the one, is universal property. There are reasons to think that Ak-ad, means the first-born or Son of Ad. It is but one remove from the pure homogeneous element.

The inability of standard scientific methods in detecting the precious elements in their mono-atomic state is extremely important, as is the fact these elements are almost always found in their natural state in combination with gold.

Hudson, for example, made his discoveries of the mono-atomic state, while attempting to separate the gold from the refined ore. Thus the search and overriding importance of gold to the Anunnaki may be, in fact, an attempt on the part of these extraterrestrials to acquire the precious elements in their mono-atomic form, and in large quantities.

Why this would be important strikes at the very heart of why the Anunnaki came to Earth in the first place. The Tree of Life Based on a grand synthesis of historical, philosophical, mythological and scientific evidence, David Hudson has determined that the Orme he has identified is truly The Tree of Life. Hudson has noted, for example, the scientific basis for human cells to exhibit superconductivity see e.

Giudice, et al,and the extensive amount of research currently being conducted on treating cancer and other diseases with precious elements. In effect, the alchemists were attempting to reach the mono-atomic form of gold and the other precious elements! The historical and philosophical implications also include the Orme as part of the Melchizedek priesthood and the metallurgical foundry at Qumrun, where the Essenes were located. Hudson also believes Moses knew the secrets of making the Orme, and that the Ark of the Covenant was merely the container of the Orme.

The implications of the existence of the Orme and taking the White Powder of Gold and the other precious elements is astounding. Based on the immense philosophical, mythological, historical, and scientific literature, Hudson believes a human ingesting the Orme in the correct manner can fulfill all the dreams of the esoteric alchemist: The latter is evidenced by the traditions of the Anunnaki raising their own from the dead, as well as the gospels of Jesus Christ.

In effect, the evidence suggests that an individual taking the Orme can become a fifth dimensional being! In effect, extraterrestrials from the planet Nibiru came to Earth to mine gold and precious elements, created mankind in order to have someone work the mines, provided the knowledge to a very limited, select number of human beings on the importance of the Orme and the method by which it could be made and taken internally by the individual, and then rather lost control of mankind as the human population increased exponentially!

It is noteworthy that the first attempt by the Anunnaki to extract gold was from sea water, specifically the head waters of the Persian Gulf. According to Hudson, the primary form which gold occurs in sea water is in the mono-atomic state. The precious elements also occur in herbs and numerous vegetables. Grapes, for example, can be a primary source. Volcanoes are also a source in that the interior of the Earth is the primary manufacturer of the elements. It is worth recalling Genesis 2: Early indications from the continuing research on the Orme and its effect on human beings suggest rhodium to be the primary element in the health of the individual, while iridium appears to provide the incredible talents promised by the Orme.

Hudson has suggested the need for a forty day fast, in which after ten days of water only, the Orme is ingested in doses of some milligrams for the subsequent thirty days. In addition to all of the other possible talents the Orme might provide mankind, it is worth noting the extremely long life spans of the Anunnaki may be due in part to the Orme and its proper ingestation.

Given the background provided thus far, it is possible to now consider the thesis of this paper: Whether or not the extraterrestrials the Anunnaki who came to Earth nearly a half million years ago are still here. The answer to this question, of course, depends upon the reason the Anunnaki came to Earth.

Points of Evidence There are three possibilities: Currently, there is a lack of evidence for their overt presence. This is particularly true when one considers their overwhelming presence and complete involvement in the affairs of mankind from the creation of man until as late as the time of Alexander the Great. Thus mankind may have been much easier to control by a few hundred gods, or a mere dozen of the Anunnaki who were highly influential in the large scale interactions between the Anunnaki and mankind.

An analogy is perhaps in order here. To step on an ant or keep it under control is considered trivial for a human. But if this same human is faced with the onslaught of army ants on the move, a man is virtually helpless. His only recourse may be to flat get out of the way! Stopping army ants is not an option.

The Anunnaki may feel the same way about the billions of human beings currently dominating the Earth. A few might be easy to control, but large numbers of independent souls are chaotic.

And one aspect is abundantly clear: There are some very distinct and contrary views of the Anunnaki -- roughly as many different philosophies and reasons to act as there are major figures.

Peace among the various factions has been difficult at best, with such goddesses as Ninki being the primary peace facilitator. On the other hand, those Anunnaki such as Inanna, her twin brother, Utu, as well as Nanna, Ningal, and Ishkur, were born on Earth and may feel this planet is where their destiny lies. At the same time, however, they may not feel any concerns for the fate of mankind.

Anuki (anuki93) ( books)

The divergent opinions and motivations for the Anunnaki may imply the need for the various factions to cease their overt warfare and go undercover. There are references in the ancient literature where mankind occasionally began to object to being used as cannon fodder in the Anunnaki wars, and thus the gods may have of necessity been obliged to control the affairs of mankind without our knowledge.

There is also the distinct possibility of the continuing wars on the planet today being instigated or inspired by hidden forces and agendas, including potentially those of the differing Anunnaki factions. They may have taken action accordingly.

If a typical Anunnaki, for example, is capable of living in excess ofyears, and man is currently living roughly 80 years, this amounts to a multiple of Thus, if a human sleeps 8 hours, does this imply an Anunnaki sleeps roughly four and a half years?

It has been suggested by authors such as Ferguson and Frissel that the speed at which mankind is evolving is an extreme rarity in the universe, and probably the result of a wildly successful interplanetary experiment in genetic manipulation when Enki and Ninki cross bred Homo erectus and the Anunnaki.

As such, mankind might pose a serious threat to a race who could conceivably sleep through World War II! There is also the implication of our spiritual growth being extremely rapid and the resultant motivation of the Anunnaki to do everything in their power to keep us down on the farm.

With them were born philosophies and religious teachings, which for the first time, departed from the worship of flawed Gods and Goddessesand became more involved in profound, universal-God philosophies. From this viewpoint, the god s of Genesis is not the God of the universe, but is instead, a description of Enki and Enlil, and to a lesser extent, the other Anunnaki. The goddess religions may, in fact, have been derived separately from the mainstream of the Enlil-dominated, Sumerian-civilized version of his-story, and probably populated by ancient men and women who grew weary of working the mines and lit off on their own for the uncivilized and infinitely more appealing wilderness life.

The question which still begs for an answer is whether or not Ninki, or some combination of other Anunnaki gods, arranged to have true philosophies introduced six hundred years before the Current Era. It is a distinct possibility. Numerous races in the history of mankind have abruptly vanished from the scene after having established a thriving and often boisterous culture. Several MesoAmerican cultures such as the Olmecs, Toltecs, and Mayans, comparatively isolated from other influences appear to have simply left one day, leaving their cities and worldly goods intact.

Teotihuacan, for example appears to have been abandoned circa BCE. An explanation of why such cultures could simply drop out of sight may derive in part from the ancient primary god of Mexico and Central America, Quetzalcoatl.

According to Sitchinthe plumed serpent god, Quetzalcoatl, was none other than the Sumerian deity, Ningishzida, one of the younger sons of Enki and easily one of the least belligerent of the Anunnaki. Quetzalcoatl is also identified as the Egyptian god, Thoth. Does this mean that polygamy is acceptable? Again, I must reiterate, absolutely not!

Let me begin with the sin of adultery. This is one of the Ten Commandments that everyone is familiar with — so we can all begin on the same sheet of music. What exactly is adultery? Taking this a step further, one could expand polygamy to large groups of people, who after getting married to each other, could thus subject themselves to orgies.

In order to identify someone you were married to, you would be issued a U. All that would have to transpire is for each individual to flash their U. Given this scenario, as absurd as it is, exactly what meaning does marriage have at this point?

Therefore, if polygamy is not considered a sin, then marriage and the sin of adultery mean nothing. Whenever the intricate details of polygamous relationships were chronicled, there were always numerous problems.

All paid heavily for it. With King David, his plan to put Uriah the Hittite on the front lines of battle to be killed, so he David could have Bathsheba as another wife, ended in a tragedy that resulted in the death of one of his children, and plagued him for the rest of his life. As for King Solomon, he suffered the worst fate of all; deception into idolatry because his wives deceived him away from the Lord.

Aside from the logical arguments disclosing polygamy as sin, and the living examples, the Lord commands the men of Israel not to undertake the practice of polygamy in Deuteronomy From all of the aforementioned, it should be clear that polygamy is sin.

This is one of those cryptic passages of scripture that makes me scratch my head. But after scratching my head for a moment, I recall Matthew From what can be seen, it appears that Ecclesiastes 3: Since the Bible never contradicts itself, there must be an explanation other than contradiction.

I think this perceived contradiction can be eliminated by dissecting the term "forever".

aliens in the Bible

What is forever, anyway? From scripture, it is given that God is an eternal being, without beginning, or end. Knowing this, it can be accurately assessed that God is outside the space-time domain altogether. Therefore if "God doeth" something, from His perspective, it "…shall be done forever", because for God, all things are forever present. So, getting back to the marriage contract, to us, our marriage contract may appear from the perspective of linear time to have a distinct beginning and end.

To God though, the time frame in which that marriage contract existed will exist forever. The interpretation I have just given does just that. But aside from all this, it should be clear that when Mormons apply Ecclesiastes 3: Have I gotten anywhere, or have I just wandered off the subject?

This is obvious, judging from the fact that they were chained in darkness in the depths of hell. I have another theory. Wipe the sweat off your brow, and brace yourself! I have a theory that may suggest a possible explanation to this. I call it my "Butterfly" theory. Humans were designed by God to be transformed, like a butterfly, into a new nature. Remember when Adam and Eve were first created in the Garden of Eden? At this time in human history, earth was in heaven, and humans were in open contact with God, communicating directly face to face with Him.

I will elaborate on the different realms of heaven in chapter 9 of this book. Adam and Eve were glorified beings not translated — there is a distinctionand they were married and had sex with each other. The first appearances of the marriage contract are found in Genesis 2: With this fresh in our minds, we should now recall that the institution of marriage will be done away with, and with it, sex, because of what is stated in Matthew From this, one could logically assume that the human race was initially designed to sexually reproduce within the confines of marriage, until reaching a certain point.

Once this certain level of development is achieved, the human race will then be translated by God into a higher species, in which reproduction will no longer serve a function.

After translation, it may be probable that appendages testifying to humanities former nature might still exist. But these appendages — not really appendages when speaking of the female genderwill only serve as reminders of our former nature. They may eventually disappear over time — or perhaps in future translations. Because there is no marriage in heaven, and without marriage, there is no sexual union. To be honest, this concerned me when I came to this conclusion, but I console myself with the nature of God.

It would be tough to have to deal with the desire of wanting sex, but being denied that desire — for eternity! I will elaborate more on these in the chapter on evolution. For in that he put all in subjection under him, he left nothing that is not put under him. But now we see not yet all things put under him. But once translated, humans will be equal with the angels. Not only that, humans will even be the judge over some angels.

The children of this world … which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead … 36Neither can they die any more: The original question is: Are angels strictly spiritual beings?

Bigg Boss 9 and before: 5 times Prince fell in love on national TV

After the resurrection, humans will resemble the nature of the translated humans we see in Genesis 6, which are referred to as angels in Jude and 2 Peter.

We will be beings of translated flesh, and fully capable key word — capableof reproduction because that was once our function. Furthermore, we will be able to bare offspring — but this offspring would be an abomination, because they would have been born though sin, and utter rebellion against God, and against humanities new translated nature. So now, it should be clearly evident that the Sons of God were capable of having sex, and offspring, but it was something terribly wrong for them to do.

They were angels, and turned against the direction that God had glorified them. They turned back to their former state, turning their backs on God. The term "Sons of God", I believe is a term that can be applied to translated humans. This alone distinguishes earthling humans from others, whereas other species of humans coming from other worlds were probably created from the soil of their original habitations. I say this, because there are many descriptions in scripture where the terms men and angels, referring to the Sons of God, are used interchangeably.

Furthermore, earth humans were actually able to interbreed with these other humans from elsewhere, with tangible, yet diluted and cursedresults. It is for this reason that I classify the species of angel termed the Sons of God, humanoid. What kind of angel is Satan? Is this all I have to say about the Sons of God?

For the most part, if humanity encounters an alien species dwelling in the universe in open contact, i. First of all, true angels of God always give glory to God, and never desire to direct attention to themselves. There are some exceptions to this general rule. People get to heaven through Jesus, not angels.

Even the terms used to describe their offspring, indicate the nature of the sin involved. So even the meanings of the words used to describe their offspring indicates that they were descendents of fallen angels, and thus were satanic entities by nature. Seeing that the Sons of God are humanoid angelic beings — and that they are fallen angels at that, those in Genesis 6should be reason enough not to trust them. But when I read in Job 1: Perhaps I got this backwards.

These passages of scripture reveal that there is a regularly appointed audience between God and the Sons of God, and Satan is among the Sons of God. Now why might Satan be among them, these humanoid angelic beings, specifically? Could it be that this is the type of angel Satan is? I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: This is merely my own conclusion. Why does Satan show such a despising interest in Job in the previously discussed passages?

In fact, why did Satan come to earth in person to deceive Eve, instead of appointing one of his lesser, underling followers to do it? My answer to this question is simple.

Because Satan is probably a human that was translated; an angelic member of the species termed "Sons of God", and once was a ruler on a prior world — or many worlds. See the last section of chapter 9 for more information on this. When Adam and Eve were created, Satan was filled with jealous pride, hating God for creating new additions to the kind of angels termed "Sons of God".

Enraged, threatened, and jealous, he personally has set out on a mission to destroy humanity on earth in any way he can. There seems to be evidence that Satan is intimately linked with earth, in particular. Why was Satan allowed access into the Garden of Eden? Was he not fallen and cast out of heaven, yet at that time, earth was in heaven? Why is it that when God cast him out of heaven, He flung him down to earth, of all places?

When I read this, I used to think to myself — "Well gee! According to 2 Corinthians 4: All three of the above references are indications that powerful entities both good and evil, retain positions of authority over the affairs of the humans of earth — for a limited time.

Is any of this really that important? Would it really even matter if Satan was at one time a human, and was translated into an angelic being? Read carefully the way in which God presents Job to Satan. The book of Job has indeed always cast a shadow over many, myself includedwho wondered to no end why God would even bother to speak to Satan about Job.

I occasionally hear people accusing God of unjust evil. Job was being put to a test that far exceeded any pain or hardship Satan may have been through, and used to justify his sin. In any case, Satan was ultimately put to shame and defeated, considering what God did through His own Son, Jesus, the Christ.

He, Jesusended this challenge with the ultimate goal of finally ending humanities painful dilemma of sin once and for all by personally sacrificing Himself to atone for the sin of the world! Throughout the dawn of time, Satan has been fighting against humanity, trying to justify his own sin by finding fault in the humans of earth. This is why he is known as the great accuser. He knew that if it were at all possible, he had to prevent the birth and mission of the messiah.

His work toward this goal has been chronicled extensively in scripture. They are as follows: Angels inbreeding with humans: Famine — thus created the need for Jacob and his children to travel to Egypt: Destruction of Hebrew male line in Egypt — which Moses escaped: Canaan populated with Giants — corrupt offspring from the Sons of God.

Giants filled the Land — presented opposition that feared Israel. Jehoram Kills his brothers: Arabians slew all but Ahazaria. Athalia kills all, but Joash: King Hezekiah is assaulted, etc.: Isaiah 36, 38 Two storms on the sea: Mark 4, Luke 8 5.