Raj kapoor and nargis relationship

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raj kapoor and nargis relationship

Raj Kapoor – Nargis combination has worked wonders in Hindi cinema because, of their off-screen relationship which people resemble to their reel life. Though. has been a year of biopics. From Daddy to Haseena, Bollywood's obsession to bring real life personalities to the big screen has. Nargis was allegedly in a relationship with Raj Kapoor at the time, and though he was married to Krishna Kapoor, Nargis kept signing one RK.

Raj had a charismatic approach in his films which grew stronger and stronger. He was an ambitious and optimistic person who craved to bring about new change in the Indian cinema. Nargis was never embarrassed to reveal her emotions especially when acting with Raj. The duo-couple revolutionised the Hindi cinema by over-throwing the prevailing concepts of romance. They took romance to the next level by boldly projecting love in their films. Nargis — Raj portrayed different emotions in their movies but, the one that arrested audience minds was their romance.

raj kapoor and nargis relationship

People could see the real couple pour their love on-screen thereby, entertaining the viewers with a realistic approach. The classic movie Shree was a super hit and is still adored by the people, especially the song Pyar hua iqrar hua — a romantic melody. No wonder even the simplistic approach of the two sharing an umbrella in Shree survives as a classic example of romance till today.

Nargis acted exclusively for RK banners this made their relationship sturdier. Nargis wanted to take this relationship forward and marry Raj Kapoor but, he refused to divorce his wife. She also approached the then Home minister Moraji Desai, to sanction marriage between them.

Nargis left no stone unturned to acquire her love but, all in vain.

raj kapoor and nargis relationship

Nargis had waited almost 10 years, she had to decide whether to stay in a fruitless relationship or start a new-life. The dual pair who rocked the cinema industry split-off and Chori-Chori was their last movie together, however she did a special appearance in Jagte Raho Raj Kapoor could never forget Nargis in his entire life-time.

He was so obsessed with her, that he replayed the scene where he first met Baby alias Nargis. He wanted the incident to be in the script thereby, reliving the cherished memory. The only difference is Bobby Dimple Kapadia is baking a cake and not frying pakoras and she smeared her hair with maida rather than besan.

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After the break-off Nargis proceeded with the film Mother India and won many accolade for her performance. Happy birthday Nargis Dutt Caught between a fruitless relationship and a family that hardly understood her, Nargis actually contemplated committing suicide, just before Sunil Dutt entered her life, rekindling in her the desire to live, reveals a recently released book, relating the love story of the duo.

While their relationship began with the fire that broke out on the sets of the film Mother India, it was while recuperating from the injuries that the two really came close, says author Kishwar Desai in her book Darlingji- the true love story of Nargis and Sunil Dutt.

raj kapoor and nargis relationship

For I alone know the turmoil that was going through me. Begin all over again", Desai quotes Nargis from her personal diary written after the accident.

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Sunil was a man who treated her 'like a normal human being' and in rescuing her from the accidental flames, was perhaps the first person in a long time to have really done something for her. It was a long time since someone had sacrificed anything for her. She was the one who always did things for others, whether it was for her family or Raj Struggling to come out of a futile relationship and dealing with a family which in her own words considered her a mere 'money-making machine', Nargis confided in her new found love, laying her past thread-bare in front of him.

Raj Kapoor, with whom Nargis worked in as many as 16 films, six of which were RK banner productions, was undoubtedly the first love of her life.

raj kapoor and nargis relationship

Byshe was so distressed and heartbroken that she even contemplated suicide. In the midst of all this, a fire scene went awfully wrong on the sets of Mother India. Nargis was trapped in a ring of fire when Sunil barged in armed with nothing but a blanket to rescue her. As a result of the accident, Sunil suffered several burns on his face and chest.

Image source Nargis nursed Dutt back to health for two weeks. In that time, the two got very close, and she even opened up about her past to him.

raj kapoor and nargis relationship

The only thing I knew was that she came into my life. I was not concerned about her past. I know these questions arise. But I am concerned about the person who comes in my life; what matters from that day on is how true the person is to me. The past is nothing to me. Inthey got married in a secret ceremony and didn't make the news public for nearly a year.

Even after getting married, they stayed with their respective families.

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